French Revolution: Mass Protests Overwhelm Police In France

French police say they are unable to cope with the French revolution

Months of protests in France involving hundreds of thousands of citizens staging the biggest revolution in 200 years, has completely overwhelmed the country’s police force. 

French police have begged the government to listen to the protestors, arguing that they are ill-equipped to deal with the on-going uprising. reports:

Months of mass demonstrations and violence linked to the Euro 2016 football tournament have left French police begging for mercy. A heated combination of protests against controversial changes to France’s employment laws and outbreaks of violence by Russian and British football fans has taken its toll, leading a union leader to beg for a reprieve for French law enforcement.

Protests opposing Francois Hollande’s proposals to relax France’s labour code began in March and have been called the largest and longest-lasting since the French Revolution. While the government argues the changes are crucial to lower unemployment, protesters claim they are bad for workers’ rights. Countrywide protests have included strikes and blockades of oil refineries and hundreds of fuel depots. Workers also downed tools at the state-owned rail company.

On June 14, some masked protesters hurled paving slabs, smashed shop windows, and burned cars on the city streets. Despite relatively little mainstream media coverage of the mass protests, a series of violent images emerged showing police responding brutally with tear gas, batons, and water cannons. Around 60 people were arrested, and 29 police officers and 11 protesters were injured. Shortly after, workers’ unions and student organisations called for more street protests and strikes, on June 23 and June 28, to reject the new labour laws currently being debated in the Senate.

Earlier this week, France’s main police union, Alliance, pleaded with workers to postpone Thursday’s planned day of demonstrations to give the police time to recover.

“We’re asking for this demonstration to be postponed, along with any other static protests as are colleagues on all fronts are exhausted, worn out and tired,” Frederic Lagache, Alliance deputy secretary general said.

Describing the protests as repetitive and very violent, he said the police are too exhausted to cope with them — especially on top of dealing with terrorism and violence linked to the hosting of Euro 2016.

Despite the pleas for respite, the government gave the green light to the demonstrations — but only if they were confined to a small area of the city. At least 85 people were arrested in the capital as thousands took part in the largely peaceful protests. Union officials said 60,000 people attended the march, but police said the number was closer to 20,000.

  • United we Stand

    Wake Up French people from the propoganda of your elected perpetrators! Join UK and Donald Trump patriotic bravery for Heal+Inspire+Revive not just your country but the world in transferring power to We The People! I believe it’s the only historicly given chance by God!

    • kladinvt

      In the U.S., neither Trump nor Clinton. The People’s ONLY representative is Bernie. Everything else is some Neoliberal-corporatist

      • Zed

        Bernie is a communist fraud that would fit right in the the globalist bureaucracy in the EU. He could be their emperor.

        • billkapaldo

          Odd. If that were the case, why, then, is there such a strong pleading of the Democrats for that bloc of communist supporters to join HRC? That would seem rather counterproductive and idiotic..Much like your post.

          • Cretius

            The average American does not know what a socialist is or what the differences are between socialism and communism. Ignorance is no basis for decision making.

          • United we Stand

            You’re right on the money my American Fellow, with my exclusion due to Russian/American values…Bahaha.

          • Jim Hatfield

            By all means Cretius explain to us one and all the
            Difference between Socialism and Communism!! You may also want to explain why
            the two always seem to end up as Totalitarian!!

          • Cretius

            Yours is an ignorance requiring an education. My
            opinion is free but I expect to be paid to educate. Notwithstanding,
            start with the Oxford Dictionary and then perhaps the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

          • Lets_Think_Again

            Jim shows his ignorance by claiming that socialism “always seems to end up as Totalitarian. Obviously he’s never heard of Australia, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Norway, Germany or the UK — all them with many socialist institutions (like free national heath care); and with governance that’s far more honestly and genuinely democratic than what we have in the US — with election fraud throughout the country; and the media help in a stranglehold by a handful of huge, corrupt media corporations.

