France Announce Likely Exit From Europe Ahead of Brexit Vote

France may leave Europe amid UK Brexit vote

A new survey has found that France are on the brink of leaving Europe, as anti-EU sentiment sweeps the continent ahead of a likely Brexit vote in the UK later this month.

The pan-European survey by the Pew Research Center found that 61 percent of French voters have indicated they would leave Europe. reports:

A clear majority is opposed to “ever closer union” and wants powers returned to the French parliament, a finding that sits badly with the insistence by President Francois Hollande that “more Europe” is the answer to the EU’s woes.

“It is a protest against the elites,” said Professor Brigitte Granville, a French economist at Queen Mary University of London. “There are 5000 people in charge of everything in France. They are all linked by school and marriage, and they are tight.”

Prof Granville said the mechanisms of monetary union have upset the Franco-German strategic marriage, wounding the French psyche.  “The EU was sold to the French people as a `partnership’ of equals with Germany. But it has been very clear since 2010 that this is not the case. Everybody could see that Germany decided everything in Greece,” she said.

The death of the Monnet dream in the EU’s anchor state poses an existential threat to the European project and is running in parallel to what is happening in Britain.

The Front National’s Marine Le Pen is leading the polls for the presidential elections in 2017 with vows to restore the French franc and smash the EU edifice. While it has long been assumed that she could never win an outright majority, nobody is quite so sure after the anti-incumbent upset in Austria last month.

“The Front National is making hay from the Brexit debate,” said Giles Merritt, head of the Friends of Europe think tank in Brussels.

“The EU policy elites are in panic. If the British vote to leave the shock will be so ghastly that they will finally wake up and realize that they can no longer ignore demands for democratic reform,” he said.

“They may have to dissolve the EU as it is and try to reinvent it, both in order to bring the Brits back and because they fear that the whole political order will be swept away unless they do,” he said.

Mr Merritt said it is an error to suppose that the EU would carry on as a monolithic bloc able to dictate terms after a Brexit vote. “The British would have pricked the bubble. The Germans are deeply alarmed at how suddenly the mood is shifting everywhere,” he said.

The Pew survey shows that dissatisfaction with the EU has risen to 49pc in Spain and 48pc in Germany, two countries normally seen as pro-European. This is roughly the same as in Britain, though different in character and less intense.

  • Javo Santo

    Do you really think they will allow the EU to split? Why do you think they opened the boarders to the “refugees” from all over? Very simple, when people start demanding to much the “terrorist” will emerge from the shadows, and may people will die so as to give the government the excuse to enforce marshal law. It’s so aviouse it make me sick! The citizens of the old country must unite stronger than ever, don’t let them feed you fear so few can control!

    • John Guy

      This is EXACTLY what I have been saying Javo, your comment is spot on. There is no other explanation for the importation of so many dangerous, unchecked parasites (not “refugees”, as refugees would have the good grace to be thankful to be out of harms way!)
      Martial law is coming, it will be declared in order to sort out terrorism………..and at the same time, expect a few “false flag” attacks by “right wing extremists” so that the elites can eradicate the pesky right wing (who, in truth, are more “centre” politics wise).

      • Jean

        You are so right did you.see on Tv news 3 days ago , there was something to do with the sports event in Europe and they Said it was far right ppl not terrorists I thought strange and becaus of our EU vote they were trying to course trouble as every thing lately is far right this and far right that never far left when they are lefties , as we know they keep hushing up terrorists things they don’t want us to know about the world , but thank heavens for the Internet

        • Joe Adam-Smith

          It’s always the FAR RIGHT that causes trouble….. And the Ministry of Truth (BBC) is up there throwing the lies out.

      • Frankie D.

        Wow, you’re quite the cunt there, aren’t you?

        • McQueue

          How? Seems accurate enough – now we’re hearing fires set at refugee centres are set by the refugees to try and get better housing:; they even painted swastikas in Dusseldorf to reinforce the lie. Same in Dresden when that Eritrean was killed at the height of Pegida – press blamed far right bogeyman, was actually Eritrean roommate who did the murder – but little in the way of retractions. Do you disagree?

