Jeb Bush: Donald Trump’s Campaign Is a Conspiracy To Elect Hillary

Jeb Bush says that Donald Trump's campaign is a conspiracy theory to get Hillary Clinton elected

Jeb Bush says that he believes Donald Trump’s campaign is nothing more than a conspiracy to ensure that Hillary Clinton is elected president in November. 

Bush took to Twitter, claiming that Hillary and Donald were in collusion to ensure a Hillary victory, and said that they “are on the same team”. reports:

Most people hate to admit it, but Jeb made sense when he explained why he felt that the 2016 Presidential Election could be Hillary’s time to win. In December, Bush claimed that Donald negotiated a deal with Hillary that made sure that she would become the President of the United States. He argued that Donald and Hillary are “long-time friends” and that he “liked the Clintons.” Now, Trump spends much of his day trying to find a way to get an edge on Clinton in the polls, only to come up short.

A majority of the GOP candidates believed that Trump’s nomination would do nothing more than guarantee that Hillary would win the election. In fact, Jeb Bush went a step further; he proposed that was exactly his purpose–he ran for president to ensure that Hillary wins the election. In March, Donald talked about running as an independent nominee, if he didn’t win the primary election. Bush believes the reason he was determined to stay in the race was to ensure Hillary became our next president in November.

“Trump revived talk Tuesday of an independent run when he highlighted on Twitter a USA Today/Suffolk University poll that shows 68% of his supporters would back him, rather than the GOP nominee. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush responded by saying Trump would only be helping Clinton by splitting the conservative vote.”

Bush explained that Trump was not a good candidate for president because he lacked the political experience needed to run a successful term in the White House. Another point Jeb mentioned was Donald’s lack of control on social media spoke volumes about his temper. He claims that Donald Trump’s bullying behavior on Twitter was troublesome for a presidential candidate.

Jeb stated that Trump previously was one of Clinton’s largest supporters, not only by verbally expressing that he hoped she won the election, but financially contributing to her campaign. Bush explained that it seems “too good to be true” that Trump suddenly doesn’t support Hillary and has a plan “to make America great again.” He believes it is much more likely that he is part of the Hillary campaign and is doing “his part” to ensure his friend elected in November.

“Trump had previously supported Clinton’s presidential candidacy and supported her during her time as a New York senator. Trump interviewed with Fox and Friends on July 15, 2015, where he admitted to previous contributions to Clinton’s campaign, ‘I’m a businessman, I contribute to everybody … That’s part of the problem with the system,’ Trump said nearly six months ago. He defended his contribution and downplayed it after suspicions from the GOP of a liberal mole.”

For many Trump supporters, they have voiced some of the same fears that Jeb explained, Bipartisan Report noted. Donald has wavered in his position in typical hot topics for the GOP from abortion to gun control to health care. Trump made waves even in the GOP when he touted that all Muslims should be deported or face criticism since “some Muslims are terrorist.”

Many of the dedicated Republicans still have serious reservations about Donald Trump and his ability to run the country. Many believe that he may be shocked that he made it this far in his campaign, and feels trapped by his GOP nomination now. Jeb Bush was correct about one assumption he made, Donald Trump’s support of the Clintons’ is odd and could point to a conspiracy to ensure that Hillary snagged the majority of the votes in the election in November.

  • kaunas8

    While I am open to conspiracy theories, Jeb´s comments sounds like sour grapes after having lost so badly to Trump. The GOP establishment does not like Trump because he has not been bought and sold by the donor class, and thus is not a puppet. This makes the establishment very nervous that they cannot control him. The real division in the GOP is between the corrupt self-serving establishment, which generally hates Trump, and regular citizens, who generally like Trump, and see him as a welcome change from business as usual. It is not at all surprising that Trump snuggled up to the Clintons. He was doing big business in NY and being able to buy the top politicians in the state is a huge advantage. He played the game to his advantage, but also has realized how corrupting it is.

  • Steve Thompson

    As circumstantial evidence goes with conspiracies, this one seems to have a lot of evidence based on the circumstances of Trump seeming to delight in doing everything in his power to blunder a loss away to Hillary who has continued to buy her way into the nomination and her way out of every criminal, unlikable and untrustworthy statement, action and breath she takes. Trump has and still is doing business with the Clintons because Trump ‘is with’ exactly what Clinton’s campaign symbol states, “–>Her!”. A minority of the populace are wearing tin foil hats for Hillary, while another minority of the populace is wearing tin foil hats for Trump.The media fuels them both delighting in Trump’s blunders for profitable ratings while spending the money on supporting Clinton who is owned by the banksters and corporations and blaming Russia for her real conspiracies. It is much more likely that the news is not reporting the fact that the majority of the populace finds both Clinton and Trump to be equally poisonous and wrong for the nation. The media exists only to perpetuate the elitist backed government’s fabricated false paradigms of division in hopes to conquer the complacent populace from fear within and fear from outside all at the same time. That is why so many people in the US as well as around the globe waited with hope for Julian Assange to make some devastating announcement this past week to sink not so maiden titanic Clintons. We need a wikileak powerful enough to demand life boats to save us all from her sinking ship. But he did not deliver much at all other than to ask us to stay tuned. We hunger for Saviour to spare us from the CLump Beast that is Clinton and Trump in one body politic. So is Jeb Bush possibly Guicifer 2 while also being Illuminati One Percent and thus the real October Surprise? Oh, if only we all good wear that tin foil hat with Jeb and make it so! Think of it, if Bush could make his claim stick (with something kinda sorta like some evidence) it could spare the nation from the CLump Beast. If Bush could replace Trump and Sanders replace Hillary, perhaps the populace would temporarily suspend its condemnation of the two parties at least long enough to restore a sense of faith in the process for a legitimate attempt at preserving at least the ideal of being a democracy for the 2016 election in less than 5 weeks? Nah, it takes too big of a breath to say it and it still would be too bat shit crazy even for this 2016 “S’election”. Let’s all just remain complacent and let the insane run the asylum and rig the election so we can continue to go into the cold dark night to discover exactly just what greater evil will come from selecting either of these two lesser candidates that represent the best that America can produce to lead. It’s only for leadership of the “free world” that hinges on the verge of World War 3 with either CLump gaining access to the Oval Office. Besides, we are American’s who have the right to vote our conscious for whatever two poisons are presented for us to ensure that our form of Democracy survives. After all, it worked for Socrates in his time of “Democracy”!