Government Announce Plans To Spray Seattle With ‘GMO Bacteria’

Authorities in Seattle have announced plans to spray 'GMO bacteria' on the populace

The Washington State Department of Agriculture have approved a pesticide-bacteria spraying program to be used over Seattle, in an attempt to kill Asian and European gypsy moths. 

The program, opposed by many residents, will spray a bacteria with pesticide properties called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), the same bacteria gene commonly used in GM crops to kill insects.

Author Cassius Kamarampi from writes:

According to KOMO:

“An area in Vancouver will also be sprayed Saturday, then the states moves onto Kent, Lacey, Gig Harbor, Nisqually and Seattle’s Capitol Hill. This year the WSDA will use a red and white fixed wing plane to drop the pesticide 250 feet above ground level.”

“Asian and European gypsy Moths have been detected this year in Washington. The invasive insects have ferocious appetites for maple and oak and foliage from trees and plants. The Washington State Department of Agriculture says the damage caused by the moths would have serious economic and environmental implications.”

Does anybody have a problem with this? Given the shady history of the US government testing harmful bacteria on civilians, such as San Francisco or New York City in 1966 Navy Operation Sea Spray, citizens would be wise to test the state and somehow observe for themselves what is happening here.

Sure it could be relatively innocuous, but it’s necessary for the people to be a check and balance to the state: to this bureaucracy of the Department of Agriculture (known for cracking down on seed banks and supporting agrichemical giants).

Maybe someone could run an independent chemical test on this bacterial spray, or put it under a microscope. Any mechanism of holding the state accountable while they encroach further and further upon our lives would be worthy of trying at this point.

(This article originally appeared at Era of Wisdom.)

  • Mel T

    The mass murderers that gave everything REAL AIDS infinite antigenic variation have no desire to save any of you!

    Adding infectious DNA to stealth they already gave you and you gave everything~

    kills your AIDS infected Colony Collapse Bee’s, White Nose Bat’s and magical plastics Fishes FASTER!

    • Les Toolish

      Hear, hear! The people who have conducted over 600 non-consensual experiments where they dosed us with pathogens and toxins of every sort via spray plane should NEVER be trusted with unfiltered access to our veins, our DNA or anything else. Oligarchs are about protecting their 1%’er interests, not ours. However, anything that will make us better wage or debt slaves and cause us to die quickly after our best physical days are past interests them immensely.

      • Steve Ross

        I can dig it. So,where is your posse that you are gathering to do something about this? When are you going to at least take over your local city hall? Gotta serve someone. Serve your community. When you are caught,demand a jury of your peers.

        • Les Toolish

          All for it Steve. Come on over and we’ll get started. But sharing the info is always the best way to start to see if you can get enough people on board to launch an effective campaign. Don’t forget that self-protection remains a benefit of this knowledge even if stopping it is not a practical option.

  • vagn

    Contaminating the air we breathe with “anything” is a crime, despite their so called good intentions!!

    • Shari Peterson

      “Intention” is the key to heaven for them. Or at least the back door to get out of sticky situations.

    • Dana V.


  • deenie1219

    What could possibly go wrong? Kill the people but save the trees. Sounds like more insanity from the “authorities”.

    • Renee LaChapelle

      Yep. The NWO is all about Environment OVER people. Thus coal had to go which is like pulling the plug on the economy


        This will collapse the steel which they us “coke” to form and make steel..most do not realize what our Gov’t is really doing..complete control and domination over the people. The elites are pulling the strings!! Big Pharma/medical industry ..very happy!!!

      • Budhita

        We can’t live without the environment. And this isn’t about the environment, gypsy moths, or trees anyway. It’s simply yet another lie to get sheeple to accept being poisoned.

    • Les Toolish

      “Oops, those viruses are accidental contaminants. Nobody was more surprised than we were to discover the contamination of our gypsy moth experiment. Possibly terrorism! The Iranians did it!”

    • BitchSkank

      the evergreen trees in washington are already black and dying from all the poison they spray. It’s like hell on earth coming on fast. Not the green state anymore.

  • RiseUpShineDown

    They are also spraying Portland, Oregon.

  • James Hartzog

    And at the same time Obama will be shuttering the last coal mine because burning coal spreads pollution.


      No renewal of any of the land leases for the mines, BLM land and Dept of Interior is doing a “land buyback” with the native americans…AGENDA 21 in the works!!

    • Galloping Ghost

      He loves watching people lose their jobs.


    I’m leaving the kidding..this is enough!!

    • tjschul

      Bye… Can you carpool out of town with a few other lefties?

  • Keith Clark

    If you ever witnessed what happens to a Forrest when these bugs get done with it, you would welcome any kind of control. They eat every single leaf and when they run out, they eat the pine needles. The woods looks barer in the middle of summer then in winter. I saw it happen in NH a few years back. The roads become black with caterpillars. You cannot see the pavement any more.

