Ivanka, Kusher Secretly Meet With George Soros At Hamptons Party

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner meet with George Soros at Hamptons party

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner were filmed secretly meeting up with billionaire elitist George Soros during a Hamptons party on Saturday.

The first daughter and the real estate developer met with both George Soros and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer at former WaPo editor Lally Weymouth’s Southampton home on Saturday.

As we previously reported, Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner has been exposed as having a secret business relationship with the billionaire Democrat.

According to financial disclosure forms released earlier this year, Kushner’s real-estate finance company called Cadre ended up borrowing $250 million from Soros in 2016.

Kusher came under fire for not disclosing the business relationship with the left-wing billionaire, who has been very vocal about destroying the Trump presidency in the last few months.

Thehill.com reports:

Kushner and Trump are both advisers to President Trump. Soros, a major donor to Democratic causes and an ardent opponent of Trump, has been accused by a number of Republicans of funding anti-Trump protesters.

Other guests at the party included White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.), billionaire GOP donor Charles Koch, former New York City police commissioner Bill Bratton and business mogul and longtime Trump friend Carl Icahn, according to Politico.

Weymouth’s brother, former Washington Post publisher Don Graham, reportedly made a speech about Weymouth’s birthday Monday and touted the upcoming Steven Spielberg film on the Post’s publication of the Pentagon Papers.

The director also attended the party.

  • monica

    Very sad for our country

    • PotomacHeights4ever

      This is frightening. Is the President trying to balance loyalty to the People with loyalty to his family? This won’t work! These two need to go back to NYC.

  • Frank C

    Well, Ivanka is a spy – but for which side?
    OR is she an ambassador?

    • mike harris

      Ambassadors are spies, good nuance.

  • Catherine

    You won’t see this on the news. Many people would consider this treachery at its worse.

    • nonnie11

      yes, it does look very odd them meeting with Soros…..

      • Catherine

        Well, I don’t know for sure, but if it is true that Kushner’s real-estate finance company called Cadre ended up borrowing $250 million from Soros in 2016, it does seem like a connection between Soros and Kusher. In my opinion, and from all I have read it is factual, Soros was connected with Obama and with Hillary. I believe that Soros is a very evil person.

  • ameehhicathenuked

    A new form of evil…… toomuchtoomuch… this is occult shit….this is not normal betrayal ..this is occult shit..you americans are so totally fuked up.. I mean only in america does this shit happen to this extent….. no wonder you are gonna be nuked… and rightly so too…

    • http://www.jimsforum.com James Jones

      The whole world is under the Satanic control of the One World Banking cartel! They want 666!

  • Anne Felippe

    Glad i wasnt invited

  • Black Swan

    ” Psychopath’s says Robert D. Hare of The University Of British Columbia, can be charming but deadly. Their hallmark is a stunning lack of Conscience. Their game is self gratification at the other person’s expense. Many spend time in Prison and Mental Institutions and many are unrecognized and do not.”

  • Zigerdo

    Here is a question that hasn’t been asked… How does George Soros who is an international criminal in too many ways to list just waltz into the U.S. and hang out in the Hamptons without being arrested?

    • http://www.jimsforum.com James Jones

      Because he has a great deal of FBI on his payroll!

  • http://www.jimsforum.com James Jones

    Why would any of Trumps supporters be at a Washington Post party???
    Is this a sit down? Or a get together of old friends?

  • PotomacHeights4ever

    This is a direct and significant conflict of interest. I didn’t vote for this!!!

  • Santiago De Matamoros

    Mr. Trump must know this? C’mon