Hillary Clinton Vows To Shut Down Alternative Media

Hillary Clinton threatens to shut down alternative media websites

Hillary Clinton has threatened to shut down alternative news websites in America if she is elected President of the United States. 

Hillary’s campaign sent a threatening email to fundraisers saying that independent conservative news outlet Breitbart News has “no right to exist,” and hinted that they were making plans to shut it down forever once Hillary is elected.

Dailycaller.com reports:

“We’ve had a conservative media in this country for a while,” says the email, sent Thursday and signed by deputy communications director Christina Reynolds.

“I don’t always like what they have to say, but I respect their role and their right to exist Reynolds’ acknowledgment that the regular conservative media has a “right to exist,” though, is used to contrast it with Breitbart, which apparently has no such right.

“Breitbart is something different,” she says. “They make Fox News look like a Democratic Party pamphlet. They’re a different breed altogether — not just conservative but radical, bigoted, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic conspiracy peddlers who never have been and never should be anywhere near the levers of power in this country.”

One of the goals of Clinton’s campaign, Reynolds says, is to ensure Breitbart is destroyed.

“It goes without saying that we have to beat these people. But I want to beat them so decisively that their kind never rises again,” she says.

Reynolds’ aggressive attack was sparked by Republican nominee Donald Trump’s decision to shake up his campaign by bringing on Breitbart executive chairman Stephen Bannon to serve as his campaign CEO.

  • johnsawyer

    This is not “Hillary Clinton Vowing To Shut Down Alternative Media”. This is a campaign staffer voicing her opinion. Trump’s staffers and surrogates say all kinds of outrageous things too. But the premise of the article is a distortion of what the staffer said–“I want to beat them so decisively that their kind never rises again”. In other words, the staffer wanted to beat Trump at the polls, not through some shady legal move.

    • CNN = Fake News!!!

      What concerns be about Obama/Hillary is that the NYT doesn’t believe pedophilia is a crime.
      And they were both backed by the NYT, with the NYT publishing things like “Hillary has an 85% chance of winning”.
      As well as “Hillary’s chances of losing are about as great as a pro NFL kicker missing a 37 yard field goal” or similar…
      NYT doesn’t believe pedophilia is a crime.
      NYT > 2014/10/06/opinion/pedophilia-a-disorder-not-a-crime.html
      It should be a crime for the NYT to continue to exist!