    • Kevin Schmidt

      Stop lying. I grew up on the East Coast and they did not eat every leaf in sight. A few trees died. So what? If you go back there today, you can’t even tell there was a Gypsy Moth invasion.
      I would rather have a few barren trees for a couple of years, instead of decades of toxic chemicals everywhere that kill off the wildlife, as well as humans.

      • Geno777

        They did this shit back in the late 50’s early 60’s DDT, Then the banned it like they didn’t know it was harmful to humans, They are killing us any way they can ,And getting away with it, bunch of scum, sucking pos. War, Tax us to death, and then tax your survivors for your death. The world is totally screwed!

    • BitchSkank

      The evergreen trees in WA are already totally BLACK and DYING because of chemtrails. Dumb people are too concerned with their cell phones to notice. And that Bt bacteria crap can cause lung infections in people and harm other insects besides moths. The human race damns itself more every day.

  • Goldengal

    Who believes that spray zero’s in on Gypsy moths & not every insect that eats the leaves that it lands on? Consequentially killing the birds & reptiles that eat the poisoned insects.

    • Lucy Owsley-Goodman

      Bt is very very specific as to what it goes after. this pesticide is commonly used on Organic farms and is quite safe (unless you are Lepidoptera). what happens is when an insect eats it it get a belly ache and cannot eat anything else and starves to death. I am an Organic farmer and have used this type of Bt without harming the local ecosystem. this is a lot better than using a synthetic pesticide such as malathion which is what they used to use.

      Oh and it is not GMO.

      • Kevin Schmidt

        Bt bacteria are GMO. What makes them dangerous is the fact that there is nothing anyone can do to prevent them from evolving into a highly toxic organism. If they were to establish themselves in the gut of any creature, including humans, their lifespans would be greatly shortened by toxic Bt.
        That’s the problem with insecticides in general, they tend to kill off more than just insects.

      • Tyranny Stopper


  • Cowboy65

    Amazing…….they want to spray us with a bunch of chemicals in order to control a few bugs, but by golly……light a CAMPFIRE and you will be fined for polluting the atmosphere and creating a “health hazard.” The irony is just incredible.

  • Les Toolish

    We badly need an independent testing laboratory to test all manner of things we are being forced to ingest, aerosols, vaccines, food, water, air in places of protest, materials with which we have almost constant contact (e.g., furniture, food containers, cleansers…….

    • Lucy Owsley-Goodman

      You do know that Bt is not GMO (unless it is in corn on the cellular level) and in this form is used on organic farms?

      • Les Toolish

        Yes, I do. The GMO issue is not my dominant concern in this case. In a country where US citizens have been non-consenting subjects to air-dispersed pathogens and other toxins, the people deserve the right to consent to these exercises and the right to test both pre and post-spray samples of the substance so they can rest assured about the true nature of the exercise. Many of the DoD experiments in the past have gained approval from local officials based on false information. Nobody should simply be trusted with such an exercise. Too much is at stake and there are too many nefarious interests lurking in the shadows.

  • Sharpshooter

    All about economics, screw the people!

  • Lucy Owsley-Goodman

    Um, they are not spraying with a GMO. They are using Bt which is has a GMO form that is in GMO crops but this Bt is not GMO. Way to fear monger and make the GMO free movement look like conspiracy theory morons.

  • tjschul

    I’d like to spray this liberal nest with something else.

    • Galloping Ghost

      A Douglas AC-47 Spooky (also known as Puff the Magic Dragon weapon) perhaps?

      • tjschul

        That’s a start.

  • Keith De Cesare
  • Keith De Cesare

    I suggest people do a couple minutes of research before jumping to conclusions. In this case, the benefits of this program may far outweigh the risks. The bacteria is harmless and the alternative would lead to massive die off of trees vegetation and the animals that depend on it. It’s slightly revolting to see the ignorance here.

    • Stewardess MeaCulpa

      Wikipedia is not a valuable source.

      • Absolute_Shower

        Nor is this page.

    • BitchSkank

      Refer to the study:

      Bacillus thuringiensis pulmonary infection: critical role for bacterial membrane-damaging toxins and host neutrophils.

  • kaynash

    The problem here is that the sprays kill birds (and fish) and the birds eat the bugs….so we are making the problem worse aren’t we?

  • Kevin Schmidt

    This is a fraud perpetrated by the GMO and chemical industries. Gypsy Moths invaded the East Coast over 40 years ago, yet the trees are still standing.
    Once predators adapts to the new moth, Mother Nature will put them into balance, just like she always does.

    • Kerri Jordyn

      No, “she” doesn’t always. The only reason there are host trees left in the East are because of efforts to fight the gypsy moths. They defoliate over one million acres per year. It’s also been a lot more than just “over 40 years ago.” Clearly you don’t know squat about it.

