Israel Find 9/11 Truth An ‘Existential Threat’

Israel find 9/11 truth movement an 'existential threat'

The current media frenzy over Saudi Arabia’s role in the 9/11 attacks is a huge distraction from the real perpetrators of the tragedy, Israel – according to political analyst Mark Glenn. 

Glenn says that the debate about Saudi’s involvement on September 11, 2001, distracts people from Tel Aviv’s involvement, which he says would endanger their very existence if the public found out the truth. reports:

“I believe that the entire operation is one that is rooted in distracting people away from what the truly problematic elements are with regards to 9/11,” Glenn said.

“Let’s keep in mind that 9/11 took place fifteen years ago and since that time we are now involved in the fourth presidential election cycle and yet only now, fifteen years later, suddenly we have people talking about Saudi Arabia’s role,” he added.

Glenn further explained that Sanders and others feel compelled to address the issue not for the sake of revealing the truth but because Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump opened “the can of worms” months ago.

Trump has said that the 9/11 could have been prevented by the US government. He has also brought up the issue of the 28 pages of a congressional report on the attacks that have been kept secret by the White House for over 13 years.

Describing Trump’s comments as “cryptic” and “confusing,” Glenn said the real estate magnate is basically threatening to “start certain discussions that are going to make certain people very uncomfortable,” in case they continue to oppose his candidacy.

“And I believe this revolves all around Israel’s role in 9/11,” he noted.

“This entire operation that Saudi Arabia is being center-staged as the true subject of these 28 pages that have been kept hidden from the American people, this is just, as I said, an operation aimed at distracting people away from the more damning and problematic information where Israel is actually the centerpiece of the discussion,” the analyst continued.

“If the American people were to find out what happened and how Israel was directly involved in 9/11, it would obviously change the political landscape vis-à-vis America and her support for Israel” in such a radical way that would be considered an “existential threat” to the Tel Aviv regime, he concluded.

  • hotrats

    Pure clickbait. Lots of provocative assertions, not one single verifiable fact.
    the real perpetrators of the tragedy, Israel… Tel Aviv’s involvement… Israel’s role in 9/11… Israel is actually the centerpiece of the discussion… how Israel was directly involved in 9/11…

    • Mahboob Khan

      And benefited. It’s because of 9/11 that Israel’s enemies have been crushed with US blood and tteasure to create enormous distraction to Israel annexing area after area killing innocent women and children along the way.

      The fact the government was “protecting KSA for so long” proves Israel’s involvement for sure.

    • Mollie Norris

      Check out Israel’s Fukushima sabotage. The Fukushima disaster was nuclear sabotage by Israel. There was no 9.0 earthquake; helicopter video shows no damage to the city before the tidal wave generated by the detonation of the Israeli-supplied nuclear device disguised as a security camera. It was delivered after Japan agreed to enrich uranium for Iran.

  • Ann Johns

    It might be click bait- for now. Eventually the truth is going to come out, and then, bye bye Israhell, and the world will be a much better place for it.

    • Mahboob Khan

      Let’s hope Saudi Arabia serves as a bait. At this point they are too afraid to talk about their pay master Israel. The funny thing is that Israel takes money from America to bribe American Lawmakers.

    • Mollie Norris

      Rothschilds own 80% of Israel.

  • Mahboob Khan

    Spot on. They are talking about the Saudi role and shielding Israel’s who has a history of false flags such as USS Liberty.

    Fresh investigation is in order given the fact that the previous Government Inquiry Commission did not address Building 7 which was not hit by any plane but went down in a free fall speed on its own footprint on the same day at 5.20 pm.

    This is crucial for USA and the rest of the world.

  • James Smith

    It’s proven fact the De Rothschild’s family are financing all the wars? And Israel appear to be the most successful at war criminal treachery?

    The countries De Rothschild’s have infiltrated are complicit and collaborating in his families genocidal wars of aggression.

  • truth

    When you continue to blame entire countries or cities for what a small handful of people are doing, you are perpetuating the evil and hate in the world. The only way this human race will evolve is if you don’t feed the balogne that the people of a country are to blame for what the illuminati controllers do. It’s time to grow up and stop acting like barbaric monkeys and playing the game illuminati wants you to play. Only continue if you want more drama and hate in the world. You too can help to destroy our planet by fueling nonsense implicating innocent people who are just like you, and entangle them into the crimes of a few ruling families, Royal families etc. Then you are part of the problem in this world.

    • Mollie Norris

      Of course, but the population of the country has some input by its choice of leaders who support terrorism.
      Read “The Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Plan” online here;

      The Bormann Organization/Illuminati/Zionist alliance was formed before the end of WWII; three groups working towards global domination and destruction.

  • rrjames

    What about Israel’s Mossad? A lotta Israelis were arrested for celebrating 9-11?