France: Protestors Rise Up In Their Millions Against Ruling Class

French protestors are rising up in their millions against a ruling class in France determined to take away their rights.

French protestors are rising up in their millions against a ruling class determined to take away their rights. There is anarchy on the streets of France as the mainstream media continues to suppress the scale of events.

Thousands of masked protesters and police fought running street battles in France this week, with police using water cannon to quell rioters who hurled projectiles at them and destroyed storefronts, joining the millions of French citizens who have protested against new anti-worker laws that are designed to protect and enrich a wealthy elite at the expense of ordinary people.

The protesters in Paris represent all working class people united, mobilized, and resisting the greed of globalist elites. Police involved are violently fighting against the people and protecting the interests of the ruling class.

However as the government, police and mainstream media continue to suppress this important movement’s progress, the people continue to rise up.

Western mainstream media continues to suppress information regarding the scale and intensity of the revolution taking place on French streets.

While the world is distracted by the Euro 2016 football championships in France, the elites are taking away people’s rights and blood is being shed in the streets.

There is anarchy in the streets and the police are having trouble keeping pace. They have begged the protestors to stop the relentless protests, complained of exhaustion, and have even held their own protest against ‘the brutality of the protestors’ – that resulted in a police car getting torched.

The government have also tried to make protesting illegal, while they attempt to push the new laws through the lower house without a vote using a constitutional manoeuvre. With the two chambers unlikely to agree a final version, the lower house will have the final say, and the government is expected to use the same manoeuvre to pass the bill into law without a vote.

According to an opinion poll published on Tuesday, 73 percent of the French would be “shocked and appalled” by such a move.

The new law is referred to by the name of the Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri, and was first presented by her in February, sparking a series of relentless protests that show no sign of stopping.

The El Khomri legislation was introduced in its original French as the “draft legislation aimed at implementing new freedoms and protections for businesses and workers.” To refer to this law as a new freedom or protection for workers is laughable, and is really a kick in the face for the people. What the law really does is expand protections and freedoms for the wealthy elite and no one else.

The protests began on March 9 with the movement being called “Nuit debut,” translated roughly as “standing up all night.” The French ruling class is trying keep control through the police baton in order to keep the masses down. The El Khomri bill essentially boils down to stripping people of their rights and giving more control to the elites. The French job market reform is outrageous for a country struggling with a high unemployment rate of 10 percent and a stagnant economy.

Although the movement is centered primarily around the job market reform bill, there are much broader concerns involved, such as: universal basic income, opposition to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), amnesty for undocumented workers, solidarity with refugees, and the gender pay gap. France’s mobilized collective are on a progressive mission to create another world to realize social justice and demand dignity for ordinary people.

President Hollande and Prime Minister Manual Valls say they will not listen to the millions of protesters or the massive majority of citizens who disapprove of the law. Since the French protests began attempts have been made to hinder their cause. Every measure to dismiss the protesters has been attempted; everything from police teargas to the Prime Minister Valls portraying protestors as “rioters” and “ultra-violent youths.” French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve had the gall to tell protesters “to find within themselves a little humanity, tolerance and respect. “

Even the police have tried to garner sympathy away from protesters when they claimed they were too “exhausted” to deal with continued protests. French leaders have threatened a ban on protests, with even tougher crackdowns by police, after Valls claimed that the protesters were out “to kill a police officer.” The threatened ban by the French government on demonstrations was reverted on June 22 after falling under harsh criticism and backlash.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Bob Ind

    But the protest you show was 50k people, not millions.

    • bunnyswanson

      Oh, a globalist is amongst us. Stealing resources/land/wealth and then displacing people on the ground is the NWO economy. Did you think it would be this easy? Excuse us while we fight for our life.

    • DichterS

      Yes – 50 000 people is not a lot. Until they come for you…

      • I A Dumb Hick

        The 50,000 have to make it through a mass of 100 million to get to one person.

  • Djago

    Way to go France! Take back your country.

    • Proud White Christian

      You must be a communist socialist parasite. The protesters must all be killed. Praise Jesus!

      • Doug Harper

        you call yourself a christian, yet you want to kill people. You are not christian, you are a monster!

  • Charles Abela

    This is all the fault of those EU bastards in Brussels forcing member countries government to impose austerity.
    The EU must be scrapped and its elite eliminated forever from the face of the earth.
    If the French people wnat to take their country back from the hands of those EU bastards in Brussels they have to vote for Marine Le Pen and her party and boycott all other parties.

    • Charles Fibonacci

      Marine Le Pen is a racist idiot.

      • Daniel Parker

        Not against the French 🙂

      • John Brindle

        One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. That’s not to say that Le Pen is a terrorist, just that other people will have opinions that are very different to your programmed one.

      • hiddenbird

        Then all the Arab nations are racist idiots as well. They would never let you do what they’re doing in our country. Wake-up!

        • HalfACenturian

          Many non Arab nations wouldn’t or would not allow this so no need to single them out…oh except it is far easier to scapegoat than to deal with the complexities.

          • hiddenbird

            Not scapegoating. Just answering the “racist” one-side only argument posted above.

    • hiddenbird

      Yes absolutely. Hollande is not their friend. I’m sick of people using the poor racist excuse to allow foreign invaders (enemies) to get in their country, take the leading positions and jobs and change the rules and laws to the detriment of legitimate citizens. Try to go get a job in the government in an Arab state and change their rules and see what happens!

      • Kevin Schmidt

        You are absolutely wrong!
        Don’t try to twist this around and make it look like Arabs are the cause of the problems created by the global corporate elite fascist oligarchy.

        • hiddenbird

          Actually, the rich Arabs are a big part of the elite you’re talking about.

          • Kevin Schmidt

            Actually, the Arabs themselves are not the oligarchy, who are in fact mostly white European and American.
            Those wealthy elite are the cause of the problems, not Arabs, not Muslims and not immigrants.

          • HalfACenturian

            White has nothing to do with it…that is the cloak of bull shit that keeps the real target hidden. It is and always has been a problem of cultures with unsustainable imbalances of power: ethnicity and skin color are equal opportunity oppressors and a distracting disguise for human greed.

          • Kevin Schmidt

            Which is why I call them the global corporate elite fascist oligarchy.
            However, demographically they are mostly white European and American. A fraction of them are Arab, Chinese, Japanese and other minorities. Their extreme wealth and sociopathy is what brings them together against the 99.0%.

          • Sherry Burrows

            I like your phrase “global corporate elite fascist oligarchy” It does have a ring to it. Don’t ever forget, though, that the French are one of the very few countries in the world in which the masses have actually held a revolution and deposed the ruling class. If I were a member of the French 1%, I’d be holding onto my head! 🙂

          • fedup

            Hahah, yeah that’s right… those peaceful muslims NEVER cause problems.. If that were true then they could stay in their own countries instead of invading other countries and trying to force their third world barbaric cult on others.

