Journalist Investigating Ted Heath Paedophile Claims, Kicked Out Of UK

Ted Heath

A journalist from the US who had been investigating allegations that Ted Heath sexually abused orphans at a children’s home in Jersey, says she was prevented from carrying out her work by British authorities.

She was forced to leave the country and banned from entering the UK for two years

Sputnik News report: Leah McGrath Goodman, a finance journalist, told LBC radio that while she was carrying out investigations into the tax haven, a British Crown dependency in the English Channel, she came across allegations of child abuse committed by powerful and influential people in British society.

“Ted Heath was one of the more prominent allegations.”

Despite her British visa, McGrath Goodman says that she was thrown out of the country after being detained at London’s Heathrow airport when she returned to the UK to investigate the allegations further.

“There was a notation on my file that told them to put me in custody. They detained me for 12 hours; they went through all my things.”

“They took away everything, my phone, my passport, I didn’t have anything. I didn’t know what was going on. Eventually I found out that that was why [because of her investigation into the pedophile allegations], but it was only right before they deported me.”

“And then they banned me for two years from entering the UK.”

In the interview, McGrath Goodman was also asked about the allegations she’d heard about the former British Prime Minister, which she was prevented from investigating further.

“On the island it was very widespread that he had enjoyed using his yacht, it was called the ‘Morning Cloud,'” and he would come to the island quite frequently and from what I understand from people on the island and off the islands, he would take the children from care homes for rides on the yacht.”

“And it was reported that some of those children never came back.”

McGrath Goodman said that according to the reports, Heath was one of “quite a few VIPs and high- ranking people in the government and in public life” who frequented the ‘Haut de la Garenne’ care home. The facility was also frequently visited by the late Jimmy Savile, a DJ and television personality who was later revealed to have raped and abused hundreds of children.

“What they are saying is, the children were loaned out quite regularly to high level people. They were often brought back, sometimes not. The records will say things like, ‘the child ran away.'”

“But there was no effort to find them.”

When asked whether she thought the British government was complicit in covering up the allegations, she responded that “I have seen a pattern of trying very hard to look the other way.”

Though it is difficult to prove that the authorities were purposefully obstructing the investigation, said McGrath Goodman, “It is quite a coincidence that every time people try to take the matter and bring it to somebody in authority, it never seems to go anywhere.”

Heath is currently being investigated by several police forces as part of their inquiries into allegations of historical child abuse.

Jersey Police confirmed that the former Prime Minister features in Operation Whistle, an inquiry into alleged abuse on the island.








  • elderflower

    I think the key problems with her ‘report’ were;

    * Heath was always accompanied by two Special Branch close-protection officers, including on whichever Morning Cloud he owned (there were several).

    * Each-and-every Morning Cloud was a racing yacht. Quite likely Ms. Goodman has never seen a racing yacht, let alone been aboard one. But as a means of transport for abuse and murder they are probably little better than a clowns bicycle. Not even a proper cabin. Plus of course you’ve got a problem with the two permanent police guards (see above).

    Good effort though. Perhaps David Icke has a role for her?

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    is this news? I can allege that pigs can fly, and apply for federal funds to provide them with their own airport… but unless I can produce a flying pig, I don’t think that is news either. show me some evidence or it doesn’t exist.