Hillary Clinton Says Eating Kebabs Will ‘Stop Terrorism’

Hillary Clinton says eating kebabs will help combat terrorism

Hillary Clinton claims that by eating kebabs, western countries can defeat terrorism, including the threat ISIS currently pose to the West. 

In a bizarre speech posted to YouTube, the former presidential candidate claims that the most effective way to defeat terrorism is to understand their culture and food.

Truthfeed.com reports:

Aren’t we all glad this idiot isn’t our president?

This is consistent with her overall philosophy of empathy for ISIS.

Here is a video of Hillary saying we must empathize with the enemy.

Maybe you have a lot in common with savages who chop off heads, Hillary – but we don’t.

Watch the video:

  • monica

    a long kebab skewer up her ass will cure most of her dumb remarks – go back into the forest old bitch

    • Lockherupeatsmuffonly

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  • Anthony Kingsford

    Just shut up

  • John C Carleton

    A fair trial and a fair hanging of this pedophilic scum bag would go a long way for ending terrorism, especially of young children.

    • Ron

      One thing I do look forward, are comments by John Carleton, and he sums it up quite eloquently.

      • John C Carleton

        My father passed to me a saying been in our family for generations.
        It takes a thousand props to hold up a lie, but the truth will stand alone.
        Sometimes the truth is not pleasant, and if one has screwed up, there are consequences for telling the truth, but it will stand alone.

    • Sara Paterson

      So True, your SPOT ON.

  • Lockherupeatsmuffonly

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  • https://myspace.com/loadedcoil Btown

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  • Sleeveheart

    Eating beans and cabbage will cure flatulence too.