It Is Now Illegal To Wear An Anonymous Mask In America

America make it a criminal offence to wear an Anonymous mask

Police in America have begun cracking down on people who are caught wearing the Anonymous mask in public, arresting them without due process. 

The most recent case of a man harassed and arrested by the police for sporting an Anonymous mask happened in the House Gallery, during the Maricopa County hearing over suspected election fraud.

As can be seen in the video below, two officers approached the peaceful man who merely had the mask resting on top of his head. The first arresting officer can be seen kicking him to get him out of his chair. reports:

Bystanders went to the man’s defense, with several phones filming the event. One bystander even said the arrest was made because the man was sporting an Anonymous mask.

In the video, another bystander accuses the police of choking the man as the officers unduly restrained him while he was quietly sitting between the chairs. Chants of “shame” and “the whole world is watching” were cried as the man was forced to his feet and escorted away.

After the removal of the man, one of the bystanders states: “you promised us if we were silent you wouldn’t remove us.” Officials then began to plead with the crowd. At the end of the video, one official agreed that the man with the mask did nothing wrong.

Janet Higgens, who uploaded one of the videos, stated: “We were at the point of chaos. All brought on by the police. For a man sitting quietly. With dreadlocks. His name is Jonathan S. McRae. He is currently in jail, charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. I disagree. He was harassed, held to the floor for over 5 minutes, and kidnapped. I don’t know if he was injured in the attack.”

“We the people of the United States are tired of this stuff,” another witness yelled as a bystander warned that this would all end up on YouTube.

  • Dan Jones

    Always some new law to arrest Americans…. Carry a Bible is coming soon…

    More End Time News At:

  • Sonia Clifton


  • i2grok

    Please let this be an Onion type post, please.

    • Emmah R. Curlings

      Videos don’t lie like that sweetie. In the video you can get a little glimpse of the mask.

    • Brandi

      I watched the full stream live…… Unfortunately, this man was abused for simply wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, on the top of his head. 🙁 It’s a sad world we live in. He was totally silent sitting there. Singled out for one, obvious, reason. 🙁

      • Debbie G

        Yes, I saw it too. He did nothing. He wasn’t even wearing the mask pulled down over his face. It was sitting on top of his head.

  • maser

    Feeding the homeless is illegal, collecting rain water illegal, now this guess I am gonna have to get 1 now

    • Malberize

      Collecting cans and repurposing abandoned, curbside furniture is also illegal.

      • Potatopie

        You can legally collect cans in Michigan as long as the cans were purchased in Michigan. They’re very strict on the bottle deposit law.

      • DawgDaze

        but taking billions in bail out money after your corruption caused a global melt down is ok???? SMFH!!!!!!

        • maser

          We need to jail the ceo’s, banker’s an end golden parachutes

        • Quincy Jones


    • Anon

      Folks most people in America are too blind to see that the United States of America has officially now become a police state because when the state makes feeding the homeless illegal, living off the grid illegal, collecting rain water illegal and making growing your own food illegal then the state is in truth saying to the people is this which is written below:

      “Do as we say slaves or we will steal from you, arrest you, imprison you, slander you, torture you and then we will murder you and you as well.”

      • maser

        Yes, very true that is why I speak loud and contest what the government does, they only serve there own intrest and take money from corporations for there own pockets, the time to rise is now, demand lobbing ends, term limits, all money spent by an elected officials is out of pocket an reimbursed, take there credit cards, take there government cars, and reduce there pay 25%. Start to clean up our environment an end false wars.

      • Jeanette

        You got some really messed up laws there. I’m glad I don’t live in America, because your politics seem to ruin your country. Hope you manage to change it. Especially the ban on feeding the homeless is extremely stupid and harmful. Do they want the homeless to starve to death?! Because why else would they have that law?

        • Steve

          Yes, they want the homeless to disappear without helping them in anyway. It is illegal to be poor in America yet it is designed to make most people poor.

    • Jeanette

      Feeding the homeless is illegal? That’s possibly the stupidest law I have heard, as it intensify starvation among someone who is probably already struggling to live. And probably increasing crime rate too, as they now have to steal to get enough food. The government and everyone else should be glad people are trying to help those in need

      • Steve

        Yes that is the point of laws like that, they want crime to rise so people demand more police and more strict laws and sentences.