          • 10drxtc

            Always? There are more than 20 democratic socialist countries in Europe.

          • SurfinUSA

            Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
            the creed of ignorance,
            and the gospel of envy,
            its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

            ~Winston Churchill

          • Cretius

            Would be interested as to when Winny wrote that. Consider too that Churchill was a member of the 1% club of privilege who was never without his cigars or brandy even during the war. He never had to rely on social services and universal health care. Imagine him in an NHS facility. I have lived in four countries with universal health care and social services. I look at my American family and pity them.

            My comment about social and communism differences still stands

          • SurfinUSA

            I never expected to persuade you. I commented to reveal the true nature of socialism. Your rebuttal weighs heavily on the gospel of class envy and the ignoring of the deplorable horror stories regarding the English and Canadian NHS.

            Obamacare is an example of a miserable Socialist program that was foisted on the American people in the back rooms of Congress in the middle of the night. We are just now feeling the true effects of the damage it has done to our health care system because Obama connived for the truth of it to come out as he was leaving.

            The American health care industry has been slipping down a greasy hill since the adoption of Medicare, a program that is nearly bankrupt as over the years Democrats stole the money out of the so-called Trust Fund set up to finance the long term needs of the program.

            Our medical treatment and facilities are in a total mess due to government intervention. The previously robust health insurers, strong from competition among themselves, are now crying for a taxpayer bail-out because the lies they believed from the Obama Administration failed to produce the anticipated profits.

            MIT economist Jonathan Gruber—the architect of Obamacare—mocked “the stupidity of the American voter” for not perceiving the ways in which the controversial health law concealed its true costs. A Pricewatherhousecoopers report directly contradicted President Obama’s wild claim that Obamacare would “lower your premiums by up to $2,500 per family per year.”

            Gruber admitted that the Obama administration went through “tortuous” measures to keep the facts about the legislation from the American people, including covering up the redistribution of wealth from the healthy to the sick in the legislation that Obamacare is in fact a tax.

            Obamacare in its entirely was “sold” on lies. From the promise to keep your doctor to claims insurance rates would go down, not up — to hiding that the legislation was in fact a tax until of course it was necessary to argue it was a tax to save the legislation at the Supreme Court.

            The process through which Obamacare was shoved through and down the throats of the American people happened as a result of Harry Reid changing Senate rules and without the support of voters.

            Bottom line, America’s “national health service” is a Socialist sham fraudulently imposed on the American citizens without their consent from a group of Elitists in Washington D.C. It is a wealth redistribution scam that creates substandard services at exorbitant costs in the form of excessive premiums, co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses to the consumer.

            Obamacare is a cauldron that stirs greed, corruption and waste incubated by the derelict distortions from Socialist thought. I too take pity for the American people. They are systematically being robbed while having the safety and security of the formerly greatest medical service in World History yanked from under them.

            My comment about socialism still stands.

          • Cretius

            Always interesting to see an American trying to defend the indefensible. Fact is you pay by far the most per capita for the least health care of any country in the world (National Geographic). You can’t progress because you are a victim of your own propaganda. You need to travel more. I’ve lived in four countries with universal ‘socialised’ health care. I have also had health care in the U.S. Ridiculously expensive and elitist. You are welcome to your system!

          • SurfinUSA

            You think I want this disaster? Did you read what I wrote or just scan over it and then send me a snarky reply filled with your elitist condescension. You have no fucking clue where I have been or what I have experienced. Yet you think you can sit on that fat ass of yours and judge me. What a fucking moron.

          • Cretius

            Show some dignity. Not everyone will agree with you. Argue in a logical manner and do refrain from name calling. Only then will you be taken seriously.

          • 10drxtc

            Those with no counter argument always resort to Ad Hominem attacks.

          • SurfinUSA

            Cheeto Jesus shows lots of dignity, right? He’s imploding. Didn’t take much time.

