George Soros Linked To “Pizzagate” Pedo Scandal

George Soros linked to Washington 'pizzagate' pedo scandal

Billionaire Clinton donor George Soros has been linked to a Washington D.C. pedophile scandal known as “pizzagate” by internet detectives on Reddit.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Soros gave Comet Ping Pong, a pizzeria in the middle of a huge pedophile scandal implicating many top politicians, tens of thousands of dollars.

According to Reddit:

George Soros linked to Comet Ping Pong. $21864.25 sent to Comet Ping Pong from American Bridge PAC.

American Bridge PAC is largely funded by Democratic donors and labor unions.

Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros was the group’s largest donor for the 2012 and 2014 cycles, contributing $1 million in 2012 and over $1 million in 2014.

In 2012, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees donated $575,000.

American Bridge was one of several progressive political groups to coordinate fundraising efforts for the 2012 elections.

  • Chez Kiva

    Hard to draw this as a direct connection, but $21,000 is a lot to spend on pizza, especially when you normally dine at the Four Seasons and Daniel.

  • hello

    this pos should be swinging from a lampost

    • Slvrizgold


  • Mollie Norris

    This site has several posts on child sex trafficing and child organ trafficing between Haiti and the Dominican Republic
    It’s particularly interesting in the context of investigative reporter Monica Peterson, who was recently murdered in Haiti following the release of her conclusion that Hillary Clinton’s brother’s Haitian “gold mine’ investment is actually a front for a child trafficing network.

    • Mollie Norris

      This was researcher Monica Peterson’s blog – the murdered researcher who concluded after two years that Hillary Clinton’s brother’s Haitian gold mine was a front for child sex trafficing and organ trafficing. Details of her murder haven’t been released.

  • Sisyphus

    This is a very important topic that should not be overlooked.

    Why does DrudgeReport not care about it?

    • Justin

      Controlled news.

  • Joe Blow

    Why, I am surprized, even astonished. There must be a mistake.

  • c_chandler

    a lot of top elites, especially democrats are found in these investigations and emails.

  • abinico

    You don’t get filthy rich like Soros by selling your soul to an angel.