Japanese Citizens Flee Tokyo En Masse Following Fukushima Disaster

Japanese residents are leaving Tokyo en masse following Fukushima nuclear disaster

The elite and wealthy in Tokyo are evacuating en masse due to dangerous levels of radiation following the Fukushima meltdown. 

One nuclear expert has warned people that they should not only leave Tokyo, but evacuate Japan altogether if they have the financial means to do so.

Agreenroad.blogspot.fr reports:

She said that she would leave, if she could afford to do so. To find out more about this mega nuclear accident that has been mostly covered up, see; Nuclear Accidents, Recycling, Nuclear Fuel

This same process happens after every nuclear disaster, such as Chernobyl, etc. The most financially well off, intelligent and well connected nuclear industry families leave immediately after a nuclear disaster, because they KNOW the dangers, and do not stick around to inhale the worst of the worst.

Those people working inside of a nuclear plant that have families make cell phone calls and tell their loves ones to LEAVE, RIGHT NOW! Their children are taken out of harm’s way as soon as possible and are provided KI tablets.

Those who are not connected to the nuclear industry and who never hear about how bad it really is, sit and inhale the worst of the worst, with no warming at all, one nuclear disaster after another. The civilians are all treated the same way, no matter which country they live in.

Everyone else outside of the closed off nuclear ‘family’ is left to fend for themselves in the raw poisonous and radioactive air, while being told it will cause ‘no immediate harm’. The rich and the connected have the financial means and connections to make a major move quickly.

The rich and well connected can afford to leave behind possessions, real estate, businesses, etc. They know what really matters is living in a healthy body, and that is only possible if you are not exposed to massive amounts of radiation that comes from a nuclear reactor that is melting down.

  • Shinmen Takezo

    Sorry–this article above is complete hogwash!
    It is all a lie. There is no truth to it at all. It is all baloney

    I just returned from Japan last week–and I spent some time in Tokyo… and there are not “mass evacuations” –there are no “for sale signs” posted everywhere. There are no train loads of people fleeing the city for other parts of the country.

    This story was written by someone who has never been to Japan, does not speak the language, nor understand its culture. It is written off of malarkey gleened off of the internet which was posted by conspiracy nuts-wads.

    The country continues to move in 5th gear all the time.
    The trains continue to operate. The shelves in the markets are still stocked.
    People still go to work. Children still go to school. Life in Tokyo all seems very normal.

    The problems of Fukushima are about 150 miles to the north of Tokyo–and only a small portion of that prefecture is a no-go zone. Yes the wrecked reactors are a massive problem, but they are working hard to clean things up and bring things under complete control. There are no deadly radiation levels in Tokyo.

    Whomever wrote this article is full of shite!

    • Gc Gcc

      Do you know anything about nuclear fall out? Do you know caesium-137 was among the isotopes distributed by the reactor explosion that constitute the greatest risk to health? They are realeasing tons of caesium-137 and other nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean, even now during this writing?

      Did you actually checked the caesium-137 isotopes level of fallout? The nuclear scientists in Tokyo found that the caesium level is about 10-20 times higher than normal in their city. They checked this by collecting dust from the several apartment air conditioner filters. They also check the air level and water in the ground around Tokyo. Seek the truth, but never turn to blinded eyes.

      Of course, I agree with that there is no mass evacuations in Tokyo. But, you know, there are many rich and nuclear scientist had moved out of Japan or purchased lands in other countries.

    • Dave

      The article is talking about the people with the means to do so. And the people smart enough to do so. We’ve read for years about the radiation levels in tokyo, and japan. Ignorance is bliss!

    • edwitness

      Shinmen Takezo,
      When we here in the US have a small leak from a nuclear reactor it is sometimes made light of, but when it comes to light that there are real problems we shut them down. San Onofre is an example of how we deal with nuclear power.