          • Kevin Schmidt

            Your comment is ironically sarcastic.
            Since Dubya became pResident, he and Obama murdered over one million Muslims.
            We have met the terrorists, and they are US!

          • HalfACenturian

            PART OF.

    • Hideous Harbinger

      Please purchase a toupee like mine!

  • Charles Abela

    France and all European countries must also get rid of all the illegal immigrants and send them back to their own countries.
    They are leeches milking the social security systems for which they have paid nothing and are destroying these systems for the European countries citizens who have paid all their life for them.
    To do so the EU must be destroyed.

    • Martin Pritchard

      How does an ILLEGAL immigrant leech the social security system? Think boy, THINK.

      • Marius

        because in spite of their illegalness they have rights to loads of free stuff. ‘Illegal’ has become just another status

        • Charlotte Jayne Bibby

          Wow the ignorance is astounding. Are you talking about REFUGEES who have every right to claim asylum in Europe? Illegal immigrants are entitled to nothing but deportation.
          Educate yourself.

          • hiddenbird

            Refugees? Are you serious? They have investigated the so-called Syrian refugee camp in northern France and there were no Syrian families, women and children. All were men from Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran, etc. except one Syrian out of 160 interviews. Stop believing all what the mainstream media is saying.

          • HalfACenturian

            no matter …. they are there for a reason and life in a camp is not as good as one with a roof over ones’ head in their home country so they are there for some reason. You ought to be damned grateful that thanks to nothing but fate you are not living in pre-revolution France and seeking an escape.

          • hiddenbird

            No matter? Then why the authorities are lying about this? Why they don’t just say the plain truth to the population? It looks more to me like they have something to hide.

          • Charlotte Jayne Bibby

            Yes I’m serious.
            Who the fuck is “they”? I’ve BEEN to Calais myself and spent time with many, many Syrian refugees there, so don’t tell me what “they” have investigated. Fucking racists, making shit up to suit your right-wing agendas.
            There may not be many women there, but there’s good reason for that, because it’s unnecessary for people to go so far into Europe when they can claim asylum elsewhere.
            The EU could actually be helpful in this respect; the reason many people are coming to Calais to try and get into the UK is because other countries do not allow refugees to bring their families over quickly, even when they’re in danger. I do not see this as a fault with the UK, but a fault with the rest of Europe, which is restricting access for endangered people and families, causing tens of thousands to die.
            Have you been to Afghanistan recently? How about Sudan? People are so quick to rule these people off as ‘economic migrants’ but have you seen the state of these countries? This is a time when Europe needs to WORK TOGETHER to actually help these people. Their lives are in danger, and they should not be sent home.
            But clearly you’re never going to agree with that. You think they should “stay and fight” or “find a job” or whatever else you ignorant people believe.

          • Marius

            educate yourself. I am talking about illegals, who still have rights get stuff and whom we seem unable to deport.

          • Charlotte Jayne Bibby

            The “illegals”?! You still aren’t making any damn sense. If somebody is ILLEGAL then they have NO right to “get stuff”.
            Please, just explain what you mean by “illegal” and what “stuff” you are talking about? Otherwise you’re just proving how ignorant you are…

        • Kevin Schmidt

          What free stuff?
          The only people I see getting free stuff are the global corporate elite fascist oligarchs. They are the cause of all the problems in the EU and the US. They systematically steal working class wealth and brutally force austerity measures on the people.
          Stop being their useful idiot and start blaming them instead of scapegoating immigrants who are in the same boat as you.

          • Kuro Mirai

            They get money every month lower than the RSA but still they get it, they have access to the AME that granting them a 100% health cover for free because we can’t let them die, and some lucky are staying in hotels. of course you’re 100% right about oligarchs (even if they’re not all facist) this is what happening in France about illegals, then for the topic there is no more fight in France but Hooligans ones, no more riot, and the last strike was just turning around like stupid on a smoll perimeters … and it’s socialist who’s rulling the country under EU orders.

          • Kevin Schmidt

            Even if that were true, it is chump change compared to the enormous amount of wealth extracted from the working class producers every month and trickled up to the wealthy class takers.
            The global corporate elite fascist oligarchy is the real enemy, not the immigrants.

          • Marius

            healthcare, food, housing. Can we skip the socialist mumbo jumbo for a moment. That wasnt the subject

          • I A Dumb Hick

            Jesus said not to feed the poor because that would just make them dependent.

          • Kevin Schmidt

            Don’t tell me what I can or cannot talk about.
            The people wouldn’t need all of that if the wealthy takers had not stolen the wealth of the working class producers and imposed harsh austerity measures.
            End wealthy welfare now!

          • Marius


          • Kevin Schmidt

            Yes, you are sleep typing. Now go back to sleep for another five months.

    • Michiel Van Kets

      abolish the welfare state and the immigration problems is solved as well

      • HalfACenturian

        You ought to be damned grateful that thanks to nothing but fate you are not living in pre-revolution France and seeking an escape. Instead you have become the very thing fought against long ago.


      Charles, you sound to me like small minded, narrow thinking individual. Perhaps you were starved on something, your life isn’t how you think it should be. Poor baby. Don’t give into hate, fear and anger. Find the resolve in yourself to find a new way or else perish your own foolish anxieties.

  • Martin Pritchard

    The crowd photo is from January 2015, removing much of the article’s credibility. A quick search for “everyone is charlie” reveals this.

    • Eric Bäcker

      Would you prefer a stock image?

      • Martin Pritchard

        I’d prefer a picture of what’s going on, rather than one that can be used as ammunition to denounce the story as fictitious when it’s not.

      • HalfACenturian

        A recently relevant photo is of course more credible. Would you prefer unquestioning followers?

        June 2, 2016: A protester uses a tennis racket to return a tear gas canister during a demonstration in Nantes, France. REUTERS/Stephane Mahe

        • Marty

          You ‘ve got Tulip Saddiq Plants tried to reply to this nut couldn’t post is not active it’s so obvious. Your not a proud White Christian sound more like one of Tulip Saddiqs plants trying to make whites look bad & connect to Trump. DO YOU SEE TRUMP SUPPORTERS DOING THIS? N EVER. Try your routine 8 elsewhere. You cannot reply to a post that is not active.

        • John Louis Lassen Perry

          Thanks for crediting the photographer. Stock photos should never be used for news.

      • kimmie0

        At this point the image has become “stock” as it is repeatedly used for anything to do with French protests, usually without attribution. The Place de la Republique in Paris, taken 11 January 2015. Photo: EPA/FREDRIK VON ERICHSEN

        • Proud White Christian

          A nuclear bomb is what those communist parasites deserve. Praise Jesus!

        • John Louis Lassen Perry

          Thanks for posting the credit.

    • Andrew Illingworth

      And the police car on fire? The fact Russia Today has reported this? And all the other video footage shown? There is plenty of credibility.

