Why Illuminati “Star” Oprah Winfrey Must NEVER Become President

Whilst liberal media gush over Oprah Winfrey running for president, the chat-show host is hiding a number of damaging skeletons in her closet

Whilst liberal media gush over an Oprah Winfrey presidential run in 2020, the chat-show host is hiding a number of disturbing skeletons in her closet.

Oprah Winfrey is a giant of the American talk-show world. She is also an important mouthpiece for the democratic party, and a close personal friend to both Clinton’s. Is she also part of their corrupt world or does she stand apart with virtue?

The evidence seems unlikely.

There have been bad smells from Oprah threatening to reach the public’s nostrils for some time.

As early as 2007, the fall-out from the containment of a scandal threatened to engulf her. A 37-year-old activist, Keifer Bonvillain, threatened to expose recordings made at Harpo Films, Oprah’s production company. Bonvillain thought he was negotiating a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for 1.5 million. Instead, he was led into an FBI sting and Oprah spun the story as her being the victim of attempted blackmail. With the narrow attention span of the public, the real questions were left unasked: blackmailed over what? The murkiness of the saga and Bonvillain himself being a questionable character, the attention span moved on.

Oprah Winfrey - High Priestess for the Global Elite
Oprah Winfrey – High Priestess for the Global Elite

In 2010 Kitty Kelly printed her tell-all book. She directly exposed Oprah’s early days as a prostitute, based on interviewing family members and putting pieces together. She painted a picture of a woman who had a part start, but had a lucky break that catapulted her from the Ghetto to an elite level. However, rumours, echoing earlier teases from Bonvillain, of how she treats people and the calculation behind the charisma, reveals a hard operator.

Her mother, Barbara Winfrey, told a shocking tale of Oprah’s social prejudice against the culture of her origin, and said “You can take the woman out of the ghetto but can’t take the ghetto out of the woman”. She was so upset with her treatment by Oprah that she broke a confidentiality agreement to give a tell-all to the Daily Mail.

But as well as problem with her past and her ethics in her personal life, the circles Oprah moves in give in more cause for concern.

As early as 2009, Bilderberg watchers were reporting that Oprah was a covert attendee at this most elite of meetings.

This seems to have played out as Oprah played the race card throughout the Obama era without ever being called on her reverse anti-white racism, a key tactic of the social engineering agenda to instigate mass uncontrolled immigration and destroy prosperity in the western world: for all except the elite.

And more recent research by Alex Jones has exposed how Oprah is given talking points by Bilderberg to indoctrinate her audience with. Furthermore, that Oprah is a willing supporter of the covert depopulation agenda.

The picture emerges of a calculating street worker who found the right clients to work herself up and now is in an extra-ordinary position, with her crafted image being adored by the TV public, hiding a globalist manipulator who still does whatever powerful super rich men want.

However, now she is being pushed as a potential candidate for President. Being an avowed globalist, she gave her full support to Hillary Clinton, and there have been rumours that she “might” stand for some time. Oprah directly denied these in June 17, but then, that’s an old politicians game.

Most concerning of all is Oprah’s closeness to Harvey Weinstein. British actress Kadian Noble has directly named Oprah as acting as a madam for Weinstein, as Your News Wire reported.

There are many victims of Weinstein who may be called at a trial: how many more have tales to tell of Oprah Winfrey? #Pedogate campaigners will not be letting this go. In fact, it’s very credible to think that Oprah may already be facing charges and be named in on of the sealed indictments awaiting prosecution.

Oprah Winfrey is a Illuminati asset who has been groomed and protected throughout her career to be a vehicle for the globalist agenda. But she was never supposed to enter politics. She is supposed to be serving in support of the Clinton Presidency as she did Obama. That plan is in ruins now because of the grass-roots revolution of the American Electorate, and desperate liberals, aghast at the carnage and corruption exposed by Donna Brazile throughout the DNC, are looking for a candidate who appears virtuous and with “clean hands.” To have somebody, anybody, who might be able to stand against the Trump Train.

Unfortunately, Oprah is not that woman, and she must know it too. Is she privately terrified the noose is closing around her for her conspiring with Weinstein to feed him women to abuse?