          • Lets_Think_Again

            Foul-mouthed, ignorant ranting will not persuade anybody.

          • SurfinUSA

            I don’t tolerate fools.

          • 10drxtc

            Ad Hominem attacks the last resort of those with no argument.

          • SurfinUSA

            I made cogent points. You are ignoring them because they do not align with your ideology. Alinsky tactics are to dismiss your opponent’s argument by belittling what they say. You’re so wrapped up in tyranny that you cannot understand Liberty.

          • 10drxtc

            I to lived in Europe. 11 years total. Here Obama care is written by and for big pharma and insurance. There all necessary drugs are free. Even QoL drugs 15% of what they do here. A QoL drug is defined as one not needed but rather improves certain aspects of your life

          • Lets_Think_Again

            You have NO idea of what you are talking about…..

          • 10drxtc

            Actually the comparisons would be democracy and communism. Capitalism and socialism are economic.

          • SallyFlinn

            I know what it is and I think it could save America the propaganda from the cold War has brain washed the American public.

        • Pamela Knight Delgado

          People who use the word communist usually don’t know wtf they are talking about. Seems you don’t for sure.

          • United we Stand

            Are you trying to educate Crazy Russian Jew…bahaha what does it mean communism…Bahaha. Wish I can see your profile to understand whether you are delusional, brainwashed or even ego maniac who follow just bias media and TraitorObama and LyingCrookedKillary Radical Islam socialistic propaganda!

          • Pamela Knight Delgado

            No. That comment was for Zed. I do not support any of the people you mentioned, nor do I suffer from any of the mental illnesses that you question. I merely said that Zed probably didn’t know what Communism is or he wouldn’t have accused Bernie Sanders of being a Communist. Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, as am I.

          • Cretius

            Tsk tsk. Show some dignity if you wish to be taken seriously. Name calling says everything about what you are.

        • Kathy Moore

          Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist which has NOTHING to do with communism. He does not believe, or profess, that industry and business should be run and owned by the government. Educate yourself.

        • LAZT

          Bernie is a democratic socialist as he has stated numerous times.

        • Giantsfan

          You’re not very bright, Zed. Pay attention.

        • SallyFlinn

          Your an idiot the only thing you know about politics is what FOX & CNN tell you…Do some research on the issues before you make a comment so you don’t sound so stupid

      • John Cynical

        bernie is voting Clinton…

        • Thomas William Bergere


        • hawkcat

          Just shows what a f***ing p***y he is after she cheated him out of the nomination. If he had any balls whatsoever he would run as a third party to make sure she doesn’t become president. Trump is an angel compared to that lying, felonious, traitorous, bribe taking, national security violating, Benghazi murdering, piece of crap that is Hillary Clinton.

          • ione713

            Still blaming her for Benghazi…wow, you bots don’t read much do you?

        • Pamela Knight Delgado

          Not true. I guess you believe the corporate media whores too?

        • American Girl

          And no one cares.

          • Roseanna Danza

            …about your trolly opinion of Senator Sanders.

        • Daniel Griffith

          your pussy is voting for clinton

          • John Cynical

            No, my cat is voting Trump.

      • American Girl

        Let it go…get over it…move on…

      • Stephan Williams

        Bernie isn’t a communist – He’s a Jewish Bolshevik. Jewish Bolsheviks murdered 100.000.000 of the best of Russia and Ukraine’s Christians in the years between 1917 and 1954 while murdering another 15,000,000 German civilians for their effrontery in removing the financial lice who destroyed their country. Bernie’s onside with that and you fools who support him are imbeciles.

        • Cretius

          Where is my violin? Have you had your meds today? The cranks on here are amusing.

