John McAfee: ‘CIA Compromised Every Router In America’

The CIA have access to your home router, as well as every WiFi system in the United States, warns internet security guru John McAfee.

CIA spooks have access to your home router, as well as every WiFi system in the United States, warns internet security guru John McAfee. 

Speaking out after WikiLeaks’ released details of CIA hacking tools, John McAfee said he doesn’t trust any WiFi system, as the CIA hacking tools have compromised every router in the country, leaving your information open to hackers and spies.

I personally never connect to any WiFi system. I use the LTE system on my phone, I know that sounds crazy, but that’s the only way I can be secure. Because every router in America has been compromised,” McAfee said.

Five days prior, WikiLeaks published a fresh batch of documents which showed how the CIA hacks into popular home routers from firms like Linksys, D-Link and Belkin. The CIA program was codenamed CherryBlossom.

The CIA’s aim, according to WikiLeaks, was to intercept internet traffic of targets using a tactic known as man-in-the-middle (MitM). The CIA can hit any router to “monitor, control and manipulate” traffic from phones and tablets connected to the wireless network.

John McAfee said: “It’s not just the CIA, all of these routers, that’s virtually all routers in use in American homes, are accessible to hackers. They can take over control, monitor all of the traffic and can download malware onto any device that is connected to that router.”

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The exploits outlined in the CherryBlossom files (WikiLeaks did not publish source code) can be used to target routers in homes, cafes, hospitals, airports, and private businesses. Many people have argued that this is merely evidence the CIA is doing its job – but McAfee disagrees.

There’s nothing in the American constitution that gives the government the right to invade the privacy of my home or any place I have the presumption of privacy,” he said.

Widespread router hacker is “devastating” news for Americans’ right to privacy, freedom, and liberty.

Once the router is compromised and it infects the cellphones, laptops, desktops and tablets then they become compromised,” he continued. “Not only can you watch the data, you can start listening to conversations. You can start watching through the cameras on these devices.”

Cybsersecurity expert and former NSA hacker, Jake Williams, wasn’t surprised by WikiLeaks’ revelations.

Williams said most people are already wide open to attack from far less sophisticated methods than those employed by the CIA. He tweeted: “Most of you have never updated your vulnerable WiFi router firmware. You don’t need to worry about CherryBlossom.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Ron Wheeler

    The general response of the truly ignorance, is, I have nothing to hide so I don’t care. Profoundly stupid.

  • John C Carleton

    Of course.
    Now, those thirty shekel minions spying on everyone must get to feeling neglected, as no one is supposed to know they are listening in.
    Just so they are not so lonesome, like they do not exist, when i am talking on the phone sometimes, I pause my conversation and tell them to go Fk themselves.

    • Ron Wheeler

      Does this include routers from Radio Shack?

      • John C Carleton

        My understanding is they have capacity to record most anything you do or say.
        Problem is, they have so much crap recorded, they can never listen to all of it.
        Not enough actual human control freaks to sit and go through it all.
        Can run it through computer programs to pick up words or phrases.

        Take the CIA, they could care less whaT THE AVERAGE AMERICAN DOES OR SAYS. THEY ARE A CRIME CABAL, INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE, Mercenary force which will overthrow governments and kill people for international corporations.

        If you are someone of interest, that is different.

  • Duke LaCrosse

    Consider the info you have to give in order to hook a router up
    Look at the back of your router
    What else in your house has that?

  • Pete Greco

    The general opinion used to be that our intelligence services were to protect America and its citizens. Since the JFK murder/assassination, gradually that opinion has swayed to WTF. Our intelligence services rig our elections, rig foreign elections, murder foreign citizens and actually murder our own American citizens. They are the Deep State. Mainly because of the police actions and wars around the world that we are involved in. They get a lion’s share of our National Budget each year, and ask for more each year hence. Our boys are dying so they can get their way. What WMDs? How many times do they need to be wrong before we say enough is enough.