Days After Holistic Author’s Death, Her Research Scrubbed From Internet

Famous holistic author Ann Boroch's research has been scrubbed from the internet just days after her suspicious death.

Famous holistic author Ann Boroch’s research has been scrubbed from the internet just days after her suspicious death, as news emerges that the Los Angeles coroner announced her death as suicide, despite her family’s insistence that she did not kill herself.

Ann Boroch, the influential and successful holistic author, naturopath and researcher was found dead in Los Angeles on Thursday, and her family stated that she died of natural causes. However now the coroner is claiming that the healthy, successful 51-year-old hanged herself in her garage.


The author of Healing Multiple Sclerosis and The Candida Cure, Boroch was famous for curing herself of multiple sclerosis at the age of 24, and remaining symptom free for almost three decades. She was a thorn the side of Big Pharma, curing diseases and spreading her information for free on the internet.

A selection of Ann Boroch’s published works.

Boroch was also outspoken on many issues including the dangers of vaccination, and she was actively campaigning for people to take control of their lives and reject Big Pharma’s products in favor of natural healing. She believed that education is the most important tool to heal your mind and body.


But now her decades of groundbreaking research is being scrubbed from the internet, just days after she was found dead in suspicious circumstances. Many of her professional websites, loaded with potent and powerful information, have already been taken offline, and mysterious forces are attempting to scrub her name from the internet.

No doubt they will also try to scrub the suspicious circumstances surrounding her death in Los Angeles last week too.

Almost seventy holistic doctors and researchers have been found dead in the past 18 months, most of whom died in suspicious and unsolved circumstances. Thanks to the tenacious work of investigators, some of these cases are now being reinvestigated as homicides.

Any sane and honest person will admit that this is not a coincidence. Big Pharma have taken the gloves off because their future is at stake. We must stay united.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Beef McWin

    Thank you Baxter, we need you to keep telling the truth for us. Remember though, they know about you too so watch out brother.

    • Leahavanhorne

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  • Leon E Lewis

    You cannot possibly know what “a sane and reasonable person” would think on this subject or any other, as you continuously demonstrate that you obviously have no personal familiarity with that state of mind.

    • Blank Reg


      • NoBS

        Denial Trolls are another name for dis-information useful idiots. They are parasites who truly believe the government narrative that Blackmail is not the problem. Public servants who retire on millions is a clue.

    • Amy

      Seriously though. Where are these “investigations” he talks about?
      If you really want to convince us something is going on here, we’re going to need, idk, some verifiable facts?
      I’m all for natural medicine, btw.

      • NoBS

        The FBI needs to be totally corrupted to allow Hillary to get away with internationally “advertised” Bribery of a Public Official and “overt” acts of Witness Tampering. Like right out in the bloody open. The CIA has the FBI by the male sexual organs, which is why they can Obstruct Justice with impunity.

      • Mary

        Go to and search holistic doctors. Erin Elizabeth has been following up on all these doctors and their families as she also personally knew many of these doctors. A few have been confirmed as murders and not suicides. Many bodies have still not been found. All the families suspect foul play as they knew their loved ones had no medical problems or desire for suicides, some even mentioning they would never commit suicide.

      • Devonellah

        Totally agree — I am for natural medicine as well, and I’m also for FACTS and not speculation!

  • Matt

    “Almost seventy holistic doctors and researchers have been found dead in the past 18 months, most of whom died in suspicious and unsolved circumstances.”

    An organised extermination of thought criminals.

    • Devonellah

      Can we get a list of the names of the 70 doctors? It’s important to adhere to facts here.

  • mary

    Everybody buy her books and practice her way of curing ourselves ,that is what these sickos are scared of ,she must not die in vain ,we the people ,can close these corporations down ,we don’t need them ,they are poisoning us ,every day for GREED

    • JustAnotherPixel

      I have all of her records IN FULL and will be continuing what she started

      • Mary

        Cool How about sharing them on a website or FB page or somewhere?

        • JustAnotherPixel

          I don’t have Facebook I only have Gab I wouldn’t using the other service but Gab

          • Rose

            I’m glad you have at work and can continue getting it out there. But I don’t know what this Gab is you’re talking about I have never heard of it

    • Karen Janssen

      Please find a way to share

    • Devonellah

      Yet – you aren’t going to share the information you supposedly have?

  • MyEyesBled .

    Big Pharma couldn’t give two-craps about her, me or what anyone else may say or do against them, let alone revert to murder as a solution for it … lol … Better to leave those fantasy theories at Hollywood’s front door. Yes, she was a great advocate… but with obvious mental issues of some kind. I do see that some on the Net are in denial over what happened to her and thus wish to find some other reason to help explain her tragic demise … reasons rooted in melodramatic Hollywood movies, or seen spitting from the lips of crazy internet conspiracy gurus like Alex Jones on YouTube all the while denying the most obvious explanation that she was secretly still sick … she had a relapse … a more likely scenario IMO.

  • Kevin Richardson

    If the coroner’s determination that her death was a suicide is so suspicious, let’s hear some evidence bolstering the family’s assertion that it wasn’t. Bueller?

  • AUser2017

    My god, has anyone actually done any kind of search to validate this information? Her professional websites have been taken down? BS! – still going strong. Do you really think that they would focus on holistic doctors? I mean seriously? If they wanted to actually make their mark they would surely go for the companies/people that offer training to people who want to become practitioners of a self-help modality. They train people who then teach others how to take control of various aspects of their health.

    • Mary

      It’s actually more effective to get to the horse’s mouth…. those with professional accreditation who can influence the medical system with their active research and who are passionate about their knowledge …. those can effect the status quo and are the ones developing the treatments that others go on to train others on.

    • Horsegirl1

      I agree. This whole conspiracy theory thing is ridiculous.

    • Devonellah

      I noticed that as well — her site is still up and ALL the information is there — yet somehow that means it’s been scrubbed from the Internet? I guess some people just want to make up shit sometimes. Can we get with the facts so we can see the TRUTH here? If something did happen I want to know about it – but don’t shroud the story with Lies to make a point that isn’t valid!!

  • Jeanette

    All of her work is still there! The only thing taken down was her facebook page by her own family.

  • Yves Barcat

    We say that African politics are primitive when they kill each other to keep power and money (ei : Kenya) big pharma and corrupted African politics are just the same

  • Noglobalistslaves

    The facts that keep coming out about the FDA, the UN Agenda 21, etc, etc, etc…never ending the evil they perpetrate upon “The People”.

  • bowie1

    Her official web page is still up.

  • Elizabeth Hamann

    Honestly I do not know of any woman who would choose to hang themselves in their garage if they wanted to commit suicide. She knew alternative medicines and would have surely used alternative drugs if she wanted to end her life. From what I read LA PD had listed her death as a homicide but a halt was ordered for any further investigations. I do not believe she killed herself for one minute.

  • Jean Marc Cyr

    Off what I Just See that holistic Dr Kill ope Mr Trump get a Good People to resurh those past 80 Holistic Dr Kill in th last 18 Month needs to find out nothing New Big Pharma at Go Again

  • Ouari Salmi

    This morning I saw the publication of this case for the second time on facebook that intrigued me, at that time my osteoarthritis hurt me and could not continue to navigate I’m back to my bed.a few minutes after half asleep I see a person dressed in black and a hood, she squatted in front of a body lying on the ground, to pick up or deposit a small object in front of this body …
    I am the man of premonition,a paranormal evidence that could illuminate the investigators, I hope they will have his killer.