Global Warming Is ‘Over’ – Record Low Temperatures Recorded WorldWide

Scientists admit that global warming is over as worldwide temperatures reach record highs

According to new climate change data, so-called ‘Global Warming’ no longer exists, as temperatures plunge to record low figures around the globe. 

According to climatologist Tony Heller – Greenland looks set to record its coldest July temperatures since records began – completely debunking the global warming alarmists. reports: In fact, it was the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere for the month of July: -33C (-27.4F).

The temperature was recorded at Summit Station on July 4. According to Vencore Weather, the normal high temperature at the 10,000 ft. high year-around research station is -10C (14F).

And that’s not all. “Much of Greenland has been colder-than-normal for the year so far and has had record or near record levels of accumulated snow and ice since the fall of last year,” Vencore noted.

“The first week of this month was especially brutal in Greenland resulting in the record low July temperature and it also contributed to an uptick in snow and ice extent — despite the fact that it is now well into their summer season.”

As you can see from this chart, the level of ice cover in Greenland has been increasing most of this year. You wouldn’t know it from the headlines, though.

Yes, in spite of the fact that we just set the coldest temperature in July in the entire Northern Hemisphere, and despite the fact Greenland gained a great deal of ice this year and is seeing it melting slowly, the only mention of Greenland in the mainstream media was as part of global warming alarmism. Typical.

  • lmkarlson
    Please watch this…it’s so important that we all get together with the facts.

  • lmkarlson
  • John C Carleton

    Is Al (reach deep in your pocket and give your money to me so i can save you from man made global warming) Gore, going to refund everyones money?

  • Stefan Aeberhard

    Melting Greenland Ice adds fresh water to the ocean which is lighter and does not sink and return at depth, which is the conveyor belt of heat called the Gulf stream. This has been predicted as a consequence of global warming. Your conclusion is incorrect; greenland cooling proves the gulf stream weakened, not that global warming is over. Dream on.

  • mary

    million s of us know it is chemtrails that are causing these massive changes in the weather world wide and the military doing it.Do these pilots ,who are being paid humungus sums of money to kill us all think that their families are immune to what they are spraying wake up pilots ,you are going to be arrested one day for crimes against humanity, including your own children

    • JessJuanDring

      Lord help us. “Millon s (sic) of us know it is chemtrails…” That begs the question: how do you “know” that it is chemtrails, not CO2 and other greenhouse gases from fossil-fuel combustion , that is causing climate change? What is the scientific explanation….and why does every single one of the globe’s scientific organizations agree that human fossil-fuel use has caused it?

    • mike

      thank you, many of us support against this criminal act

  • Erik Marette

    The same blog post at Vencore informs us that two days later already, temperatures are back to normal.

    The author of this article, Sean Adl-Tabatabai, evidently fails to understand the distinction between “weather” and “climate”. You get reports of record highs and record lows, record snow and record melt, record rain and record drought, every day from plenty of weather stations around the globe. It’s the weather!

    The exact same blog post at Vencore shows in graphic temperature anomalies for the first week of July. It indeed has Greenland below average by -2° to -7° C. At the very same time, the far north of Canada is ABOVE average temperatures by the very same margin -+2° to +7°C! Why? Because weather! Greenland had a pronounced cold front, followed by a pronounced warm front over Canada. This is decidedly NOT a matter of Climate, for the situation changed within just two days.

    Lots of snow is actually a sign of high energy in the atmosphere. Increased snow can very well be the result of increasing global temperatures – but whether this indicates a trend in climate change cannot, can never, be determined from just one year. Some years are drier than average, some are wetter than average – that is true for every place on earth that has any precipitation to speak of.

    The headline claims record-lows “Recorded WorldWide” – and goes on to rely solely on the temperature reading of ONE weather station on ONE day. The headline is thus clearly a lie.

    • Tim E. Bollinger

      Indeed this article is a lie. YNW is going to hell for this one.

  • Steve C. Yang, P.E.

    Mr. Gore will get his last laugh, or sulk. One weather extreme does not negate global warming. In fact the increased extremes attest to accelerating warming.