      But, in Japan they have continued to live in very close proximity to 4 reactors that continue to melt down. Would you call it intelligent for someone to remain living so close to so much potential radiation exposure? I wouldn’t. 150 miles is not enough distance between you and sure radiation poisoning.

      ENE News tells of high levels of radiation being detected in the soil in Tokyo. And that was a couple years ago. I can just imagine how bad it is now. With no containment and no date for when they will have them contained, it is a fools errand to believe that you can be so close to the levels of radiation coming from those reactors and not be poisoning yourself by doing so.

      Nuclear Expert: “I’ve learned there’s a huge spike in death rates in Fukushima for young children”… Officials are covering up data — Gov’t committing inhuman acts on their own people — Doctor’s who treat patients suffering from radiation illness are being put out of business; Arnie Gundersen, nuclear engineer: “I’ve been reflecting a lot over the last week and a half about what the trip meant to me personally and what I learned… The first thing is [the people are] terribly concerned about their country and concerned about their children…

      The second thing is the inhumanity of the Japanese government, the Japanese utilities and the Japanese banks toward their own population. I’m just appalled at how the power structure in Japan is ignoring what its people want and basically ramming nukes down the throat of their population… I think [the media sources in Japan] still feel pressure under that State Secrets Act. Nobody wants to push too hard against [Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s] administration. As a matter of fact, one of Abe’s prime key ministers came out and said twice now that if… the media doesn’t say what the administration wants them to say, they’re going to pull their licenses.”

      Arnie Gundersen also had this to say; “Yeah, let me get back to the first thing I said about the inhumanity toward their own people. We had doctors tell us when they treated somebody for radiation illness, if they put radiation illness on the hospital forms, the government refused to pay. So doctors were literally going out of business because they were doing their job and treating people.

      But the other thing I learned on the last day of the trip was that there’s a huge spike in the death rates within Fukushima Prefecture for young children compared to what it was in previous years. But that story has been stifled by the Japanese medical and government agencies. Nobody’s publishing the data that the Japanese have been publishing for years leading up to the disaster.

      So where are the death data on Fukushima Prefecture? And the answer is it hasn’t been published because the Japanese government doesn’t want it out there. When you control the medical community, the epidemiological data that you need to prove a case is really, really difficult. I think Fairewinds did a good job in the time we were over there getting sample data with a group of scientists that may affect the way the world looks at the disaster. But the other half of that is, you’ve got to get the doctors on board to report honestly what they’re seeing. And the medical community is even more under the thumb of the Abe regime than is the press. It’s very depressing.”

      What other news about Fukushima is being kept from you Shinmen? If you think you are getting the truth from your gov’t you are sadly mistaken.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Edwitness…. nobody is living in “close proximity” to melting down reactors.
        These reports of “high” amounts of radiation in the soil of Tokyo is false.

        FYI–when I went there, I also brought a small hand-held geiger-counter with me.
        I write articles for magazines and for the film industry. I am not a Japanese citizen FYI.
        I found nothing as I traveled all around Tokyo–took readings south from the Tama River, north to areas around Tokyo Disneyland. Zip! Nothing but background radiation.

        Now I would not eat fish that comes from the Northern, East Coast of Japan.
        Clearly there are problems there. But the major contamination remains in Fukushima prefecture.
        The prevailing winds go North-East, out into the ocean and towards Alaska and the USA.

        There is an increase in cancers for people who live in some areas of Fukushima Prefecture.
        But to know this area, it is about the size of San Diego County, California (a tad smaller actually).
        There really is no problems in the Tokyo/lower Kanto plain.

        Also–these reactors were built by General Electric.
        Manning the reactors when the earthquake hit were American engineers as managers.
        These people fled and abandoned their post from the first minute of problems.

        You are hearing of all these problems from “doom ninnies” like Gunderson.

        And no–the rich are not “abandoning” Tokyo or the Kanto plain. Rather the opposite is true. People are abandoning the country side, seeking life in the major cities for a better life and better employment. I dare you to go and try and purchase some property inside or outside the loop in Tokyo.

