Ice Cube Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Waging War On Black People

Ice Cube accuses Hillary Clinton of going to war with black people

Rapper and filmmaker Ice Cube has accused Hillary Clinton and her supporters of waging a war against black people, saying that her comments in 1996 helped to encourage police brutality against black people which then gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

In an interview with Bloomberg, Ice Cube said, “To call your own citizens ‘superpredators’ is pretty harsh and a pretty big indictment. It’s really not solving the problem, it’s just making it worse. Now the authorities feel like their justified in how they treat these so-called ‘superpredators.’ reports:

Ice Cube was referring to Hillary Clinton’s 1996 comments where she said America needs to bring “no conscience, no empathy, superpredator gangs of kids to their heels.” Hillary was rallying support for President Bill Clinton’s violent crime legislation, laws that Ice Cube says caused more harm than good.

“The L.A.P.D. did a war on gangs,” Cube said. “But if I’m a black kid that’s not in a gang but I look like a gang member to this white officer, than it’s a war on me.”

“That’s the problem with a term like superpredators,” he said.

“And for some reason, the Democrats feel they’re exempt from these [Black Lives Matter] protests like ‘we’re Democrats, why are you talking to us like this, go talk to the Republicans,’” Ice Cube added. “No, no. Everybody’s a little guilty of turning their back or passing bad legislation and everyone should be called out on it.”

Ice Cube believes that Hillary’s comments from the 90s are still relevant to today.

If Hillary Clinton “becomes the president of the United States, we need to know what she’s thinking, how does she think, how she’s going to handle, how she’s going to fix this. She helped create it, in a way,” Ice Cube.

On Donald Trump, Ice Cube says he doesn’t think the Republican presidential candidate is “going to do anything to help poor people or people that’s struggling” because Trump is a “rich white guy. How can he relate?”

On Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ice Cube says “To me, it’s like he’s been in there [Congress] 30 years and you know, what have you done? You been up in there. What are you gonna do different from outside Congress? All of ’em to me have work to do to get my vote.”

  • donna

    Ice Cube, You need to go to You Tube and listen to what Bernie has done in Congress. He was a one man show! If he had only gotten a little help from his colleagues. So he now he has stepped outside to start a revolution.

    • Destynee

      Exactly. If anyone he should be down for it’s Bernie. Doesn’t take much to see that if you are really looking and want a difference to be made.

    • Valmorgan

      Bernie Sanders does not believe in private property, voluntary exchange, individual responsibility, supply & demand, or even the proper definition of the word “right.”, such as self defense. He is a lunatic.

      • IntuiVision

        Amazing that you could pull all of that out of your rear in one handful. Congrats.

      • Bosatsu

        Bizarre take on reality you got there… You get that from Right wing hate radio?

        • blackkofi

          No, he got it from his community. I support mostly everything but he should do his Bernie research!

      • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

        Are you for real??? Where do you get your information. It’s completely wrong!

      • Tralbry

        The only lunatic I see here is Valmorgan. Not ONE of the things you claimed about Bernie is correct, not remotely, not even a little. If your level of delusion isn’t lunacy I don’t know what is. I understand people being ignorant but you have gone way past that into either extreme fraud or mental illness.

    • Marc
    • mediaaccess

      Communism is a violent and aweful way to revolt.

  • Julia Krauss

    go to youtube and see how bernie reacted to some Black lives matter protesters at his rally as opposed to the same women asking Hillary at a conference where she told them to shut up…

  • thomasbone63

    Ice Cube, you knew what was happening during that time period. Chances are you were part of the situation. Crack was running wild and blacks was killing blacks to see who has control of the territory to kill more blacks with this dangerous drug. You’ve come a long was and please don’t get this wrong, i’m proud of you, but don’t ever try to convince us there was no problem with violence against black on black crime.

    • William A. Ellis

      insanely wrong

      • thomasbone63

        There was a drug problem back then. Hell at least JAYZ admits he was involved with the problem. I lived in New York at the time, cops were getting asasinated while sitting in their patrol cars. Crack was wack back then. You can’t rewrite history. The interpretation of the law was awful, but to say Hillary is a racist is dead wrong..

