French Journalist Arrested After Exposing Israeli Link To Paris Attacks

French journalist arrested after exposing Israeli connection to Paris attacks false flag

Investigative journalist Hicham Hamza was detained by French police last month after exposing Israel’s role in orchestrating the Paris Attacks on November 13, 2015. 

Police charged Hamza with “violating judicial secrecy,” and have threatened him with potential prison time for a photo Hamza published online.

Below is a translation of Hicham Hamza’s article describing his arrest:

Detained by police for investigating the attacks in Paris

An independent journalist and founder of the investigative website Panamza, I was detained for seven hours by police about an article in which I revealed the Israeli origin of the shocking photo of the Bataclan.

On Monday, February 22nd, I went of my own accord to the police station in response to a summons from the Crimes Against Persons Brigade, located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

The day before, I had received an “urgent” voice message from an official of the Directorate of the Judicial Police asking me to call him immediately. The reason: my  December 15th article entitled “Bataclan Carnage: The shocking photo was disseminated from Jerusalem.”

I was familiar with the Judicial Police premises, having been summoned twice to respond to “defamation” complaints brought against me by Caroline Fourest and Pierre Bergé.

Surprise! This time, upon arrival I was “placed in custody” following a preliminary investigation by the Paris prosecutor. The officer informed me that I was now suspected of having committed – by publishing my article – the following offenses: “violation of the secrecy of an investigation”, “publication of an image that seriously undermines human dignity,” and “premeditated voluntary violence without ITT.”*

Yes, you read that correctly.

So what happened next?

I was led to cell to await the arrival of my lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre so that she could be present, as the law allows, during my interrogation.

After the interrogation, I was made to read and sign the minutes of my statements. I was then returned to detention pending the police response. Five hours later I left the musty old double-locked room to learn that no decision had been taken by the prosecutor of the Republic.

I was finally allowed to collect my things and go.

The merits of the case?

While following the torturous trail of the shocking, anonymous Bataclan massacre photo, I had done my work as an investigative journalist. My objective was to fully document my sources. So in my article, I inserted the URL of the first web page containing the non-blurred Bataclan picture (which I had chosen to truncate on my site).

The original source of the photo turned out, oddly enough, to be a tweet published by an Israeli organization headed by the U.S. neoconservative Mark Gerson.


My practice – which is increasingly costly and risky – of ultra-sourced web journalism is my guarantee of reliability for my readers: I give them my sources to check so they can judge for themselves the veracity of my information.

Today, the Paris prosecutor – who reports directly to the Ministry of Justice – claimed that I had supposedly “violated the secrecy of the investigation” and committed “premeditated voluntary violence” by “disseminating” the photo necessarily included in this tweet.

Duly noted.

I had already said in my hearing that I contested with the greatest force the validity of such accusations.

The Paris prosecutor’s office, directed by François Molins, now has six months to decide whether to indict me.

In the crosshairs

Keep in mind that on December 1st, the Valls government had announced – via its inter-ministerial delegate Gilles Clavreul – its hostility against me, confessing awkwardly that it would seek “legal loopholes to get (Hamza) prosecuted.”

Meanwhile, the arrival of Jean-Jacques Urvoas to head the Department of Justice was accompanied, more discreetly, by another little-noticed change. Thomas Andrieu, the director of the Civil Liberties and Legal Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Interior (and former right arm of Manuel Valls) became on February 5th the chief of staff of the new Minister of Justice.

On December 2nd I had published an article about this close associate of the pro-Israel network. The chief architect of the state of emergency, Thomas Andrieu had been previously charged with carrying out the government’s promise (which was in the end never kept) of dissolving the Jewish Defense League. (Editor’s note: Responsible for dozens if not hundreds of terrorist attacks, and untold thousands of threats of violence, the JDL has been officially declared a terrorist organization by the FBI; yet due to the power of the Zionist lobby it remains legal in France, Canada, and other countries.)

A detail that speaks volumes: In my article “Bataclan Carnage: The shocking photo was disseminated from Jerusalem,” I also raised questions about the JDL, stressing that this Zionist and racist militia, which is tolerated in France (but considered a terrorist group the United States and Israel) had directly published the gruesome Bataclan photograph on the homepage of its website.

