Hillary Clinton Admits “We Created Terrorists, We Funded Them”

Hillary Clinton admits the American government created and funded terrorists

It’s a known fact that of Al Qaeda and the “Mujaheddin” were created by the CIA via Operation Cyclone – a U.S. government program whose aim was to arm and finance these organisation to fight the Soviet’s during the war in Afghanistan in the 1980’s.

Now Hillary Clinton has gone on the record and admitted that terrorist organisations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS are the creation of the U.S. government.

It is no longer conspiracy theory, it is fact.

In her own words:

We had this brilliant Idea that we were going to come to Pakistan and create a force of ”Mujahideen’ and equip them with stinger missiles and everything else to go after the soviets inside Afghanistan and we were successful“.

”The people we are fighting today, we funded 20 years ago.” ~ Hillary Clinton

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    ◆ ’86 Plan ◆ 5 Navy Operators – killed as WJC Guards in 2 weeks ◆ 114 people dead – conspiracy theorists number ◆ $10,000 a seat to China – WJC charge for special favors ◆ Air Traffic Controller Dead ◆ ARKANSAS DEVELOPMENT FINANCE (ADF) ◆ ☭ Al Gore – son Al Gore Sr, Communist Party Member ◆ ☭ Armand Hammer – Communist Industrialist in USA and financier for Al Gore Sr. (see George Soros) ◆ Ballot Box Stuffing ◆ Barry Seal – cocaine runner for Lasater

    ◆ Basket of Deplorables – HRC written into speech, claimed “it only slipped out” ◆ BCCI – Abu Dubai – money laundering – see Mena Airport and Arkansas Development Finance ◆ Bernard Nussbaum – under investigation for lying to Congress. ◆ Benghazi – HRC Story broke by NYT

    ◆ Bernie Sanders – demonized ◆ ☭ Berta Caceres – Honduras Coup ◆ Bessie Sanders – Chelsea Nanny – Paid as a WJC Security Guard ◆ Beth Coulson ◆ Betsy Wright ◆ Beverly Enterprise Nursing Home ◆ Beverly Lindsey ◆ Bill Clinton emails – HRC illegal private emails ◆ Bill Clinton pardons Dan Lasater – (Pardongate) see Lasater, elsewhere here ◆ Bill Duncan – IRS, criminal report squashed

    ◆ Billy Dale – HRC demonized over Travelgate ◆ Bill Garren ◆ Bill Wilson ◆ “Bimbo Eruption Squad” – HRC and Carville’s hit squad ◆ Bohemian Club ◆ Bond Loans – law passed for ADF for low income people and church, with funds controlled by WJC) ◆ Bond Loans – no SEC bonds ever issued, no record of any receivables or payments, no fiduciary bank for ADF ◆ Boonie Bearden ◆ ☭ Burke Marshal – HRC radical, black panther, communist coach and tutor

    ◆ Canadian Blood Deal – WJC visited Canadians with Arkansas HIV and Hepatitis tainted blood 15K dead ◆ Caetano Carani – 1994 filming a killing at the White House ◆ Cattle Futures – HRC $1M on $1K investment impossible odds ◆ Charlene Wilson

    ◆ “Can’t we just ‘Drone’ this guy?” – Hillary’s solution to Julian Assange ◆ Charles Black ◆ ☭ Chinese emails – Illegal HRC emails that never happened, but happened to end up in Chinese hands ◆ Chuck Banks – US DA – Govar’s boss. Banks stopped the Grand Jury.

    ◆ ☭ Chung Lo – HRC contributor jailed on 14 counts of fraud (see “Chinagate”) ◆ Citizens for an Honest Government ◆ The Clinton Chronicles – the complete story ◆ Clarence Thomas – HRC and Carville demonized him ◆ Clinton Foundation – HRC 67 FOIA court actions ◆ Clinton’s Private Telephone in the Oval Office – WJC more dangerous with national security than HRC ◆ CNN – aka “Clinton News Network” ◆ Cocaine Trafficking – general activity related to Mena Airport ◆ “conspired to violate the Constitution” – HRC reprimand & entered into public record for unethical behavior during Watergate