    • genovelle

      This was all based on two studies that the authors now say they were wrong. They predicted there would be a world of super predators. What’s odd is that they were actually referring to out of control white males. Clinton and congress changed the context and used it to justify the war on drugs and the the creation of the for profit prison system.
      Even the black on black crime theme is a contextual fraud. The percentages of whites killing whites are comparable.

    • blackkofi

      Thomasbone63…why is it you bring up black on black crime. What do you have to say about white on white crime since 85% of whites killed are killed by other whites!

      • thomasbone63

        Crack was a addictive cheap ass high that was prevalent in Black neighborhoods. The whites had the real thing, we had the cheap shit that was addictive after first use. I lived thru those times. People threw their love ones out of windows because of crack Don’t be afraid of the truth and don’t try to rewrite history.

    • “TheDixieDrifter”

      I guess you don’t know who started the crack epidemic . I sure wasn’t a black man .

      • thomasbone63


        • Obijuankinobi

          The Reagan administration did , It’s called the Iran-Contra scandal . where the CIA was funneling guns to Central America and were paid with cocaine that was turned into crack and distributed in the poor neighborhoods of L.A. . From California the crack epidemic spread to the rest of the U.S.A. .

          • thomasbone63

            Crack was invented in New York.

          • “TheDixieDrifter”

            You were not even born yet .

          • thomasbone63

            You stupid fool.

  • Jamie Tegtmeyer

    for 40 years Bernie has fought against obstructionism and for the peoples needs…hours and hours spent filibustering to abandoned senate rooms……they do not care…….he does…there is video evidence to prove it…you wont be able to find a video of him not talking truth to power……….#givepower to his fight ……help us take on wall street………the competition and struggles have only just begun for us down here…….the land is being sold off……once everything is gone who holds the remaining debt on their heads…….us…… us……we have to stand together because not even Bernie can win this fight alone …….

  • Matt Zamora

    Ice I love ya man, always kept it real. but i have to say this. if you think Hillary is racist then you need to urge folk to not support her, and it looks like the African American community is well suckered by you, your peeps and us all a YUUUUUGE favor, lead the rebellion and tell, as you said back in the day, the Oreo cookies to snap out of it. peace man, and i still have big love for ya Ice.

    • Lisa Karpova

      Hillary IS RACIST. Her stinking policies have resulted in the deaths of thousands of black Libyans. She’s a war criminal.

      • Mark Hamilton

        The End…

  • Bosatsu

    What do you call an oligarchy that rigs an entire nation for their benefit… Those are the “super predators” in my opinion… Shifting the conversation anywhere away from that with smoke and mirrors is not the help we need…

  • Azeez Messiah

    This is the problem. While honest people with a heard voice and American Stars keeping it real refuse to conform to win over or entertain society, most politicians do. Effectively putting their foot in their mouth. So to speak. Hillary Clinton is not a trend setter. Ice Cube is. Hillary Clinton is merely a perpetrator of any trend that will express a so called concern and gain votes for herself. We should all be fed up with it as we have seen this approach publicly backfire on multiple presidential candidates and other politicians many times and at the same time serve a negative or even violent purpose. The truth is that we are all faced with the challenge of addressing and rectifying the issue of “ANY” predator of lives and people’s safety. I have yet to accumulate Financial Wealth or a Heavy International Influence. But as my Dreams are attained and that reality is acquired I am an advocate of Solution and Peaceful Coexistence for all World Citizens with the use of Love. While prosecution for gang violence and malice behavior may be necessary, there is no rationale behind not displaying a conscience for any child. Ever. I share Cube’s anger and disappointment from another “LABEL” being placed upon a community and body of people. It was obviously another calculated statement that is being used as justification for overemotional, brutally physical and racially biased social reactions by law enforcement, polarized people, scared individuals and the unintelligent citizen. Teaching a Pro-social Non Self Destructive lifestyle, it’s principles and the application of these principles through platforms such as, Media, Schools, in Homes, Penitentiary/Jail/Probation, Mental Health and Drug Rehabilitation Programming is almost nonexistent but necessary requirement. Living Right is a choice of course but it is also a learned behavior when the opportunity is offered correctly and followed up with the Support of a Network that promotes success. I am curious about a National response to putting the Dollars forth to fund these activities. When those who have been taught wrong, or have made mistakes have been categorized just to be looked down on, given up on and discriminated against are not offered legitimate systematic change as opposed to the brainwashing broadcasts and superficial supervision Our Country is weakened by presumptive stereotypes, an extreme lack of trust, confidence in others and teamwork.

