Iran Vows To ‘Obliterate’ Israel As Tensions Reach Boiling Point

Iran vows to obliterate Israel

Iran has vowed to ‘obliterate’ Israel after the Israeli military retaliated to one of its fighter jets being shot down by Syrian forces. 

Iran’s Lieutenant Commander, General Hossein Salami, warned that his country will “open the gates of Hell over Israel,” if they make another move against the Syrian regime.

Daily Star reports: Earlier today an Israeli F16 fighter jet was shot down after coming under fire from Syrian forces.

A spokesman for Iran’s Supreme National Security Council said Syria’s response was “a clear warning to Israel. The era of Israeli strikes on Syria is over.”

He also vowed that his country would respond strongly to “all further aggression” from Israel.

One of the pilots from the downed fighter jet is in a serious condition in hospital.

In response, Israel launched 12 attacks on Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria.

General Salami denied that an Iranian drone shot down by the Israelis was violating Israel’s airspace — saying the drone was gathering intelligence on Islamic State.

The general was also defiant about his country’s nuclear capabilities.

Referring to his country’s weapon program, he said: “This is not an issue which may be negotiated with any world power.”

Pro-Syrian government forces said in a statement that Israel would see a severe and serious response to its “terrorism” from now on.

  • Kane

    Well ,what most people dont seem to realize ,despite Lord Balfour’s Declaration,is that the Queen of England is the queen oif Israel ,and that her relations ,the King of Spain is claimant to the titles :King of France and king of Jerusalem too. For some reason,so obscure no doubt ,no medias ever mention the legality.

  • TR3B

    Iran will look very pretty when it glows in daylight – mr. Salami you will glow as well ☠️

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