  • Green Lantern

    Freak out over something worthwhile – this natural bacterial pest control is safe. We use a form of it here in Canada to control blackflies and mosquitoes – it occurs naturally in the streams and ponds and already kills about 5% of black fly larvae. The bacteria is propagated in big batches like yogurt (another bacterial product), dried, powdered and added to water for introduction to streams and ponds. I am licensed to use it here and have done so. I checked the stream before use and every rock and stick was wall to wall black fly larvae. I used the slush mix I made up and introduced according to water volume flow and checked again 24 hours after use. There were no blackfly larvae but I could now see all the other water fauna like caddis fly and cranefly larvae and mayfly nymphs plus others I could not identify – main thing is that the blackfly larvae were killed specifically and other species were unaffected. This is a safe control method and harmless to humans. The argument that Monsanto uses this bacteria in their BT corn does not reflect badly on the above uses even although I despise the contemptible Monsanto and their lineup of anti-life, satan’s choice products.

    • BitchSkank

      Refer to the study:
      Bacillus thuringiensis pulmonary infection: critical role for bacterial membrane-damaging toxins and host neutrophils.

      • Green Lantern

        That report seems to indicate membrane damage for ingested BT which would not be the case when used for mosquitoes and blackflies. But it may would the case for the Monsanto BT corn. Very unlikely Monsanto used that report in their application for approval of the GM corn. Choose organic!

  • Stewardess MeaCulpa

    One thing leads to another…and it’s already happening.

  • Karl Heinrich

    People of Washington should revolt. This is insane.

    • Kerri Jordyn

      Not really. It’s not GMO at all. In fact, it’s approved for organic crops.

  • Kerri Jordyn

    This is hilarious. Why is it hilarious? Because this is NOT a gmo bacteria. In fact, if you actually read the link that you posted in the article, you’d find it is a NATURALLY OCCURRING bacteria approved for organic use *gasp* organic!

  • Kerri Jordyn

    Of course you would delete any comment revealing the truth.

  • Mark C. Danzig

    where does the GMO info come from?

  • M Atlantis

    Trust the government??? Safe for humans??? Look at all the birth defects in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam from Monsanto’s Agent Orange. And Merck’s MMR vaccine that causes autism. They will never tell you the truth and in fact have a financed opposition to make sure the truth never comes out. (ask Robert DeNiro)

  • David Stanley

    They will stack and pack you in mega centers, but there is not room for all some will have to be sprayed out of existence .We can’t have you collecting SS and SA too long.
    Plus the American medical industry is a for profit industry we need you sick to make money.
    What a way to run a country

  • Badger Badgerism


  • abinico

    Democracy American style.

  • ComeOn1

    Boy the chemtrails have certainly increased a lot since last summer. I don’t like it.

  • Shaun Sharp

    In 2007 in California there was the LBAM (light brown apple moth) scare. A scientist found ONE of these invasive species in the city. They declared a state of emergency and began spraying millions of people in southern Cali immediately. The problem was that the spraying was latter found to be illegitimate after scientific review and also illegitimate in the fact that the courts ruled that it was in violation of state law. Their method of operations is to spray large urban areas and basically tell you to go f yourself. There will be a public outcry and again this will most likely be ruled in the courts as illegal and the science most likely wont add up but by then it will be too late. They will have sprayed the large urban areas and you will be a lab rat.

  • Krispin

    And yet we allow our neighbors to have large yard companies come in and spray their yards with no filter as to where that spray is really ending up continually. With really harmful toxins. Has anybody looked up the disapation rate at 250 ft.? Will it just fall on the canopies? Global warming is about more than just temperature. Some harmful species just love the new warmer weather.

  • Shari Peterson

    So because the globalists want to continue to expand their profit base we have to inhale insecticides. Nice.

  • Wade Dewell

    hows that peaceful protesting working guys, great results eh! ya your peaceful protesting works soooooo well that police never get arrested for muder,rapes, assaults or robberies even when caught on camera, they even get paid vacations and promotions no less. for fucks sake A PIG CAN RAPE OR MURDER OR ASSAULT YOU ON MOTHER FUCKING CAMERA AND GET A PAID VACATION>>>>>> for fucking jesus christs sake fight the fuck back this peaceful protesting isnt working and fighting back is the only thing as a society we havent tried.

    ive told you OVER AND OVER AGAIN, police are above the law and are enemies of the people and america is a facist country whom all politicians and judges are bought and owned by corporations and the rothschild bankers. the people in power are our enemies and do NOT work for the 99% no amount of holding your hands up or holding a sign will change anything in facist nazi america!

  • Matt

    Did I read that right? “Ferocious” moths… damn brahenhiemer I need to see one of these badasses.