George Soros Bet Millions Against Mandalay Bay/MGM Last Quarter

Globalist billionaire George Soros bet against MGM, the company that owns Mandalay Bay Hotel, and is now set to bank billions.

Globalist billionaire George Soros bet $42 million against MGM, the company that owns Mandalay Bay Hotel, just before the October 1 attack, and is now set to profit to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, according to data released by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

George Soros manages an investment fund, Soros Fund Management, that is required by law to file quarterly statements with the SEC to disclose its positions.

On 14 August this year, Soros Fund Management filed a 13f. The statement previous to that was filed on 15 May. By analyzing these two forms, we can see the changes George Soros made to the portfolio in that time.

When it comes to gambling stocks, Soros does not seem too interested, with the exception of MGM, the company that owns Mandalay Bay and the other Las Vegas casinos that were on lockdown during the 1 October attack, with reports of active shooters on the premises.

All of these hotel-casinos are facing an avalanche of lawsuits and share prices, in particular at Mandalay Bay, are expected to plummet.

15 May 2017

LVS (Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson’s casinos) – Soros owned 5,000 shares.

WYNN (Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn’s casinos) – Soros owned 3,500 shares.

MGM – Soros held no position.

Soros’ 15 May statement viewable at the SEC website here.

14 August 2017

LVS – Soros sold 1,400 shares, leaving him with 3,600.

WYNN – Soros sold all 3,500 shares, leaving him with no position.

MGM – Soros bought put options, which means he was short the shares, to the tune of 1,350,000 shares.

Soros’ 14 August statement viewable at the SEC website here.

What does shorting a stock mean?

When watching a sports game, would you bet on who’s going to lose?

That’s essentially what “short-sellers” are doing – they are betting that a stock will fall in price. (“Long investors” bet that prices will rise.)

Rather than trying to pick a winner, short-sellers, like Soros’ gamble on MGM/Mandalay Bay, are trying to pick a loser.

Daily Worth provide a simplified example of how shorting a stock works:

Say you think Company ABC is overpriced at $50 a share. You borrow 100 shares from your broker—pay interest on the loan—and sell them for $5,000. Time ticks on, and as you suspected, the stock price falls. At $40 a share, you buy 100 shares for $4,000 and return them to your broker. You walk away $1,000 richer, minus investing costs.

As things stand, George Soros, through his Soros Management Fund, is set to bank hundreds of millions of dollars in the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy.

Soros is 87-years-old and still money grubbing after all these years – while laughing at us all the way to the bank.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • monica

    Because he planned it, he should not be allowed to profit on it. Matter of fact he should be arrested because he is part of insider conspiracy.Look what happened to Martha Stuart for what she did & without lost lives
    Arrest that BASTARD

    • Marcus

      Takes a master level of evil to plan something like this in order to profit. Makes Martha Stewart look like Betty Crocker

  • clarioncaller

    I’ll bet SoreAss is LONG on Michael Chertoff and OSI Technologies which wants to install their ‘backscatter’ scanners at all the casinos since the shooting.

    • Marcus


    • The Great Scalooch

      We know he was invested in OSI back in 2010-11….

  • HWR
  • Anne Felippe

    maybe he knew something about the vegas shooting…………when stocks are shorted prior to a major attack, they should be investigated………..he is such a scum ball that he probably had inside info on this, just as he most likely did on shorting the british pound. That’s how he has made all his $$$ isn’t it?

    • Jeff Pansini

      He still needs to pay his hit men for the job. I knew those two hotels had to be involved with this too.
      If Soros doesn’t pay for his crimes in this life, he will in the next. And thats a long, long time.

  • Black Swan

    The Talmudic Psychopaths seem to always be positioned investment wise to benefit from any crisis or chaos, their Crystal Balls are incredibly accurate?

  • Jeff Wharton

    put options were made just before 9 11 also. they knew it was going to happen then and now. if we the people let this slide again then we are just as bad as them.

  • Jeff Wharton

    wake up america WAKE UP!!!!

  • JR

    LMAO I trade options every single day and buying puts in MGM in August is a pretty bad trade as the stock went nowhere. It’s range is $30-$34, with August near, the lows, he likely made nothing. Say they’re deep in-the-money so for every $1pt. down is $1pt to his put option. At most that is $3pts on 1.35M shares is $4M, not even 10%. I have a boring put spread on APA, I sold, with more return then that.