If so, the cover of popular support, she must calculate, is her best defence. If the emotionally devastated Clinton support base can adopt Oprah as their new chosen one, Oprah would be able to scream “political victimisation” if she was arrested.

Or at least, she might think so. Could be rather difficult if she is renditioned down to GITMO as a “human trafficker/corrupt person”.

This is not a woman who must ever be allowed near the power of the Oval Office. Her position in society has been crafted for her, so she can deceive the public in return, as she serves as a High Priestess for the Global Elite.

John White

John White

John White is a truthseeker with years of experience, a veteran of 9/11, Brexit and Trump. Follow his Facebook page
John White
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    Fine article John. Keep up the great work…!!!

    • John White

      Thanks Trade Martin, been writing for many years, nice to get the chance to write for here, I’ll be keeping it up: and making ’em better!

  • https://myspace.com/loadedcoil Btown

    Long before I knew anything about Oprah or the extent of destructive media persons, I couldn’t stand Oprah’s talk show. Simply for her disingenuous “socially conscious” approach to addressing absolutely nothing challenging or of import.

    • exactly


    • John White

      People know: paralinguistics: body language: energy: vibe: on the intuitive level. Problem is, the mind finds all sorts of ways not to believe it! That’s the danger of the illusion of the media. But Oprah is already spoiled goods, and despite the best wish’s of the desperate liberals after the collapse of the DNC, shes no more fit to run than any of the rest of them.

    • George Clark

      Good to see you again buddy, I missed your intelligent comments. Everyone needs a spare brain.

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    finally a credible story on this site… ABOUT FUCKING TIME TOO….

    • John White

      Its not going to be the last one either, appreciate the read hit the spot for you.

  • John White

    Extra article I’ve turned up, WSJ from 2009, linking Oprah directly with depopulation agenda https://blogs.wsj.com/wealth/2009/05/26/billionaires-try-to-shrink-worlds-population-report-says/

  • http://conservativepoliticalforum.com/ conservativepoliticalforum.com

    Excellent synopsis John White.
    Sadly, the Dim party base is just that, dim, they willingly believe every lie the Marxists throws at them, so they’d happily believe Oprah is the second coming of Hussein.
    Though, honestly I’m not worried, Trump will annihilate any leftist the Marxist they run against him.
    HeII, I didn’t even vote for the guy, and as a Never Trumper, I never thought I’d find myself even remotely supporting the guy, but now, with hindsight pulling my head out, I can see that Trump is the ONLY guy that can save this nation from the Marxist cancer.

    • John White

      That cold hard clarity does firm up resolve! Thank for your appreciation.

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        Hey John, we’re looking for another good writer..
        Checkout my other site and see if it aligns with your thoughts, if so, feel free to submit some of your work.


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    Thank you John!
    Watch your back – the Clinton/Bush/Obama/Winfrey goons are everywhere, and Bob Creamer is still not in jail for serial killings ordered against anyone who dares to oppose their Satanist agenda.

  • http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/337485161 David Howard

    Donald J. Trump: “Sex With 10-Year-Olds Should Be Legalized” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHLjm9kHFe8

    • Kim

      No David, that would be the Clintons. Take your meds libtard and stay away from sane people…

    • John White

      ^^ There’s always one shilling the Clinton’s Alinsky tactic propaganda. Stuff like this is weak as hell, but has been thrown out to muddy the waters in an effort by the Cabal to disrupt #pedogate activism. But we are NOT disrupted: still coming bang on target!

  • John White

    In a brand new video posted to his Facebook page, Bill O’Reilly explains why Barack Hussein Obama is the one pulling the strings to urge Oprah to run for President in 2020 https://ilovemyfreedom.org/watch-bill-oreilly-reveals-really-behind-oprah-2020-push/

  • TR3B

    Opra is an Illuminati & very dangerous. She was even invited a few years ago to give a speech at the Bilderberg meeting

  • Melisande

    This simply substantiates and solidifies O.W.’s affiliation with the Illuminati – Did she not attend the Bilderberg Conference(s)?? In fact, several celebrities have attended this meeting and only assets of the Cabal are invited. I never liked her talk show — It was always smarmy, superficial, and self-serving.