      • Sylvie Balzar

        If crime rises then the for profit prisons make more money. These prisons actually have contracts with the cities and counties where they are built which guarantee them a certain percentage of occupancy. Yes, the prisons are guaranteed to have prisoners, regardless of whether there is any crime occurring in that area. So bodies for the cells must be found somewhere. THAT is how sick we are here now!

  • Robert Middlebrook

    Laws are for the little people.

  • jimvancise

    That’s cute ! (not true, but cute:) )

  • insidmal

    It’s a Guy Fawkes mask, not an ‘Anonymous Mask’ fyi…

    • Corey Gray

      Appropriated by “Anonymous”, though (but you’re right as to where it started, and that’s WHY they adopted it–gunpowder plot was caused by the same reactionary activist thinking)…

      What people DON’T get is what Anonymous IS…it’s not a hacking group. It’s not an activist group. It has no real “members”, so if anyone tells you they belong to Anonymous, or are “part of Anonymous”, they’re lying baldly…

      Anonymous is essentially a deliberate boogeyman created by semi-anarchistic hackers and crackers who maintain a “no organization, no leadership” situation.

      Like any other hobby, hacking/cracking develops “places” for enthusiasts to hang out together…online in this case. Various hackers frequent chats, forums, OS coders’ sites, altnet and usenet boards that still run…they may or may not belong to an organized group…

      But this is what then happens to turn it into “an Anonymous project” : One of the guys is on one of these sites/threads/rooms…he says “I want to take down Google, and see if we can compromise a bunch of GoogleWallets, just to freak people the hell out”. His own crew/friends aren’t up for it…but someone else pipes up “I’m in”…he might be a rival, or a solo type, himself, but now it’s “a project”. A few more jump on board, possibly members of other organized groups, but not TOGETHER.

      They pull off the hack…it’s discovered.

      Now…since the Dragoon Alliance, RLT, or any of the other ORGANIZED groups didn’t do it as part of their organization, they can’t be given credit, right? And hacking, like terrorism, requires SOMEONE be able to claim credit…or there’s no point, you’re no better than a burglar, not even an especially talented one. If your hack took talent, you want at LEAST the hacking community to know…and if it was REALLY good, it’s worth the risk of going to jail to let the WORLD know it was you and yours, even if under online aliases…for instance the two middle school kids who crashed China’s Great Firewall a couple years back, and caused a rather tense political position that was interestingly enough mostly ignored by the media…they rightfully wanted the whole world to know they’d done “the impossible”…even if it meant jail time, banning from computers until 18 or 21, whatever the punishment was…they knew they’ll never top that hack, so were willing to pay the price to have it known that was THEIR work….

      So you publish saying ANONYMOUS takes credit…since Anonymous is nothing but a name for a nebulous group of disorganized and VERY loosely associated people, NOT an organization, membership, club, or anything else, it’s a boogeyman…”oh dear, Anonymous is going to get us, and there’s nothing we can do to stop them…we can’t find them, we can’t bust their core, or even just their leaders…” THERE IS NO SUCH GROUP, that’s why they can’t be found and busted…it’s simply a catchall Boogeyman name for what amounts to random associations of hackers and crackers coming together on a project by project basis, never having a consistent political, social, or financial pogrom or even standing on the same side of any lines in such areas.

      It spread to the real world and pop culture when it became such an effective “weapon” and method online…but it can’t work the same way, since those “loose, random associations” required to avoid being an organization can’t work due to the nature of the physical environment as opposed to a cyberenvironment. But as symbolism, it’s bloody GREAT.

      • Kanadian

        Fairly certain “anonymous” was just “anonymity” and was originally from a Facebook page called “Dipyo” or “did I Piss you off” was a bunch of random people utilizing free speech for the first time under the guise of an alias. It remices the attatchment of your name and allows many to be able to speak their minds. Thats it. Period.

        • kanadian

          And, true greatness, requires no recognition.

        • Standing Lightwave

          Actually. It started on 4chan. Under the “anonymous”, post category.

        • Corey Gray

          Anon is FAR older than FB. It’ older than 4Chan…what are you guys, 25, that those were your first contacts?

          Anonymous isn’t any sort of “group”…a group has common goals. And if you’ll bother searching altnet stes and usenet sites…some quite still active, you’ll find people referring to Anon hacker associations clear back in the days of WinSock and WinNuke…that’d be around 1998, when AOL, Prodigy, and Earthlink were major providers, ICQ was THE multiplatform messenger, and altnet and usenet were used BECAUSE it was easier to “hide”…could actually and truly be anonymous, not just post with name hidden.

          Basically stuff now considered “darknet” or “undernet” because so few know it even exists, much less how to reach it.

        • Corey Gray

          BTW…Dipyo started with [myg0t], a rager (what gamers used to call trolls) group that delighted in harassing chat and IRC admin, trolling rooms, cheatuing in videogames JUST to make people have fits, quit playing, or otherwise ruin their fun.

          After harassing a channel until banned, reset IP, go back in (most admin back then could ban by name…come back under diff name, same IP, they ban IP, release/renew, in those days, invariably changed your IP, so back in AGAIN…under original name, if possible…”Awww…Dipyo?”

          Doubt that one, hit myg0t’s site, peruse through the OLD forum photo albums, and you’ll SEE OldManPetersen, g0d, PsychoBud, Vamp, and a few others FILL that archive with such inane nonsense.

          Then, of course, because of the game raging, a bunch of scriptkiddies, wannabes, and idiots who couldn’t play well enough, so ruined others’ play by downloading hacks and acted like asses (not that myg0t’s whole purpose isn’t to act like asses).

      • drmom5

        We are all anonymous. You just never know.

        • Corey Gray

          EXACTLY my point…the boogeyman…no way to know who is and is not, or what their intentions and desires are…until the hack’s done…then maybe a couple of guys get busted…but the GROUP can’t be taken down, because there is no “group”…loose, anarchistic design, not even held together by “social cell structure” needed by an underground organization for its own security (where Adam will only know his two friends, Abel and Allen and his boss, Bob, in his cell of activists/attackers…nobody ever knows more than four others in the group). TOTALLY anarchistic, so NO ability to take it down…and no ability for them to TAKE OVER as leadership, anywhere.

          Hence my personal support…anything that regularly disrupts governmental or monolithic corporate entities to the benefit of humans, can weaken their grasp on us, and CAN’T end up taking over, in the process…has my support, even when I don’t agree with why…and I LOVE “how”…lol

          BTW…we all may be…

      • Author Ronald Wintrick

        It is an activist group. That is exactly what it is.

        • Corey Gray

          an activist group has a coherent goal in mind. Anon. doesn’t. NOT a group, an anarchistic non-entity.

          • Corey Gray

            maser…I have this little niggling idea you and I have met under different names…”somewhere”…lol

    • Debbie G

      It is now known as both.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      It’s a mask that’s the image of an anti-democratic jihadist, owned by a multibillion dollar conglomerate who makes 70% of the purchase price, produced using toxic chemicals by slave labor in China.

      Anyone wearing it to protest capitalism is an utter $@#6ing retard.

      But it’s not illegal.

  • نور مصلح

    Where is the video so I can share?

  • Tobias Keith

    I wonder what the truth is.

    • Raust Shieldra

      The truth is that he was indeed being disruptive with the other guy that left (as they mentioned in the video) He was stone cold busted on the security footage that was chosen not to be shared here. However if you look even lightly you can find that on youtube as well. I found it through the suggested videos.

  • Chimene Hawes

    Don’t disbelieve. That is my video in this article, and here’s the one that came right before it. I was an eyewitness and this attack was completely unprovoked by Jon McRae.

