Judge Cuts Pedophile’s Prison Term Claiming 3-Yr-Old ‘Asked’ To Be Raped

A California judge has caused outrage after slashing 15 years off the prison sentence of a pedophile convicted of raping a 3-year-old child.

A California judge has caused outrage after slashing 15 years off the prison sentence of a pedophile convicted of raping a 3-year-old child.

Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly cut the child rapist’s prison term down to ten years from 25 years claiming that “he didn’t mean to harm” the 3-year-old girl that he raped.

He also backed the claim from child rapist Kevin Rojano that the young girl initiated the act of sodomy. Rojano said in his own defense that “she asked me to do it.

Rojano was convicted on December 3 of sodomizing a child younger than 10 and lascivious acts with a minor. The pedophile was originally sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

However Judge Kelly then trimmed a massive 15 years off Rojano’s sentence, saying it would be “cruel and unusual punishment” to impose the maximum prison term because the 20-year-old lacked “callous disregard for (the victim’s) well-being.”

Prosecutors said Rojano was playing video games June 4 in the garage of his Santa Ana home when a 3-year-old relative wandered in, and investigators said the man became sexually aroused by the child and assaulted her.

The girl’s mother was unable to get into the locked garage as she looked for the child, and prosecutors said Rojano covered the toddler’s mouth to keep her from yelling.

Rojano let the girl out of the garage, and her mother was unaware of the abuse until her daughter complained of pain.

In looking at the facts of Mr. Rojano’s case, the manner in which this offense was committed is not typical of a predatory, violent brutal sodomy of a child case,” the judge claimed in his decision.

Mr. Rojano did not seek out or stalk (the victim).

“He was playing video games and she wandered into the garage.

“He inexplicably became sexually aroused but did not appear to consciously intend to harm (the victim) when he sexually assaulted her.”

Kelly also said that Rojano, who had been abused as a child, deserved clemency because he said he regretted sodomizing the three-year-old girl.

Although serious and despicable, this does not compare to a situation where a pedophilic child predator preys on an innocent child,” the judge claimed.

There was no violence or callous disregard for (the victim’s) well-being.”

Prosecutors said they strongly disagreed with the judge’s “outrageous” decision to reduce Mr. Rojano’s prison sentence and plan to appeal the sentence.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • William Roach

    This has to be a joke!

    • LongArmOfTheLaw

      I am thinking the same

    • Eleanor Cummings

      Let’s pray it is.

  • eyeinthehand

    I don’t tweet but someone should tweet this to Mike cernovich, he lives in Orange County and is a huge advocate against child sex abuse. He may help give it some traction.

    • texasace00

      He’s also a big advocate of Trump, a man who openly defends abusers and is accused of abuse himself, including pedophilia. Oh, and you are a complete and total moron. Hey, lets tweet this to Roy Moore, idiot

      • Nick Gene Christopoulos

        oh so a guy who was with teenages is the same as a guy who rapes a 3 year old and then says the 3 year old wanted it… this is why people look at democrats as crazy people, well one of many reasons…look at his profile.. he is a crazy person…

        • CJakes ™

          Except the judge is a Republican and a Christian, wanna rephrase now?

          • Deb Sunshine Hanna

            The judge is a phony. He may use the title “Christian” but he in no true Christian. As for him being a republican, well that has no bearing. He needs to be taken down regardless.

          • CJakes ™

            I’m replying to the guy who said he was a Democrat. So yeah it does. A lot of those “phony” Xtains running around and have been for centuries.

      • Deb Sunshine Hanna

        You failed to mention how the democrats are defending pedophiles and others. Get your facts straight. Trump does not openly defend abusers and the accussations that were made against him were proven to be false.

  • clarioncaller

    How many judges across the nation have ripped children away from their parents and placed them in group home/foster home situations where they became the victims of all kinds of abuse or disappeared completely? The ugly truth about trafficking needs to be exposed NOW.

    • Tree Tiger

      When a judge sympathizes with a pedophile its a 100% truth the judge is also a pedophile…

      • Liz O’neill


      • Betty4440

        agree he even looks like IT. that look you know Joe Biden.

        • CJakes ™

          You know this judge is a Rep. Xtian right?

    • Eleanor Cummings

      Amen to that.

  • Tree Tiger

    That should tell you the judge himself is a pedophile…

    • Jodi

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      • Timmy Wagner


    • Jennie H Spooner

      my thoughts exactly

    • Mike Stone Sr

      Put the judge in jail, who will defend little kids if we dont !

      • bluzelovr

        Best we can do as voters is to vote him out next election!

