Former Mossad Head Defends Israeli Medical Aid To Al-Nusra Front

In the following video interview, the former director of Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, defends the country’s treatment of wounded fighters from  al-Nusra Front on the Syrian border.

Al Jazeera reports:

In this web extra, Efraim Halevy tells Mehdi Hasan that he is not concerned that Israel had treated fighters in Syria from al-Nusra Front, which some say is al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch.

“It’s always useful […] to deal with your enemies in a humane way,” Halevy says.

When pressed on whether he believed the assistance was purely humanitarian, Halevy responds, “I didn’t say there’s no tactical [consideration]. I said the main consideration, the immediate consideration is humane.”

Halevy also says he would not support the treatment of wounded Hezbollah fighters because Israel had been targeted by Hezbollah, but “not specifically targeted by al-Qaeda”.


  • impact_driller_driver

    Apparently I am missing something. The Palestinians have been slaughtered on several occasions and this claim by the Israelis of helping your enemies cannot hold water

    • Sabbatei Zvi

      you are missing something. DUH

      Israel helps ISIS qaeda because ISIS/Qaeda is Israel’s proxy death squads, doing Israeli bidding. ISIS= Israhell’s shadow army of Idiot Islamists to take out Israels enemies. Of course Israehell helps these clowns die for Israel’s agenda.

      ISIS will never attack the zioFilth, because ISIS=Israel’s shock troops.

      Wakey wakey