      You are either a lair or a fucking idiot. Either way, fuck off.

      • Meerschaum Calabash

        it’s typically not a good look to call someone else an idiot right after mis-spelling the word “liar” 🙂

        • Daniel Parker

          I see you’ve instantly turned to nit picking.

          • James Russell

            A picture paints a thousand words. Why use a photo of people mourning to consolidate a valid reason?

          • HalfACenturian

            Who knows why they used it but it is a detailed article and for added credibility :
            June 2, 2016: A protester uses a tennis racket to return a tear gas canister during a demonstration in Nantes, France. REUTERS/Stephane Mahe

          • 09xz

            Awesome pic

          • Hideous Harbinger

            It’s 30 days old. I thought the claim is that this is happening now…..which is not true.

          • Daniel

            it’s not true that you thought is was happening now?

          • Jeanne Longo

            ***Copied and pasted from this article***
            “The new law is referred to by the name of the Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri, and was first presented by her in February, sparking a series of relentless protests that show no sign of stopping.”
            These protests started months ago…Not just today…

          • Daniel

            you have to lie to make your point, you either don’t have one, or want
            to misrepresent something. It is totally dishonest, which makes the
            article one not to be trusted, it may be pretty much all true, but that
            doesn’t change the fact the article used a lie i.e. saying the photo
            showed what they were talking about when it did not, there is no way
            that is an accident.

            The fact is they deliberately lied, that does take from their credibility, it does not mean the riots etc are not going on, it does mean they will lie in articles. Everything liars say is not a lie, but you don’t usually take a liars word for things.

            The why of them doing it is very important. One reason could be the crowd is very large, and the real protests now have not had such a crowd in a location like that. That would mean they are trying to misrepresent the scale of things. That is very deceptive and very common.

          • Jane Johnson

            Then again, if it is a picture of the vast crowds gathered for the support of Charlie Hebdo – hey it’s just another evidence of media manipulation. People need to stay vigilente!

          • Parfy

            It’s not detailed, just long. It repeats itself a lot.

          • Gilbert West

            Tennis anyone? How innovative!!!

          • Daniel

            exactly, if you have to lie to make your point, you either don’t have one, or want to misrepresent something. It is totally dishonest, which makes the article one not to be trusted, it may be pretty much all true, but that doesn’t change the fact the article used a lie i.e. saying the photo showed what they were talking about when it did not, there is no way that is an accident.

          • zuzu petals

            Exactly, and that’s the point of propaganda.

          • Daniel

            to be fair the guy(andrew) is calling someone else an idiot for saying having a picture from another time takes from the articles credibility, which it does… he doesn’t address that at all, what do you have to say about his response?

            An article that puts forward an image making out it is one thing, when it is not, directly takes from the credibility of the article. It does not, as Andrew seems to “think” mean there are no protests or violence.

            Picking on spelling is almost always nit picking, but when someone says something idiotic, calls someone a liar(misspelled) etc. they have gone ad hom and shown themselves to be idiotic.

            Andrew calls Martin a liar, but doesn’t say the photo is not from January 2015 …. who is correct Andrew or Martin, is the photo from January 2015 or not?

        • megapixelz

          Lmao, #truth

          • 09xz

            Look a stooge agreeing with the other stooge.

        • LAZT

          typo of course…pretty obvious

        • Daniel

          nor is it to correct people’s spelling and not address their point at all… in fact, that is a far far worse “look”

        • Daniel

          especially when you don’t address the point they were making at all! re the crowd photo

        • Marco Maltese

          It’s not very clever to mistake a typo for an error and makes you look extremely idiotically polemic and also very very stupid. You really look like a stupid kid, as well as the morons that upvoted you.

        • James Dolmage

          Meerschaum that’s absolutely priceless!

        • Rick Carufel

          Just what we need another grammer nazi. What the fuck does spelling have to do with anything? Why do you use an alias, are you real or are you a sock-puppet?

          • Elliott

            Generally illeducated morons show themselves by their bad spelling.

        • Brenda Cowan

          omg you made me laugh

        • truthordare

          how do you know he wasn’t calling you a rat house?

      • HalfACenturian

        Whoa…going on a rampage isn’t revolutionary.
        Apparently you have a lot of energy. Awesome, and if you focus it on helping provide credibility rather than bashing those who do not agree or have their own problems you’ll be powerful. As an old person I’ll give you my two hard earned sense (not a mis spelling but if it were so the fuck what)….: You’ll Likely need to first do an inventory of the roots of your personal anger so you can be an effective force and focus your political anger undistracted with personal stuff.

      • Martin Pritchard

        Please explain how pointing out that a photo is over a year old constitutes lying, you fucking bellend.

        • 09xz

          no you said the protest story was not credible due to stock footage.. which is laughable.

          • thedukeofburgundy

            If you think it’s fine to use an image dishonestly, you aren’t serious about truth; that’s why it sows seeds of doubt in the mind of the reader.

        • thedukeofburgundy

          because in this “post-factual” world some will lap up anything as true merely on the basis that it isn’t reported in the “neoliberal mainstream media”

        • andychrist

          photo of a crowd remembering those killed at charlie hebdo in 2015 is being used to illustrate riots in 2016 . …. this tells me they couldnt actually find a picture of a large scale riot and were hoping no one noticed this.

      • SQUiRREL

        Nope, image is from 2015 – source –

        • 09xz

          Yawn… nobody cares it does not invalidate the story.

          • thedukeofburgundy

            if we can’t trust the images why should we trust the words? Because images somehow don’t matter?

          • andychrist

            that photo is of a march to remember people at charlie hebdo killed by isis and is used here for a story about riots …. and you dont care.

          • Hideous Harbinger

            People who have spent the last 2 weeks in Paris invalidate this story.

          • liberalinlove

            I care. Lied to once, shame on me, lied to twice shame on you. If you want a revolution, have impeccable integrity. That I believe, is what true revolutionaries would tell you. You don’t need false images to tell a story unless you don’t trust your story.

          • ddduke

            I have lived in France for the past 13 years. This article is hyperbolic nonsense – as is so much of the click bait published at

        • LAZT

          I would have to say the picture is worth a thousand words!

        • Dysgusted

          Give it a rest, SQUIRREL, the fact is the protest is truth and you too appear to be just another Establishment-indoctrinated minion attempting to divert the focus with irrelevance.

      • Linda
      • Daniel

        so the crowd photo is not from January 2005?.. also, why such complete trust in Russia today? now that is idiotic “It’s on Russia today so must be true”..

        • MUFC

          answer me something Daniel, where do you get your news from ?

          • Daniel

            what relevance is that to my saying something being on Russia today does not make it true? or how does you comment address whether the photo is from 2015 or, as it is presented, from the protests the article is about?

