Is This Hitler Posing With His Girlfriend In 1984?

After Adolf Hitler apparently fled to Paraguay, via Argentina (as detailed here via FBI documents), his hidden from public life has been documented in a shocking book Hitler in Brazil – His Life and His Death.

The picture above apparently shows Hitler with his black girlfriend Cutinga posing happily in 1984 two years before his ‘real’ death in 1986.

In the book, author Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias, says that Hitler was known to the 12,000 locals as Adolf Leipzig and used Cutinga to mask his true identity as an Aryan supremacist. reports:

Simoni, a Brazilian jew, refuses to accept that the Fuhrer shot himself in his Berlin bunker on April 30 1945. She is demanding that Leipzig’s remains be exhumed and his DNA tested tested against living relatives of Hitler.

She told local journalists: “I just laughed at first, I thought it was a joke. Today I’m convinced it is true and Adolf Hitler didn’t end up here by chance.”

Simoni spent two years in the small town near the Bolivian border, which was founded during an 18th century gold rush, investigating her oddball theory.

She has linked the Fuhrer’s alleged arrival in the area to a Vatican offer of ownership rights over buried Jesuit treasure in a cave near his adopted home.

And she claims that he chose the surname of Leipzig because it was the birthplace of Hitler’s favorite composer, Bach.

The evil dictator fled to Paraguay, via Argentina, before settling in a small town in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, according to a shocking new book. Hitler is said to have used the assumed name of Adolf Leipzig and was known to the 12,000 locals in Nossa Senhora do Livramento as “the Old German”.

The man at the center of the controversial claim is pictured, two years before his death in 1984, posing happily with his black girlfriend Cutinga.

Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias, who wrote Hitler in Brazil – His Life and His Death, claims he was in the area hunting for buried treasure using a map given to him by friends withing the Vatican.

She insists that Hitler was using his lover Cutinga to hide his true identity as a vile Aryan supremacist.


  • fatwillie

    not the same ears

  • Spring heeled Jack

    Looking pretty good for a 95 year old.

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      hahaha certainly

    • Joona

      He was 93 at the time, he died at 95.

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    how could u tell u cant even c hhis face lol

  • Miss.Anne Thropee

    Well, either people can accept the truth that the reality (and FBI paperwork WHICH can be found on the FBI site) that Hitler, and many other noted Nazi officers set up–with some help from the CIA–a nice little mini-Nazi German community in Argentina called Bariloche. The actual ‘death’ pic was staged, as he was well aware that he was going to end up beside his officers in Nuremberg, so his ever loyal team–whom were masters of propaganda– made sure that even though their futures were to be ended dangling from a rope, (save for Goering, whom had soldiers sneak in a cyanide tablet, taking his own life.)

    Why? Many reasons. Despite the Nazi reality of genocide, and all that jazz, there were many, MANY technological advances that were too important to throw away, especially the scientists, engineers, and doctors that, for all intent and purposes, were quite advanced in many fields that were too important to throw away. Ironic that this arises, now, especially seeing Nazi technology at work with the newest innovation of a ‘Flying saucer’, was based on actual blueprints and a slight unfinished product that has been being eyed by NASA–now a reality.

    As for the way he looks, (yeah, even his ears) If you have forgotten that our features change when we age, and also knowing that many of the Argentinian community were well adept at facial reconstruction, even if it was just enough to change a slight recognition.

    And yes, you better believe that The Vatican were involved…

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    Definitely, no question to its authenticity.

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    that blurred out photo can be anybody.

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    The picture from Paraguay is proof positive that Jimmy Durante did not die in 1980!!

  • jon lundell

    In my time in law enforcement my colleagues often handed me pictures for comparison. There was this robbery suspect where all we had was the profile of a suspect from an elevator CCTV. The suspect ran into the highrise after alluding police. I sat down at the photo manager system for 2 hours comparing profiles for suspects arrested in the area. I found a 20 year old mug shot. The mandibles were exact. I used the name and dob to pull a current DMV photo. The photo was a hit in a photo array. Suspect was then arrested with property of the robberies. The No.1 facial feature I would always look at were the ears. Facial features change over timr. The ears very rarely change if at all unless by plastic surgery or injury. To me the ears are the same.. So WoW! History is being rewritten all the time. Sad this monster lived to 97yrs old

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    If thats Hitler then i’m mickey fucking mouse

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    If this is true shame on Hitler. I would be disapointed in him.