‘Google For Kids’ Search Engine Delivers Porn and Violence To Children

Kiddle search engine found to display disturbing content to children

Researchers have discovered that a new search engine designed exclusively for young children has been found to contain links to pornographic and violent websites.

Kiddle.co.uk – dubbed the ‘Google for children’ – claims to be a safe child-friendly internet search engine. But according to internet sleuths, some rather dark and disturbing content completely unsuitable for children has been discovered lurking on its platform.

Bristolpost.co.uk reports: It appears its content filter is not functioning ideally, shall we say and the new tool appears to have caused some confusion and concerns among users, reports the Mirror.

A number of news outlets have reported the search engine site is an official Google spin-off looking to cater to young internet users.

Parents have also welcomed the creation of the search engine under the impression this is ‘Google for kids’.

But the website has no association with Google – and does not claim to.

It uses a Google Custom Search bar embedded within the website in a bid to filter out adult material.

Certain content is filtered and a number of explicit terms, and celebrities including Pamela Anderson are blocked.

But in some cases, it does not manage this too successfully – such as in these searches for Khloe Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens.

Khloe Kardashian search results on Kiddle show references to a sex tape
Khloe Kardashian search results on Kiddle show references to a sex tape

A number of Twitter users have also reported their own unfortunate discoveries while using the site.

The Kiddle website states: “Sites appearing in Kiddle search results satisfy family friendly requirements, as we filter sites with explicit or deceptive content.”

Kiddle has been contacted for comment.

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