  • sheila

    Love Ice Cube. A man of honor. I’m a true fan.

  • Donnie Hagy

    What has Bernie Sanders done? That question–coming from someone I had the utmost respect for–leaves me numb. If you can’t take time to get off your ass and do a little research, just stay at home on voting day. Bernie’s record speaks for itself. He doesn’t need lazy, misinformed dolts to question it.

  • Noloferratus

    The truth is Hillary has declared war on all US citizens not just black people. People need to face the fact that she is an agent for the Rothschild Zio mafia and that she belongs in a concentration camp.

  • Tiffany A. Flowers


    I normally only comment on the main social networks. However, after reading this interview, I decided to comment. First, I am a supporter of Senator Sanders for many reasons. I am a registered voter. I also voted in the primaries. However, what is important is that I am not supporting him, because I dislike any candidate. I work on getting the word out about his platform and I do not spend hours on social media running hate campaigns on others. Why? Because there is no need to discuss another candidate, when I need to know as much about the candidate I am voting for to run this country. Second, the things Senator Sanders are proposing are both plausible and they are in line with my politics as an African American in this country. Here’s why:

    1. Higher Education Policy – Senator Sanders Free 4 Year college plan has been vetted by top researchers in urban policy as creating over a million new Black and Latino graduates. Also, early on in the election there was a member of the Black Caucus who stated that Sanders four year plan would ruin all Black Colleges and Universities. This claim was false. His plan will actually help to protect 51 percent of public Minority Serving Institutions for Native Americans, Latinos/Chicanos, and African Americans.

    2. K-12 Education Policy – Equalizing funding for all K-12 public schools would benefit large systems in financial ruin such as Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. which are on the verge of closing down.

    3. Ending Mass Incarceration – Sanders is pledging to end corporate prisons in three years and make it illegal for prisons to be privatized in the U.S. This will end legal slavery in the U.S.

    4. Ending Fracking and Ensuring Environmental Controls are in place to end Environmental Racism – One word, “Flint”. By putting a federal ban on fracking and low environmental standards in urban communities, this decreases the chances of another Flint occurring.

    5. Economy – Sanders has been vetted and touted by top economists as having a real and concrete plan for the economy. The narrative of his plan bankrupting the economy is the most misleading statement generated on the internet.

    6. Medicare – Most Americans making between 20K-100K will need Medicare in order to retire and have healthcare as senior citizens. This is especially true for those who have families, living in high inflation areas, who are not homeowners…

    7. Peace/Veteran Affairs – Sanders is not a war president. This is extremely important to me considering that African Americans make up a significant portion of the military. A war will wipe out a significant portion of Black men in this generation. The ones that return will suffer from PTSD and wind up homeless, in mental institutions, and struggling to live day to day. That is another reason I am advocating for Sanders.

    I could go on, because this is not even a quarter of his plan. However, as African Americans we need to begin think long beyond 2-3 key issues. We need to think long-term about what our candidates will bring to the office of the President. I am glad to back a candidate who actually has plans for what he will do as President. He also has a way to pay for the plans. If you are concerned about whether he will have support for his plans, please check out the links online to the Berniecrats running under various states that are vowing to pass every single aspect of his plan.



    • Le Shane Murray

      Well said!

    • Mark Hamilton


      • frank

        cube would beat your ass.

        • Mark Hamilton

          You a white dude ain’t you?