We still do not know all the details about provenance and chain of custody of the photograph in question, which was designed to elicit terror, and whose authenticity is has been much discussed in the foreign alternative media. What we do know is that it first appeared on the website of a webmaster based in Jerusalem.

But it should come as no surprise that the Jewish Defense League – a small group linked to similar networks of the Israeli extreme right – could publish the photo without attracting the wrath of Bernard Cazeneuve, the Minister of the Interior who is extremely obliging to the Zionist movement and its operational relay in France: the MOSSAD.

Surprise, surprise: Along with the explicit title “Bataclan photo of the victims,” the shocking picture, whose publication by the JDL was exposed a month later on Panamza, has since been replaced by an off-topic illustration showing  … the seats in the house.

Someone in high places must have protected the JDL from any police summons by quietly asking them to remove the photograph.

As for me: For revealing the Israeli source of the image, which was manipulated through social media to instil fear and acceptance of draconian security measures, I was detained by police, at the request of prosecutors, for seven hours.

Now I am under threat of new prosecutions likely to bring, this time, a prison sentence.

  • Fantazine Davol

    The Internet should have a backup of the previous photo displayed on the Jerusalem website that was taken down. The Internet never forgets.

  • Swiss_Steve

    He should be detained for stupidity!

    • bsroon

      Oh yes, everyone should knuckle under to the Rothschilds, the zionists, and the billionaires. We should all just line up and let them kill the six billion, five hundred million “extra” people these rich psychopaths want to remove “for destroying the planet’s ecology” as ONLY THE WEALTHY PARASITES CAUSE EVERY PROBLEM OF SIGNIFICANCE (which can be remediated) ON THE ENTIRE PLANET.
      If you don’t fight – you are the evil that lets evil win. Good hearts and no action just allow the holocaust – the “Nazi Holocaust” of WWII, the 1919 “Jewish Holocaust of 6 million Jews by Germany” written about by the former governor of NY State in 1919 – and the current Holocaust of palestinians.

      If you don’t stand up you ARE the problem – and yes some of us who drew a line are going to get hurt and some will die.

      • Swiss_Steve

        Where the hell did they let you out?
        So much hate, ignorance and illiteracy? Welcome to reality – one day…

        • Not pro Israel

          Nazi boy.

          • tbenton62

            This is pure BS, never happened. Typical of these fools, go on these sites that have zero factual evidence to back them up. In France you have laws protecting against slander.

          • Not pro Israel

            You keep denying nazingirl.

          • sailorbill

            those who make laws to hide the truth are the ones who should be jailed

          • Swiss_Steve

            Exactly, you Nazi boy.

          • sailorbill

            hes just stating fact

        • bsroon

          So if you and yours are raped, beaten and tortured – you are just fine with that? You have no right to be upset, angry, resist?

          When there is injustice – it is ALL RIGHT to resist that, be disturbed by that, to look for support in fighting it. Anger is allowed.

          Are you so politically correct (read: mind controlled) that you feel the range of human emotions must all be evil and attenuated because you don’t support a viewpoint?

          Illiterate? Hmm. Clumsy sentence structure, but articulate to a degree – and written enough to allow you to understand what was put down.

          The things mentioned are historical facts – which (lol) leaves them very open to interpretation. The former gov of NY State DID write an article in 1919 talking about Germany giving it’s “Six Million” Jews a Holocaust RIGHT THEN. Pretty hard to do, since that was greater than the entire European Jewish populatin of the time – so where did they bring in the OTHER 6 million Jews to do the same 20 years later?

          Go to the UN website and look up Agenda 21 – it talks about depopulation. Rockefeller was quoted as stating that the human population needs to total 350,000,000 TOTAL – that is the richest 5%. The Rockefeller Foundation funded a sterility agent (antigen to HCG – human chorionic gonadotriptin) which shuts down the human messenger molecule telling a female that she is pregnant. The fetus then is aborted during the next menstrual cycle.