    • AnneLewis

      Disrupt, create chaos, resist being asked to leave (trespass), screaming and needing conflict because you haven’t a clue how to discuss things rationally….here is a hint: when asked to leave by a cop, comply…if not and they have to manhandle your dumb ass out, quit your crying about it. Also, the one guy standing was stupid enough to lunge forward at the cop, which was a threat, and the cop told them to go…then he starts bitching about the cop having his shirt. You people are incredible. Whoever that insane screaming chick was in the video is a classic…just classless playing victim. These are the oldest tactics in the books…and they always end the same when the cops do what they are tasked to do, which is protect people from being bullied by wackos like you guys. If the cops had not stepped in you guys would have extended your verbal abuse to anyone else you wanted to. NEXT!

      • Peanutzdad

        Shut up, you authoritarian personalitied c nt. You’re one of the sheep who will march gleefully to your destruction just because a cop or some other POS tells you to.

        • AnneLewis

          Lol. March to my destruction ? Oh, the drama. There is protest and there is “we desperately need to validate ourselves by creating a situation and conflict by creating a chaotic environment by not being respectful of the free speech of others or listening to a lawful request to leave a place when being called out for disrupting a meeting or event” The pathetic tactic used by those that have no argument and are stuck on stupid….that need to play victim. “Oh, look! The man is oppressing me, I am such a rebel…” “ooooh, I am super edgy with my guy fawks mask….(covering the face is a security risk. But the mask itself is not illegal, yawn) ” Anyone needing a mask is a damn coward, period. C*nt? Niiiice. A feminist’s fav word, be proud youngin’…(pat on the head) One day you will be able to call someone that and they will cry and cry….boo hooo. Me? I expected as much from your ilk. It was hilarious…so predictable. Oh yeah, you may want to study up on law a tad. These people are not special…above the law. Just desperate, Peanutzdad (really? Lol)

          • cowtzu

            You’ll march gleefully to your destruction because a liberal told you not to.

          • AnneLewis

            Don’t flatter yourself believing any liberal could have that much influence on others…talk about liberal delusions of grandeur…lol

      • bella

        Are you kidding me. The guy with glasses wearing a pin stripped shirt lunged at a cop and that was a threat. @AnneLewis:disqus you have stockholm syndrome.

        • AnneLewis

          It is called communicating a threat. Police are there to enforce the laws…and bowing up in a cops face is ridiculously stupid…shows a total lack of self awareness…so I guess you’d say he was just asking him to dance, please, spare me. Stockholm Syndrome? Um, yeahhhhhh, sure….the cops are holding me hostage and I identify with them…smh. Again, if the situation had been reversed you’d be whining that the big bad cop had threatened you. Grow up. Police are people too….not there to just take the abuse of simpletons that cannot use their “grownup voices” and debate with facts. Spare me.

          • bella

            Grown up voices? Hello he wasn’t even talking. Let me guess your husband is a cop, or your mother, brother sister gpa etc

          • AnneLewis

            Totes adorbs! I was speaking to the screaming lunatic female and the fact grown ups talk about issues…these fools? Being partial to categorizing everything…the 4 types? Nah. I’d be in the 5th category. The one that thinks the hypocrisy against cops is pathetic…especially when grandiose claims that cops are the villains no matter what surfaces. Break the law, sometimes cops are asked to intervene. They risk their lives every day so people like you can whine and cry wolf because they cannot accept responsibility for their own actions. If a cop breaks the law, they also should be punished….but to expect to run riot everywhere like feral cats and spoiled children, disobeying lawful orders and resisting arrest, is deluded and a major part of this “I, me, my only” generation…no matter what your mothers told you, you are not special and above the law, period. The world does not revolve around you. Maybe when you grow up you will understand this. Until then, good luck with your world view.

          • Nergal

            If the brown shirts are that afraid of a guy’s chest then they need a new line of work.

      • Nergal

        He wasn’t doing anything, he was not a threat, and he was not “trespassing” in a public hearing. The two tubby-tards in jackboots are the real bullies here, and that much is obvious. NEXT!

        • AnneLewis

          Unfortunately, when asked to leave and not complying it becomes trespass. And still, his bad decision to do the cute chest thing made it worse and it is considered a conveying a threat. It is the same thing as pulling back your fist. Next.

          • Ihatepigs

            Anne you’re a slave. Off to slaughter, statist c unt.

