George Soros Has Significant Ties To Women’s March On Washington

'Liberal feminist' Muslim woman says D.C. event was not as 'spontaneous' as we've been led to believe

George Soros Has Significant Ties To Women's March On Washington

Saturday’s ‘Women’s March” on Washington DC has been portrayed as a spontaneous, organic grass roots effort with independent organization.

The media have been trying to make it seem as though the march wasn’t anti-Trump…. but it turns out that billionaire globalist and one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors George Soros had links to over fifty ‘partners’ of the Women’s March….

March “partners” financed by Soros, include: Sierra Club, Amnesty International,, NAACP, Green For All, Center for Constitutional Rights, Human Rights Watch,, NARAL Pro-Choice, People for the American Way, and Planned Parenthood.

Asra Q. Nomani reports via NYTLive 

In the pre-dawn darkness of today’s presidential inauguration day, I faced a choice, as a lifelong liberal feminist who voted for Donald Trump for president: lace up my pink Nike sneakers to step forward and take the DC Metro into the nation’s capital for the inauguration of America’s new president, or wait and go tomorrow to the after-party, dubbed the “Women’s March on Washington”?

The Guardian has touted the “Women’s March on Washington” as a “spontaneous” action for women’s rights. Another liberal media outlet, Vox, talks about the “huge, spontaneous groundswell” behind the march. On its website, organizers of the march are promoting their work as “a grassroots effort” with “independent” organizers. Even my local yoga studio, Beloved Yoga, is renting a bus and offering seats for $35. The march’s manifesto says magnificently, “The Rise of the Woman = The Rise of the Nation.”

It’s an idea that I, a liberal feminist, would embrace. But I know — and most of America knows — that the organizers of the march haven’t put into their manifesto: the march really isn’t a “women’s march.” It’s a march for women who are anti-Trump.

As someone who voted for Trump, I don’t feel welcome, nor do many other women who reject the liberal identity-politics that is the core underpinnings of the march, so far, making white women feel unwelcome, nixing women who oppose abortion and hijacking the agenda.

To understand the march better, I stayed up through the nights this week, studying the funding, politics and talking points of the some 403 groups that are “partners” of the march. Is this a non-partisan “Women’s March”?

Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association, a march “partner,” told me his organization was “nonpartisan” but has “many concerns about the incoming Trump administration that include what we see as a misogynist approach to women.” Nick Fish, national program director of the American Atheists, another march partner, told me, “This is not a ‘partisan’ event.” Dennis Wiley, pastor of Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ, another march “partner,” returned my call and said, “This is not a partisan march.”

Really?, another partner, features videos with the hashtags #ImWithHer, #DemsInPhily and #ThanksObama. Following the money, I poured through documents of billionaire George Soros and his Open Society philanthropy, because I wondered: What is the link between one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the “Women’s March”?

I found out: plenty.

By my draft research, which I’m opening up for crowd-sourcing on GoogleDocs, Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including “key partners” Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies. The other Soros ties with “Women’s March” organizations include the partisan (which was fiercely pro-Clinton), the National Action Network (which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as “a leader of tomorrow” as a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”). Other Soros grantees who are “partners” in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. March organizers and the organizations identified here haven’t yet returned queries for comment.

  • Roger Heart

    Should be in prison along with other criminals , the Clintons , McCain , Graham ….and plenty more ANTI-AMERICANS !

  • javier

    they had them lined up across the golden gate bridge all dressed in purple- Do they not know who soros is ? do they not care? Are they just mostly morons?

  • Suzdelia

    Well, this march truly is so horrifying to think that all of these women would kill their babies. What I do not understand is Why are they getting pregnant, just to kill and infant. There was a woman from a Pro life organization who thought their organization could join this group and just March for Woman Rights, but when the leader found out she was pro life she said absolutely, so I take it that these woman are all pro abortion. The woman was interviewed by Hannity at the Inauguration. Sorry, but I did not get the name of her group only that it was a Pro life group. Well, I do think all Woman who are pro life have to get together and march…..Can we find 500,000 or does Soro Have them all employed within his organization…..Trump and all Christians will not find the passing of any bills easy. God Bless.

  • Sabayon Nynn

    As the former gets warmer its the latter that matters except on the nations airwaves and custodians of public opinion stayed back after vainly discussing her rights- lay hands off her body its not your fucking life.

  • Dr John

    Thanks for an honest well researched article. Facts are always appreciated. We need to defend America and OUR new President who has invited all us to join in the movement. No doubt when the nation is in trouble we should speak out and maybe we have been quiet too long, but falling in with Soros and his group is not for the benefit of mankind.,

  • mike

    It is sad that women are joining a group without researching what the group is about. An innocent march disguised as one thing, but solidified by another ideal is just plain fraud !!!! such are ALL of George Soro’s endeavors. ALL the organizations that participated in that march should be shut down and their employees imprisoned, while the Soros family rounded up & imprisoned on Guntanimo indefenitely

    • Mister Lackey

      Well, identity politics thrives on suckers and the lowest common level. That doesn’t mean everybody involved is a dolt; it’s that they don’t care to look beyond their common identities, which is why they project their shame by pointing a trembling finger at everyone else who isn’t like them. The left is bankrupt in every way, and they’re determined to make our country in their own image.