          • Frankie D.

            It might do to you, but then you’d be a cunt too.

          • McQueue

            Such blinding rationale, always good to read a supported argument

          • Frankie D.

            It’s well supported, if you think it’s fine to describe refugees as “unchecked parasites”.

          • McQueue

            Two points with that really, firstly that last year it was determined only a small minority of the illegal migrants entering Europe were fleeing Syria, and secondly the rape and other sexual abuse (for starters) carried out by large groups (!!!), individuals and small groups of kids and females is going to rise a few hackles; I didn;t notice the rhetoric but also think little of it either way tbh – I was responding to the substance of his point, about “false flags”, which is actually interesting given the media always seeking to blame this no0n-existent bogeyman “the far right”.

            I bet your not as fast with your mouth as you are with your keyboard. Anyway, I’ve got to keep my eye out for the long awaited backlash against muslims – I’ve heard repeatedly that it’s coming, every time there is a murderous or sexually unacceptable outrage, but must just keep on missing it – strange, because it’s what is usually the topic in so many of the papers and media immediately after each murderous episode.

          • Frankie D.

            If you think the far right is a “non-existent bogeyman”, then you must either be pretty fucking stupid or pretty fucking right wing yourself.

            All the rest of what you’ve written is utter bullshit. Provide some sources to back up anything your saying.

          • McQueue

            You provide some sources, you pathetic tool. You say nothing, you just call names, as if somehow your opinion matters for no reason other than it is yours – you’re a no-mark, lad, have something to actually say before making statements.

          • Frankie D.

            Nope, you’re the one making the claim. It’s on you to provide sources to back them up.

            I get it, you’re a racist shit with nothing good in your life, so you bitch about immigrants in an attempt to make your life seem like it has any worth. It doesn’t.

          • McQueue

            Nope, but you’re an oxygen thief. My life is lovely, but then maybe that’s why I’m not the kind of crass cunt who goes around projecting my cuntishness on the rest of society. You deserve a good kicking, I’m sure you’ll get it if you speak how you type.

          • Frankie D.

            If you think it’s fine to describe refugees as “unchecked parasites”, then no, your life can’t be the great if you’re filled with that much cuntery.

          • McQueue

            I was thinking about you earlier – essentially this is a dialogue continued because you call people names without specifying why; I hadn’t even noticed the “unchecked parasites” in that guys post, but then to be honest, not being someone who takes offence easily I also don’t actually care, and the fact is 80%+ of the supposed refugees (the Greece route ones, the Libya figure is higher) have been confirmed to be nothing more than illegal migrants, and therefore economic migrants – The actual dialogue was about how the EU relies on crisis management, in as much as they manufacture a crisis to then allow them to manage effecting changes to society that society would not otherwise allow.

            There are lots of things worthy of discussion on the matter.

            Now you might think that by just calling someone a cunt your viewpoint is expressed and that third parties have telepathic powers capable of appreciating your inner thoughts, but actually no, you’re just a vulgar little cunt who needs to fuck off, grow up, and learn how to communicate – you are a complete fucking no-mark who lacks the intellect or ability to have a worthwhile opinion.

            Bon chance, mon ami!!

          • Frankie D.

            What, despite that being the thing I was calling him out on? Are you really that stupid and unobservant?

            “the fact is 80%+ of the supposed refugees (the Greece route ones, the
            Libya figure is higher) have been confirmed to be nothing more than
            illegal migrants” Do you want to provide any sources for that utter bullshit?

            So, yes, you still appear to be a worthless sack of shit.

          • McQueue

            You still seem to think your foul mouthed and hysterical opinion matters to anyone. You sad, irrelevant idiot.

          • Frankie D.

            Seems to matter enough to you to keep replying…

      • Paul Morgan

        And who exactly is going to enforce Martial law?.If you believe the British army will go against the people you are in dreamland.This is not America,our troops have minds of their own unlike the brainwashed yanks.