    ◆ Craig Livingston – HRC plant caught with Illegal FBI documents, served no time ◆ ☭ Daniel A. Dutko – DNC Chinese financier (see “Chinagate”) ◆ Dan Rostenkowski ◆ Danny Casolaro ◆ Dee Dee Meyers – WJC first press secretary dismissed over expired security badge comment, got payoff at Warner Brothers ◆ Dennis Patrick ◆ Donald Joe Adams ◆ “unethical behavior” – HRC reprimand & entered into public record for unethical behavior during Watergate ◆ “she absconded with the files to eliminate the evidence” – HRC reprimand & entered into public record for unethical behavior during Watergate ◆ David Drye – 1999 Clinton Chronicles ◆ Judge David Hale – Ken Starr indicted him for defrauding government in Whitewater

    ◆ “denied Nixon’s rights” – HRC reprimand & entered into public record for unethical behavior during Watergate ◆ Donald Lasater – cocaine trafficking & $30,000,000 ◆ Don Henry – Railroad Track death ◆ Don Tyson – WJC received thousands in contributions and WJC gave Tyson freedom from $M of state regulations ◆ “Daddy Don” – Don Tyson illegal campaign contributions ◆ Dick Morris – HRC hit him with vase and screamed: “F***** Jew B*****d!” ◆ Dr. Suen – Fixed WJC Sinus Problems related to Cocaine abuse

    ◆ ☭ Elian Gonzalez – Reno ordered heavily armed INS agents to snatch the boy from family ◆ Eric Butera – Mary Mahoney’s Death ◆ Col. Eugene Holmes – victim ◆ Fahmay Malak – WJC appointee, corner claimed RailRoad Murders were accidental ◆ “false statements to a federal judge” – HRC reprimand & entered into public record for unethical behavior during Watergate ◆ “failed Washington D.C. bar exam” – HRC history ◆ FEMA Director Jobs for sale ◆ Female found in culvert

    ◆ First Lady’s Christmas Tree – HRC filled with hard core X-rated decorations and toys, drug paraphernalia ◆ Gandy L. Baugh – Financial Misconduct ◆ Gary Aldrich – SS with tell-all book, demonized by HRC ◆ Gary Johnson – beaten, institutionalized ◆ Gary Webb – suicide ◆ Gene Werguss ◆ ☭ George Soros – billionaire Communist Fascist financier for WJC and HRC (see ☭ Armand Hammer) ◆ Gregory Collins – Shot in the face – Train Track death ◆ ☭ Grigory Loutchansky – WJC Russian Mafia connection ◆ Hated Secret Service agents – HRC general attitude toward SSA

    ◆ Harry Tomasons – “Travelgate” HRC victim ◆ Health Care Task Force – HRC illegal attempt to sponsor law – cost taxpayers $13M ◆ Health Care Task Force – court ordered records shredded by HRC ◆ Helen Van Berg ◆ Hershel Friday – HRC fundraiser, 1994 ◆ Henry Cisneros – WJC indicted cabinet member ◆ ☭ Hillary’s Law Review Cartoon – Pigs Dressed as Police – “Oink, Oink” ◆ ☭ Hutchison Whampoa – Maritime mgt. owned by Chinese, now controls Panama Canal

    ◆ “I don’t want to eat with those PIGS!” – HRC comment heard at Arkansas dinner for fallen troopers ◆ “Ignorant SOB” – HRC comments on Trooper Brown ◆ Immanuel Baptist Church – WJC too much cocaine, he fell in trash can ◆ Impeachment – WJC impeached but not removed from office ◆ ☭ Ira Magaziner – HRC proof of perjury in the Health Care Crime scandal ◆ J. Hickman Ewing – ASP under Kenneth Starr, know for honesty, integrity, prosecuted his own father for political corruption ◆ James Blaire – got HRC her money

    ◆ James Brayon – HRC $50,000 campaign contribution ◆ John Brown – Criminal Investigator ◆ James Blair ◆ James Bunch – Black Book of VIP Johns in Arkansas ◆ James Carville – works for HRC as a political operative, immune to the truth, and will do anything.