            Where I get my news from is completely irrelevant to the discussion in hand. So the question seems a red herring and pointless. I get my news from various sources though, not that that matters a bit to this discussion over an article, allegedly, using a photo from another “protest” and presenting is as being from this one.

        • Dysgusted

          Another mindless effort to divert focus from the fact the Globalist-dominated EU is invoking the elite (#Aristazzi) Establishment’s “New World Order”! Members of the working class (proletariat) who submit will become nothing more than mindless indentured servants to the wealthy elite!

          • Daniel

            what is a mindless effort to divert? the photo they have used is either what they say it is, of the “current” protests, or it is of the “je suis charlie” ones in 2015… what the hell are you talking about? … them using a photo from another protest and making out it is from this one, is a mindless effort to divert focus from the globalist EU? are you saying they used this photo to detract from their own story? … or are you saying people who spot that it is from another protest, making it a lie to put it forward as something it is not, are trying to cover for the globalists?

            Do you take issue with people spotting a photo is not what it is put forward as? or saying a media story has a misrepresentation in it? or do you take issue with saying we should not just believe something is the case because a certain media outlet releases it? Surely not caring about lies and blindly believing media, is the problem?

            what is mindless, pointing out that saying a photo shows something it does not? or their use of the photo… or what is mindless, believing something because a certain media source says it. or saying just because a particular source says it does not make it true?

            Personally I think it is mindless to ignore a deliberate media deception or to blindly believe something is as presented because russia today, or any media outlet, says it is. But hey, if you want to ignore lies that don’t suit your views and believe something is true because it comes from Russia today, fine, but that is mindless, and the sort of thinking, 100% conformation biased thinking, that has us here today.. people don’t bloody question things that are in line with their own beliefs and view.

            So ok, presenting photos as something they are not, is fine with you and does not effect the credibility of the story, and believing something as true because russia today says it, that using you mind!!! jesus christ!

      • captain_pudding

        Do you have any evidence that that photo isn’t from a 2015 “je suis charlie” march or do you just love spreading disinformation and bullshit? Just because you blindly believe what you see on the internet doesn’t mean everyone else is as gullible as you.

        • mr_fatty

          It’s from the 11th January 2015 issue of The Economist, and it’s attached to the article about “Je Suis Charlie”. That’s for certain.

      • Pauljl

        The police car footage is from may this year and was during a protest against police violence. So that’s the crowd photo discredited and the burning car out of context. Next?

      • Rick Carufel

        There are paid debunkers who do nothing but try to undermine the credibility of anything their employers don’t like.

    • Lynda Naatz Richter
      • Dysgusted

        At last! Thank you, Lynda, for being proactive and finding additional support for this article from another source!

        • Alan Hayes

          If your site tag line is “News Truth Unfiltered” and you are using false photos to in relation to your story, then you are nothing but a bunch of fucking liars.

          • John Louis Lassen Perry

            Actually, nearly all news outlets do that these days. They use stock images so that they will not have to pay to license current photos. They often have no staffers anymore, and don’t want to pay a freelance photojournalist a reasonable fee to use a legitimate photo. Half the articles are not much different. But believe me, it’s not just this site. Even well known sites and news outlets do this to save money. Be a smart consumer. Demand articles and photos from people who were actually there.

          • Alan Hayes

            That’s still bullshit excuse. There are plenty of stock photos of the actual protest.

          • John Louis Lassen Perry

            I know. And they should be using them. Not disagreeing. I think you’re right. Everyone should complain about this sort of thing. If you use stock photos and mushy writing, why should anyone assume you are telling the truth?

          • Mark Remy

            “nearly all news outlets do that these days”

            ^ No, they do not.

          • shutit

            Yes actually they do, most news outlets now more often than not use stock images for story covers.

          • John Louis Lassen Perry

            Not sure, Mr. Remy. Though perhaps I should have specified “internet news sources”.

            Many outlets (even on the internet) do adhere to proper standards, particularly magazines or large papers who actually produce pieces of their own, especially if they come from the tradition of print. But on the internet, it’s a different story. I’ve had photos taken from my website and used to illustrate stories I had nothing to do with. And I would say that the majority of news outlets are online operations these days.

            The inappropriate use of “rights-free” stock (as we see in this case) and the unauthorized use of copyrighted images is a big problem these days (just ask any photographer), and I think it does greatly damage the credibility of journalism in general, as some here are saying.

            I wish it were not so, but I see it just about every day.

          • Daniel

            there are people, who call out the lying media, but not when they “like” the story, they can not evaluate things in a balanced way. If a news article lies and uses a picture of one thing to present as another, whatever that news is, we should be suspicious of that. But because this article seems to be one they like, it does not matter to them if there is a deliberate lie/deception in it. “who cares if it’s a lie, i like the story” These people are easily lead and taken in with no effort by controlled opposition.

            Look at how unquestioningly so many take alternative media stories… look how many fight the lying corporate media in a group who name translates as “we could be anyone” wearing warner brothers masks! if someone came to you and said there is this group, they won’t let who they are be known, we have no idea who they are, we just know they were launched by a movie and wear warner bros masks… would you trust them?

    • HalfACenturian

      Yes, the photo is from 2015 HOWEVER the article is very extensive and the photograph below recent.
      Apparently sometimes in a hurry people use related but not specifically accurate photos to get attention…
      June 2, 2016: A protester uses a tennis racket to return a tear gas canister during a demonstration in Nantes, France. REUTERS/Stephane Mahe
      couldn’t upload photo but see my comment above in main thread for recent photo…protester with tennis racket is awesome!!!!!

    • 09xz

      You are clearly both and idiot and a liar.

    • erikz

      But, the site slogan is “News. Truth. Unfiltered.”
      I guess that’s what you get when you can’t filter out the things that aren’t true.

    • Daniel

      we need to be careful what we believe, some believe the alternative
      media is out of the control grid, or anything that threatens, or appears
      to threaten “the power” is the truth… but there are suspicious things
      in this article…. I saw the feminist, which has always supported and been a pet of the ruling class, and refugee comments in this as very UN and elite, but this information about the photos really discredits the article.

      • hiddenbird

        Very good point! I’m starting to see that too.
        Schemes on both sides. Their goal is to make people fight against each other and create chaos.

        • Daniel

          yep, just because something appears to be trying to support the people, does not make it so… we must reject lying news whatever it is. The truth is the only place good can come from. The fact this article uses a photo of a massive charlie hebdo protest/gathering, is the article writer lying, when we spot that, we should, at the very least, be suspicious.

          Look at the fact many, rightly in my view, see the mainstream as totally controlled, used for predictive messaging, setting the narrative, and as we see in referendums, telling people what to think “the young think this.. the middle class think that” … but then swallow what the “alternative” media hands out without question. If I could control and did control the mainstream, which really takes care of people not that questioning, you can be damn sure I would have total control over the net “alternative” media, which would be much easier, fewer rules and that would take care of the people who could actually be a problem for me. Who is it better to have as the people calling you out, men and women of conviction and feeling, or someone you have paid yourself.