          • AnneLewis

            Very original (yawn). Must have taken you forever to think of it. Slaughter? Riiiiiight.

          • Nergal

            So, Tubbytard is afraid of the chest? What, is it going to grow a fist and punch him? The piggy is built like a sumo wrestler without the muscle, I doubt that kids chest would have hurt him, so no; it is NOT even remotely the same as pulling back a fist.
            There was no reason for him to be asked to leave, other than one politician’s cowardice because
            ee gad a MASK! What, was the mask going to fly off of his face and blow him up with gunpowder? That kind of luck doesn’t exist, but of course, despots always seek to silence dissent.

    • Nergal

      That guard needs to have a few less Big Macs and maybe hop on the treadmill once in awhile.

  • day2knight

    “Police in America have begun cracking down on people who are caught wearing the Anonymous mask in public, arresting them without due process. ”

    Hello! Due process comes after an arrest. It’s the part where charges are filed and/or an indictment is made, an attorney is hired or provided to the defendant, and a trial is performed either before a judge or a judge and an impaneled jury.

    He was arrested for trespassing.and resisting arrest. These are common grounds for arrest used by police everywhere. It remains to be seen whether or not charges will be filed and due process is actually rendered. The police can hold anyone for 24 hours without charges.

    • Corey Gray

      Except you have to have reasonable suspicion a crime is being committed, or an emergency exists, to even touch a civilian as a cop, there is no law against those masks in particular, or ANYTHING worn in such a way as it does not shield the face from view, anywhere in the country…and thanks to pro-burka decisions, no such law would be enforceable…they had no basis for initially targeting him, making the arrest bogus, AND, since the initial reason for the arrest is bogus, so is the resisting arrest charge.

      Frankly, despite the old “a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client”, I would LOVE an opportunity to raise hell in open court the way they just provided him one…I’d end up in jail, but I’d publicly make everyone involved look such the disorganized and unethical clown, they’d have destroyed whatever remainder of a career they’d been anticipating…and insist the media be permitted in (as is also the right of the accused).

      • day2knight

        First, you confuse suspicion with cause. What is “reasonable” is subjective to individual cops. If a protester is on private property and has not been invited, by definition, he/she is trespassing.

        • Adam Jackson

          I didn’t see him protesting. I saw him observing the proceedings.

          • Debbie G

            Same here.

        • Wayne Breivogel

          It’s not “reasonable cause”, it’s called “probable cause”. If you smell weed during a traffic stop, that’s “probable cause”. If someone is weaving all over the road, that’s “probable cause”. If a cop pulls you over and says “I want to search your car”, you can tell him to fuck off.

          • TheDude

            You don’t understand the law. He’s not saying “reasonable cause” nor is he confused regarding “probable cause” – you are. The lowest threshold to detain someone for further investigation is reasonable suspicion. From there, if probable cause is developed, then an arrest can be affected based on that probable cause. I recommend you google the definition of the legal phrase “reasonable suspicion” so maybe you’ll be a little more informed when you try and challenge what is legal and what is not. And on a side note, the reason for an initial contact is not always the same reason for subsequent action such as an arrest, use of force, etc. You can contact someone for reason (A) but depending on how that contact evolves an arrest or use of force can result for a completely different reason.

        • Brandi

          FYI….. The legislature openly invited these people to come air their grievances. There was an invitation. To the entire public.

        • Nergal

          Knight: I’m not trying to be snarky, but how exactly does one “trespass” in a public hearing? The entire thing was a matter of public record and so he had every right to be there.

        • Author Ronald Wintrick

          It was public property.

        • Corey Gray

          Nope, no confusion…have to have “reasonable suspicion” to create probable cause, if there’s nothing in plain sight to justify it. There MUST be some aspect that the cop honestly believes (and the judge backs him) that had he asked for a warrant to be issued due to his observation, it almost certainly would have been…ONLY under those conditions, or with your permission, can they lawfully search without a warrant physically present.

          Need proof? Next time a cop asks to search you, tell him to get a warrant. Tell him he’s welcome o, but ONLY with a warrant.

