Is Bottled Water Making You Sick?

Is acidic bottled water actually making you sick?

Many brands of bottled water actually contain high levels of acidity, making it dangerous and unhealthy to drink.

Drinking water high in acidity has been scientifically linked to an increase in illness and disease, due to the fact that the human body needs to consume water that has a pH balance of 7 or more.

Most forms of diseases flourish in an acidic environment which is why drinking high acidic water in combination with our lifestyle changes and diet are a path for future health problems. The body manages this process of being more alkaline automatically. If the alkalinity level drops than the body will seek to draw alkaline from calcium deposits in our teeth and bones.

In our early years we get away with eating an imbalanced diet because our bodies produce a much higher rate of alkaline. This is why the body in earlier years stays skinnier even if we eat poorly. In our thirties and forties our bodies begin to change and the years of drinking acidic soda and ingesting other dietary NO-NOs, along with stress, environmental toxins and acidic chemicals in our daily hygiene products, all contribute to a higher acid level. Our bodies become less able to neutralize the acid. Chronic acidosis is a new term that has been established by the medical community to describe this event. Another new phenomenon is acid reflux directly linked to our lifestyle change and the amount of acid in our bodies. Twenty years ago did you ever even hear about this disease? Ever heard of acid rain and its damaging affects? This is the same thing that is currently happening in our bodies and it is time to take control!

According to the research of Dr. Enderlein our bodies can only be healed of any chronic illness when our blood is at normal, or slightly alkaline. An imbalanced pH affects the cellular activity in the body, leading to the progression of most degenerative diseases, including cardiovascular disease and heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, kidney stones, urinary incontinence, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, systemic weight gain and obesity.

Minerals in water are an easy way to improve this balance within our bodies. The water that we choose to drink is impacting our bodys pH levels. Reverse Osmosis and bottled water are both bad choices as they are very acidic. Reverse Osmosis is water that is filtered to such a microscopic level that most if not all the minerals are removed. If you look at the label on bottled water that is processed through Reverse Osmosis (RO) it always states, “minerals added”. Even though bottled water generally isnt as acidic as RO water we should still shy away from it since the minerals added do not create a high enough pH level for healthy drinking. Find a water system that offers the best options for optimum health and leaves the necessary minerals in your water. Make choices that are in your family’s best interest there are many water system options today that leave the minerals in the water and have a healthy pH level.

To further make you think about drinking acidic Reverse Osmosis water think about this! In general, water with a low pH level of (less then 6.5) is acidic, soft and corrosive. As corrosive as this water is when it travels through our plumbing fixtures it is leaching metal ions like iron, manganese, copper, lead, and zinc from those fixtures and pipes. The fowl taste that comes from metals in the water and the health concerns of metals in drinking water is further proof that acidic water should be avoided.

Not sold yet? Take two different bowls one with Reverse Osmosis water and the other with water where the minerals have not been removed or substituted with salt and put it down for a pet. Their instincts guide them directly to the healthy water with minerals in it and they will choose the bowl with that water every time. Follow your pets instincts and your own and stay away from acidic water your body will love you for it. The long term health risks are real if you do not make this choice.


  • Jim

    I not so sure this is true. The acidity of water is not relative to your body’s PH.The blood in our body is a pH of 7.01 to 7.5.Any lower PH than 7.0 in your blood and human life will not exist.Your body will not allow your blood to go below 7.0.The acidity in water I do not believe is relative to your health.
    If this is not accurate please show scientific evidence to the contrary.

  • Jim

    Water is very complicated.The properties of water and chemical make up is very involved.I was very much on board with the PH movement however after years of study I have come to a much different conclusion.The water that a person ingest is able to be structured.I deduced that starting with distilled water and structuring the water to the action that a person would like to derive from water may be attained.I have had results that you will not believe structuring my own water.
    If a person considers one aspect of water that is rarely brought up is that water has memory and is very easily structured.Using a copper water picture and distilled water and allowing the water to sit for a minimum of 8 hours the water can be easily programed.If one thinks about the ramifications of structuring your own water enlightenment is not far behind If a person thinks of Holy Water they will get my drift.
    Enjoy your new found knowledge.

    • JustMe

      anyone who doesn’t believe this, check Masaru Emoto’s work. Lots of people have tried similar experiments with positive results.

  • Jim

    Reverse Osmosis water is preferred regardless of PH.However not all reverse osmosis system do a adequate job.The reverse osmosis system must remove particles as small as 1/10000th of a micron to be acceptable to me.My point is if your not removing the poison Fluoride from the water the acidity is irrelevant,not to mention all of the other heavy metals and radiation.Another problem is radiation is not removed from the water with reverse osmosis.Distilled water is safest.Supplement your body separately with the minerals your body needs.PH is not relative today,purity is what is important.

  • Jim

    5th April 2016

    By Lance Schuttler

    Guest Writer for Wake Up World

    What are Flower Essences?

    When we look at a medicinal plant, we
    see the different parts used in various ways. Sometimes the roots are
    medicinal. Or sometimes the leaves and stems have healing
    properties. However, when we look at the flower of
    any given plant, it is clear that it is often the most vibrant,
    attractive and spectacular part of the plant itself. It is the
    quintessential expression of that plant’s life force.