        The abandoned property problem is so bad that some of these towns are literally giving away properties for free to any taker willing to live and work in them. My wife is Japanese, and we looked at some of these properties (mostly on the North West coast) and found some nice places sitting empty. We are going to get out of the USA most likely–and for sure if the Obama Care law is not repealed. Also because the USA is nearly a “Turd-World” country compared to Japan. Everything here is crumbling, dirty, old–roads filled with pot holes, porch-dwellers rioting, crime and so forth. The comparison is embarrassing getting off the plane last week. I lived in Japan (not in the military) in the late 80’s and early 90’s with my wife after we first got married. I know the culture and know the language–unlike the “doom ninnies.”

        My last trip there was in 2008–and since then the whole country has literally been rebuilt–and of course they spent themselves into oblivion doing this, but unlike the USA (also bankrupt) they got something for their money. The USA got nothing but more debt and war–with the bible-babble on how to correct all the problems (which will never happen).

        Edwitness: why don’t you take a trip there with a geiger-counter? I doubt if you ever stepped foot in Japan–right?! Right now American Airlines (the worst BTW) has a special round trip to Haneda Airport for $550.00. Spend some time in Tokyo–take a trip up to Nikko. Go out to dinner in Kabuki-Cho.

        Learn something about what you are writing.

        Once last thing…. the people in Japan are more informed and educated than the people in the USA. They know of all the problems in Fukushima and they know about all the yammer from the “doom ninnies.”

        • edwitness

          Shinmen Takezo,
          What you are saying is that the doctors that work in Tokyo and the scientists that have done work there are fabricating everything they are saying, right? For what purpose? What does it benefit them to tell the story as they have?

          With your personal experience there as someone who is not directly involved in the research about the radiation there or lack of it, I would be hard pressed to think of a reason to dismiss their findings and accept yours. Sorry, but you lose. Unless you can prove to those who report on enenews that your findings are true and they are lying. Enjoy the glowing nights. Sayonara 🙂

        • edwitness

          Shinmen Takezo,
          It makes me think that you are from Japan when you say an area that is less than 150 miles is not considered “close proximity”. Or else you are from somewhere else that is very small.

          Here in America there are those who travel 150 miles one way to work and back each day. It takes 13 hours to drive across my state. 150 miles is indeed close proximity to me. Especially when it comes to something as incredibly lethal to man as nuclear radiation.

    • edwitness

      Shinmen Takezo,
      There is also this;
      Excerpts from an interview with Tokyo-based physician Shigeru Mita

      The Threat
      I’ve done examinations on more than 1,500 patients. […] I run blood work and conduct thyroid ultrasound examinations. […] I’ve mostly tested patients living in Tokyo, and I’ve found a lot of harmful symptoms in children, especially in kindergarten students or elementary school […] serious effects in the elderly. There have been abnormalities in their differential white-blood-cell count […] decline in the neutrophil […] I conducted the first tests in December 2011 […] the threat has seemed to be spreading into Tokyo since then.

      The ‘Cure’
      There was a baby with a serious illness. […] she had no neutrophils. […] Thankfully, she recovered after moving to the Kyushu area. […] there aren’t any medicines to help […] I’ve seen a lot of patients from Tokyo who are badly affected, but when they move […] they get better. After they come back to Tokyo, it gets worse again.

      The Cover-up
      I believe [TEPCO’s reporting on the radiation] must be false. That said, discussing this is a waste of time. We need to use this time to help patients rather than discussing the validity of these statements. That’s the most pressing concern.

      The Food
      In Japan, commercial distribution is prosperous, so some of the contaminated food is definitely coming to Tokyo. […] we should be testing everything thoroughly, and that at least children should be spared […]

      The Media
      They are definitely not focusing on this particular concern. I believe the Japanese media have taken side with a small number of powerful people.

      The Public
      People living in eastern Japan […] are trying to look away from the dangers of radioactivity. Hence they avoid taking the matter seriously.