        • BOBNIXON1


        • Beeta


          • Katherine Mach


          • Kathy Papst

            What the hell does California have to do with this? This judge does not represent the vast majority of sensible, good judges in the state. He is a reprehensible judge who needs to be off the bench right now, but please, don’t paint all with the same brush.

          • Terri DeBruler

            our Judges SUCK in California….. 9th circuit has 86% turn over rate… Judges releasing violent Illegals daily with probation if anything….

          • notconvincedgranny

            Ninth Circuit is Federal court, and judges are appointed and approved by Congress. And it’s an appeals court, which has nothing to do with “releasing violent illegals daily” or otherwise. If you’re gonna lie, at least get some facts behind it to make it plausible.

          • Sammie12

            Exactly… thanks granny

          • Tim

            Yeah, liars never bother with silly things like “facts”, I think we all know that now thanks to Trump!

          • Rboo

            I think you mean Obama!

          • Tim

            No, I meant what I said actually, Trump is a pathological lying sociopath, and his supporters are similar to him, hence their support.

          • Yuovette

            Tim= PEDOPHILE…he is really taking up for this judge..nasty person..im putting your profile up so others know what you are

          • Earl

            Notice Tim doesn’t show his face because he doesn’t want to be recognized when he’s lurking around school yards

          • Tim

            You got that right Earl! LOL!! Thought you’d push my buttons eh? No, I’m afraid I’m waaaay ahead of your little games here pal! Nice try though!

          • Tim

            LOL! Right. Because you aren’t intelligent enough to understand facts and truth, you have to label me, somebody you know little to nothing about, as the absolute worst thing you can think of. Typical – for an uneducated Trump supporter though. And I’m putting YOUR “profile” up as a poster child for a moron!

          • Hillbilly


          • HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn

            Yes, you are.

          • Tim

            Yes Trump and his followers are, but I hate to label and name call people.

          • Tim


          • GeaVox

            No, correction, his suppoerters are WORST than him…

          • Earl

            What’s a sup poeter? I voted for Trump but I could careless about poetry

          • Tim

            You’re an idiot.

          • Rboo

            Well, you are an idiot, because we’re a lot better off with Trump than we would have been with that psycho Hillary. Insults from a Liberal don’t mean anything to me, because you are too stupid and can’t see the past your nose.

          • Oscar Pearson

            Well stated.

          • Cody Doser

            Tell me, what would Hillary had done that would had been worse than what we have right now? Also feel free to let me know how me being a democrat makes me so stupid. Name of thing that makes me “too stupid to see past my nose.”

          • SpankMe

            #RussianTroll spreading lies and propaganda. Trump as president equals Putin as our president. Putin knows every national security secret Trump knows, and you’re okay with that, because you are that stupid.

          • Tim

            I see, so losing health coverage, gutting the environment, making the fossil fuel industry omnipotent, gutting programs for the needy, dumbing down even further our educational system, giving huuuuuge tax breaks to billionaires, continuing endless wars to make some richer in this country, refusing to help those in need after disasters, destroying international relations, getting ready to take out Social Security and Medicare programs (after insisting he would never do so), supporting the pro-gun industries while children are massacred (taking money for doing so!) and generally LYING to the American people about what he’s doing on a daily basis is better than the alternative? Wow, I wonder what would have occurred if the alternative had happened?!! Just tired of hearing about bullshit which was started above by stating that this judge, who obviously needs to be removed, is a “Liberal”!!! I didn’t start this topic but I hope I’ve now ended it.

          • Earl

            Truly you are ignorant; Trump knows what he is doing unlike 8 years of Obama’s attempt to destroy America by bring in his Muslim brothers and doubling our national debt in attempt to bankrupt America!

          • Tim

            Y’know its almost too damn easy to burst your little propaganda bubble! First of all, Obama wasn’t a Muslim, but frankly if he was, I couldn’t care less! Its the white ignorant right wing males in this country that are the problem, you know, like YOU, with your guns! Secondly, guess who started our “National debt”? BUSH Jr.!! Yep! FACT! He had a clean slate when he took office over from Bill Clinton, FACT, he’s the one who got us into the never ending Trillion dollars war in the middle east and he’s also the one who bailed out the banking industry just before he left! ALL FACTS! Hope your tiny head won’t burst with all this truth! LOL!!!

