France Begin Shutting Down Alternative News Websites

France begin shutting down and censoring alternative news websites

The French government have rushed through strict “anti-terror” laws in the wake of the Paris attacks, which are now seeing alternative news websites being shut down in France. 

The French version of We Are Change has been blocked already, amid an unprecedented crackdown on alternative media in Europe. reports:

Le Blog De Resistance‘ is a popular French-language alternative news source with over 10 million hits and thousands of regular subscribers. The author, who calls himself Z, has been in panic mode since a state of emergency was called after the Paris attacks. This high-level alert was extended for three months, along with a pro-war propaganda campaign and the media under strict orders toterrify the population like never before. While chaos continued outside, the French Government locked themselves away to discuss new legislation which would affect the alternative media in a very negative way. Today, Z’s greatest fear was realized, and he writes:

“And so it begins. How long will this blog remain open? The worst is that the French do not care, they are totally obsessed with more security at the expense of their freedoms. The world mocks the terrible secrets revealed by Snowden. Amazing – in France, the ‘land of liberty’. Today once again I repeat, I am very afraid for freedom of expression and the alternative media. I don’t know how much longer I can write and report freely. I fear for myself. Risk taking was already intense, made worse with the slew of laws passed since the beginning of the year (anti-terrorism law, intelligence …) now, it’s huge. It’s very hard for us to write under the state of emergency. Stress and tension are everywhere.”

The tone is clear. It’s fearful and worried. It’s eerie. It sounds like it was written in Nazi Germany in 1939, not France in 2015.

Les Moutons Enrages, Sputnik France and Fawkes are other popular alternative media sites which ‘Le Blog De La Resistance’ author Z references in his post. Most remain defiant, with the first promising to ‘open up in Russia if necessary’. Z points out that Francois Hollande has been promising to silence ‘conspiracy theorists’ since January this year. We Are Change’s crime was to post a video (below) with a few questions about the Paris attacks. They seriously pissed off the authorities, and it was enough to get the French version banned for ‘reasons of national security’. Z then quotes George Orwell, and lamentsthe fact that telling the truth is now ‘an act of suicide’.

Here’s a question: when leaders keep telling us not to allow terrorists to change our way of life, why is crushing dissent the first thing they do when something horrific happens? Isn’t dissent part of living in a free world? Aren’t protests and asking tough questions of those in power just a couple of the liberties we are supposedly trying to ‘spread‘ around the world? Isn’t that part of what makes democracy so great?

Well, apparently not. We need tougher terrorism laws because the puppet media just told us that one of the evil guys came in from Greece pretending to be a refugee, and he even left a passport (later proven to be fake) outside the burning building he just escaped from. We need them because, despite the fact you or I could be arrested at home for an ‘offensive tweet’ within minutes of putting it out there, our intelligence agencies are supposedly too under-resourced to successfully track down a few ISIS Twitter accounts. They’re so crap, Anonymous had to step in and do their jobs for them. It’s strange how terrible the intelligence services are when it suits the agenda: Snowden has revealed how the government can control your mobile phone and listen in on your conversations even when it’s turned off, but somehow the real terrorists get to perfect their complicated and evil schemes without any detection at all. How very convenient.

Yep, the intelligence services are doing a terrible job. They have proven themselves incapable of predicting horrific attacks in advance, despite the fact that as soon as a terror attack occurs, a huge list of details is magically available to the media. How was it possible, for example, that alleged Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev‘s personal Amazon wishlist was being discussed well before the time it would take the authorities to even look at all the CCTV footage of the marathon? These perceived (ie fake) failings may lead many to support increased spying measures for the ever-growing sprawling network of global surveillance tentacles, but it’s worth asking whether these incompetencies are even real, because all terrorism laws tend to do is systematically dismantle what is left of our civil liberties.

We support our French independent media friends in their struggle against censorship. The following quote is falsely attributed to the French philosopher Voltaire, who was a great defender of freedom (and would no doubt be turning in his grave about France’s new gag laws). It turns out Voltaire didn’t say this, rather it was said about him- a friend’s description of the great man’s philosophy- which seems more relevant to his countrymen today than ever.

  • Frank Mc Carthy

    Crisis actors exposed, the doubles and media blunders…. Pictures state 1000 words….Paris Update before the Zionist EU blanked cull on alternative Media.

  • LastProphet

    Russian jet goes down in flames behind mountain – HOAX: computer graphics video
    Turkey did NOT shoot any russian jet, no choppers came to rescue the crew
    “Rebels” hitting one of the “two russian rescue helicopters” was a staged act for the camera.

