Guilty Gary Glitter ‘Silences’ Witness On TV Show

Shamed pop icon and convicted paedophile Gary Glitter – facing sentencing in three weeks’ time for attempted rape, sex with a child and indecent assault – was seen “ssshhing” guest Tessa Dahl on ITV’s This Is Your Life when she joked about Glitter’s liaisons with schoolgirls.  Glitter, 70, had denied attacking three young girls at the height of his fame.

Yesterday’s Daily Mail reported: Gary Glitter was today convicted of sexually abusing a string of underage girls, including one who was just eight when he tried to rape her at his luxury mansion. The paedophile pop star, who was previously convicted of possessing a huge haul of child porn but has never shown any remorse for his crimes, had denied attempted rape and indecent assault. But he was convicted by a jury at Southwark Crown Court, and could now face the rest of his life in jail when he is sentenced for his crimes later this month. It has now emerged that Glitter was almost exposed more than 20 years ago – when Sophie Dahl’s mother Tessa, who did not know about his offending, described seeing him with crowds of ‘adolescent girls in school uniform’ during an episode of This Is Your Life. As she recounted the anecdote on the 1992 broadcast, the singer apparently squirmed in his chair and put his finger to his lips in a ‘shush’ gesture.

Stop the video at 0:45 to see Glitter’s body language admission of guilt.