          • Tim

            No, actually you’re not better off, unless youre a billionaire?!!! Tax cuts for the wealthy, taking out health care, destroying the EPA (you do like clean air and water I assume???), going backwards in energy generation instead of forward (fossil fuels), militarizing the police, against womens rights, education, has made out country the laughing stock of the world, putting guns in every hand that can hold one (more guns = more deaths), and soon…..getting rid of both social security and medicare! Every single safety net for the poor and working class is being taken away from us and you idiots sit there and cheer him on! He was right about one thing though, he said when campaigning that you people would STILL elect him even if he stood in the middle of Manhattan with an assult rifle and shot people – and I have no doubt you would.

          • Kaleb Horan

            How is Trump a pathological liar? And who are you to judge people for their mind set? Isn’t this country based on freedom? Freedom in the right to believe what seems right to you the right to choose what you think is best. Based on your comment you are non American for telling people what they are and believe in!!

          • Tim

            How about educating yourself?! You are the blind who choose NOT to see! https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/06/23/opinion/trumps-lies.html

          • Earl

            Come on you must know by now that the NY times prints fake liberally biased news!

          • Tim

            No Earl, actually I don’t “know” that, because its a right wing fabricated lie, but being the brainwashed zombie that you are, I wouldn’t expect you to grasp facts. I’m sure your only source of news is Faux News, the Propaganda channel!

          • Judy Bell

            Prove it!

          • Tim

            Uh Judy, its my opinion, as well as millions of others BASED ON his behavioral track record. He has lied more times in office than any other potus, and that IS a verifiable fact! https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/06/23/opinion/trumps-lies.html As far as his supporters go, well they’re either like him, or just ignorant, your choice! Good read for you: “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”, its written by the way by a doctor with 27 other doctors, professionals who are more than qualified to judge the behavior they’ve seen him exhibit. Bury your head in the sand if you choose to, but you will eventually have to pull it out for air!

          • Steve Allen Graves

            Birds of a feather.

          • Earl

            Another brainless libitard who has nothing better to do then tear down defenceless statues because you thought of a way they can be offensive to someone!

          • GeaVox

            OK, so… here’s YOU, waving the last President as a bullfighter waves a red cloak to the angry bull of public opinion.. and we all know WHY the toreador does that, don’t we? Because HE TRIES TO DIVERT ATTENTION FROM HIMSELF!

            That suggests YOU are one a paedophile VERMIN! No, we don’t fall for that, but you’re MARKED!

          • Rboo

            It’s pedophile! Your analogy is stupid and President Trump is not a Pedophile you are taking a story about a true Predator and trying to make it about the President, you and that Tim guy, you are pathetic men. This is a sad story of a baby being raped by a horrid person and you want to turn it into a politcal argument and how dare you even suggest that I am a pedophile, I am a mother of a grown son and he would kill you for saying that as would my husband. I believe pedophiles should be subject to the death penalty! As for you, you and you analogy can go screw yourself!

          • SpankMe

            Trump IS a pedophile, and a rapist, he raped a 13 year old tied to a bed. DUH.

          • Tim

            No, YOU are the pathetic one, totally blind and ignorant and happy to remain so when facts are everywhere to show the truth, but you just choose to ignore them! I never said you were a pedophile. Do you actually have the ability to READ or is the COMPREHENSION area that’s the problem for you?! Lots of killing maniacs in your family eh? Sounds like right wingers to me!

          • Bruce Burrell

            Rboo He was appointed in 2000 dummy. Then RE-ELECTED!

          • Rboo

            I didn’t say anything about whether or not the judge was appointed or voted in *sshole and my comment to this idiot Tim was because he’s trying to make this about Trump and it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the fact that the judge is as just as much a sick bastard as the pedophile. So F.O.

          • Tim

            Your ignorant comments will be given the consideration due to one of your limited comprehension, have no fear!

          • Felicia Smith

            Name one child that Obama has raped? Or name one criminal that Obama has given clemency to that raped a child? Name one bill that he has signed or one government agency that protects children and victims he pulled funds from? Troll doesn’t even protect or care about this country, let alone a child. I know you can’t answer my questions because your brain (what little you have) will explode. But at least it’ll keep you busy for awhile before you make another dumbass comment.

          • Rboo

            Look u Liberal f*ck, I never said anything about Obama doing anything to a child or making any laws, my response about Obama was to someone who made a comment that had nothing to do with this article and he stuck it in here for political reasons, not because it mattered about the baby and then he made an ugly comment to me when I called him on it. So you are the one with no brain, because you stick your nose into something without even knowing the facts and want to make assumptions about me. I won’t explain any more to you, because I don’t want to!

          • SpankMe

            Give it up you’re an imbecile, or a #RussianTroll, either way you look stupid and nobody cares about your drooling blather.