          This HCG antigen was found in “tetanus” shots given to 2.3 MILLION females in Africa. Tetanus is NOT a series – and does not affect ONLY child-bearing females – but that’s what was jabbed. Another “tetanus” series in Philipines w/200,000 females there. Unknown # of females in Haiti and Mexico were given a “series of flu shots” w/HCG antigen. Again, flu is a SINGLE SHOT – not series, and flu affects all ages and all genders.

          So you give me shit when you obviously don’t know what you are talking about when you demean the problems we are facing as humans.

          Now it is incumbent upon YOU to prove that things are nice and rosy. Better yet – prove that the NON – rich parasitic class is causing the problems. Show me how YOU have nuke plants, refine the million tons of poisons put on the US this year…….

          • Swiss_Steve

            What a mazy text you put together here and blaming one race for all the worlds evil. You’re making it very easy on yourself!
            Hope you do have a relaxing weekend and do not let out your hate and anger on innocent people!

          • bsroon

            Actually i don’t blame just one race, but the Khazar group of Ashkenazi Jews was the start of Zionism. i’ve (unlike you?) read the entire 800 pages or so of the Balfour Declaration – which supported the formation of the State of Israel – and ironicallys stole land from a dying empire (Ottoman) for a dying empire (Brit) to invade a people (Palestine), steal their land, attack and kill them, etc.
            It explains how Woodrow Wilson was blackmailed into going along, how this group of Zionists basically choked off Czarist Russia and killed that group for opposing the State of Israel.
            (Loeb and Sons – a Jewish owned banking firm associate with the Rothschild group totally funded the “Bolshevik Revolution” of Lenin.)

            The Rothschild banking consortium or whatever you want to call it, controls the Federal Reserve – privately owned by a few banks – the IRS – whose corporate charter is based in Puerto Rico – and whose tax (theft) collection is literally given to the IMF – International Monetary Fund on the tiny chance you aren’t aware of the acronym.

            Since the US treasury Dept still exists – but the actual TREASURY was “disappeared” in the early 1920s – this is where all that tax money goes. Including to the Stuart Account of the Queen of England, where it holds over a hundred trillion US Dollars from our taxes. This thievery became more prevalent after FDR declared the USA bankrupt in 1933 (?4?) stole every American’s gold, gave it to the Rothschilds/banks, and declared a (now perpetual) state of emergency to increase presidential powers over the executive/judicial branches.

            This is not all done by Jews, obviously, and anyone that does not help to fix these and other problems in our country adds to those problems. That doesn’t mean i hate you – and actually i find that in personal contact i seem to get along with almost everyone – but i don’t condone people screwing you or yours over either, and if i can help this country/world become a better place by pointing out things most aren’t aware of – then i’ll do so.

            Sorry if this all rubs you the wrong way, but there ARE psychopaths out there running the corporations. Those whackos are ALWAYS the rich. Those rich people run the government as proven by Harvard and Princeton – and you can tell by your own observations if you have a few miles under your feet.

          • Stephan R. Küpfer

            Let me ask you 2 things:
            – Who did 9/11?
            – Who build Jerusalem?

          • bsroon

            Historically Jerusalem predated the temple, so it would be the ISRAELITES, not Jews, not Khazar, not Ashkenazi, but it was a Semitic people in antiquity.

            9/11 was allowed by Cheney and other “govt” thugs. The military had a grand total of i think it was TWO jet fighters because a yearly military exercise was changed in terms of time and location – and so every fighter was absolutely unable to respond and protect.

            Cheney went into the WH basement and overrode the FAA system with the Secret Service capability they have to do this as Bush was kept out of the loop with goat stories.

            i have to side with the more than 2,000 engineers and architects who state that the towers could not have been taken down like the “govt” claims – unless you repeal some laws of physics.

          • Stephan R. Küpfer

            Well, not built by Christians nor Moslems. But by – what is today – Israel, right?

          • sailorbill

            well that’s an easy one #1 Israel did 911 no doubt about that one and #2 USA money built J, well money stolen from the FED who is controlled by dual citizen traitors but I’m guessing you new all this right.