        • Mark Hamilton

          I’d beat YOUR ASS and that “private school pussy”… he ate from Compton, I went to HighSchool with Ricky Schroder and Dana Plato… ain’t that tough he just look that way but then all Angry looking black dudes scare the s*** out of most white people (no offense, just a fact) so what you say has no bearing on reality. Every other negro knows Ice Cube ain’t really tough, he’s an actor and always has been. So if YOU’D scared of him, I’m not surprised.

          • frank

            ain’t afraid of no one. especially you. and cube would beat your ass.

          • frank

            easily beat your ass.

  • Ozel

    “no conscience, no empathy, superpredator gangs of kids to their heels.” – how is this about black people though? Black people are too sensitive. Ice Cube needs to go chill (pun intended). He once created “superpredator” music so what is he talking about. Black will find racism in any and everything. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t black. The things we should be outraged about, we aren’t.

  • msoverstood

    I was with him up until the point of what has he done. This is the 21st Century. C-Span has plenty of video to show what Sen. Sanders has been doing. The same thing he’s doing now: Fighting for poor, working, and middle class people of all hues and beliefs.

  • Mike Peake

    The Clinton’s war against people of color goes back a long way and is clearly visible, most tellingly Bill Clinton holding a press conference at Stone Mountain, the birthplace of the KKK, with black inmates from the nearby correctional facility standing in rows behind him:

  • Sexynred

    <3 Ice Cube down to heart real truth soul =D

  • Rahmblows

    Bernie is an asshole. Great if you want to sit on your ass and get stuff other people work for. Bad if you are a producer and creating jobs.

  • JFKToo

    Nothing but a divisionist racist himself. How and why people of his ilk remain relevant is amazing to me.

  • Cliff Duyn

    Right now the media is trying to paint all the bernie supporters as misogynistic thugs,
    We need to call out the media on this they give bernie no coverage at all and only show highly edited clips of questionable footage.Let call the hilary supporters out for what they really are racist and anti semitic.

  • MrUniteUs1 What was more harmful, Clinton saying +superpredator in 1996
    Or this 1998 superduperpredator sounding song glorifying killing Black people, and the use of that slave word, nig**

    Verse 1

    Straight outta Compton, crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube

    From the gang called Niggas With Attitudes

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    The police are gonna hafta come and get me

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    Here’s a murder rap to keep yo dancin

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    Don’t make me act the motherfuckin fool

    Me you can go toe to toe, no maybe

    I’m knockin niggaz out tha box, daily

    Yo weekly, monthly and yearly

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    Cause Ice Cube is crazy as fuck

    As I leave, believe I’m stompin

    But when I come back, boy, I’m comin straight outta Compton

    [Verse 3 – Eazy-E:]

    … straight outta Compton

    Is a brotha that’ll smother yo’ mother

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    (Damn that shit was dope!)
    Full lyrics below.

    So where are songs about killing Jews, gays, etc. Must not be dope.
    I guess It’s only if dope if you’re rapping about killing Blacks. Sounds dopey when you think about it.

  • John Shaw

    Ice Cube seems like a good guy.

  • Mel MC Miller

    Clarence Johnson, myself & Cube discussed this the Summer of 98 or 99 in LA, and the Open Season mentality HRC’s comment created w/some Officers & Depts, esp. Officers I was aware of & knew, incl from RECS of Investigative Reporters, to hv what I referred to as already High Risk Liability Officers & the Risk Ea. posed to (esp.) Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, including those who may “look like” but r not Gang affiliated.

    Now, HRC is doing much the same as she did B4, & when I consider broad Facts I research on my own as always; Not limited to Blacks, her Credentials r nowhere near the Reality of the Elite Corp MSM Spin;

    HRC took $133,246<< from a *Private Prison Lobby in "2016" (*GEO,Vanguard,etc. SEE ). She did give 8,600 of that after being pressured to Charity, which is less than the 10% of the 100's of Million$ she's gotten for her Foundation. She kept $124,646 <<

    The Black Caucus has $Donated from Private Prisons also, tobacco$,etc., too. This contradicts the CBC's Core Mission to aid Black PPL, NOT help Private-For-profit Add more Poor White, Black, & Hispanic Bodies in Cells to increase Profits.