    ◆ James Comey – FBI Director, HRC emails, illegal Clinton Foundation Payoffs ◆ James Doar ◆ James Dewey Milam – Decapitated & reported died of natural causes ◆ Jean Duffey ◆ Janet Napolitano ◆ Janet Reno – see Waco Massacre et.al. ◆ Jeff Rhodes – Train Tracks dead body found burned in a dump

    ◆ Jennifer Flowers – attacked by WJC ◆ Arkansas Governor Jim “Guy” Tucker – Ken Starr’s first indictment in Whitewater ◆ Jim McDougal – dead in prison one day before Whitewater testimony ◆ Jo Jenkins ◆ Jocelyn Elders ◆ Joe Biden ◆ John Ashe ◆ John Bolton – demonized ◆ Jorge Cabrera ◆ Juanita Broaddrick – attacked by WJC in hotel room ◆ Judicial Watch ◆ Kathryn Willey – attacked by WJC in Oval Office ◆ Keith Coney – Mena Airport – Train Track death ◆ Keith McKaskel ◆ Kenneth Starr – Janet Reno dupe, did put 13 cronies in jail◆ Kerry Capehart ◆ Kevin Ives – Mena Airport – Train Track death ◆ Kimba Wood – (Nannygate) nominated for AJ – demonized by HRC ◆ Larry Douglas Brown – trooper

    ◆ Larry Nichols – one time WJC buddy who kept meticulous records from inside “the Machine” ◆ Larry Nichols – has first cut copies of all of the Vincent Foster records with contradictions ◆ HRC Legislation as a Jr. NY Senator – none ◆ Linda Ives – Kevin Ives grieving mother ◆ L.J. Davis – WJC incriminating notes stolen ◆ Loretta Lynch – 15 minutes in airplane with WJC FBI dropped HRC charges ◆ Linda Tripp – attacked by WJC ◆ Mark Fabian ◆ Masonic Sign of Silence ◆ Mena Drug Operation – see Mena Airport

    ◆ Media Blackout – mainstream media ignore Clinton criminal activities ◆ Mena, Arkansas Airport – $100M cocaine a week? ◆ Mike Gauldin ◆ Mike Espy – plead guilty Tyson Foods illegal gifts ◆ Monica Lewinsky – willing WJC victim ◆ ☭ Moscow Russian Communists – see Vladimir Putin ◆ ☭ Ng Lap Seng (see “Chinagate”) ◆ Nora Waye ◆ Norma Torres ◆ Obama Care – aka “Affordable Health Care Act” – unconstitutional means to money, sex, and power, see HRC “Health Care Task Force.” ◆ The Octopus ◆ Patty Ann Smith – (not for family reading) find Lasater and Patty Ann ◆ Patty Hurst – terrorist and bank robber pardoned by WJC (Pardongate)

    ◆ Paula Jones – demonized by HJC ◆ Perjury before Impeachment Grand Jury – WJC lost law license ◆ Peter Paul – criminal fund raising, HRC threw him under the bus ◆ Peter Paul – owns massive audio and video records of HRC conspiracy ◆ POM Incorporated – First illegal WJC ADF bond loan (see bond loans) ◆ The Promise Software

    ◆ Only First Lady subpoenaed and finger printed by the FBI ◆ ☭ Panama Canal give away ◆ Patsy Thomasson – removed documents from Foster’s office ◆ Patsy Thomasson – responsible for White House security background checks ◆ Patsy Thomasson – illegally allowed staff to enter the White House without a background check ◆ Patsy Thomasson – allowed White Staff entry for up to one year on 30 days passes ◆ Prism Eye Glasses ◆ Quapaw Towers

    ◆ “refused letter of recommendation” – HRC reprimand & entered into public record for unethical behavior during Watergate ◆ Rhodes Scholar Lie – WJC never completed work ◆ “Ripe Peaches” ◆ Robert Bates – overdose of mouthwash ◆ Robert Bork – victimized as a honest judge for SCOTUS – he “Got Borked”

    ◆ Robert Byrd – Hillary advisor and former KKK Grand Wizard ◆ Robert Fisk ◆ Roger Perry ◆ Robert “Say” Macintosh ◆ Roger Clinton – “my brother has a nose like a vacuum cleaner” ◆ Robert Govar – US Attorney – Developed Mena Money Laundering and WJC cocaine case for grand jury (see Chuck Banks) ◆ ☭ Roger Tamraz – Interpol fugitive & WJC financier ◆ Ron Brown – WJC Commerce Secretary came up dead ◆ Rose Law Firm – HRC money laundering for White Water ◆ ☭ Russian emails – HRC emails leading to Putin political favors