    Wouldn’t it only make sense then, that
    this part of the plant offers us the most medicinal/healing properties?
    How can we best utilize these properties?

    To make a flower essence, flower pedals
    are gently plucked (with leaves preferably) and placed in a glass or
    crystal bowl that is filled with the cleanest water possible. With the
    help of the Sun’s rays, the bioelectrical field of the flower (and yes, bioelectrical fields have been shown to exist around every living thing in nature via Kirlian photography)
    is imprinted into the crystalline structure of the water molecule.
    Remember, it is also an established fact that water has memory and can
    be imprinted through various methods.

    So what occurs is the imprinting of the
    quintessential vibrational field of the flower into water. The highest
    vibrational output of the plant is encoded into the water molecules. One
    could also think of it as the consciousness or literally, light codes
    of information from the plant being infused into the medium of water.

    What Are The Effects?

    Because the essences of flowers operate more on a vibrational/electrical
    level rather than a biochemical (like the use of herbs or foods), the
    effects are felt in a more subtle way. However, subtle doesn’t mean it
    isn’t powerful or effective. What a person experiences is more of a
    shift in awareness, a shift in understanding or a shift in consciousness around a certain situation. It can help us understand and transform the underlying emotional issue.

    For example, if someone is dealing with
    an issue from some sort of trauma from a situation that occurred at some
    point in his or her life, flower essences can help bring greater
    understanding to the trauma event as well as bring the emotional ability
    to transform, release and forgive or accept what happened.

    Flower essences are essentially
    nutrients for the soul. They help us on an emotional level. We begin to
    see things in a new light and can begin to deal with things in a new
    way. This leads to taking different actions in regards to processing and resolving any issues we might be working through.

    They let us work through things in a
    truly holistic and therapeutic manner. This also works to help physical
    diseases or issues as it is commonly known in holistic and natural medicine that every physical health issue has an emotional issue
    below the surface that has created this physical issue. So as we heal
    ourselves emotionally, we can begin to heal ourselves on a physical
    level. “As within, so without.”

    Dr. Edward Bach has stated, “The
    action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being…they
    cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the highest
    nature- in whose presence there is the opportunity for disease to melt
    away like snow in sunshine.”

    Healing The World

    Since flower essences help us process and heal the underlying emotional issues, a person is better able to make different choices and take different actions to bring about even more healing.

    I believe that as more and more people heal themselves with flower essences and make better choices and take different actions, they directly bring
    about more healing with their friends, their family and their
    community. As more and more people work together in a holistic way, our
    relationships with each other, with the ecosystem and planet itself
    experience greater harmony, and thus, greater health and happiness.

    Different Essences

    All plants we see have different cosmic
    information that has been used to create their flower and so every
    flower has a different and specific healing potential. For example, the Iris flower essence helps a person unleash their unique inner creativity and self-expression. It is also known as the “paintbrush of the soul.”

    The Silversword flower essence is
    an incredibly unique essence as this plant is only found on the
    Haleakala Crater on the island of Maui, Hawaii. One could intuit that
    because a meteorite hit there, it brought with it this special plant.
    The benefits of Silversword flower essences can be to help put a person
    on his or her path of purpose. It can be used when a person is ready for their truest soul work.

    I personally find flower essences work
    even better when combined with cell salts. Because the cell salts are
    mineral compounds and electrically conductive, they help the flower
    essences penetrate very quickly and efficiently into our bodies. One
    that uses both cell salts and flower essences is called Happy Heart. It
    has many rose flower essences in it as well as the Silversword flower essence. I believe why so many people are unhappy in their heart is because they feel they aren’t doing their truest soul work.

    The Happy Heart has
    dramatically helped me in several ways. There are however, many other
    essences out there and many places to find them. Pets and kids also
    benefit tremendously from flower essences as the nervous system in pets
    and kids are usually even more sensitive than adults. This allows for
    the essences to be utilized even more effectively.

    Here is a list of many flower essences and their benefits.

    Will You Join?

    I believe the more people that use
    flower essences, the greater healing we as individuals will experience. I
    see this healing extending to our relationships with our friends, our families, our social systems, our ecosystem and all beings that live on this planet with us.

    For some, the beneficial effects of
    flower essences are felt almost right away. For others it can be days or
    weeks later. The key is continued use. They work in a cumulative way.
    The more consistent, the better.

    Are you interested in using flower
    essences or have you used them before? Which ones are you currently
    using and what benefits are you finding? How soon did you start noticing
    the benefits? What patterns or habits have you transformed?What other
    creative ways could we incorporate into our society the use of flower

    Previous articles by Lance Schuttler:

  • krystel singco much for that popular belief that bottled water is healthier and safer than tap water. Unless we know exactly how to tweak our own water source at home or we start questioning bottled water manufacturers for the truth about their products, then I guess there’s no point really in fighting over this issue. It’s more of a personal choice now. It would be so much better though if loyalists of these bottled water are more responsible with the disposal of their used bottles. In the US, plastic bottles are piling up and most people don’t seem to take notice on the urgency of that. I wrote an article about this whole situation in America and I’ve included some statistics that will show exactly how bottled water has affected the lifestyle of Americans and the environment. Please do check it out at this link: