France Vows To Strike Syria If Proof Found That Chemical Weapons Used

The French President has vowed to “strike” Syria if any evidence emerges that chemical weapons were used against civilians.

Emmanuel Macron did add however that French intelligence agencies had not got any proof to back up such allegations.

Macron’s comments were made on Tuesday just as Russia warned that Al-Nusra Front and the White Helmets were coordinating another false-flag operation in Syria to blame on  Syrian government forces.

Russia’s Center for Reconciliation in Syria said it had been warned that the Al-Nusra terrorists brought in more than 20 chlorine containers to a local village in the Idlib province., where they aimed to work with the White Helmets to stage “a provocation.”

Macron told reporters “On chemical weapons, I set a red line and I reaffirm that red line…Today, our agencies, our armed forces have not established that chemical weapons, as set out in treaties, have been used against the civilian population.”

Macron added “I’ve reiterated it to President Putin, asking to make it very clear to the Syrian regime, which has reaffirmed that it does not use chemical weapons … but we are watching it”

So the terrorists have not yet staged their false flag operation, but France is already prepared to act on it….


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