Hacked DNC Documents Reveal Election Fraud Plot Against Sanders

DNC confirms election fraud plot against Bernie Sanders

Hacked DNC documents reveal that the Democratic National Committee worked with the Hillary Clinton campaign to defeat Bernie Sanders via widespread election fraud. 

The evidence shows that widespread election fraud was arranged by party leaders in order to secure Hillary Clinton’s nomination during this year’s primaries.

Inquisitr.com reports:

Bernie Sanders supporters have long made claims that Hillary Clinton or the DNC have been engaging in election fraud against the Vermont Senator. They pointed to a drastic slash in polling places in Arizona and mysterious voter purges in New York, along with exit polling that they believed pointed toward fraud benefiting Clinton.

These claims have grown in intensity as the primary season came to a close and Hillary Clinton was declared the presumptive nominee on the strength of her massive lead in both pledged and superdelegates. And there are signs of more potential trouble for the Clinton campaign.

A hacking attack from someone known as “Guccifer 2” led to the release of many sensitive DNC documents, including opposition research on Donald Trump. The release also showed correspondence within the DNC that appeared to show coordination with Hillary Clinton’s campaign from the day she officially announced her candidacy, seeming to give credence to the theory that the DNC has been tilted against Bernie Sanders in the primary.

The revelation comes just as allegations of election fraud have ramped up. The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity filed a lawsuit alleging that in 11 states, there was a “significant difference between the Edison Research exit polls and the electronic vote totals presented on the morning after the primaries.”

There may not be much actual substance to the allegations of election fraud, however. While a number of conspiracy theory sites have pushed the idea that exit polls show massive fraud, experts point out that this is a misinterpretation of exit polls in the United States. In other nations, exit polls are used as a check against election results, with even a small percentage of difference pointing to potential fraud and sometimes triggering an automatic re-vote.

But exit polling in the United States is much different. In other nations, exit polling consists only of one question, asking voters who they cast their ballot for. Exit polling in the United States is paid for by the media, and used to reveal information about voter demographics. These polls are much more time-intensive, leading them to favor voters who are younger, native English speakers, and more enthusiastic about their candidate. This tends to favor the more liberal candidate, as it did for Barack Obama in 2008 and again for Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Legal experts also say they expect the election fraud lawsuit to be thrown out based on the misinterpretation of exit polling and a lack of evidence implicating Hillary Clinton or the DNC, but the damage may go beyond this. A growing number of Bernie Sanders supporters have decided to abandon Clinton completely, vowing not to vote for the Democratic nominee.


Many others are calling on Bernie Sanders to mount a third-party run for the White House, with more than 100,000 signing a petition imploring him to run as an independent.

So, while there may not be much substance to the allegations of election fraud against Hillary Clinton, the issue could be very real to Democrats as they look to come together in a united front to defeat Donald Trump. That could make the next few weeks a very important period, as Clinton and the DNC must reach out to Sanders supporters and Sanders himself to ease the tensions and ensure a spot in the party for his supporters.

  • commonlaw

    California- call fraud.

  • Chris Myers

    Or the author missed the fact that even the state department says anything over a 2% is considered cause to think there may be voter fraud

  • TEd de

    This primary should get a mulligan, even the big 3 news networks didn’t cover Bernie as a viable candidate.

  • rnprn

    BS, exit polls collect more informstion than just votes. Including demographics. This site is a tool for Clinton. A RICO suit is being filed in Ohio and Federsl court

  • Pamela Hunter

    Oh, here is the question.. Can Hacked Documents be used as evidence?

  • Pamela Hunter

    I can now see why they are replacing Debbie… but I think Bernie should choose and not Hillary… I think Hillary named Debbie’s replacement.

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  • Pamela Hunter

    Sean Adl-Tabatabai…. I really like how you post this piece revealing the information revealed behind the now known Election Fraud Plot by both the DNC and Hillary. And then in the end you talk about “as Clinton and the DNC must reach out to Sanders supporters and Sanders himself to ease the tensions and ensure a spot in the party for his supporters.’ WTF Are you for real? Are you for F ing real? What ease the tensions? We are to kiss up to our ABUSERS. Debbie just stepped down. I guess the fire got too hot… she better run. No, let me just say the shoe has not fallen yet. And guess what we got a month and a few days…. to find out about the lawsuits. And to hear Hillary being indicted. It seems ‘We The People’ have a few friends out there. God Only Knows What Will Come Out Next. Bern Baby Bern

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm

    I guess everyone realised it long ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpzJK8BT30k