          There isn’t a single pundit in the alternative media who does not look exactly what we should expect controlled opposition to look like. All information they give out is already in the public domain, a body of people gather behind them and are so easier to control through that one person or group, you give the impression of free speech and that something is being done, when people comment they think they have done something and their natural urge to act lowers. They create the impression, by and large, of having to fight “them” actively, when simply not complying em mass, taking back our power.

          As you say, they just want us to fight, hence the UN support for feminism and dislocating people from areas their sister organization, Nato bombs. When Emma Watson made that absurd He for She speech, it coincided with the illegal u.S./Nato bombing of Syria. It was clearly designed to cause a row and distract people. In almost every case, if you fight an ism or ideology, or for one, you are in the place you are wanted, keeping your head down and fighting your neighbor.

          Exaggerating the scale of these protests would cause fear in the French people, making them more likely to be supportive of police action and laws curtailing protest. Look at the other stories, “about terror warning aps for France etc. they are ramping up the fear and paranoia in France

          • Greg Van Dugteren

            all very good and wise and perhaps much of this article is misleading however sometimes there comes a time when protesting and even fighting is the last and only resort.
            By just saying “we should not comply en mass” will equally not change anything …the trick is to get people not to comply in the security forces (Police,Army etc ..those with the weapons)..if they do not do this then the peaceful majority once again (no majority of people ever want war) become irrelevant….you will soon comply when you and your family are threatened at the point of a gun …those in power never relinquish the reigns until the threat to their own lives becomes the imperative. Of all countries in the world France knows this only too well.

          • ddduke

            To presume that the fascists haven’t infiltrated alternative and social media is delusional.

        • zuzu petals

          Just like the administration is doing in the US. That allows them to declare martial law, bring the UN in and take over governments. Is this a move for global rule?

          • fgbouman

            You folks have been predicting that crap since before Obama was elected. It hasn’t happened yet and it isn’t going to happen. When will you figure out that you are wrong and that no one who matters cares what you say?

      • Mimi Routh

        Thank you! I was wondering.

        • Daniel

          lol most “alternative” media fans, accept their pundits as on the level way to quickly and without question. They get them hooked, then the fans become so admiring and into their group or pundit, that if that group or pundit were controlled or not on the level, the fans would not be able to see it, or even consider it.

          • dennam

            The “alternative media” poses past news off as recent. The “mainstream” media re-writes history to fit their narrative.

      • yannix
    • Dysgusted

      Give it a rest, Martin Pritchard, the fact is the protest is truth and your efforts are little more than an Establishment-indoctrinated minion’s effort to divert the focus with irrelevance.

      • Martin Pritchard

        Why don’t YOU give it a rest instead of coming up with bizarre hypotheses about my “efforts”, which are simply to point out that the use of stock photos of a completely different march without stating their true origin is will cast doubt on the authenticity of the story whether the story is actually true or not. I’m not going to bother clicking on your link, as the rest of your diatribe suggests to me that you’re simply taking a brief break from posting foilhattery such as chemtrail stories.

    • Daniel
    • KittyFowler

      Another screw up by the Media.

    • yannix

      You’re right. I hate it when so called ‘news’ outlets do this. Bollocks! Won’t read anything or believe anything they write again. 🙁

  • Ssev Dor

    “[M]illions of French citizens … have protested against new anti-worker laws that are designed to protect and enrich a wealthy elite at the expense of ordinary people. The protesters in Paris represent all working class people united, mobilized, and resisting the greed of globalist elites. Police involved are violently fighting against the people and protecting the interests of the ruling class.”

    99% of the world is enslaved to the rich and the elite, who control the world’s economy and continue to profit via the blood, sweat and tears of the 99%.

    Every human being has an inalienable right the basics for human survival–food, clothing, shelter, health care and education. Governments print money to bail out the rich; but they could print money to bail out the poor. Issue ever human being a debit/credit card that gives each the basics to sustain life. Pay the rich to provide the services for these basics, which they now provide by charging the poor to survive, giving them minimum wages, but just enough to keep them alive and to serve as the worker bees. Governments could pass an anti-inflation law, limiting annual inflation to 1.5% per year. It would work!

  • gary hall

    how can i trust a news story that steals an image from a story in january 2015 to make it look better? lies and propaganda is bad so if you want to be taken serious just tell the fucking truth

    • HalfACenturian

      you can whimper about their tactics and how no one single source is sufficient and/or you can google “french protests 2016”

      • roflcow

        he has a very good point here. theyre using a different image to to further their own cause which is no better than the media suppressing these protests

    • Dysgusted

      If you can HANDLE the truth, be proactive and verify the article yourself, gary hall. Just follow HalfACenturian’s recommendation.

  • AvangionQ

    Plenty worth protesting over, but to see so many engaging in civil disobedience is heartwarming ~ make those in power listen to the voices of the people … `Although the movement is centered primarily around the job market reform bill, there are much broader concerns involved, such as: universal basic income, opposition to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), amnesty for undocumented workers, solidarity with refugees, and the gender pay gap. France’s mobilized collective are on a progressive mission to create another world to realize social justice and demand dignity for ordinary people.`

    • HalfACenturian

      Eloquent. Thank you.

  • Jc Sako

    Propagande de merde cet article qui est bien loin de la réalité; il n’y a presque plus personne à manifester aujourd’hui, les Français préfèrent rester devant leur télévision comme des porcs et attendre les aides de l’état… il n’y a aucune révolution en France et ça c’est la réalité !!!

    • hiddenbird

      Merci pour votre commentaire. De plus en plus difficile de savoir si les nouvelles sont vraies ou bidon.

  • Dajoenie

    Skrew the elite, lets start using bitcoins.

  • bogtrotterr

    Agent provocateurs at work. Deliberate counter productivity. Bastards!

  • John Brindle

    The French showed how to deal with the feral elite in 1798. The French government needs to be very careful.

    • northernTNT

      I wish. But that was before the declarations of “human rights” which basically guarantee that elites are safe from the anger of the people 😉

  • Julie Ashmore

    EUROPE will be in flames.. It is time to take our freedoms back.

    • HalfACenturian

      Destruction and chaos when other options exist is not revolutionary…it is but an adolescent tantrum. Getting excited about flames etc. is foolish- only the mature use such things knowing the high costs of doing so.

    • Dil Doedy

      Barbarian rule again!

  • sithan

    The guillotine for François Hollande is already sharp?

    • Von Van

      For Valls the traitor, a butcher hook would be more appropriate.

  • Charlie3

    Is that a guillotine I see in the background?

  • Kuro Mirai

    Actually the only people fighting in the streets are hooligans .

  • thedukeofburgundy

    As someone else pointed out, your picture is of the Charlie Hebdo rally from 2015. Why? (that’s a rhetorical question. I know the answer).

