Iranian President Vows To Continue Supporting Syria In Its Fight Against Terrorism

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that his country will continue its support Syria in its fight against terrorism.

In a phone conversation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday, Rouhani said “The strategic ties between Iran and Syria will continue and we will proceed with the right path together to serve the interests of the two nations and the countries in the region.”

He also added that “The Islamic Republic of Iran is prepared to actively participate in Syria’s reconstruction”

His remarks will not go down well with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who wants Iranian troops out of Syria. He warned that Israel will stop at nothing to contain Iran, even if it meant having to act alone.

Netanyahu accused Tehran of plotting to destroy Israel from Syria, where it has been helping fight terrorists at the invitation of the Syrian government.

Press TV reports: Rouhani congratulated the Syrian nation and government on their victory against Daesh Takfiri terrorists and said, “Some Western powers and their lackeys in the region thought that Daesh would either occupy Iraq and Syria or would commit crimes and wreak havoc in the region for years.”

He stressed that the Syrian people should be able to decide for themselves without any foreign intervention.

“Those who think that the future of Syria can be decided in a power vacuum are making an impractical statement. In order to take the next steps, the government in Damascus should be stronger so it can effectively pass through the transition,” he added.
The Iranian president stressed that Tehran would stand by Damascus in its future political decisions, adding, “However, we believe that the Syrian opposition should … have their share in Syria’s political future in proportion to their status.”

Rouhani hailed the Wednesday meeting between the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey in the Russian Black Sea resort city of Sochi over the Syrian crisis as “an appropriate step at an appropriate time,” noting that the trio agreed that holding a national congress for intra-Syrian talks can be an effective measure to restore stability and security to Syria.

The all-Syrian congress will see representatives from all sides in Sochi to exchange views on the fate of the country to lay the groundwork for the drafting of a new constitution and elections.

Assad, for his part, expressed gratitude for Iran’s support for Syria in its fight against terrorism and noted that the recent victories against Daesh have prompted some of the regional Arab states to adopt “nervous and unreasonable positions” against Iran.

The Syrian president also called for active participation of Iranian private companies in Syria’s reconstruction process.

Iran, Russia and Turkey are acting as the guarantors of a ceasefire in Syria. The three countries joined efforts in late 2016 with the aim of returning peace to the crisis-hit country.

Russia and Iran were allied with the Damascus government, while Turkey supported the anti-Damascus front. Since then, the three counties have taken successful strides on the path to peace, mediating talks between the Syrian government and the foreign-backed opposition.

  • Mollie Norris

    The big problem in the US is Zionazi anti-Russian and anti-Iranian disinformation. The issue isn’t a difference of opinions; it’s truth versus lies, which translates to life versus death for hundreds of thousands of ME people.

    Jay Sekulow is Trump’s lawyer, and his news show is broadcast on right-wing evangelical Christian stations. I’ve had to stop listening to K-Brite AM 740 because of his advocacy for genocide:

    With Jay Sekulow in Ascendance, the Jewish Right Breaks the Messianic Taboo
    Netanyahu supporters are more comfortable with Jay Sekulow than J Street. Is that a moral failure – or a political necessity?,

    Thank You to Jay Sekulow & the ACLJ
    Israel has an intrepid friend in Europe.

  • nice to see Iran helping out

    It is very comforting to see Iran helping out with this stuff…… so nice to see…Everybody seems to have it in for Iran… but here we see them lending a charitable helping hand to Syria..and so nice to see too