    ◆ Russell Welch – IRS – Mena Airport WJC criminal report was ignored

    ◆ Sandy Berger “underwear” – HRC loading zone for illegal documents ◆ Seizures – HRC frequent reaction to some secret illness ◆ Selene County Arkansas ◆ Selling State Secrets – 48 FOIA against HRC ◆ Seth Ward – Webster Hubble’s Son In Law ◆ “she simply ignored the facts” – HRC reprimand & entered into public record for unethical behavior during Watergate ◆ “she was an unethical dishonest lawyer” – HRC reprimand & entered into public record for unethical behavior during Watergate ◆ “she was a liar” – HRC reprimand & entered into public record for unethical behavior during Watergate ◆ Sherry Wright

    ◆ sniper fire – HRC lie about Bosnia ◆ Steve Clark ◆ Stolen White House Furniture – HRC took the public’s furniture, was all of it returned? ◆ Stolen White House Art Work – HRC took the public’s Art Work, was all of it returned? ◆ Suzanne Coleman – dead Pregnant lover of WJC ◆ “unethical behavior” – HRC reprimand & entered into public record for unethical behavior during Watergate ◆ United Nations Secretary General – job WJC is sure to get if HRC become POTUS

    ◆ ☭ US Communist Party endorsement – HRC one of many endorsements ◆ Vandalism in the White House $1M – Outgoing WJC staff cut computer and phone wires, and stole bronze inlays destroying expensive paneled walls ◆ Vast Right Wing Conspiracy – HRC excuse for her lies ◆ Vernon Jordan – WJC $50,000 hush money from Hubbell ◆ Victor Thorn – 2016 – The Murder Volume ◆ Virginia Dware Kriloy – WJC Mother – did he legally change his name?

    ◆ Vincent Foster – HRC partner is Rose Law firm ◆ Vincent Foster – WJC chief of staff at White House ◆ Vincent Foster finger prints – No Foster prints on the murder weapon ◆ Vincent Foster Files Disappear from National Archives – see Larry Nichols ◆ Videos of Bill Clinton going into Jennifer Flowers Apartment with a key – videos taken by Jennifer Flowers’ neighbor ◆ Videos for bicycle security – Jennifer Flowers neighbor used a video camera to capture some tampering with bicycles. Instead he caught WJC.◆ “violated the attorney rules of confidentiality” – HRC reprimand & entered into public record for unethical behavior during Watergate

    ◆ Waco Massacre – Reno fabricated child molestation charge against the Branch Davidians ◆ Webster Hubble – Arkansas native and buddy of WJC and HRC, involved in White Water via his work at Rose Law Firm. Ken Starr Indicted for illegal White Water activity and served hard time. ◆ Weiner emails – more illegal HRC emails that HRC claimed never happened ◆ “we funded those people twenty years ago”

    ◆ “What difference at this point does it make — they’re dead” – HRC to congress regarding six dead in Benghazi ◆ What Brain Tissue? – see Foster’s death, one report claims he was found in his car, with no blood stains, or tissue ◆ What Brain Tissue? – a second Foster report claims he was found on the ground at the park. No blood stains or tissue. ◆ whatreallyhappened.com ◆ Why is Mena Off Limits? ◆ White House Lincoln Bedroom sales ◆ Whitewater documents – HRC refused release ◆ Wiccan Church – HRC ◆ William Colby – Director CIA – WJC cover up, sound familiar? ◆ William Jefferson Blythe – Clinton’s father

    ◆ Yah Lin “Charlie” Trie – HRC illegal contributions fled US before indictment (see “Chinagate”) ◆ White House “War Room” – where HJC and Carville plan to demonize someone and make it happen ◆ Winston Bryant ◆ Wooten Epes ◆ Zoe Bard – nominated for AJ – demonized by Hillary

    ◆ Zoë Baird – (see Nannygate and Kimba Wood)