Homelessness In England Is ‘A National Crisis’

A UK parliamentary committee has warned that homelessness in England is now a “national crisis,” with more than 120,000 homeless children living in emergency accommodation.

The committee of MP’s added that the government’s attitude to tackling the crisis is “unacceptably complacent”.

Over 9,000 people sleep on England’s streets, a figure that has doubled since 2011, while around 78,000 families are homeless, the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee said this week.

A chronic lack of affordable homes combined with soaring rents and cuts to welfare benefits as resulted in more and more people becoming homeless.

Meanwhile the charity Crisis has warned that the number of so-called “hidden” rough sleepers will rise by 47% to 13,400 over the next decade unless “immediate action” is taken. Chief executive Jon Sparkes said they were at risk of being “hidden from help and trapped in horrifying situations”.

Press TV reports:

The homeless children miss far more schooling than their peers, the committee said, criticizing the British government’s response as “unacceptably complacent.”

“As we approach Christmas there are thousands of children in temporary accommodation — a salutary reminder of the human cost of policy failure,” Meg Hillier, a Member of Parliament (MP) from the opposition Labour Party, said in a statement.

The government in reaction said it will address the issue by investing more than 1 billion pounds ($1.34 billion) by 2020 and implementing the “most ambitious legislative reform in decades.”

“Tackling homelessness is a complex issue with no single solution, but we are determined to help the most vulnerable in society,” a government spokesman said in a statement.

The price for renting a home in England has risen three times faster than wages since 2010, according to a public spending watchdog.

“A chronic lack of genuinely affordable homes combined with soaring rents and cuts to welfare mean more and more people are becoming homeless,” Polly Neate, who heads the homelessness charity Shelter, said in a statement.

“The government must now take heed of this important report and tackle the causes of the crisis by building many more homes which are genuinely affordable for ordinary people to rent,” Neate added.

There has been a “shocking” rise in the number of homeless children living in temporary accommodation across Britain, according to government figures released last year.

Homelessness is at its highest rates in central London, with as many as one in 25 without a home in Westminster and one in 27 with nowhere to live in Newham, according to a recent analysis by Shelter.

Britain has been pushing painful austerity measures since 2010 to cap its budget deficit, targeting key benefits helping the homeless.

  • O O

    Council housing goes to 3rd world families with many children. You only see white people sleeping in streets and parks. Some i spoke to were ex military, others had lost their housing because of benefit sanctions.

  • Andy C

    That is the purpose of capitalism. Slow motion transfer of property from the 99% to the control of the 1%. Its a lot like communism, but worded nicer. Under present applications of it. Oh, and its about to get dramatically worse in the next couple of months. They need an army, and they have almost succeed in wiping us out. After this no military capable men will be left, not of our races. But women, very young children and muslims and ((them)) sworn to our eradication, over the last 2000 years, will be.

  • Bettergetreadypeeps

    Homelessness In England Is ‘A National Crisis’..yes we know…it has been this way for 10 yrs or more…. its just that it is so big now the media can no longer put their blanket over it…

  • Black Swan

    The only solution available is to the raise the salaries of the PSYCHOPATHIC MPs of the British Parliament!