      The Future
      I worry about the children, their parents, and the children who will be born in the future. I want the patients to move to the safer place [and] strongly recommend that anyone living in the area head to a safer place one or two months out of the year. I encourage everyone living in Tokyo to take blood tests as frequently as possible. […]

      There you go…..

      • puckles

        A rather good Japanese friend of mine, who lived on the outskirts of Tokyo, resolved to move to Okinawa with her toddler, leaving her husband alone, immediately after the event. This was done exclusively to protect the child. This is a very unusual Japanese couple; she is fluent in both French and English, and her husband is an English translator. They understood immediately how severe the situation was, because they had access to foreign publications on the internet. Most Japanese do not have the language skills to do this. Some who do, do not even think of accessing foreign media…

        • edwitness

          Thanks puckles,
          I think Shinmen is trying to sell me a bill of goods. And just like our media here in America reports only what they are allowed to, so it must be in every country with their own citizens. It’s funny when I talk to someone who thinks their gov’t is giving them the straight stuff in the news. Enenews has done a great job of putting together all the news regarding Fukushima since it happened.

          I am not near the coasts here and would not live there. The west coast is being inundated with the radiation from Fukushima. It’s sad because I grew up surfing in California. The surfers there are soaking it up now so they will be dead within 10 years. Sad:-(

          Animals and birds are dying in numbers never seen before. Many of the birds from starvation. There is nothing left in the ocean for them to eat.

          This is just part of the first page from enenews today;

          ENENews.com – Energy News

          News by Region:

          Japan (Fukushima)
          Nuclear Expert: “I’ve learned there’s a huge spike in death rates in Fukushima f…
          TV: Radiation in ocean off Fukushima at highest levels in years — Out of contro…
          Reuters: Fukushima fuel melted through containment vessels and is “spewing radia…
          “Shocking how many people died in Fukushima” — Cremated bodies of Fukushima rad…
          More from “Japan (Fukushima)”

          “EMERGENCY DECLARED” at US nuclear plant — Newspaper: “High radiation triggers …
          Nuclear Engineer: “Alarm bells” are going off over Fukushima plume coming to US …
          Scientists: “Unprecedentedly huge mortality events” happening along US West Coas…
          PHOTOS: “Alien fish” caught alive off Pacific coast… Bizarre creature resemble…
          More from “US/Canada”

          Reuters: Bombers “switched target from nuke plant at last minute” — Report: Ter…
          “BREAKING: Belgian nuclear power plants evacuated” after terror attacks — Multi…
          TV: “Mysterious and terrifying epidemic” spreads near radioactive site — “Peopl…
          Mass panic as radioactive cloud pours from nuclear plant — Radiation levels rep…
          More from “World”

          12:05 AM EST on March 18th, 2016 | 1,185 comments
          Local Official: Alarm over very sick animals washing ashore in Alaska — Fish bleeding from face, bloody entrails coming out of body — “We are very much aware of the possibility of radiation from Fukushima affecting ocean life” (PHOTOS)
          06:29 PM EST on March 16th, 2016 | 1,037 comments
          TV: Radiation in ocean off Fukushima at highest levels in years — Out of control leakage coming from plant — ‘Big spikes’ in radioactivity observed — “Surprising… Concerning… Crisis” — 1,000s of tons of contaminated liquid being released — Scientists: Japan gov’t covering up situation (AUDIO)
          08:13 PM EST on March 15th, 2016 | 308 comments
          Reuters: Fukushima fuel melted through containment vessels and is “spewing radiation” — Nuke Expert: Fuel has “scattered all over the place” — Gov’t: Fuel may have burned out into environment — Tepco Official: Fuel could have flowed out “like lava in a volcano” (VIDEOS)
          10:36 AM EST on March 14th, 2016 | 403 comments
          “Shocking how many people died in Fukushima” — Cremated bodies of Fukushima radiation workers found near plant — “Such a high rate of cancer” being detected in Fukushima children (VIDEOS)
          10:06 AM EST on March 11th, 2016 | 831 comments
          Nuclear Expert: Fukushima “like the worst nightmare becoming reality” — Released as much as 1,000 atomic bombs worth of radioactive material — “Everyone on earth has been exposed… an increase in cancer will be the result”

          But there is Shinmen saying “move along, nothing to see here”.

