Famous Holistic Doctor And Wife Did Not Commit Suicide – Neighbors Claim

Neighbors of the holistic Manhattan doctor and his wife claim the pair were heard "screaming" moments before they jumped to their deaths.

According to neighbors of a well known holistic Manhattan doctor and his wife, the pair were heard “screaming” just moments before they allegedly jumped to their deaths.

As has been widely reported in the mainstream media, Dr. Glenn and Patricia Scarpelli both apparently killed themselves in a suicide pact due to the financial burden they suffered over rising health care costs. According to reports, the couple left behind typed suicide notes which have not yet been published by any media outlet. They also left behind two young children who friends say they cherished more than life itself.

However, according to neighbors, loud screaming was heard just moments before the pair jumped out of the window of a Manhattan skyscraper, raising questions about whether this latest ‘suicide’ is yet another in a longline of suspicious holistic doctor deaths that have occurred within the last 12 months.

Healthnutnews.com reports: On Friday, July 28, at around 5:45 a.m., a well known holistic Manhattan doctor (who loved his family and was a regular volunteer including a first responder at 9/11) and his wife allegedly jumped to their deaths leaving separate and typed suicide notes, in securely sealed ziplock baggies, in their pockets. (You get to decide how you feel about that. Also, can you think of the last time the news published a picture of a suicide note? Me either but you can see it below.)

They were found on the street shortly before 6 a.m. by a shocked woman who worked at a nearby store.

Famous holistic doctor and wife allegedly jump to their deaths off high-rise holistic office clinic and leave typed suicide notes in their pockets in ziplock bags.. (and left their kids upstairs!) the story changes by the hour in mainstream who has been caught lying already. we have screen shots https://www.healthnutnews.com/famous-holistic-doctor-wife-allegedly-jump-to-death-off-manhattan-office-highrise-leave-typed-suicide-note/

Posted by Erin at Health Nut News on Friday, July 28, 2017

We find it interesting (if not absurd), that the few mainstream outlets who reported the news initially stated they killed themselves over Obamacare which was not repealed a few hours before they died. Then, we watched some of the headlines change (ours never did) as they switched the narrative to say it was because of financial woes as described in the typed notes.

A misleading title on mainstream:

Another article with a misleading article, as later it was reported authorities misspoke when they initially said it was because of “health care bills” (It was not).

From the NY POST: (one of the few mainstream sources to even report the tragedy)

“The bodies of 53-year-old famed chiropractor Dr. Glenn Scarpelli and his wife, 50-year-old Patricia Colant, were found in the middle of the street on 33rd Street between Park and Madison avenues in Murray Hill after the pair jumped from the ninth-floor window of a 17-story corner office building on Madison Avenue at about 5:45 a.m., police said.

Glenn, whose office was on the same floor of the building where the couple jumped, titled the suicide note found in his pocket, “WE HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE.” It was typed on a piece of white paper.”

Dr Scarpelli’s wife, Patty,  also had a suicide note in her pocket asking that someone take care of their children who were upstairs. (And why were the children upstairs when they didn’t jump from their apartment building and from their holistic clinic which was on Madison Avenue? Does that mean their sweet kids saw them jump?)

And speaking of their children, what – do you suppose- was the reason they would leave their children and jump to their deaths? Debt. They were in debt. Allegedly. And not even $250,000 according to experts.

We don’t know much else at this time but we have many friends in common with Dr. Scarpelli and his wife. Our heart goes out to their family. We understand from neighbors and these mutual friends (not to mention patients!) who are telling us directly that they  that they were incredibly kind, loving, happy, generous and “full of life”.  They state that this “doesn’t add up” and is “hard to believe to say the least”.

We will update you as soon as more information becomes available.

HERE IS THE GOFUND ME for the kids – we always share these for the families and thank the thousands who have donated because of them.

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  • getreadypeepsitsclosenow

    just another couple of empty headed numpties,,, no great loss,, probably were into yoga and all that bullshit.. I bet they didn’t have Jesus in their life…. Life goes on without them…….. regardless of their story…… maybe murder..maybe not..maybe they just had the “Death and Hell” demon come on them…Yoga will do that to you.. amongst other things that people are into these days…. at any rate….they opened doors in their lives they could NOT close…. and ended up deady bones.. we are about to face the biggest economic and social collapse in recorded history ….events like this will be very very common….. as a matter of fact… stuff like this will be low key events compared to what is about to occur to people…. Accept Jesus while you still can peepS……………..ITS CLOSE NOW

    • Susan Kenney

      Deranged comments like this are one reason many are opposed to religions in general, fundamental Christianity in particular. I think you need some help. “Yoga will do that to you”??? Are you kidding? I mean, really.