        • Jez Davis

          Quite right Paul. The UK police aren’t armed and even if we had enough soldiers to police martial law they wouldn’t go against their friends and neighbours – it’s not how the UK works. In addition, there’s is no Blackwater here so no option for ‘civilian contractors’. Martial law simply isn’t option. Absurd notion.

          • Javo Santo

            It very simple, they will just get the UN army to come in and take care of business. The god loving queen army will probably be someplace else fighting some made up enemy

          • Javo Santo

            If you provoke sufficient fear in the population they will give up there freedoms freely. As long as must people take as the truth what they see on the box, they will be easily manipulated into submission…

    • josluizsarmento

      “They” will probably have no choice in the matter. The Union as it is can not hold. Either the elites organize an orderly retreat from the neoliberal Union and from the Euro, or they will look on helplessly as the common people start a catastrophic, unstoppable rout. A third possibility would be, theoretically, a new Union organized along democratic lines; but I, for one, don’t believe the European elites are rational enough to understand this.

    • McQueue

      Crisis management step 1 – create your crisis to manage.

  • David A Townsend

    France are the first in the queue on the gravy train, they will be the last to leave the sinking ship, they know which side their bread is buttered. How’s about that for a mix of metaphors!

  • josluizsarmento

    In Austria, France and elsewhere, the extreme right is giving the wrong answers to the right questions. As long as progressives refuse to even consider the questions, the Right will keep on growing. There is no future for a EU rooted in a rigid, relentless and pervasive neoliberal ideology. People will simply not tolerate it for much longer.

  • HD

    France can never leave Europe neither can the UK because we will alway be in Europe !! We are voting whether or not to leave the EU not Europe, unless we physically pick up our island and relocate it it is impossible for us to leave europe! GRRR get it right.

  • Stuart Leggat

    If they stopped the mass inmigration/migration/so-called refugees, many people like myself would be happy to stay in Europe, but this, at the moment, will never happen, unfortunately.

    Millions of people, like myself, are desperate to stop our neighbourhoods from changing daily due to the mass influx of foreigners…for some strange reason, most politicians absolutely refuse to acknowledge our concerns and may well reap our wrath in the forthcoming vote.

  • Your1Friend

    Thank you, France.

  • experientiadocet

    Please change to EU rather than Europe!! We’re situated in the European continent, we’re voting on whether to stay in the European Union, completely different !! This bugs me so much!!!

  • John Farrell

    At the end of the war when we started to rebuild the people of Europe
    helped each other to start again. No matter what nationality the common
    man found they could be friends and trade and share amongst ourselves.
    It is only the greed of our leader’s that cause these problems. Unfortunately someone has to lead and more wants more. That’s the
    problem with the EU. Let us all take back our independence and trade
    and share like friend’s. VOTE OUT get your independence.

    • Frankie D.

      Vote out to get even more shafted by the tories.

  • Frankie D.

    Except this article is utter bollocks. There’s no mention of that “France are on the brink of leaving Europe”, there’s a figure for people in france having an unfavourable opinion of the EU, but that’s not the same thing as actually being in the process of leaving.

  • Phil

    If I thought for one minute, which I don’t, that there would be an extra £350 million per week to spend on anything, I’d vote for it to go into education. The standard of spelling and the use of foul language from both sides is really dreadful.

    • Donald Gunn

      Why do the leaves sound like uneducated, knuckle dragging racists?Do they really think that leaving the EU will mean a better UK, that the government will suddenly support the nhs and workers rights, or use the loss of EU controls on their excesses to use and abuse us, this isnt about immigration, it should be about OUR rights, which the EU upholds, leaving is like saying, ok go ahead, were a bunch of thick idiots who are fooled easily by right wing bigots, while big business uses and abuses us, go ahead and take our rights and money,
      And be prepared for a long wait at a hospital once they send all the …immigrant….doctors and nurses home…but farage eyc will magic some more from somewhere, sure…..idiots.

  • flameaway

    When is Europe going to stop rebuilding it’s worst enemy?

    Germany should never have been allowed to continue to exist as a state, especially after WWII.

  • flameaway

    The real problem in the world is the super rich.