          • Shinmen Takezo


            I live on the West Coast in California (one of my homes is there BTW).

            I walk the beaches with a geiger-counter regularly and there is no deviation what-so-ever from normal background radiation.

            What you are consuming is Steve Quayle (and his ilk) nonsense and drivel.
            It is mostly doom porn.

            But, yes one thing in the mostly drivel you posted above is correct… the Fukushima workers glow in the dark now, and are coming down with various forms of cancers and radio-logical effects. They have started to use convicted criminals in the clean up effort–giving them reduced sentences for their work (if they survive that is). The epicenter of the event is highly dangerous–and so is the adjacent evacuated city. Out to ten miles from the reactors there is practically no danger because all of the stuff is mostly contained on the coastline.

            Why don’t you get a press credential, go there and see for yourself.
            Then come back and write something correct about the subject.

          • edwitness

            I told you where I got it from. Enenews. Check it out and comment, or better yet, contact them with your findings. They accept feedback from credible sources. I will be looking for your article at enenews. 🙂
            Be sure to sign it Shinmen Takezo ok?

        • Shinmen Takezo

          Most Japanese can read and understand English very well.

          For the others who don’t–their internet services have instant translation options on all pages.
          There is nothing that is posted or presented on the internet (in any language) that cannot be instantly translated into Japanese.

          Hate to point this out to you.

          American however largely lives in a big fog still–and we still think that the USA is the greatest country in the world for some reason.

          Just log onto Yahoo Japan–and you will see the translate option. Choose english. You can read their newspapers and anything posted in Japanese.

          • puckles

            Hmmm…I lived in Japan for a year, spoke the language poorly, but devoured all the English language versions of the local newspapers. I also taught English in one of the higher-end private (adult) schools on a one to one basis, and developed my own clientele as well. I can assure you that the vast majority of (very well educated) Japanese, who are not required to take English beyond junior high (where English is taught as a dead language, like Latin), do not feel comfortable with English at all. They avoid it quite distinctly. Yes, of course there are automatic translations. Have you tried a Google translation lately? It’s typically gibberish.

    • Beaumont

      Shinmen and Takezo are interesting, historical names.

      Since the Lucis (formerly, Lucifer) Trust sought to consolidate all fissile materials, in order to intimidate non-participators, it’s possible that the risk may be overstated, in order to negotiate your sovereignty.

  • Alleged Comment

    If Tokyo goes Japan goes and if Japan goes the world goes and China takes over.

    • Gc Gcc

      I believed Japan already gone down beneath the water. They are the most in-debted nation in the world per capita and they started the negative interest, which is path to the economy destruction. Additionally, Fukushima radiation causes many people die outs neighboring towns. The Caesium-137 count is so high in Tokyo conducted by research group, it could permanently damage reproduction organs in human body and it the major source of cancer. This test conducted by colleting the dust in the AC filter, which came out about 20 more than normal condition. Additionally, thousands of tons radiation are released to the Pacific Ocean that will jeopardizes fish in the ocean depleting fish counts. It is already effecting all West Coast of mainland US along with Alaska and Western part of the Mexico and Latin America.

      Unfortunately, US and Japanese government are trying to keep this secret, although Russia along with China and Korea’s already exposed the radiation. Think about this… Japan hardly, and no longer see Chinese and South Korean tourist for they know the consequence of the exposing to radiation. Japanese government is known to conceal secrets from its citizens, but a small band of professors and nuclear scientists expose this radiation. Many Japanese are still unaware of this and those who know keep their mouth shut for their economy is hanging on a thin string.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Japan has spent itself into oblivion–this is true.
        But the difference between the USA and Japan is that Japan actually got something out of all the money they spent. The USA got nothing but more war and debt.