    Agendas for dummies:
    1 Theater to
    a) – sell the hoax “NATO vs Putin”
    b) – sell the hoax “Russia vs ISIS”, suggesting “Turkey’s revenge for Russia obliterating ISIS”.
    Reminder: illuminati previously passed truth in plain sight about ISIS oil being supplied to Turkey and Assad.
    2. Set the stage to let what’s going on for years now in Syria and Iraq become official, under the banner of the “grand coalition”.
    Reminder of what’s going on: russian and extended NATO alias “US led coalition” pilots bombing the rebels wtith splitter and barrel bombs, napalm and chlorine.
    3. Cover-up why illuminati ordered “Putin” to deploy anti-aerial missiles in Syria.
    Supposedly as protection against Turkey/NATO in fact as part of the “Gog / Magog” script for the destruction of Israel, fulfilling the illuminati anti-Bible.

    USA/Russia/Assad and ISIS vs real rebels.
    Human cattle mocked by having ISIS drive brand new Toyotas, from Syria’s Raqqa to Libya’s Derna (until libyan patriots forced ISIS to escape to Sirte).
    ISIS in Syria: except for the area bordering Turkey (its supply line), ISIS officially controls only desert or small irrigated areas surrounded by desert.
    Poster writes;
    New Toyota pickups delivered to ISIS how hard can it be to detect this convoy from the air?
    Another poster replies:
    from the air? How hard can it be to just check VIN? Toyota knows where every their pickup was produced/sold and to whom.
    illuminati-fake-wars.blogspot. — /2013/08/

    • Stein

      please indicate why you are so sure of your version.
      Right now you look a bit like the Rotschild -illuminati -thesis exegesis nutcases that show up in every forum/comment field these days apparently to derail discussion.
      the main media trick used in this case seems to be to have everybody discuss a nonexistent ‘border violation’.

  • Stein

    Can they block them if they operate from f.ex Iceland like the Saker blog?

  • Stephen Persaud

    The Thought Police are hereeeeee !!!

    (The Terror demanded the elimination of seditious speech.)

    The French Revolution was the largest media event since the days of the Reformation it was a revolution of spontaneous mass movements, rousing speeches and public festivals, but especially a revolution of print media. The pamphlets and newspapers, picture and song prints, posters and medallions multiplied by print were simultaneously the driving force behind, and products of, the incredible events.

    Early on in the French Revolution, in his memoir on press freedom submitted to the Estates-General in June 1789, Jean-Pierre Brissot (1754–93), later a prominent revolutionary leader, proclaimed liberty of the press “un droit naturel à l’homme.”

    Abbé Sieyès, a Catholic clergyman… proposed a general law on sedition and criminal libel to the National Committee in January 1790 – just a few months after the Declaration had been adopted. By 1793, even calling for the dissolution of the revolutionary government was punishable by death. The Terror demanded the elimination of seditious speech.

    As the Enlightenment movement grew, there were intermittent increasingly forceful measures to suppress subversive texts.

  • Gershom

    Looks like Hollande’s Government just became the Government of Marshall Petain in a very real and ugly way, instead of fighting the enemy they are (it looks like!) collaberating with them instead by shutting down basic freedoms! The terrorists WANTED this to happen and btw, so did a core of extreme hardcore socialists who have been pushing to make every nation in the West a Police State. The French people need to hit the streets and topple the Hollande Government asap and they need to get the French Police (or whatever justice department they have) and investigate WHO gave the order for the terrorist attack because like 9/11, it looks like an inside job…..

  • Gershom

    The Next GOP Prez (hopefully Rand) will reopen an investigation into 9/11 and perhaps we’ll discover WHO really gave the order for the attack and HOW MANY plants and moles we are really dealing with. I am NOT 100% convinced that 9/11 was an Islamic terror attack and many others are thinking the same thing. I know, I’ve talked to them! It looks like a classic “Reichstag Fire” which is a tactic some Governments use to pass a huge State of Emergency to eliminate “unwanted” (unwanted by them) freedoms and liberties. America is now WORSE OFF since 9/11 now that every nutjob with a gun is shooting civilians and we supposedly have a “secure” country? This “Police State” only serves one purpose: To protect Communists in the Government and in the schools and Justice system. Let’s shock the establishment to it’s core and let’s elect RAND PAUL to the Presidentcy!!!!