    • HalfACenturian

      Ok, well you could google “french protests 2016” but if that is too difficult here is a recent one for ya gifted:

      • thedukeofburgundy

        I am aware of the riots, thank you very much. But I’m wondering what purpose is served by deliberately misappropriating that photograph of Paris? You seem to be implying that it is perfectly legitimate to throw any old image into a story, as long as it SEEMS to illustrate the contents of the story – this seems a remarkably cavalier, tendentious attitude to “truth unfiltered”.

      • northernTNT

        This pic has now been referred to what, a dozen times. Massive demonstrations one hooligan is not…

  • LibertyOrDeath1976

    My noble ancestors escaped France as Huguenots in about 1714. They reached Canada and then the US. The French are brave people. I hope they win against the evil government.

  • Michiel Van Kets

    they’re not protesting against the elite; they’re protesting in favor of their failed socialism

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Those French always seem to get carried away when they throw a revolution.
    I guess it is going to take Bernie Sanders, his supporters and Democratic Socialism to show them how it’s done peacefully.

    The American Revolution 2.0 is coming July 28,2016, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    • HalfACenturian

      The style, focus and form is impeccable:
      Note racket cover still slung over right shoulder.

      • Kevin Schmidt

        No one knows what you are talking about.

  • Warrior07

    Wish this upon the USA Democrat elites. (Clinton, Obama, San Fran Nan, etc)

    • Dil Doedy

      Trump is an east coast wealthy elite.

      • I A Dumb Hick

        Trump will give all us workers a raise! He’s not elite at all.

  • HalfACenturian

    The photo is from 2015 HOWEVER the article is very extensive and the photograph below in this post is recent.
    Apparently sometimes in a hurry people use related but not specifically accurate photos to get attention…
    June 2, 2016: A protester uses a tennis racket to return a tear gas canister during a demonstration in Nantes, France. REUTERS/Stephane Mahe

    • Dil Doedy

      That’s 30 days old and hardly representative of what many of us saw the past few weeks.

  • Lene F.

    This is misleading to use a photo from Charlie Hebdo demonstration in 2015 together with the headline. gives your media no credibility at all

  • JiminHayward

    Troll bait. No information in this blog at all. Just silly non-informative lines like ” The El Khomri bill essentially boils down to stripping people of their rights and giving more control to the elites”. Like what, specifically? This is total troll bait and not even real. I have heard of no such protests.

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    Rush the freedom gates!

  • Alan

    Come join us France, take back your country – UK never againt French people, just those in Brussels.

  • therooster

    Does anyone care to wager that the underlying dissatisfaction within the
    crowd is debt ? The real question is whether they have a conscious
    awareness as to how debt affects jobs, opportunity, labor, distorted
    pricing, malinvestment and the loss of purchasing power.

    Support market driven, debt-free currency, which protects rights and sovereignty

  • andychrist

    that photo is from the charlie hebdo march in january 2015 , the police car is from may 2016 , there are a lot of protests going on in france but not what youd call an uprising , theres always small scale trouble …. i cant remember when the french wernt fighting about something , truck drivers burning sheep , farmers blocking roads etc etc …. trouble in france is nothing new … been going on for at least 30 years , the estates are always fighting the police.

  • Neller6557

    Why is this not being reported on in the US?? We are seriously being misled and it has become absolutely obvious that the media on all accounts is attempting to repress information to the people. It’s almost as if we are living in China and the state is controlling the media. They have stealthily done this and the people have been fooled horrendously.

    An increasing number of people in this country still continue to have their standard of living reduced to a miserable and desperate subsistence for the benefit of a few oligarchs and through the corrupted legislative power of the bought and paid for politicians in this country and world. Until those powers begin to bring back fairness to this increasingly gross imbalance and inequality of income and opportunity, then these events will only increase. Thus, the news blackouts.. They obviously choose to keep us in the dark. This is quite an ominous sign for all of us.

    • I A Dumb Hick

      Ma’am….don’t you worry yourself none……the NRA will ensure that Trump’s KKK will save you and your’n.

  • Marc Hellé

    The picture was indeed taken after the terrorist attacks, not during the present day protests. Cars get burned every day by bored youths, and with scenes like this, if they happen in Paris, it doesn’t mean that they happen in the rest of France, too… I don’t know whether it’s the intention of the author to try to be sensational, or if it’s just due to a complete ignorance of french culture.

  • Magdalene

    England left the EU and other countries might do the same. This is just the beginning of what is likely a much larger backlash due to the elite stealing from the working class. The US may rise up too? You can’t expect people to put up with this crap forever.

    • Dil Doedy

      There’s a substantial number of ‘Muricans who wish to make a member of the wealthy, east coast elites the next president. They somehow have this idea that drumpf represents the working class. So much for an uprising.

  • OrionJeriko

    I was in Paris, France a few days ago and it was dead. No protests. Totally docile population. Alot of tourists.

    • Dil Doedy

      IKR! I just had a fabulous 12 days all over the city! The Marais was hopping as usual….and I always enjoy a good pistachio souffle when I can. Personally I believe the police presence remains from the attack last year and everyone feels reassured by it. This article severely misrepresents the relationship.

  • raycom4rt

    where can I verify this? foreign news services? So much BS peddled on FB. PROVE IT!

  • Christian Holata

    Well, people are tired of ‘growth’, #bullshitjobs and austerity … just because a few criminal bankers keep repeating the nonsense about “ever increasing piles of fictional debt” …

    We could implement a cooperative monetary system, stop creating money as interest bearing debt, give everybody 2000Eur per month unconditionally and work 5h a week instead of 40h+ in #bullshitjobs …

    The establishment will not make it happen … we have to fight …

    • northernTNT

      trouble is people are deathly afraid of rising up, the lies that sustain us are so grand, the veneers of civilisation so all mighty. Everyone’s got a mini-me-mouth to feed, guaranteeing people’s silence and servitude.

  • Phoebe

    This main photo is from the French unity rally. The elites such as Hollande led the march, arm in arm. It’s definitely a misleading image to use.

  • Christian Holata

    The picture is fake … it’s from the “Je suis Charlie” protests in January. Just use “tineye” or Google reverse image search …

    So I guess I will not be using this page any more as well … tired of fake news and fake pictures …

  • Don De

    Looks like France is getting fed up with the Elites padding their own pockets at the expense of the common workers but we’ll never see this on the evening news in the States any more then we’d see pictures of the masses that attend the Trump rallies. Let’s see if France is next to dump the EU like their Chunnel buddies in England.
    Don De

  • Moon Womyn

    So all the French Citizens will become political refugees, fleeing a repressive government… They will come to the US and Canada… we will take them in… and they will help us with our uprising! Peanut Butter and Jelly on Croissants for everyone!!! (a bit of levity to a very sad situation… ) I hope the French Elite can understand that regular people all over the world are tired of the Oligarchy!