          • Stephan R. Küpfer

            #2 USA? You’re aware, that USA wasn’t discovered then?
            And for #1: Give me some proof! I’d love to hear THAT version 🙂

          • sailorbill

            Stev I’m sure you no it was a piss take, people who make laws to hide the truth no they are guilty

          • Stephan R. Küpfer

            Sorry, what?

          • hanna

            It’s right in front of peoples faces about the 6 million hoax…They only have to look at the plaque at Auschwitz to see the number of Jews who died has been revised 3 times…There was never 6 million and if anyone says so, they are calling the plaque a lie…People are too stupid to find these things out for themselves and when someone else does their dirty work, the dopes still get offended.

          • bsroon

            i think it was about 2008 – Princeton was setting up and the fed govt at the time demanded the incoming class was “culturally?” matched to the general population – so places in New England and Michigan were scrambling to get the best Hispanic students they could recruit.
            So – X% of hispanics = that percent of students in freshman class, across the board.
            Princeton had THIRTEEN PERCENT accepted Jewish students – when the population percentile in the US is from 2% to 4%. The Jewish press SCREAMED about how “Anti-Semitic” everyone was – and yes, even (irrevelently and stupidly) brought up the Holocaust – “was this oppression of Jews going to be the beginning of another Holocaust?”

            What – FORCING MORE JEWS into the fresh class than the population control of the feds demanded was happening – but they ended up with THIRTY PERCENT of the freshman class entry slots.

            Even if the Holocaust had been real as advertised (which one, the German 1919 one, or the WWII one the Red Cross refuted, or both?) this was a bullshyt argument and totally irrelevant.

          • sailorbill

            International RED CROSS real figures 278,000 and %90 of those died of typhoid

          • ugogirl

            How did YOU find out all these alternate facts>

    • hanna

      Of course that will end it,will it?..Some other hero will come along and expose them further…Too late to try and stop the truth from coming out…They have tried and failed

      • Swiss_Steve

        Truth? Well … if that’s your truth, then welcome to reality!

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    They don’t have probation? How can you go to prison for publishing a picture? The photo shown looks severely CGIed Is the photo of an empty theater? Because none of these pictures make any sense. I call fake story

    • bsroon

      He explained that the photo was taken down and replaced with empty seat photo.

    • Mo Doggie

      Yes, sometimes images are conveniently “taken down.” You know, like “i provided evidence but They removed my evidence.” In other words, maybe / maybe not.

  • Elroy Hatfield

    All of it is orchestrated. And what the hell is “violating judicial secrecy?”

  • Hade Sheriff

    This is how Zionists cover up their guilt worldwide.

  • Not pro Israel

    All white peole should leave france or kill all the Jews.

    • tbenton62

      Hey, I live in America, in Green Bay to be exact, anytime you feel manly come try it you sniveling coward, see how long you live.

      • Not pro Israel

        I will bury you.

      • Ben Franklin

        He’s a troll obviously. It’s called birddogging. You norms are funny.

    • hanna

      I don’t think all Jews should be killed but i do think the top of the chain of them should be hung from the neck…They are evil sons of satan…Jews are hated now because they let these evil bastards kill and rob and maim on their behalf so no one trusts Jews anymore

      • Swiss_Steve

        We do not like stupid people like you here in Europe! How about you move back to the country in Arabia you’re from? Thanks in advance!

        • hanna

          I’m Australian you nitwit..How about piss off back to the pile of shit you crawled out of.

          • Swiss_Steve

            I’m living in that pile of shit I crawled out from called Europe. Maybe you stay down-under and do not interferre with European issues you have no clue off!
            And 1 month to reply? Did you get this message by an aboriginal message stick?

    • Stephan R. Küpfer

      Are you fucking insane?
      How about you leave Europe and go back to the middle aged country you’re from!

  • apeman2502

    Ffrom the blood smears on the floor of this dance hall, it was obvious that the bodies were already dead and dragged into the hall and placed as they were photographed. A few freemason Satan worshipping frogs acting up. Take care. ladies and gentlemen. The British Empire is in the middle of its final ‘Hail Mary’ play. They produce NOTHING.