          • Earl

            Seriously; you believe that Russians had any influence on the election? No one in their right mind would vote for Hillary; Trump was the only logical choice ; a non politician!

          • Earl

            None; Obama is gay and married a chick with a dick and adopted his fake family who he has no record of! Why has Obama never been arrested and charged for using a dead man’s social security number and why would he do so if he had nothing to hide?

          • Yuovette

            Loser pedophile…gross state!! Cali..is full of insane rapest and killers.. I WOULD NEVER VISIT AND CERTAINLY NEVER BRING MY CHILDREN THERE!!

          • clarissacole

            I work in the prisons here in CA. There are a lot of good, moral, hard -working people here who fight crime every day. We don’t deserve to be slandered by you, Yuovette. Please realize that not everyone in CA is “gross.”

          • Oscar Pearson

            Maybe not but take a look around you at what is going on. Releasing thousands of sexual predators, spending billions of illegals, raising you gas tax to pay for illegals, etc. etc.

          • Cody Doser

            While I don’t have the numbers in front of me to prove or disprove what you said (though it’s likely not accurate), it doesn’t change the fact that CA has some of the strictest sex abuse laws in the nation. It’s not all full of abusers like the original commenter said, not even close.

          • Steve Allen Graves

            “spending billions of illegals”- what’s the exchange rate in dollars, and what do they buy with them? Come back when you can speak English.

          • Earl

            You got that right; California votes in idiot liberal Democrats to run the state bankrupt

          • Cody Doser

            Thank you Clarissacole

          • Eve Baker

            Love CA. Wish I were there.
            One of the first things I noticed about CA is when you put your turn signal on people actally slow down to let you in. I live back East where they are more likely to speed up if they see your signal.

          • Earl

            In Hawaii I only wish people would signal; they are too lazy to bother!

          • Earl

            Obama was the biggest liar to ever set foot in the White House; a complete sociopath who lies with a smile on his face

          • Josha Barton

            Then what the hell do we do?

          • loretta66

            President TRUMP is changing that

          • Isabelle Cheridant

            sure he is. hes a pedophile himself.

          • Gary Wayne Wilson

            lol so was bill Clinton and a rapist and put more black people in jail than any president before or after him but people still seem to love him

          • Tim


          • GeaVox

            That sentence reveals a diseased mind that abused drugs through its short, useless, dribbly life….

          • Hooty Hootowl

            Both the Clintons suck balls, it’s true. But no president has ever sucked balls like tRump sucks Putins. Tick Tock. Funny, I thought the article was about the Judge.

          • SpankMe

            Ingrate, all the crap you believe about the Clintons was spoon fed to you by #RussianTrolls. You and I are indebted to both of them for their many years of service to this country, but you are too stupid to know it.

          • SpankMe

            Oh really? How was Clinton a pedophile? Which child did he sleep with? None. Stupid, Monica was not a child, she was 22 years old, the age at which a woman is more seductive and in control of her own sexual appetites then she ever will be in her life. And which woman did he rape? None. So, no, he’s not a pedophile and a rapist, but you are an idiot.

          • GeaVox
          • Sammie12

            Umm.. no, he isn’t.

          • GeaVox

            That’s right, he is making it LAW that ALL paedophiles must be given the benefit of the doubt….


          • SpankMe

            Trump has never yet done anything for someone else in his entire life and he’s not going to start now. He’s in the White House solely for the purposes of his own personal enrichment, and the enrichment of his boyfriend, Putin. You dotard.

          • GeaVox

            A M M A R R A K K K A N LIKE YOU!

          • Hooty Hootowl

            fuck off fascist.

          • Richard Clark

            California Sucks with All Their LIBERAL Ways . The Rule of Law Doesn’t apply there . They are Making up their own Laws as They Go !

          • Lora Wain

            And their own penalties, since their jails are always overcrowded.

          • James LaBelle

            This judge is a conservative Republican. Try doing a little research before making such statements

          • lindaweino

            He was appointed by Liberal Democrat Grey Davis!

          • Boo

            It doesn’t matter who appointed him. It matters that he GOES NOW!!!!

          • loretta66

            It figures

          • Boo

            ah, the cunt judge is a REPUBLICAN??? THAT explains his insanity.

          • redeemed357

            Boy, I am certainly glad he was a republican and not a Clinton intern. WHEW! Or a Kennedy Secretary—or a movie star when Jack Kennedy was in office. Wow! How little are the minds of people posting. People—IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT PARTY STUPID BELONGS TO!!! WHAT MATTERS IS THAT WE CALL STUPID OUT WHEN WE SEE IT REGARDLESS OF THE PARTY!!!! Get it? Got it!!! GOOD!!!!!!