  • Alec Sophianopoulos

    The video isn’t related to whatever protest they’re talking about either. The POLICE were protesting “anti-cop hate” and got attacked. You can actually read all about it

  • Anthony Sharah

    My thoughts with the French people. Best wishes to them and their revolution.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Soon protest will evolve into guerrilla attacks. Followed by Nicolae Ceaușescu moments.
    God bless the French who have the balls to make that happen.

  • fedup

    When I hear the phrase “Masked protestors” and “torching cars”, I would tend to believe it is the work of the muslim vermin and not the actual people of France.

    • I A Dumb Hick

      When I hear “masked protestors” and “torching”, I think of grand dragons and the KKK, but hey, I live in the deepest deep south.

  • Dave Harvey

    In a month or so we’ll be next

  • Proud White Christian

    The evil parasitic communist Jews are behind this. Germany should have exterminated the Jews and French together. Those protesters should be machine gunned and carpet bombed. After President Trump takes over the USA he must nuke France. Praise Jesus!

    • Hideous Harbinger

      Please accept a complimentary toupee on behalf of the “Make America drumpf Again!” campaign….shipping not included.

    • I A Dumb Hick

      You speak American! Trump is the greatest Christian who ever lived!

      • Proud White Christian

        Sieg Heil Fuhrer Trump!!!

        • John

          Is that what the controlled media told you to think? They do wield great power. They portray Hillary as some kind of Greek goddess to the world. I believe she would be more fitting for your Sieg Heil Fuhrer brand.

          • Proud White Christian

            President Trump must personally execute the entire Clinton and Obama families. Stand them up against a wall then machine gun them. Praise Jesus!

          • John

            I would be just fine with them leaving the united states because they have done enough damage here.

          • Proud White Christian

            They must die along with the rest of the communist socialist liberals. SIEG HEIL TRUMP!!!

  • Hideous Harbinger

    Interesting…..I’ve talked with at least 12 different American travelers who just returned from Paris in the past 10 days. They traversed across every district of Paris and they have seen no evidence to support this article aside from one exhibit closed by minor worker strike at the Musee d’Orsay. All the normal rooms were open….just a special exhibit. There are minor work stoppages all over the country which is actually quite typical of France for many years if one is aware of history.

  • Ronald Patrick Thompson

    I cant believe the cops just walked away from that!! Can you imagine if that happened in the states? Shots fired, people dead!

  • Dil Doedy

    I just spent 12 days all over Paris and I can attest that there is no “mass worker protest” or “uprising”. There are sparse, targeted strikes on the rails throughout the country. But I traveled throughout most of the arrondissements and encountered nothing that resembled this article in any manner. In fact, it was a joy being away from the wartime gunfire of Michigan.

  • parkwikusa

    Who cares? France is anti-American anyways.

    • Dil Doedy

      Eat your freedom fries dear and send the Statue of Liberty back! It’s not wise to read articles about France if you don’t care.

  • John Sox

    I have American friends that live in Paris and despite the misleading one year old picture, the text accurately describes what is happening there. Riots between police and protesters have become a daily event over these new anti-workers rights laws. Also journalists are having their cameras smashed and are being targeted for arrest by police.

    • Bachmann’s Beard

      I’m surprised they are staying there if it’s so awful! Perhaps they would feel safer in Detroit.

  • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

    Everyone knows what happened the last time the elite tried to suppress the ordinary citizen…
    I’ll bet the original guillotine is still working. All it needs it some dusting and a bit of oil and honing that blade. Then, good as new!

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Did you notice those who were attacking the police car and causing trouble WERE MUSLIMS? The French do not speak Farsi.

  • Alex

    Lying fucks. This pic is from Jan 2015 post-Charlie Hebdo rally.

  • Daniel

    holy f.. sad to see the protester are talking about the made up and used by politicians “gender pat gap” They need to stay away from thing groups like the U.N. etc use to divide common people, like the gender pay gap, which is made up, Obama tried to make out that women got 77 cent on the dollar compared to men, which was totally false and the white house had to admit it, they didn’t even adjust for hours, and by their own maths, it would have meant they had a 20% discrimination against women in pay! discrimination on pay was illegal their decades, but he ramped up the feeling so he could re ban it. Feminism and it’s agenda, are the agenda of the elite.. as is forced migration, bombing people from one nation to another.THe gender matters mentioned and the refugee ones seem to be pure U.N., so a bit suspicious of that aspect. It always happens, there is a legitimate protest movement, then it gets hijacked by U.N. type ideas, feminist aka gender baiters are a U.N. weapon, arguably there most effective, race baiting also is a massive weapon of theirs.

    I hope these protesters stick to their main objective and do not let “traditional” political and manufactured divisions weaken them.

    • Daniel

      we need to be careful what we believe, some believe the alternative media is out of the control grid, or anything that threatens, or appears to threaten “the power” is the truth… but there are suspicious things in this article.

  • Pavel

    So much for Truth. Unfiltered. How about:

    Half-truth. Misleading.


  • Blondmyk

    I do wish the article would have outlined this new unfair bill in a bit more detail. What kinds of freedoms are being stripped from the people in favor of the wealthy elite? The media coverage of any of this in the US has been poor, and this is actually the first I’m reading about this?

  • Jeffry DeVillez

    Fascism knows no flag!

  • Gilchrist

    “El Khomri” is not very French.

  • Dysgusted

    The working People of France want no part of the elite globalist policies imposed by the EU!

  • Daniel

    “There is anarchy on the streets of France as the mainstream media continues to suppress the scale of events.” this statement is made in an article where they show a massive “je suis charlie” protest as if it were the “current” protests. You don’t get much more hypocritical and dishonest than that.

    What the bet the statement “There is anarchy on the streets of France” is an exaggeration of some degree?

  • Silver Fang

    Wouldn’t it be nice if, for once, governments could negotiate with people instead of sending in the goon squad with their billy clubs, shields and tear gas?

    • Daniel

      wouldn’t it be nice if they worked for the people as they are supposed to, and not corporations like they in fact do.

      • Silver Fang

        That especially.

  • bwf309

    Great editorial piece for the liberal minded. “Universal basic income?” Who is going to pay for this “basic income?” Ah yes “the rich” The universal “they” “them” “anybody but me” Would be funny if it was not so tragic.

  • Daniel

    some people here seem to think the media lying, showing a photo and saying it shows something it does not, doesn’t matter… and many of these people seem aware of the lying global media, the globalist agenda, .. but don’t care that a media source has lied, it doesn’t effect how they read the story or view the source at all!

    Personally, if I see a article that has a massive lie in it, I tend to think I should be suspicious of that article, and ask what is the motive for this lie. But, and these are people who would claim to oppose the EU and the globalist tyranny, actually get angry if you say that a media source lying damages it’s credibility!

