French President Says He Is ‘Too Smart’ To Talk To Ordinary People

French President Macron refused to give a news conference on Bastille Day because he is "too smart" to be understood by the people.

French President and former Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron will break with tradition and not give a news conference on Bastille Day because his “complex thoughts” may prove too much for journalists and the public.

A presidential source said the nature of Mr Macron’s intelligent thinking did not “lend itself” to communicating with the people who recently elected him.

The comments, quoted by Le Monde, are likely to be seized on by Mr Macron’s critics who portray him an arrogant member of the global elite.

BBC reports: The former investment banker has enjoyed a meteoric political rise and his new party, La République en Marche (Republic on the Move), is set to dominate parliament.

Bastille Day, on 14 July, marks the date in 1789 when a mob stormed a prison in Paris, helping to start the French Revolution.

[Macron Exposed As Former Rothschild Banker, Groomed By Pedophile]

It is a long-standing tradition that the president will be interviewed by the press during the day, but it seems Mr Macron has other ideas.

Le Monde quotes the source as saying that the president did not “baulk” at speaking to the media.

However, “his ‘complex thought process’ lends itself badly to the game of question-and-answer with journalists”, the paper notes.

It is not clear exactly on which subjects Mr Macron felt his thoughts might bamboozle journalists.

Needless to say, the reported remarks brought a strong response on social media.

Not-making-this-up dept: Macron doesn’t do Q&A w/ journalists because his thoughts are much ‘too complex‘,” tweeted Politico writer Pierre Briançon.


Infatuation with Macron is showing cracks,” tweeted Paris-based writer Matthew Fraser.

This year’s Bastille Day has already attracted international attention after US President Donald Trump accepted an invitation to attend.

Mr Macron has sharply criticised his US counterpart over his decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord.

Their first meeting on 25 May in Brussels was notable for a handshake which saw them grip each other’s hand so firmly that their knuckles turned white.

Mr Macron later said the handshake was “not innocent”.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  • monica

    Is he that full of himself ? What a prick

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      He apparently IS. This’ll be a lead balloon with the Froggies…

  • Djago

    Rotchild told him so

  • ohjeez

    France got duped

  • Mollie Norris

    I have to commend the cabal on its excellent performance in suppressing nearly all news reporting the destruction of Theresa May ballots.

    • Patrick

      I believe you mean Le Pen. I was wondering why there was very little mention of the ripped ballets as well. Interesting system where such a superficiality such as a tear in a paper ballot can invalidate a persons vote, even if they are not responsible for the damage to their own ballot.

      • Mollie Norris

        Thanks – I sure did mean Le Pen. I agree – an odd and questionable policy, and I have no clue regarding its origin.

  • noix

    Rutherford, who won the Nobel prize, as did many in his laboratory, said that any scientist that cannot explain his latest research to an eight year old child is a charlatan. Macron should explain how a thirty four year old teacher having a relationship with one of her fifteen year old pupils can stay unprosecuted by the police. Others with a smaller age gap have been prosecuted.

    • Ivar Möller

      He is a pedofile like many other politicians. That´s why Islam is welcomed to Europe….

  • tott

    If this really is true. This will surely be another sign, that he can’t say anything out of the script he’s been given by the people behind him.

  • palcau ioan

    he wasnt elected by france people,he was put there ,as president of France,by he-knows-who…hes truly masters! hes only another masonic bullshit garbage! he can burn in hell ! phuking pedophile,phuking masonic bullshit garbage!!!

  • hiphop

    He is an arrogant asswipe and there is nothing relevant about him. So glad Trump pulled out of the phony Paris Accord. The French have way to high opinions of their pitiful selves. He and his teacher should of been prosecuted and put in jail just like any other people carrying on with that same issue. He must of had mommy issues….. The French got screwed, Le Pen was the far better candidate for the French. Just look at him, he is not too smart to talk to people, he is too unintelligent to carry on and meaningful conversation. An honest observation

    • Christian Thomas

      Not sure you’re in a position to judge this. The correct grammar is “He and his teacher should have been prosecuted.”

  • Diatom

    French Toast takes on a whole new meaning with this ponce.

  • denxerw2000

    Macron is a worse version of Trudeau.
    Same smug hypocritical capitalist-corporate shill, hiding behind superficial idpol shows, with even fewer “cool things” for himself.

  • Moe

    Macron just another Merciless savage rothschild prostitute like trump hillary Obama bushes,Romney Blair cameroon theresa
    Churchill ,uk royal family French Government .

  • AdamS

    Soo in short – He is a complete …….. finish yourself.

  • Devin Ens

    What is this bullshit?

  • Diana Rexhepi

    maybe he will finished with head on the floor, he would not be the First

  • TheBuddyLama

    This effete manlet may look like a complete pussy, but he’s a nasty little globalist.

  • Barbara Miczuga

    His grandma-wife educate him well .

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    The same usless grandstander as Juncker. Both guys are nothing but a very bad joke.

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    Lucifer’s own, sheeple ain’t got sense enough to discern good from bad.