French President To Bring Back Compulsory National Service For All Young People

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed he will bring back mandatory national service for all young people nearly two decades after it was scrapped.

Macron overruled the defense minister who said last week that national service might not be compulsory

Macron said on Tuesday: “I want a mandatory service, open to women and men,” adding that its duration could be “around three months” but could also be “longer if we integrate a civic service.”

RT reports: The president said the service will include “a mandatory part [set to last] between three and six months, which is not yet established.”

The whole thing is “not about recreating massive barracks,” Macron noted, however.

The planned service “will be universal, will involve the entire age group, and will be mandatory,” government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux confirmed in an interview with Radio Classique earlier on Tuesday.

A taskforce has been created to come up with suggestions on how to implement the French leader’s plan by the end of April.

Eyebrows were raised when Macron promised during his campaign, in March 2017, to restore a “mandatory national universal service,” designed to last one month and to involve between 600,000 to 800,000 youngsters per year. This “universal military service” would have to be taken by people aged between 18 and 21 years old, he specified at the time.

Macron promised that, if elected, he would make all young people spend a month receiving “a direct experience of military life with its know-how and demands.”

“The universal national service will be a school of fraternity. It’s about giving our youth an opportunity to come together for a common goal, breaking down all social barriers,” Macron tweeted last month.

While opposition parties warned of the costs involved in training up hundreds of thousands of youngsters a year, Macron’s proposal also raised concerns in the army, stretched thin by anti-terrorism operations in the Middle East and enhanced patrols against threats at home.

Last week, Defense Minister Florence Parly cast doubt on the scope of Macron’s plan, saying it would “probably not be obligatory.”

“It will be a service that will seek to make it attractive for young to take part in…for what they learn and for what they can give to others,” she said.

France’s defense budget will increase by €1.7 billion (US$2.1 billion) a year between 2019 and 2022, the Armed Forces Ministry said earlier this month, confirming spending commitments outlined by Macron last year, Reuters reported.

  • Kane

    Freedom ,liberties ,Egalite, stick a feather in your crap,and call it macaroni!Allons enfants de la patrie ,le jour de glorie te arrivere etcetera etceteraYanking doodle dandy’s oh when the saints come marching in —

  • Andy C

    this is only to send them off on the last big war, for the final culling of our people. What is sad is the older of our generation will agree with doing it. Well until the the van for their 5g/vaccine exterminated body comes around.

  • MrDoug supports Deporting

    Just what america needs to do.. Resume the draft asap.. Mandatory service for men and women

  • Austrailiadowhatheyankstelthem

    It is going to happen here in Australia also. I have a mate is a bureaucrat with the Australian defense force. They already have agreement with both major political parties to re introduce conscription. All top secret stuff…. not even a whisper from the media. six weeks to train them and then they are to be deployed to ..get this “To wherever the Americans tell them to deploy them”.. straight from the horses mouth.

    • Andy C

      Yup. Ready for the war Albert Pike played a role in designing.

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  • george

    Military traditionally vote right wing. What better motive. Stop them protesting and create more support.

  • Black Swan

    World War II, Indochina, Algeria and Iraq are just distant memories for the Psychopaths, they crave new young blood and

    the families will supply the victims waving flags and supporting the whole sordid idiocy. Viva La France?

  • Fingal Carson

    Liberals say it is “for the community”. Conservatives say it is “for the country”. All totally psychotic nonsense and lies. In reality, “serving” draws people out of communities to help destroy the country by being a part of military to serve the interests of a tiny elite they’ll never know. Another example of how fascism is fascism, whether it is branded by metro libtards or quasi-alpha conservatards.

    They both say it builds character. Bullshit, it destroys character. All the things people say build character do the opposite. To build character, you need to have a sanctuary– you need to have freedom, time, space, and support. You need your own world without people constantly invading it. Not to invade other people’s worlds for your own needs. That’s why well-off and rich people, as pathetic as most are, have all the ego and basic comprehension. That’s why they’re good at every endeavor they do, for show or for real. A poor section 8er can’t even operate a smartphone or website without a joint.