Leaked Footage Shows Jimmy Kimmel Coercing Teenage Girls To Touch His Crotch

Leaked footage of Jimmy Kimmel forcing teenage girls to touch his crotch goes viral

Leaked footage shared by Twitter user Austen Fletcher shows Jimmy Kimmel enticing teenage girls to touch his crotch in exchange for 15 minutes of fame.

Using his fame and an intimate TV crew, the host tries to pursued the teenage girls that they should touch, fondle and even put their mouths around his crotch area.

Mediaite.com reports:  Twitter user Austen Fletcher shared an old clip of Jimmy Kimmel (from The Man Show) playing a game with women on the street where they had to guess what’s in his pants using their hands.

It’s worth noting that the women in the clip voluntarily played this game for a comedy bit, and is not equatable with Weinstein’s actions (despite what some on social media have insinuated).

He suggested one woman “use two hands” and jokingly said “maybe it’d be easier if you put your mouth on it.”

Kimmel asked another woman how old she was, which she said 18.

“Are you sure?” Kimmel replied. “Because Uncle Jimmy doesn’t need to do time.”

When one of his contestants was aggressively feeling around his pants, he told her “You’re gonna make a fine wife.”

In the end, he revealed what he had in his pants: a zucchini with a rubber band on it.

Kimmel has gotten a lot of attention lately for weighing in on the health care debate and pushing for gun control in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

  • merrick5

    No class trash …

  • Fingal Carson

    Typical pervert libtard. At least others seek consent. First of all, Kimmel is straight so this is nothing. Bisexual liberals take it to that other level. Second, this is what you call a beta; someone who needs their fantasies fulfilled by having people, or by them doing trashy and awkward things.

    Liberals are sexual degenerates who get people to fulfill their weird childhood and adolescent fantasies by doing strange, indirect and euphemistic things. Big estrogen-filled balls, but no dick anywhere to be found.

    • TruthBTold

      What does that have to do with this post? I guess you forgot Trump was a Democrat for 8 years (you describe him perfectly). LOL.

  • Bill Pasteurfield

    Jimmy Cumall over the place. Does he use his own cream in his coffee I wonder?