        The USA compared to Japan is a turd-world country.
        Japan is far more advanced than the USA–which is on the verge of becoming a Turd-world country.

        Most people don’t want to accept this, but it is true.
        The USA is a pile of crap compared to the infrastructure on Japan.

        FYI–the USA’s economy is also hanging on by a thread.
        The main difference is that when the USA collapses, this country will fall into mass chaos and secession.
        When the bubble pops for Japan, there will be no riots, no mass chaos and no civil war.
        They will muddle through peacefully and come out on the other end well.
        The USA will cease to exist as you know it today. It will break apart like the USSR.

        • Gc Gcc

          I agree with you. The USA is a path way to a total collapse by the current Administration. Additionally, receiving mass migration only helps to accelerate the path of oblivion, which government is intentionally and systematically leading its citizens to a destruction and eventually to a total collapse. Many people in US know this, that’s why many are trying to protect the US Constitution, especially first and second Amendments. It is only way to prevent from taken over and a total collapse.

          But the point is, now we are talking about Japan. The consumer goods of Japan is well known for quality. The real problem in Japan are at least 3 fronts. One with Fukushima radiation, which is much worse than Chernobyl many years ago, other two are related to economy and building up military that could eventually confronts with China. You know by now, China will not back down for they know that USA Navy’s capability is very limited. You just heard that USA can’t fight even one single major war.

          Seemed you are very educated and aware of current situations… it is much better to educate people now than later, before it is too late.

          Oh by the way, I disagree with you on peaceful people in Japan. When they go hungry, anything can happened. Study the behavior of human beings when they are starving. I can tell you, there is no peaceful means.

          • Shinmen Takezo

            Japan imports some foods, but they mostly consume food produced in Japan.
            Even if there were a total economic collapse–you are not going to see riots or people huddling in some wrecked stadium waiting for block of government cheese to be helicoptered in.

            Look at the aftermath of the tsunami–no riots, no looting, little chaos. Japanese people know how to suffer quietly. The government will move to distribute food. There will be no mass starvation. No zombies walking the streets. No biker gangs ravaging cities. It will the complete opposite of what transpires here in the states.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        “Think about this… Japan hardly, and no longer see Chinese and South
        Korean tourist for they know the consequence of the exposing to

        Where did you get this nonsense?
        Did you dream it up? Or get it from some doom porn site?

        I was just in Kyoto two weeks ago–and at the major sites there, perhaps 1 out of 20 were Japanese citizens.
        The rest were mainly Chinese on group tours. Even the cab driver remarked that the “Chinese just showed up two years ago and never left–it is like an invasion” he said. Rounding out the ranks of this invasion are Koreans and then a smattering of westerners. Why? Because Japan is the most advanced Asian country–and they all want to get a piece of it.

        Same thing with Kamakura (ancient capital near Tokyo) –thousands of Chinese and Koreans. There are so many Chinese there now that the train and public announcement are in Japanese, English and then Chinese. I did not hear this on my previous trip.

        They even have special Kimono rental shops that rent specifically to the Chinese. 3000 yen per day. And additional 1000 yen to get your hair done and additional 1000 yen for makeup. All of the clients are practically Chinese. Japanese do not go out in Kimono’s, except for a few special holidays.

        I wish there was a way to post photos of the Chinese in Kimono’s I saw there on this site.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      China already has taken over.
      They as of yet have not served foreclosure papers on the USA yet.

  • James King

    Devices that detect radiation levels in and around Tokyo register normal levels of radiation. This article doesn’t make sense.

    • Eddie Laidler

      There are videos and reports of a black substance that is highly radioactive being found in Tokyo. I can’t say if I believe it or not. I just see the videos and read the reports.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        All of these reports are completely overstated–and mostly appear on doom porn, or other sites that have some sort of axe to grind with Japan.