Ingredient In Many Antiperspirant Products Causes Tumour Growth

Ingredient In Many Antiperspirant Products Cause Tumor Growth

A new study is warning that women who regularly use antiperspirant deodorants containing aluminum salts could risk developing breast cancer.

Reducing your exposure to toxins by avoiding certain foods is a positive step in maintaining good health, but we often forget that what we put into our bodies is not just limited to food intake.

Many harmful chemicals are easily absorbed through the skin, and can even in tiny amounts have adverse effects on your health.

One cosmetic that is used by the vast majority is deodorant which often contains a variety of harmful chemicals, including aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan, and steareths

Aluminum salts are the active ingredient used in many antiperspirants and deodorants to control sweat and the associated body odour.

However, the aluminum compounds that prevent  the pores from sweating can also interfere with the body’s natural sex hormones.

It has long been surmised that these compounds may cause breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men, along with increasing the risk for Alzheimer’s in both sexes.

Now a new study from researchers in Switzerland has confirmed that aluminum chloride exerts an estrogen-like effect that directly promotes the growth and spread of breast cancer cells.

Natural News reports:

This groundbreaking research from the University of Geneva looks at aluminum chloride’s role in temporarily blocking sweat glands in the underarm. The toxic compound essentially lodges itself inside the skin in order to accomplish this, and over time builds up in breast tissue. Mimicking the effects of estrogen, aluminum chloride in the long term acts as fuel for the formation of cancer tumors, helping them to form and spread throughout the body.

Study co-author Dr. Andre-Pascal Sappino, Ph.D., and his colleagues evaluated the effects of aluminum chloride both on isolated human mammary cells and in test mice to come to this conclusion. They observed that long-term exposure to the chemical not only spurred on cancer tumors but also the metastization, meaning their proliferation throughout the body.

Aluminum chloride is so harmful to the body, in fact, that the researchers determined it to be equally as threatening to health as asbestos, if not more so. Asbestos, of course, is the name for that infamous class of fibrous minerals that in years past were used in various industrial applications, including in building materials. Asbestos has since been banned after it was determined to be a primary cause of mesothelioma and other forms of cancer.

“Asbestos is cheap, has very attractive industrial potential, and it took 50 years to ban it,” Dr. Sappino told The Local. “We hope it doesn’t take so long to ban aluminum salts.”

Antiperspirant chemical triggers ‘very aggressive tumors’

Dr. Sappino, who serves as both a professor and oncologist, advises women and men alike to immediately stop using antiperspirant deodorant products that contain aluminum for their own safety. Because of how aggressively the chemical was shown to provoke cancer tumors in mice, Dr. Sappino and his colleagues see the issue as prudent.

There are many aluminum-free deodorant options out there, after all, including several varieties available in the Health Ranger Store. It’s far more worth it to deal with a small amount of moisture than it is to deal with a potential cancer diagnosis and all that’s involved with treating it — it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

“I think we should avoid all deodorants containing aluminum salts,” Dr. Sappino told the media, admitting that his recommendations will likely trigger major industry backlash. “Now the fight will begin. They will act like the tobacco industry and say that proof in human beings is lacking.”



  • Watchman For Truth

    Been saying this for years, still many breast cancer, pink ribbon, Susan G. Komen naive brainwashed ignorant women continue to support and run for a cure ignoring the causes like chemical laced under arm deodorants and dangerous tumor causing mammograms. Robert Csiki, Compassionate Montreal Canadian, 17 year independent investigative researcher for Health, Social Justice and Truth. Creator of fb page: Modern Medical Quackery

  • Jane Dpeschlitz

    Thank you – I think you just helped me narrow down the cause of the lumps in my breasts – the Doctor acted like it was normal D:

  • Black Swan

    ” Contributing factors for diseased conditions, chemicals and inserted genes added to the food supply, water contaminated with Chlorine, Aluminum Florides, Particles of Heavey Metals sprayed in the atmosphere, Radiation, Medical Drugs, Industrial Pollution and Toxic Waste Dumping.” Doctor Blaisdell

  • Marlena

    am glad to see more research results support this theory. once heard a doctor whose wife had died of breast cancer discuss it and his point was that when do you put on deodorant? quite soon after showering, after warming up your skin and opening your pores which allows even more than would otherwise cross over into the skin and vascular system; his other point was that under the armpits are where a large majority of lymph glands are located – these take in the aluminum salts which can be transferred and circulated through the lymph fluid to adjacent breast tissue

  • The Zag

    I stopped using deodorant and use essential oils now. Mix a few drops of essential oil with jojoba oil and rub that into the armpits.