      • Occam’s Razor

        Bernie is a full-blown communist. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing pan ultimate. He supports Israel when Israel is one of the most hostile terrorist nations on the planet and Israel should be brought to justice for the invasion, colonization, theft, and incremental genocide of Palestine. Sanders says nothing about the Bolshevik Jews who genocided tens of millions of Christians in Russia because he does not want you to know who he really is and what Israel is all about, hitlerian genocide, Israel wants to “rule the world”, Agenda 21. Sanders whole socialist plan is based on corporatism whereas Trump’s is based on private property and individuals doing business If you do your research, communism is the ultimate “no-liberal-corpratist masquerade.” You have been duped.

        • Cheryl Valentine

          And you are a full blown ignorant Idiot! I guess you could always move to Canada thats what the other ignorant idiots are threatening to do! Since they are a country of Democratic Socialists you may actually learn something about it over there!

          • Occam’s Razor

            lol. No, I am not an idiot. Take that back. Otherwise, you are a rude, hostile, aggressive meanie.

            You could move to Canada, but there’s a movement going in Canada to undo the communism in Canada, here, check this out:

            Canadian Political Candidate James Sears Calls Out Zionism in TV Debate


            I know people from Canada. It went from a safe and sane community of open doors and friendly neighbors to an oppressive government bent on communism at the hands of the international talmudic bankers.

            My mother is Russian. She saw first hand the horrors of communism in Russia before the talmudic bankers were kicked out of Russia.

            I live in California and watched the state go from free an open and productive society to a locked down, communist hell hole.

            …you too haven’t done your research and are blindly accepting Bernie’s lie, shame on you!

            Now, you owe me an apology.

          • Cretius

            Yes, Canada has cranks like Sears but they are a noisy fringe. It is amusing that those with the least knowledge of Canada have the most to say. LOL

          • Occam’s Razor

            That’s funny. A few years ago I knew more about Canadian history than most Canadians. Most Canadians knew nothing about the true nature of the Indian Holocaust in Canada, many even denied it.

            And, I know enough about Canada. The talmudic jews took over the banking system and they are starving the elderly, exploiting the youth, making a mockery of what was once a beautiful, peaceful nation!

            Sears speaks the heart of many Canadians. He is certainly not fringe loon — he spoke the truth!

          • Cretius

            Can you name the native groups that disappeared during your so called Indian Holocaust? My studies are in History, Archeology and Library Science. I have taught history for over 40 years and studied for 60+ years. I endeavour daily to add to that knowledge base.

            It is a pity that History is not a required core subject. The lack of that knowledge is all too obvious in many of the comments that appear here. Immigrants may well know more of our history than native born Canadians. We do not have to pass a citizenship test!

          • Occam’s Razor


          • Daniel Griffith

            you sir, are a fucktard!

          • Occam’s Razor

            …you mean you have no rebuttal so you’re gonna go primal meanie on me?

            You know the drill…

            All truth passes through 3 phases…
            hostile attack

            …come on now, you can’t tell me haven’t done your research too, and, what…you’re gonna cast a vote without getting the facts straight first?

          • Cheryl Valentine

            I don’t owe you a thing. I live in Washington not far from the Canadian border. I have a friend over there and a relative or two and visit now and again. I definitely wouldn’t describe it the way you do, but I’m guessing that has a lot to do with whatever camp you prefer to be sleeping in. Your the òne sitting there all smug and important making cracks about everyone else’s beliefs and rantng about the rest of the world and your pushing Trump? Calling me the rude, hostile, aggressive meanie is the pot calling the kettle black!

          • Occam’s Razor

            Yes, if you are a …polite human being who takes responsibility for their actions, yes, you owe me an apology for being an ignorant meanie, as evidence by your follow-up reply!

            Actually, the living conditions in Canada are currently determined by self-aggrandizing genocidal talmudic megalomaniacs as described by Mr. Sears in the undisputed video I posted. And, if you know talmudic law like I do, I’m Jewish, you’d know that this means only Jews are allowed to succeed with token others to give the air of fairness. Canada is in a state of talmudic chaos. Fortunately, there are people like Mr. Sears speaking out.