    There seem to be many who say the media is lying, as the article with the lie photo in it say, but regular people who see the lying media, but then believe anything that comes from as supposedly “alternative” source without question! even when that source has been show to have lied right to them in that article!

    THis is ridiculous, the article says the mainstream media has lied about the scale of this, which I would not be surprised at at all, but then they show a massive protest, of large scale, and say it represents the scale of these protests! .. in these things you always accuse others of doing what you are doing, it diverts attention from your lie!

    Why would they use this image that shows a massive gathering? what does it say?… it seems to say something about a huge scale I’d suggest. What agenda could be served by making out this scale is much bigger than it is? and what agenda that does not support the protesters and does support the elite/the globalists could be served by ramping up the sense of anarchy and chaos?

    I’m out of here, to many people who don’t care about a lie once it’s a lie that seems to be in line with what they think.

  • Kenneth Dotson

    Place de la République, Paris, January 11, 2015 — Not good folks. Integrity counts..

  • Margaret Elliott


  • bartcen

    what a piece of shit click bait site this is. LOL. assholes.

  • Stanislav Prusac
  • jozeiax

    why are they protesting ?
    i don’t know the story in france,
    whats the protest about?

    • jozeiax

      its a war protest ?

  • JeanClaude Shepherd


  • Trac Mila

    The police need to join the Resistance or die serving their elite puppet masters. The government are servants to the people, just like the police and army, not wealthy kings made fat and rich on the peoples hard earned tax money.

  • Daniel
  • Damir

    I’m really sad and upset to see that what once used to be alternative media is now nothing else but a load of bollocks and false pretence, learn too much from the mainstream maybe??

  • Ami6

    I live in Paris, France, and I can guarantee you that things have really calmed down, and that this article is basically disinformation, for whatever reason its instigators want to spread these false rumors.

  • Jim Sterrett

    also, “nuit debut” doesnt even mean anything close to “standing up all night”. its more like first night or the starting night

    • farfaraway

      I think it means commencement night, or starting night is close enough. I think it has the implication of more to come.

  • zeliasgrand

    I’d like to know who this “ruling elite” or “elites” is/are. Do these protesters even know WHO or WHAT they are protesting against? Have they considered what the outcomes of the law will be? France has had extremely liberal treatment of workers for a long time; that benefits the workers, but not the businesses. Extremely liberal labor laws means higher costs. Higher costs mean lower competitiveness, and possibly even business closures. Without the businesses, there are no jobs. Be careful what you wish for…..

  • Jim Southerland

    Lame disinformation at best. Really not creditable.

  • Matt J

    Meanwhile in the UK, We had protests against Democracy.

  • Thomas Faddis

    So is it going to be called Francxit?!

  • KittyFowler

    You mean the police are out to kill the protesters, don’t you???

  • Proud White Christian

    HEIL HITLER!!! The French should have been exterminated long ago. Praise Jesus!

  • Jimbo_K

    1 – Old photos that have nothing to do with the recent protests. 2 – French police do NOT “beg”, they are used to it since the protests of 1968. 3 – The french government will NOT hesitate to mobilize the army if the need arise and as one of the oldest imperial and colonial nations in the world, believe me they are very resilient and can be extremely unforgiving. 4 – Millions of protesters and only one police car burned?! On new year’s eve every year in France hundreds of cars are burned to the ground just for fun; this is hardly an event. 5 – The western media is suppressing the events? Rather it’s nothing new in France so coverage is limited, but I notice that you are a western media yourself and your coverage is but truthful and is biased and your articles are inciting violence against governments promoting a new kind of anarchism around the world. We know that the pen is mightier than guns and by promoting such false information in a socialist country that has done a lot for their people but struggling today is in a new kind of terrorism full of hate just to create chaos instead of offering solutions to help the world we live in today.

  • Keith Parkins

    For weeks there have been peaceful protests every night against austerity in towns and cities across France,

    Nominally a protest against the French government. In reality a protest against the undemocratic EU.

    These protests turned violent when police attacked peaceful protesters.

    When the state has to use force to subjugate its own people, the state has lost.

    This is a foretaste of things to come, EU stormtroopers.

    This is the beginning of the end of the EU. EU Spring, people are finally rising up against the corrupt undemocratic EU.

  • James England

    People will calm down if France win Euro 2016. And then they can go back to rioting. 😛

  • James Crawford

    Whether the photo is 2015 vintage or present day is irrelevant. The POINT is made. Somebody is pissed off………….

  • Butter35

    So they used bad photos. They probably are on a tighter budget and don’t have reporters actually in France at this time and are relying on whatever they can get. The article is real. Please read

  • Sean Boswell

    Please stop using the word “anarchy” when what you mean is “chaos”…

  • dog2000x

    We all know this story… its Les Miserables.

  • Rick Carufel

    Time to eliminate the greedpig oligarchs

  • larry

    looks just like a crowd at a concert….so it’s hard to believe that this happened…nice concert stage though

  • DJM

    Hmm…preventing protesters from protesting to protect the elite and using police to do it. Sounds like what America is heading towards, if not already there.

  • Gerald Lafon

    “French citizens who have protested against new anti-worker laws that are designed to protect and enrich a wealthy elite at the expense of ordinary people.” French laws make it hard for employers to fire the incompetent. Throw in the 35-hour work week and early retirement, and you have an untenable situation. If these people are demonstrating, it’s because, just like the Greeks, they are spoiled rotten, and can’t fathom employers being able to fire them more easily, having to work more hours, and retiring at an older age.

  • Tommy McMahon

    While the cover photo may be old the film footage is not.

  • billy dogman

    they have to cause fights against one another here in the U.S.A. thats the only way obama can stay as King! Its going to get worse here in the U.S.

  • Paul

    Dear Baxter,
    Please stop writing articles about topics that you clearly don’t understand. What’s going on in France is far more complicated than your poorly detailed article. There are not thousands of mask protesters but merely a few hundreds that are protesting not against that law but to bring chaos. 99.9% of the protests are organized by 1 unios, the CGT. Plenty of people are calling for the protests to stop. What is making French people angry is the fact that the government is pushing the 49-3, meaning trying to pass a law without voting on it. Then you should ask yourself why – after all, Hollande is a socialist. It is because the country is broke and cannot afford all the perks and benefits that were put in place back in the early 80s by Miterrand. So something has to be done right? The main thing you need to understand is that in France, the laws protect the workers, and not the labor.
    Your article is really bad, poorly detailed and you are missing a lot of very important points such as why this is happening. So please, stop writing about things you don’t understand or do some research first!

  • K.Marx

    paid by the fsb or equivalent

  • Varney

    DAR AL HARB, creating a land of chaos where Islam does not rule. The fundamental strategy to destroy an infidel civilized nation and bring it to it’s knees with violent protests and warlike actions. Even if the headline pic is a Charlie Hebdo.