Gates Foundation To Aggressively Push Common Core Education

Gates Foundation aggressively promotes Common Core

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have publicly declared that they will aggressively pressure schools and the government to use the Common Core education standards. 

In an open letter to authorities, the Gates Foundation say:

“Far too many districts report that identifying or developing Common Core-aligned materials is a challenge, meaning that teachers spend their time adapting or creating curriculum, developing lessons, and searching for supplemental materials”.

“So, we’re doubling down on our efforts to make sure teachers have what they need to make the most of their unique capabilities.” reports:

Desmond-Hellmann admitted that the foundation was not prepared for all the changes schools faced under Common Core.

“Unfortunately, our foundation underestimated the level of resources and support required for our public education systems to be well-equipped to implement the standards.

We missed an early opportunity to sufficiently engage educators — particularly teachers — but also parents and communities so that the benefits of the standards could take flight from the beginning.”

Desmond-Hellmann claims results in Kentucky, the first state to adopt Common Core, show the standards work.

She cites improvement in the portion of Kentucky students who are ready for college, while the same numbers nationwide have yet to show any change.

“When educators have clear and consistent expectations of what students should be able to do at the end of each year, the bridge to opportunity opens,” Desmond-Hellmann writes.

“The Common Core State Standards help set those expectations.”

  • Lincoln

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    Have you heard about Common Core? The chilling truth behind these new national educational “standards” will terrify you. Common Core represents the latest and most comprehensive step in the drive toward complete government control of our children’s education.

  • Lincoln

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  • soundsailer

    This POS is vested in common core, eugenics and GMO toxic poison food via monsanto, he is truly a threat to humanity

  • James Smith

    Why did war criminal mass murderer Bill Gates donate 1 billion in cash to the communist U.N.? It’s a valid question…