    That's Private Prisons only Motivation; More Bodies for Cells 4 More Money. Taking $ from Prison Lobbies is = to Aiding&Abetting them.

    Meanwhile, as Black Women & others embrace HRC, who pays 38% less for women doing the same job w/ her FDTN thru May 2016, & as Michelle Alexander points out, the Clinton's failures go beyond what is commonly known;
    RE: The Clinton Legacy of Black Poverty, 30+ %, Hispanic 27+%

    12.2M of 46M Pop. of US Blacks r Jobless. That's abt. 26.8% of Blacks

    How can Elite devised Corp Elite Paid Dems,GOPs,CBC take Credit for anything Positive. Heck, the Labor Participation Rate for WHITES in late 2015, was only 63.1 %. What's happened to the 36.9% in life?

    HRC is helping herself by Filling Her Own Pockets, not the 10's of Millions of Blacks, Hispanics,Whiles & Asians, & as I put on Notice to the LA CBC, watch & see what happens to MANY JOBS @ the NFL Stadium in Inglewood;

    Foreign Replacement Workers for American Workers of both;

    H1B & H2B………….Coming Soon

    2016 is the Gr8est Opportunity to End Foreigners as 1st Over Foreigners w/ JOBS, EDU, HEALTHCARE as a Citizens Right,/w/o CORP ELITE pulling all the String of Careert Politicians ELITE PAY to Run in BOTH Parties, which is why Politicians Share same donors ,enables ELITE 3Keep control of WTP & C4TUS SO eiTher way Elite WIN; Dem or GOP W/ $

    When MLK warned "Both parties have betrayed", it was for every1, Not just Blacks;MLK knew what JFK knew. The warning was not 2become blinded and stagnant 7 not know enough facts, & to avoid going on all in for one Party over the other, because Both have Failed all AMERICAN Citizens, not just 1 specific group..

    The 2016 ELECTION is about Not letting ELITE Keep Ebery1 divided b/c it's their Best control Mechanism against WTP.

    HRC is a Paid Status Quo, Career Politician who OWES favors to every Elite Corp she took $ from, the sam as BHO. It's the Same Game of Control against US, so that CORP ELITE will still get more profit ($2.23Triilion in 2015) w/ H1B,H2B & MORE ADVANTAGES controlling Our Constitution thru Career Pro Politicians who serve for their $;


    Vote only for those with their Own Money & money from WTP=NO Strings or Conditions Attached to Serve WTP 1st & Only B4 Anything & Anyone,

    Not Foreign Countries & their Leaders,Foreign PPL,or US$AID

  • Donna

    Oh and what has the muslim terrorist mole done…answer me that!

  • Carlos Kingston

    “he doesn’t think the Republican presidential candidate is “going to do anything to help poor people or people that’s struggling” because Trump is a “rich white guy. How can he relate?”
    Eh, construction is a field filled with working class people so Trump can relate to them since his dad brought him along everywhere as a kid and had him work on sites to get a feel for what goes on there and besides one doesn’t need to have been poor to understand that poverty leads to crime and combating them goes together.

  • Beverly Reese

    Ice Cube, thank you for your comments. I am so upset that Michelle Obama is giving $100 million dollars for a girls school in Africa. What about our girls and boys in lower economic neighborhoods. Spend that money on our children and their parents to raise them up. I am not talking about giving them welfare. You know what I am talking about. I hope that we can remind Trump in case he forgets to take care of our families here. We want ALL children to succeed. We want ALL families to succeed. Thank you, Beverly Reese

  • James Smith

    Black lives have always mattered. If our creator hadn’t created blacks first; there wouldn’t be people of any color. The idea is reverse psychology and Mr. ice cube is an appropriate name for a complicit war criminal and a culpable mass murderer of countless black lives and that’s a prima facie fact. It’s an easy prove at the one stop shop for the truth…