  • Ben Franklin

    first, i don’t know what you’re talking about. The picture reveals nothing. And second, what if it did come from the JDL website? You make no speculation.

  • anarchyst

    It is easy to see the pervasiveness of Israel’s Mossad (if one knows where to look), arguably the most effective spy agency on the planet, please read “By Way of Deception” by Viktor Ostrowsky. From the Lavon affair (a “false flag” operation designed to draw the USA into a war with Egypt by making it appear as if Arabs bombed the U S interests section–a planted bomb exploded prematurely, exposing this as a Israeli planned and executed “incident”) to the deliberate brutal attack on the USS Liberty (NOT “misidentification”, but another attempt to draw the USA into a war with Egypt and to hide the deliberate massacre of civilians in an Egyptian city, Deir Yassin), to Jonathon Pollard and NSA spying utilizing a company named Amdocs (which handles all US telephone billing records), you will find that Israel looks out for Israel’s interests ONLY. Normally, there is nothing wrong with a country looking out after it’s own interests, BUT Israel has a nasty habit of spying (and setting up) it’s “friends”.

    Who the hell died and appointed Israel the “master” of the middle east?? Iran (and all other middle-eastern countries) KNOWS that any nuclear “discharge” would affect the whole middle east . . . Any country that possesses nukes is not stupid . . . Israel has over a hundred nukes, manufactured with stolen American classified technology, refuses inspections of its nuclear facilities and is, in general, a “pain in the ass” to the rest of the world, along with (blackmailed) “big brother” United States of America.
    It is no secret that the U S State Department is infested with dual-nationality Israeli-Americans who form (and foment) the bulk of our neocon “foreign policy” straight from Tel Aviv. In fact there are 40 or so congressmen and senators with dual-nationality “ties” to Israel.
    Most people are unaware that Israel holds a “Damocles sword” over the world. Any attack on Israel will be met with a nuclear device being detonated in a city of Israel’s choosing. Israel calls this the “Samson option” and is very real.

    Israel refuses to abide by IAEA guidelines concerning its nukes as its nukes are distributed around the world. Israel would not be able to produce all of them. No delivery systems are needed as Israel’s nukes are already “in place”. Look for another “false flag” operation with the blame being put on Iran. You can bet that some Iranian or Syrian passports will be found in the rubble.

    Israel also threatens to detonate nuclear devices in several US cities.. Talk about total INSANITY; the so-called “Samson Option” is it.

  • Drago Varsas

    The picture was not taken down by “Israel News Feed” on twitter. Still there:

  • Robin Rosenblatt

    Keep blaming Israel for your problems when you are destroying your country by turning it in to an Islamic country: With slavery for all non-Muslims, Enjoy!

  • Howard Brodsky

    Reading the headline one might be impressed that the attacks were carried out by Israeli operatives. Reading the article did not affirm this connection. Only that a rightwing Jewish terrorist organization had not been charged for publishing the same photo Hamza was charged for by French authorities. Europeans do not have freedom of the press and this is very apparent in France, which clearly tries to undermine journalists who stray from official doctrine. Nonetheless, while I am inclined to believe that there is much more to the terrorist acts we’ve seen in Europe – which appear to be Gladio 2.0 operations – I did not see the Israeli link established in this article. Speculation does not prove guilt. This is nowhere more apparent than the accusations of Russian hacking in the US, where the charges go way beyond speculation to outright fraud. It is well known by forensic experts that the DNC email leaks were not hacks. They were direct downloads from DNC servers by a DNC insider with access. It can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Yet the Deep State moves forward with punitive sanctions to accomplish what it could not accomplish by its illegal murderous invasion of Syria – to injure the Russian hydrocarbon export market. Let’s be clear what we are looking at today. It is the same time honored story played out in another iteration: nation states are fancy labels for criminal racketeering organizations. Citizens are nothing more than cannon fodder and tax livestock.

  • blueskybigstar

    The Police Chief of Paris is definitely involved. First, the second in command was suicided and then the police chief himself was suicided. At this time, the Rothschilds bought Charlie Hebdo. Two weeks later after the last faked suicide and the purchase of Charlie Hebdo, the Charlie Hebdo attacks happened.