Secret List Of Illuminati Satanic Commandments Leaked

An ex-Illuminati member who has vowed to tell the world everything about the secret society has posted a list of the secret Satanic commandments that Illuminati members obey.

An ex-Illuminati member who has vowed to tell the world everything about the secret society has posted a list of the secret Satanic commandments that Illuminati members obey.

After spending 47 years as a high-ranking member of the Illuminati, the anonymous insider said “it all became too much to bear” and said he wants to reveal everything about the secret society that totally controls the world as we know it.

In his first post the insider revealed the process a new initiate must go through in order to be accepted into the Illuminati, as well as in-depth information about the ‘Space flights’ program, and shocking revelations about the true depths of Barack Obama’s soul. He is apparently much more evil than anybody realizes.

The insider revealed the names of the current Illuminati leadership, the Council of 300, in his second post, and promised that if he was still alive in April 2017 he would reveal more.

Now, in his highly anticipated third post the ex-Illuminati member continues to lift the lid on the secret society by revealing the nine secret Satanic commandments that members of the Illuminati must live by.

Ordo Illuminatus religious commandments

1. The light bearer, Lucifer, created only two basic types of people: we, the Illuminati, and the human cattle, good for nothing but to be enslaved, mocked and slaughtered.

2. Achieve the One World Government, alias Global Slavery.
“Slaughter the human cattle” of an unprecedented scale is a consequence of the underlying second commandment of Global Genocide.

3. Have the human cattle robotically repeating that “Black is White”.

4. Truth (hidden) in plain sight.
Openly tell the truth to the human cattle and still make sure that the cattle don’t get it.

5. Exterminate ALL real Christians and ALL Jews as soon as possible.
Note: Jews refers to both race and religion.

6. Obey yourself alone.

7. Make the human cattle believe that there is NO creator.

8. Endless deception, to serve NOTHING but simulated reality at the end of the show.

9. Rewrite History to formally turn defeat into victory.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Vox Populi

    Deception at its best. In plain site the Enlilites/Abrahamists hide in plain site and flip the tables.

  • Ingmar Blessing

    news value: Zero. No name, no proof, just allegations – the crazy sort. It may be true. It may be false. We’ll never know.

    Bottom line: That’s the kind of fake news, they are talking about.

    • Watchman on the Wall

      You may never know. But we, the wise and the elect of YHWH, have the discernment to know it to be true. But we also know that YHWH is separate from and greater than His entire creation. Thus, the Illuminati are totally deceived and in big trouble. It’s amusing to watch them make utter fools out of themselves before they perish in their wild delusions.

      • Elizebeth Taylor


      • Christine No Last

        It certainly is! Do you feel that we will need to protect ourselves in any way?

        • Watchman on the Wall

          YHWH’s word, the KJV Bible, tells us that those who place all their trust in Him shall be protected from harm. Should we be prepared for any eventuality? Of course. That’s the prudent and responsible thing to do, and so YHWH expects that of us. But can we guard against all potential scenarios? No, of course not. That is where YHWH (God) comes in.

          Until Yahushua (Christ) returns, we are wise to fear YHWH, (God), keep all His commandments and trust Him fully. This comes from an integrated view of Ecclesiastes 12:13 and the Psalms. He will give us guidance on that which He wishes for us to do.

    • Christine No Last

      If you have been paying attention, you don’t need this article to know evil is among us and doing a pretty good job of the lists above…I didn’t believe it until Obama. He wasn’t as good at deception as some of the others…That’s when I opened my eyes..and now I see it everywhere. Jerry Brown Governor of California, plain as day. In plain sight…we are his cattle. Look Again…

  • Ryan Rji Rji

    Pretty much sums up the democratic party

  • red letter

    Basically what we already knew….Follows the Talmud almost word for word.

  • Stop Bush and Clinton

    The alleged leaker is a fake who contradicts both facts and his own previous narrative. See my comment on his second (fake) leak here:

    They probably do have rules similar to the ones outlined, but if the source can’t be trusted (and it can’t), this is just theorizing as good as anyone else’s. And it’s certainly off on some things. See rule 5: Does anyone really think they want to eliminate Netanyahu, Soros, Adelson and friends?