          You’ll most likely be there two hours longer, and be treated much less well…but the warrant will show up, if it was a honest cop that pulled you over. Ad if not..record it…you’ll most likely get it kicked out of court for anything short of a trunk full of parted out cadavers.

    • Monkin

      Your not allowed to arrest people at random and slap charges on afterwards unless something illegal is happening or you have reason to believe something illegal is happening. This form of policing is called fear mongering, the officers involved wanted to scare the rest of them into submitting to their will, to make them feel powerful. It was done on a personal level and not a department level, so my assumption is the arresting officer probably is having issues at home with his wife or kids and is taking it out on the public like most bullies do. If he weren’t a cop he would have spit in your hamburger or whatever sort of random act of transgression would make him feel better that day. Its part of why we need better psych evaluations

      • Jay Lee

        They have a great psych evaluation…. It’s nearly perfect at picking out the SOCIOPATHS… Seriously.. look it up! You literally can not become a police officer if you do not display the traits of a Sociopath!

        • drmom5

          LOL surrrrre.

      • day2knight

        Of course a cop can arrest anyone. There’s always a reason a cop can find to make an arrest if he/she so desires. An arrest is not equal to charges. And the vast majority of time when arrests like these are made no charges are filed. And even if the cops go to the effort to file, prosecutors often dismiss the charges.

        • Wayne Breivogel

          You can’t just arrest someone without probable cause or an obvious criminal act. But thanks for playing.

        • Robert Arthur Gillis

          day2knight: – “What? – For future reference to indicate the ‘released’ suspect is a potential ‘shit-disturber?”

        • Mr. Salacia

          If there was a such thing as justice….you “day2knight”, would find yourself under a jackboot someday….but there isn’t, so sleep easy.

        • Serenity Valle

          The problem with this is that in some places, a dismissal of charges, even an arrest itself, if it shows up on any check can bar a person from certain jobs. There is absolutely no reason for this to happen, but it can and it does.

          I have seen this occur, firsthand, to someone in formerly in my household, twice.

    • andrea

      He was neither trespassing, nor resisting arrest. He was jumped on by an ANIMAL and choked, as we all saw on the video, and an official crock of bull was later cooked up to justify the animal’s brutality.
      Nice try.

      • day2knight

        You miss the point. Cops can always find a reason for an arrest. Whether or not that reason is valid is up to a prosecutor or a grand jury (if it is a major crime) to decide.

  • AnneLewis


  • Barry Hess

    It’s NOT an “Anonymous” mask; it is a Guy Fawkes mask, and it means something. It’s been around a lot longer than Anonymous. You may want to do a Google search for Guy Fawkes, and for the movie that made the mask internationally famous, “V is for Vendetta”–you will be amazed.

    • Michael J Dulin

      lol such a know it all, or you think you do. Continue the story how Anonymous uses the mask for the same purpose as the movie.

  • Richard Rivette

    Civil War is coming. Only people who don’t believe that haven’t been paying attention. We are taxed at over 60-70%. Middle Class destroyed. Business destroyed. Death tax, threats to privacy, assembly, religion, press, everything. Civil War is almost here and the last to admit it will be the first swept up by it I fear. God help this nation.

    • Jim Setbacken

      Bring it on, it’s long overdue. Street people and proletariat army: don’t mess with hard drugs if you can manage. The establishment will allow heroin to be easier to get and more potent. Check out L.A.’s Watts “riots” 1965-66. (not really riots, but major civil disobedience.) CIA might fire up Air America budget lingo and jargon.

    • SecludedCompound

      Hahaha! Taxed at 60-70%! Fucking libertarians are idiots.

      • Richard Rivette

        Um. I am no Libertarian. When you add all Federal, State, Local and other taxes, including property, sales, value added, buried taxes on just about everything, fees, permits, usage charges, levies, etc. from all types of entities, there are well over 60 types of taxes and we pay a fortune, beyond the basic Medicare, FICA, and other obvious taxes. Add in the employer’s comp, and the cost of every job is over 40% above the rate you pay an employee. The employee ultimately would have been receiving those funds in a competitive market. Instead, employers pay the state and Federal governments for all kinds of compliance. Go. Add. It. All. Up. Mr. hahahah.

