Hillary Clinton Is HIV Positive, Claims Washington D.C. Call-Girl

Hillary Clinton is HIV positive, according to a shock claim by a Washington D.C. call-girl who says she was diagnosed with the virus after a pay for play fling with former President Bill Clinton in April of last year.

Hillary Clinton is HIV positive, according to a shock claim by a Washington D.C. call-girl who says she was diagnosed with the virus after a pay for play fling with former President Bill Clinton in April of last year.

Bill Clinton visited me one night when he was in town, and he left me with more than a cash payment,” said Mandy Cloud, the pseudonym the former D.C. call-girl chose for her book set to be published next month.

Cloud says she worked as a high-end call-girl in the world’s most powerful city for 14 years, and claims she went for routine STD tests every other week. Bill Clinton was the only client she catered to between tests in April of 2015, meaning she was able to pinpoint the former President as the cause of her positive diagnosis.

Cloud says that a Clinton handler approached her through a mutual friend one week when the former President, who it is claimed favors unprotected sex, was in town on business around the same time his wife was announcing her presidential bid.

The two met at the upmarket Hay-Adams Hotel across from the White House, and at Clinton’s request she returned to see him a few more times during the week.

The former president’s physical appearance has deteriorated rapidly of late, noticed by millions as he makes appearances at campaign events for his wife. Many observers, including former staffers, believe it cannot be a coincidence that both he and his wife Hillary are looking like death.

I didn’t recognize the character that was on TV,” said former advisor Dick Morris of Bill Clinton’s recent interview with NBC News. “He was washed-out, he was listless, he was apathetic, he was very slow-talking and even slower thinking.”

Bill Clinton ill

Mandy Cloud is sure that his haggard look has to do with the fact that she became HIV positive after the week she spent with him, and the former call-girl is convinced Hillary Clinton is HIV+ too.

Bill Clinton appearing on CNN recently with an unexplained lesion on his forehead.
Bill Clinton appearing on CNN recently with an unexplained lesion on his forehead.

Your News Wire spoke to a doctor who confirmed Hillary’s well-known symptoms – the seizures, pneumonia, muscle wasting, low energy, and signs of dementia – all point to advanced late-stage AIDS. “If she hasn’t been taking the right medication, her T-cell count is probably virtually non-existent.

Aidsmap, the internet’s premiere resource for AIDS-related information, states that blackouts and losses of consciousness – like Hillary suffered at the 9/11 memorial earlier this month – are par for the course.

A blackout is the sudden loss or near loss of consciousness and may be accompanied by dizziness, vertigo, headache or (if due to a fit/convulsion) shaking of the limbs and incontinence.

“Some people with HIV get damage to the adrenal glands, usually caused by CMV, which reduces the production of corticosteroid hormones. Lack of these hormones is another important cause of postural hypotension.

A potentially more serious cause is a fit or convulsion as this might indicate an acute problem in the brain such as an infection or abscess, possibly a result of toxoplasmosis.”

Could this revelation be the ‘October Surprise’ that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has promised us? There is a shroud of mystery around Hillary’s health – she has been desperate to keep whatever it is that is ailing her under wraps. This is behavior typical of a prominent public figure who has a serious illness they wish to conceal from the public.

However as both Clintons’ health continues to rapidly decline – in full view of the startled public – how long can they continue denying that something is seriously wrong?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
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    My adult son remarked not too long ago that Bill looked like he had AIDS….!!! How right my son is/was.!!!

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    So what will President Kaine do…?

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      there is no president Kaine, idiot

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        Nor President Hillary either, for which I am relieved. I did not believe anyone with Trump’s lack of popular appeal could win. I voted for him because his name was not Hillary. I will still watch to see if H. Clinton lives thru the next 4 years…

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        Thank God!!!! Can’t believe that mother**ker was one heartbeat away from the presidency.

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    He did look ill during Killary’s campaign, but I thought, by the appearance of his swollen red nose that he had the look of a hopeless alcoholic…

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      That’s also part and parcel of the

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    Of course they both have AIDS. They fucked everyone but each other in a loveless marriage. Bill fucked whores and shit, and Clinton is a lesbi and fucked that Jap whore Yoko Ono and is now paying for it. :V

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    Die mother fuckers. The day of the negro shall never come

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    The Clinton curse was brought on by themselves pushing watered down medicine to HIV + people. This duo are a pathetic excuse of humans.

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    Wow, I hope it’s painful for them both. This explains Hillary’s Scooby Van though.

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      i hope pain for you as well

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    They are just evil people, don’t blame it on a disease.

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    For her to have gotten hiv from would mean they slept together. I dont think that has happened gor years.

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    What goes around comes around. They only did it to themselves. And can only blame themselves. In which you know they won’t.

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    Would not surprise me in the slightest