EU Forces Tiny Italian Village Of 7 People To Take 80 Migrants

The tiny Italian village Vaccarozzi di Erbezzo has just 7 residents, but they have been ordered by the EU to accept 80 refugees.

The tiny Italian hamlet of Vaccarozzi di Erbezzo, located in the mountains above Verona, has only seven residents, but that is set to change after a EU directive has ordered them to take 80 migrants. 

Already 26 African asylum seekers have arrived as part of a European Union migrant resettlement program. There are plans to resettle at least 80 migrants in the tiny town, according to Mayor Lucio Campedelli who is worried the numbers are unrealistic and will have a negative impact on residents:

Sending 80 refugees here would turn this place upside down. They told us just before summer that they would arrive, but we can’t do anything about it. I don’t want to add fuel to the fire, but I hope they stop with these first 26 arrivals.

The tiny hamlet of Vaccarozzi di Erbezzo, home to just 7 people, has been ordered to accommodate 80 refugees.

Voice of Europe reports: Locals already call the Northern Italian mountain town “refugee land”. In early November the first 26 migrants arrived after setting foot on Italy’s Southern shores. All of them are men, and all are still traumatized from their difficult journey in rickety barges across the Mediterranean.

Liana, a local resident, says:

Sending 80 here is madness. It would completely change our land. Even sending two here would be too many if we didn’t ask for them.

The town’s asylum seekers are living in a former NATO barracks, guarded by gates and turrets.

For now it’s better that they readapt in our center, where we can take care of their primary needs, such as food,” says Andrea Montagnini, a member of Versoprobo. “Soon they will be able to leave under certain rules, and we’ll try to provide them with a shuttle to town. But at night they’ll have to return here.”

Versoprobo claims that locals should have nothing to fear from the resettlement program.

We’ve tried to reassure the local community through several meetings that they won’t have to change their way of life just because these refugees have arrived here,” says Montagnelli.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Tall T

    87 people will soon only be 80.

    • Mollie Norris

      Right! and based on the photo here, all males, and all within an age range qualifying them for military service.

      • ILUVUSA2

        But not before they rape all the women and plunder the resources…

    • ILUVUSA2

      7 vs. 80 . Italexit.

  • Faith, Hope and Love abide

    Sad. What is the underlying agenda here? Don’t studies show it is more cost effective and efficacious to help others in their home countries?

    • Mollie Norris

      Cost effectiveness isn’t the underlying agenda – see the website in my comment, above.

    • hiphop

      The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europehttp://www.westernspr…

    • Roberto Deramo

      Simply, YES!

    • ILUVUSA2

      They don’t want help. They want world domination.

  • Steve S

    The seven should move and let the mooslims be a thorn in the side of the Italian govt.

  • That’s it.

    The EU is NWO.

    • Andy C

      No the UN is. But the first attempts to form both were about the same time in history.
      That which is both however, belays both.

  • hiphop

    These countries should get the strength to tell the EU (NO) . These places are being destroyed by immigrants.