        • SecludedCompound

          Ah, great, yeah more helpful information obtained at Google University. Obviously, if I add all of those up, you’re wrong.

          • Nergal

            Really? Prove it.

          • Richard Rivette

            There are many hidden taxes and fees. Go fishing. Get a boat. Try starting a business. Do anything of value and it is taxed. The average cost for getting a small enterprise started legally is over $5000 in most states. There are licenses, fees, and taxes hidden everywhere. I am not making this up or looking it up online. I know from personal experience helping start over 100 companies in 35 years for clients in various states. Since 1981 I have been dealing with red tape and it has only gotten worse. Now, enough of the insults. Just how many jobs have you created in your life? Me, several thousand. And supported over 150,000 others with my efforts.

          • SecludedCompound

            Yes, there are many “hidden” “taxes” such as “licensing fees” (which get smaller for you as a percentage of income the more you make so if you’re a rich guy like you seem to be claiming to be, they’re basically regressive taxation). Taxes do not add up to anywhere near 60 or 70% for you or anyone else.

          • Richard Rivette

            1. My avatar has always been Ted Cruz button.
            2. I’m not rich. You confuse accomplishments with greed.
            3. You like to call names and make insulting comments without substantiation.
            4. Engaging in commerce and supporting oneself should never be taxed.
            5. You apparently either drink or use drugs from the rich Libertarian rant.
            6. The richest 1% pay over 80% of taxes now. Not that I am 1%.
            7. The top 20% of earners pay 99% of all taxes.
            8. The bottom 45% of all earners pay no taxes and get all deductions allowed, including earned income tax credits which basically shift money from wealthy to those who have far less, which is not exactly a bad thing, just the methodology is applied theft.
            9. You could have an analysis done of yourself and look very foolish online indeed. I am not a closed book or secret. My positions are open and honest. You probably agree with more of them than you know.
            10. Conservatives never die off. There is a natural progression from liberal, to reformist to conservative as one matures and ages, viewing the world differently as life experience occurs. Read Winston Churchill.
            11. You are very sure of yourself, when in fact your immaturity and silly nature belie a very uncomfortable, unconfident person who would rather act like a sixth grader than attempt to solve any problems.
            12. You also seem very worried about money, especially other people’s money which places you as more a socialist, with the belief that taking from someone who earns their living through hard work is okay. Time to put down the keyboard and do something constructive with your life. Go volunteer and help others. I devote a quarter of my waking life to doing just that, as starting very poor with nothing taught me hard lessons about the need to mentor and support others in their quest to leave poverty. But you would know nothing of the real me as you have already convinced yourself I am the boogieman. You are simply another foolish person. Do some meditation and take stock of what you offer the world beside snark.
            13. Finally, elections are not always what they seem. My winning or losing may be irrelevant, but your depth of analysis is too shallow to understand why one runs for office in a district weighted 85% against them. Education, outreach, and awareness. There are subtler reasons, and if God allows my win, then I will serve the people here well. If I lose it is because that is not what is meant for my life. Very simply put, I am fine with it either way. Can you say the same about your life?

          • SecludedCompound

            1. Your face has always been weaselish and unlikable which is why nobody votes for you (also, the insane policies and racism probably)
            2. You said you were rich; you probably lie a lot to make yourself feel better about your pathetic self. that’s pretty funny.
            3. Yep, I like to deride sad losers that think highly of themselves without reason, yep. You’re ridiculous! hahaha.
            4. That sure seems like something an idiot would believe, yep! Good luck! The conservative movement is dead, and you are pathetic.

          • SecludedCompound


            Are you the same Richard Rivette that’s running for State Senate in NC??

            That would be hilarious. I mean, god, people must be starving for intelligent leaders down there if a nitwit like that is up for office.

          • Richard Rivette

            I use my real name when commenting. You are so clairvoyant. You also can’t hold a candle to what I’ve accomplished in life so throw any insult you want. I’ve heard it all. You are just silly.

          • SecludedCompound


          • SecludedCompound


          • SecludedCompound

            Guess what dude? you’re going to lose and lose big. Have fun! Also have fun with your movement aging out of the population, you conservative wingnut ninny.

