Fukushima To Dump 770,000 Tons Of Deadly Nuclear Waste Into Pacific Ocean

Fukushima to dump tons of deadly nuclear waste into the ocean

Fukushima will dump 770,000 tons of deadly nuclear waste into the ocean, which experts have warned will cause “apocalyptic” numbers of people to die. 

According to Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO) chairman, Takashi Kawamura, the decision has already been made to put the lives of millions of fish, humans and animals at risk by dumping the radioactive material from the Fukushima plant into the Pacific ocean – despite strong opposition from fisherman.

Rt.com reports: “I’m very sorry that Tepco has been prolonging making a decision,” the new chairman of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO) Takashi Kawamura told reporters on Thursday, reported Reuters. “We could have decided much earlier, and that is Tepco’s responsibility.”

The plan still requires the approval of the Japanese government before TEPCO can proceed.

Some 770,000 tons (metric) of tritium-containing water is currently stored in 580 tanks at the plant, reported the Japan Times. Toxic water at the plant is currently being treated through a processing system that can remove 62 different types of radioactive material, except tritium.

The local fishermen cooperative has hit out at the plan, saying it had not been discussed with local residents.

“Releasing (tritium) into the sea will create a new wave of unfounded rumors, making our efforts all for naught,” Kanji Tachiya, head of a local fishermen cooperative, told the Japan Times.

Situated 10 meters above sea-level, three of the nuclear power plant’s six reactors’ cooling systems were crippled by flooding caused by the tsunami, making the disaster the worst since the Chernobyl catastrophe in the USSR in 1986.

  • 樺島万里子

    This news is fake news.
    Kyoto and Japan Times are anti-Japanese fake news medias.
    They are disseminating many fake news about Japan for the world.
    In fact, they are also disseminating American fake news to Japan.
    (Probably, news source from CNN)

    They are connected to Chinese and Korean government.

    Japanese people who can read English are very angry.
    And, when we see the reaction of people in the world who believe that lie, we are very sad.

    They are liberal and globalist.
    We Japanese always have trouble with this lie article.
    Please please judge the truth and write truth in your articles.

    • Ron Wheeler

      Can you please give me a link to help establish what you have stated? I no longer trust YourNewsWire.

    • Moon3

      Are you trying to say Tepco and the Japaneses .Gov are honest? Better think again Godzilla.

  • John C Carleton

    How come this nuclear waste can not be stored on Rothschild’s lands? Come on, be a good citizen.

  • Gil Favor

    well, , the price of blue fin tuna will be coming down. Sushi bars across the Island will soon be having BOGO sales. . . .
    You want rice with that ? ? You just thought Nagasaki and Hiroshima was bad, , is Fukushima karma for the 2403 ?
    Lastly, when the island is uninhabitable, maybe the japanese people can go to the Philippines, or Guam, or Malaya, or Singapore, or Hong Kong , , to escape.

    • koen bergheger

      nice explenation