Clinton Employee Who Exposed Child Trafficking Found Dead – Media Silent

Hillary Clinton security agent found murdered

A former Hillary Clinton employee who worked in exposing child trafficking in Cambodia was found dead after going missing on Monday.

The body belonging to State Department employee Kurt Smolek was pulled from the Potomac River on Wednesday, in a death that’s being treated as suspect by police.

Smolek was a Diplomatic Security Special Agent who had been assigned to work in Cambodia to combat human trafficking.

According to voter records, Smolek lived just steps away from where former federal prosecutor Beranton Whisenant, who had been investigating DNC voter fraud, was found murdered on a Miami beach in May.

This is a breaking story. We will update it as more information becomes available.

  • G Bailey

    Heard about this yesterday. South Florida is the key to solving both murders.

    • 79ninzombie .

      Isn’t that were that noodle head lady is a representative of ?

      • G Bailey

        Yes. Exactly. Debbie Was-A-Man Shitz

  • libertyluvur

    Another person dies under mysterious circumstances….did he have a “connection” to the Clintons?
    I am awaiting for Comey to be found having committed suicide with a bullet to the back of his head. Clintons certainly don’t want him getting immunity and spilling the beans…

    • sarrahsue

      did he have a connection to the clintons?
      Did you LOOK AT THE PHOTO?

    • sarrahsue

      did he have a connection to the clintons?
      Did you LOOK AT THE PHOTO?

  • HillaryBGone

    You should really delete this photo and maybe the whole article. Bad reporting. It is NOT Kurt Smolek with Hillary Clinton. It’s Kurt Campbell, a former StateDept employee. Smolek’s voter registration in FL is inactive. His former address was in Deerfield Beach. Whisenant’s address was in Miramar. Whisenant was found on Hollywood Beach (27 miles from Deerfield). Making all these connections is a bit of a stretch.

    • Carlyle

      I’m kind of confused what you mean here? Are you saying that their description of Kurt Smolek, “Smolek was a Diplomatic Security Special Agent who had been assigned to work in Cambodia to combat human trafficking.” is actually about Kurt Campbell? Or that it was actually Kurt Campbell who was found dead? And is the second part of your comment an entirely separate issue or are they connected? Idk, I’m really curious about what you’re saying and would love to be informed on what is incorrect in this article I just can’t distinguish your point. Think you could word it better to make your point a bit more clear? Thanks m8

      • HillaryBGone

        I am not saying that Smolek wasn’t a Diplomatic Security Special Agent for State Dept who had worked at some point in Cambodia. He was and did based on reports I’ve seen. What I am saying is that there is a photo of a man with Hillary Clinton above and that man is not Kurt Smolek. It gives a false impression that Smolek was somehow involved with or knew Clinton when there is no proof of that other than that they both worked at State Dept at some point… along with 34,000 other people (does Hillary know them all?). Smolek is the person who died according to press reports and his family and friends on Facebook and Twitter. Smolek’s friends say that Smolek worked at the Embassy in Switzerland for most of Obama’s term and was on the security detail for Condi Rice before that. Hillary left State Dept in Feb. 2013 so I find all of this Clinton Body Count conspiracy a stretch. Kurt Campbell has nothing to do with this except that he slightly resembles Kurt Smolek (and also worked at State Dept) so a woman on Twitter named Deplorable Cathy decided to tweet out this photo of Campbell with Hillary Clinton claiming that it was Smolek with Hillary. Unfortunately, it went viral and was retweeted with no one verifying. A friend of Smolek since childhood confronted Deplorable Cathy telling her that it was absolutely not Smolek and Cathy finally admitted she was wrong and deleted her tweet. But too late….the photo is still all over Twitter and the internet with people claiming a Hillary connection where none really exists (yet). Hope this clears it up.

        • HillaryBGone

          To go one step further, one of the most interesting aspects of the Smolek case is being mostly ignored. That is the fact that the Metropolitan Police Dept in Wash DC had their Division of Youth & Family Services handling Smolek’s case. This division handles missing children, parental kidnapping, child abuse/exploitation and child pornography. They do not handle missing adults. The missing persons report they issued was marked “critical.” Usually this means it involves a juvenile, elderly, mentally or physically incapacitated person or foul play or imminent danger. The PD already said that foul play was not suspected. This seems to indicate that Kurt Smolek was either working on a case with the police in one of these subject areas or that he was part of an investigation in one of these areas.

          • iconoclast421

            Could it also mean that a kid found his body?

      • HillaryBGone

        The second part of my comment was in reference to the writer’s claim above that “Smolek lived just steps away from where former federal prosecutor
        Beranton Whisenant, who had been investigating DNC voter fraud, was found murdered on a Miami beach in May.” I’ve yet to see any proof of this. According to public records, Smolek did live at some point in time in Deerfield Beach, FL. This is not “steps away” from where Whisenant was found dead on a beach. It’s approx 27 miles. I’m not saying that it is 100% certain that there is no connection between Smolek and Clinton or Whisenant. I’m saying that with everything known to be FACT at this time and not speculation, there is no proof of any connection.

  • Tim Buktu

    Hillary is guilty. Podesta is guilty. The sooner we execute both of these fucks the better the world will be.

  • washburn road

    Kurt Smolek got DNC’d . Not the 1st.

  • Mel

    Enough. How many people have to die to protect the pedo/sex traffickers leaders of the world. They are trying to discourage the good guys from going after the bad guys.

    Hire Blackwater security 24/7 for ALL those investigating child sex trafficking pedo stuff. There is plenty to go around once you remove giveaway programs like DACA who pays 100% of college costs for illegals. That includes meals. Disgusting.

    GIVE COVER WHERE NEEDED … we need them!

    • Rentboy

      You’re a fucking moron.

      • Mel

        Foul mouth Rentboy … your TROLL is showing.

        Podesta got something for you. Yummy! says boy who can be rented.

        Cry harder TROLL. Music to my ears.

    • 6/5

      Black water vs Dyncorp. Tasty.

    • Carlyle

      DACA doesn’t pay for 100% of college costs for illegals… They do only have to pay in state tuition at state schools, but that’s hardly the same thing. Feel free to look it up if you don’t believe me.

  • sarrahsue

    everyone even somewhat connected in washington, knows what is going on. can you all just do to “them” what they have been doing to others?

  • anna

    How many people have to die before the clintons get prosecuted!

  • Hope

    How many is the government willing to allow Hillary to kill? At this point if you’ve ever met the witch you should have federal protections..

  • Randy mathew

    Another murder bu Killary & co–whats new? sadly there will never be any justice. Vigilante justice is the only solution to prevent further killings.

  • clive

    So,what’s the body count at ?46 dead people,all tied in to the”Clinton Crime Family”Coincidence????

  • TheMoneyShot
  • DreamGirlsDaily

    They’re all criminals, they just never get prosecuted. The sickening thing is that women worship this hag Hillary like she’s a famous celebrity, when she’s actually an arch villain, but the women of the United States of Ameriduh don’t care. As long as there was a woman running for president, that’s all that matters to them. They’re completely ignorant of HISTORY… They’re like, “Hillary woman, ME woman, me vote!” any factual criticism is treated like “La-la-la… Hillary woman La-la-la feminism.”