      • Cheryl Mallon-Bond

        I know! Right! What a hypocritical POS!!!!!!!!

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      Youre a phony. Get out of here and stay out.

    • Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      Your a scumy person! & HARDLY “Jesus like” making these kind of comments! These are human beings, & now their children left parentless & alone! Remember, “what goes around, comes around” good luck w/ your impending Karma, you heartless TROLL!!!!

    • Caroline Rose

      jeepers … such callous disregard for peoples lives and you dare to use Jesus name !!!!???????????????????
      SHAME ON YOU … !

    • Ed Wade

      You are one disjointed, sick mother fucker. If you kill yourself now, your family will finally have some peace.

  • SherryMarion

    Did they know the Clintons?

  • anonymous4u4me

    Well you have to ask questions like why did they both write separate suicide notes, and they both just happened to put them in their pockets before jumping. Then she is very famine looking and attractive, now most real women would never think of doing it this way, and a real man would never in my mind ask his wife, mother of his children and women to do it this way, as her beauty and body are so important to her mindset, and hopefully his. Next question is a neighbor heard screaming before the jumps, why would they create a disturbance before the event? Caring as they did to mention the children and loving them so much it would be extremely difficult for her more then him but not out of the mind of him to worry about those children if they did such. When a story changes, and when it does not hold to witness accounts when it does, that is a sign of something is not right, often true in false flags incidents and coverups. I could go on but I think in my mind that something smells like fish here, and I would hope further investigation and or witness accounts, or who knows a guilty conscience might just lead to the truth.

  • https://HealthNutNews.com/ HealthNutNews.com

    You know I LOVE you guys and thank you for the credit, but that is Charles murphy the hedge fund manager who jumped to his death (allegedly) at 56 from the Hotel Sofitel. That’s not the Scarpelli family! XOOX Erin Elizabeth

  • Leslie

    WHO puts a suicide note in a Ziploc bag? duh.

  • msalycel

    Check their printers. Can it be seen if THEY printed them? Did they check the Ziploc bags for prints. None of this adds up.

  • Jim white

    debt and you jump and leaves kids behind ??? and the kids were their life as it was wrote — I understand the pressure of owing million dollars — everything is taking, bankrupty- as it is said, there are no free rides in life — rags to riches to the top of the hill and back down again- what a ride it was —

  • Ed Wade

    There is no way in hell these people left their kids on purpose. Absolutely murdered just like all the other holistic doctors.

  • dr tony cellini

    The lamest reporting this week from the Daily News – you outdid yourselves, boys. . Yeah right– they “jumped to their deaths” for a $200k debt ….? in Manhattan?? that’s the average student loan of a DC graduate these days. people don’t even blink with a debt like that. and to the IRS? right. and of course every suicide always TYPES a note of explanation and has the foresight to put it in a baggy… oh sure!!!

    There’s too much more to this story that pop press isn’t saying– of course we all know that DN writers are only allowed to spend 15 minutes on google investigating any story right? but what about Dr Scarpelli’s outspoken views on vaccines?? or how about chiropractic replacing the need for vicodin, ibuprofen, etc? and how does this fit in with the other 60 or 70 holistic practitioners who have met mysterious ends in the past 2 years? google Dr Jeff Bradstreet…..

    and why would both parents jump??? she wasn’t in debt. people don’t kill themselves because of moderate debt, especially busy professionals who are parents… good thing DN’s readership is the most undiscriminating, inattentive of all demographics. Guess you trained them that way, right? — what about follow up?? how about the newer reports from the other sources talking about the screaming heard by all the neighbors coming from the office where they jumped…??/ do suicides usually scream right before they jump??? without getting too area 51 on you, this story has big pharma written all over it..

    can’t you afford some actual reporters???? are your editors actually buying this story themselves, or more like sitting around the office shooting paper clips at each other saying “Look at what we sold them now!…..people are so dumb…”

    Dr Tim O’Shea

    San Jose California

  • Sheila

    What kind of person believes a lame story like this? They left two children behind? Any parent knows that a parent will do anything to see to it that their kids live a safe and full life by being there for their children, unless you’re some kind of druggie and don’t care about your children. Highly doubt it. Big Pharma is behind this.

  • http://freedomslips.com Patricia Aiken

    They have so little respect for us they don’t even bother making these fake narratives even a tiny bit plausible.