  • mikelorrey

    They don’t care any more about being embarrased. They know the state will cover their asses. Time to make them pay a price.

  • feet_ontheground

    The mask wasn’t even covering his face it was resting on top of his head… he had dreadlocks though. And I think they were security officers, not police officers… in AZ…

  • Egil Henrik Lehmann

    We should have the courage to show our faces.

  • ovono

    Trespassing could never stick as all government proceedings must be transparent and are open to the public. The ONLY reason for removal is creating a disturbance which the guy clearly was not. It is clearly false arrest and harassment. Problem is that AZ is known for its lawless police state tactics to control the public. Citizens need to keep up the pressure of protest and civil disobedience

  • Marc Herlands

    Zero Tolerance for Police Brutality. They know better. Enough is enough. We the people are not their enemies. They are the law breakers and cause disorder. Masks are symbols of rebellion and they are afraid because they know that the system is so rotten that it could implode at any time. It is rotten even in the police departments all across this country. it is rotten in the jails and prisons. It is rotten in the halls of our courts and capitol buildings. Everyone knows that the system is rigged from top to bottom by both the Republican and Democratic Parties. When the people have lost faith in their government’s basic virtue, major change is in the air.

  • Dennis

    One day they are going to pick on the wrong guy or girl and a world of shit is going to hit them!

  • KhanneaSuntzu

    It is the duty of the people of the United States to rise up – and not just wishy-washy.

  • JayAre420

    Cops can probably mess with me and get away with it. But fuck with Guy Fawkes mask on video, you’re asking for real trouble piggies.

  • Kris Weibel

    You can bet your ass I am getting a mask!

    • Robert Arthur Gillis

      !!! – “That’s the Spirit I like, Kris! Kudos!! If the establishment continues with this kind of harassment, – it will do a 180 and bite them ALL in the gonads!”

  • Voicedude

    It is NOT illegal! Stop saying such crap! However, it MAY get you unwanted attention attention by authoritarian jackboots. So will wearing a ‘Fuck The Police’ t-shirt! Duh!

  • HugoDanner

    AZ is an Open Carry state.Add an AK47 to your Anonymous mask, and TAKE THESE FUCKERS OUT!!!!

  • Todd Simpson

    This year seems to be proving that America is finally dead. America has become a fascist country “of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation”. Just in case you dont know, fascism has elements of both the far right and far left.

  • Nergal

    A Guy Fawkes mask. Awesome; I too wish to overthrow Parliament and establish a Catholic Theocracy.

  • fred8131

    The only thing legal is being an illegal, go figure.

  • fred8131

    hey should arrest all those BLM people for wearing their faces.

  • Califash

    The headline — It Is Now Illegal To Wear An Anonymous Mask In America — is a lie. “Illegal” means there’s a law against it. “In America” means it’s a federal law, applying everywhere in the country. This is just Maricopa County stupid policing, a topic that has abundant items attached to it. Your reporting, however, is click-bait pseudo-drama. You’re just a shade better than “What Are The Biggest Boobs In Hollywood.” Are your moms proud of you?

  • Jeroen Stapper

    is it really illegal or is this just another click-bait headline? i have my suspicions.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    I don’t see a report of a conviction, so it’s not illegal.

    The uniformed thugs were just doing what uniformed thugs do.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    It’s a mask that’s the image of an anti-democratic jihadist, owned by a multibillion dollar conglomerate who makes 70% of the purchase price, produced using toxic chemicals by slave labor in China.

    Anyone wearing it to protest capitalism is an utter $@#6ing retard.

    But it’s not illegal. He’s not been convicted.

  • Derrick Penny

    It’s all about smaller and less intrusive government.

  • joe

    It is just a matter of time until there is nothing left to lose.

  • Maxx Headroom

    And then cops wonder why they’re being targeted and ambushed across the country. Distrust and rebellion has already started.

  • jossass

    Hottest girls are every man’s wildest dreams [b][/b] )))

  • adfowlkes71

    I know this is old, but when was there a law passed that made wearing a specific mask illegal?