    • Watchman on the Wall

      Netanyahu, Soros, Adelson and friends are all Jews in name only. They all are Khazar impostors of the Babylonian Talmud. Members of the Illuminati. Nothing more. Who cares? They are all perishing in their blind arrogance and psychopathy. Good for them.

  • Watchman on the Wall

    This comes as no surprise. It’s hardly rocket science. Simply read and understand the KJV of the Bible and then flip everything on its head and you have the game plan of Satan (Lucifer) and those who serve him, among them the blind and foolish Illuminati.

  • Gabriel

    Poor jooz…seems to be eternal victims,lol.This shit is a false flag invented by real enemy of humanity: World Wide Almighty Jewry.End of fokkin’ story.

  • screamingmimi

    1, 5, and 7 are true in that satan and his demons (masquerading as the illuminati or “enter global cabal of your choice here”) since the beginning of time have sought to deceive and destroy mankind and the world. PERIOD. Everything else feeds from that. Get saved. Get Jesus. Get redpilled TODAY.

  • Roger Alexander Gregersen

    This here is simple minded christian conspiracy bullshit. What’s a real christian any way? Yes the world is fucked up and yes there is some truth to the concept of mockery and slavery. But the rest of it is useless religious propoganda.

  • Realist

    Where is the info on “in-depth information about the ‘Space flights’ program, and shocking revelations about the true depths of Barack Obama’s soul”?

  • The one above all

    These comments make me want to worship Lucifer and Satan more than I already do.

    The real cardinal sin of lucifarianism is ignorance, and you’ve all been blindly lead to the slaughter. Have fun, sheep.

  • Peter Jacobs

    Understand how they are running afraid and must quickly cull the cattle population.. We have been living on a slave planet for over 300,000 years now and they will depopulate the World before the masses have time to remember…

  • superpam1979 .

    There has to be a lot more to all of them than just this.

  • Kevin Espeseth

    The entire group is operating under last (if not pre.) Century’s concepts and methods.

    Just as the color blue perception by humanity proves that biology keeps evolving, so does the requirements of society.

    Neither the paper promises, nor even the gold standard (that -all- of these have built there foundations on) will be adequate.

    Economics will be required to be based on CLEAN energy production, in that one will be required to contribute to society to prosper.

    Reason: The societies that produce the MOST energy per person are the ones that develop, and we will need vastly more energy than single source distribution will be able to provide.

    Regardless of political war tactical activity, to maintain integrety (or the illusion thereof) the state department would have -one- fucking job; YOU DON’T FUCK KIDS!

    Project Paperclip infestation in our “alphabet buddies”.

    Cure by making Saudi Arabia China’s little bitch.

    RETAIL price of residential generated clean energy.

    All that’s required.


    …and weed, we need weed.

    Ya, …I got dozen replies loaded up on my phone for this, but I’ll spare you the spam… this time.

    50 HP Constant at $.10/KWH, = $1,500/month labor free income; not that big a system solar, wind, fuel cell / truck.

    Pay the utility for the size of the line coming into the property($10 for 2 HP, $100 for $20 HP, etc.)

    Get a low interest loan for the development as it is automatically paid back / guaranteed return.

    US stops using oil (mostly). US is lead of clean energy teck exportation.

    China is the only major power interested in Saudi Arabia’s oil.

    Saudi sponsored terrorism ends / China not so stupid in tactics.

    US state department / nazi tactics becomes obsolete.

    • Christine No Last

      You lost me at weed.

  • Watchman on the Wall

    Even this list of commandments contains at least one lie. (Fake) Jews of the Babylonian Tamud and Zohar Kaballah rule the order of the Illuminati. Both are forms of Satan worship. Both are part of the Antichrist beast system of these end times. Let the wise understand. The wicked never will.

  • Bill Pasteurfield

    These commandments, if of the Illuminati, are in conflict with the Georgia Guidestones.