            You drew first blood. I stated facts and you replied in manner that can only be described as…a childish and immature temper tantrum.

            I’m not pushing Trump. But, the reality is, he’s getting elected.

            Calling you rude, etc., fitting.


          • Cretius

            You are amusing!

          • Occam’s Razor

            Thank you. I find the truth and irony of it all amusing too. Humans are sooooo primitive.

          • Lets_Think_Again

            Every post by ‘Occam’s Razor’ is an incoherent, illogical, uninformed rant. He or she probably doesn’t even know what the expression ‘Occam’s Razor’ actually means.

          • Occam’s Razor

            If you had argument, you’d state it. But, you don’t have an argument. So, you’re resorting to a character assassination. Not gonna fly, the evidence I come across and post up is concrete. So, unless you can refute any of the evidence I’ve posted, you got nothing but insults. That’s classic Israeli/Clinton/Obama shill squad. …are you just ill-informed and prone to hurling insults when you have no argument or are you a pos shill?

          • birch

            You obviously haven’t got a clue what is going on! Get the facts first before you open your mouth.

          • Cretius

            Sorry, Canada already has it’s quota of questionable immigrants and yes we do love our social programmes and universal health care.

        • Cretius

          A very amusing rant. Have you had your medication today? LOL

          • Occam’s Razor

            Typical Israeli shill, all insults, nothing of substance. You have no argument so you resort to pathetic, baseless insults.

            On the bright side, Hillary and Bernie won’t make it near the White House. Jewish communism is becoming obsolete, like you and your insults!

          • Cretius

            Honestly, you sound like an angry old white man promoting an extreme minority view. In numbers you might be dangerous but as a minority you are seen as a crank.

          • Occam’s Razor

            “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Then, it’s violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer

            …I guess we’re at the first stage here. No worries!

            Be warned. Leave the second stage at home. I have the legal and moral high ground here. I stand my ground.

      • Patrik Fridén

        Bernie is a Marxist Jew and part of the establishment. Paid by the banksters just like Hillary.

    • Pamela Knight Delgado

      Donald Trump is NOT brave and certainly not patriotic. He’s a freakin draft dodger! He represents the 1%, not the 99%! One of these days idiot Trump supporters will realized that they probably AREN’T part of that 1%, and realize that he isn’t really offering anything. Deluded.

    • Kathy Moore

      This has nothing to do with Trump. He is representing the Republican Party who ARE NOT on the side of decent work hours, family leave, decent minimum wage which are a few of the labor laws under attack by the French government. The party platform which does resemble what these people are fighting for is that of Bernie Sanders. It’s a large part if the issues he’s been running on from day one.

  • Leila Deurell


    • American Girl

      Let it go. It’s over. Move on.

      • Josef P Melech

        Its not over until the NOvember election. Don’t try and silence other peoples voice.

        • Roseanna Danza

          So-called “American Girl,” you’re a typical Hillbillarist. 1. you pretend she’s ‘won’ the nomination already (new flash: she still has a month before the DNC steals it for her at the convention ) 2. forever trying to dampen Bernie’s huge, flaming following

          • Glenda LaHaye

            The same Bernie that said he would vote for Hillary? Sounds like he’s done even if no one else is.

      • Daniel Griffith

        Fuck off! Eat a dick!

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm
    • scaupus


  • CBunny

    Viva la France!

    Stay strong brothers and sisters! Stay united!

  • American Girl

    Coverage on this but not one word on the huge anti islam protests and the muslims themselves destroying parts of Paris and terrorizing French citizens.

  • United we Stand

    With Trump lead to American revolution…bahaha, pronounced by LooserBernie, EU countries must following UK up rise in taking power away from political and Crooked perpetrators.

  • Julia Black

    Are you sure that picture is from France..? That’s not the French flag on that young woman’s cheeks…

  • Adrian Beliciu

    go France. go!!!!

  • Alan

    UK, the first, US maybe the second come join us leave the EU and move on.