Henry Kissinger: Destroying ISIS Will Lead To ‘Evil Iranian Empire’

Henry Kissinger claims that destroying ISIS will lead to far more dangerous Iranian empire

New World Order stooge Henry Kissinger has warned against completely destroying ISIS, claiming that the ‘evil Iranian empire’ will rise up to take their place.

According to the mass murderer, if Russia are allowed to help Syrian forces defeat ISIS, Iran will emerge as a far bigger threat to the West.

Independent.co.uk reports: The 94-year-old, who was the Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon, also spoke about the complications of taking sides in Middle Eastern conflicts.

“In these circumstances, the traditional adage that the enemy of your enemy can be regarded as your friend no longer applies. In the contemporary Middle East, the enemy of your enemy may also be your enemy. The Middle East affects the world by the volatility of its ideologies as much as by its specific actions,” he wrote in an article for CapX.

“The outside world’s war with Isis can serve as an illustration. Most non-Isis powers — including Shia Iran and the leading Sunni states — agree on the need to destroy it. But which entity is supposed to inherit its territory? A coalition of Sunnis? Or a sphere of influence dominated by Iran?

“The answer is elusive because Russia and the Nato countries support opposing factions. If the Isis territory is occupied by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards or Shia forces trained and directed by it, the result could be a territorial belt reaching from Tehran to Beirut, which could mark the emergence of an Iranian radical empire,” Mr Kissinger added.

It is not the first time Mr Kissinger has made such remarks. Last year, the former Harvard professor said the biggest challenge the Middle East faced was the “potential domination” by Iran, the Algemeiner reported.

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  • seekless

    Funny how the democratic party loves him then dogs him, so mixed up the bunch.

  • Taj

    He an Israeli-American trying to buy indirect sympathy for Israel. Iran taking over from ISIS would be much better at least the allied forces would where to turn their attacks rather ISIS who are scatter around.

  • Amaris

    kissinger is a globalist SOB and a liar. Isn’t he the one backing Trump? Not good at all. These people just don’t know how to tell the truth, if they say one thing, you have to reverse it to get the true meaning of what they say.