          • redeemed357

            James—it ought not matter what party this reprehensible judge belongs to. It does not make any difference to America that he cut the prison sentence of this man who sodomized a young child. He needs to be kicked off the bench.

          • Cindy

            You are correct. It doesn’t matter who you are this is horrific. No matter what party you belong to, what religion, what race or sex, we are all capable of horrible things but only the evil people do these things and those who allow or excuse them are just as guilty and be sentenced as so.

          • GeaVox

            BUT Donald Trump has been clearly and squarely accused of paedophilia, rape of a 14 y.o. and THAT matters!

          • Earlene Hammond

            At the very least!

          • Stephen S.

            Republicans can be liberal; look at Nixon, GHW Bush, McCain, McClauskey, Graham, McConnell, more

          • Jane

            I don’t know any republicans or democrats that condone this kind of sick behavior. The judge must be an active perv as well to let amend his sentence. I don’t know of a 3 year old yet that says “I like it in the ass”. Sick Sick sick

          • john

            The good Judge did not consider this sexual misconduct which is popular today, Did you ever wander why these judges are always called Honorable and your Honor,

          • Gail

            Can you cite a source for this info? He was appointed by Democrat governor Grey Davis, which almost assuredly suggests he is a democrat.. Regardless of party affiliation, he needs to be removed.

          • Earlene Hammond

            Unfortunately, pedophilia is not a partisan pastime.

          • GeaVox

            Would you like to elucidate that cryptic comment?

          • notconvincedgranny

            Deplorables don’t deal in facts.

          • loretta66

            Libtard or Republican, perversion doesn’t discriminate. neither does ignorance

          • Sammie12

            As you clearly indicated with your “it figures” statement

          • Sammie12

            Wait.. you want them to actually LOOK INTO something before looking like a fool???

          • suburban jane d’oh

            oh snap!!!

          • Richard

            A Judge is neither. They are supposed to be neutral……

          • Rboo

            It doesn’t matter whether he’s a Dem or Rep, he’s an idiot and needs to be taken off the bench and punished!

          • Libertarius2012

            Its cute you think the judge is a “liberal”. lol

          • G. Scott

            Well he ruled like one, didn’t he??? What does it look to you like he is, genius? A conservative who just slipped up and made a liberal ruling? I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but if a judge rules like a liberal, that indicates to me that he is a liberal, no matter what he calls himself. I bet you think the pieces of excrement who keep ruling against us on DACA and Trump’s travel bans are Republicans too, huh?

          • Libertarius2012

            Ruled like one? Seriously? No no. This is conservative logic. Always side with the offender and not the offendee. Make the offender the victim in all this. lol Then they use a twisted form of religion to justify their actions, and call it “god’s will”. DACA has been blocked twice because (drum roll) its a bullshit ruling by a senile pResident. The travel bans are bullshit too. This isn’t the 60s and we are not at war with Islam much to conservative thought. Actually, judges, for the most part, rule impartially because that is their job. Some judges let personal bias get in the way and then they are usually removed from the ruling altogether. Its how democracy works, you dolt.

          • Gary Wayne Wilson

            conservative logic? always side with the offender and nopt the offendee ? OHHH you must be talking about when Killery blamed the girl that Bill raped? is that what your talking about? and then went on to defend the rapist in court? you mean that kind of stuff?

          • Chris Villegas

            Conservative judge, but you keep defending it, cause ‘murica!!!!

          • G. Scott

            If he rules like a liberal, he is a liberal. Just ignore the evidence and call this judge a Conservative Republican though, if it makes you feel better.

          • Megan Conner

            Did you even read what you wrote?

          • Sammie12

            Only a right wing conservative would make the statement that the girl was permanently injured.

          • dwerenat

            The judge is a fucking conservative, Einstein. I’d think that would be obvious considering the behavior.

          • G. Scott

            He must not be too conservative or he would not have been appointed by a Liberal Democrat. Do you think the Democrat governor would have appointed him if he thought he would rule the right way on any issue? The Democrats are incapable of appointing a decent person, so if you want to see if he is a real Republican or just a wolf in Republic clothing, look no farther than the person who appointed him. He is nothing but trash, or no Democrat would have appointed him.

          • Earlene Hammond

            It doesn’t matter what party he belongs to. Get rid of the sick bastard!

          • Hillbilly

            his behavior appears liberal/democrat to me. Einstein! Fuck you are dumb

          • Mike G Swansey

            The Judge’s terrible decision has nothing to do with the State, in fact there are Judges and D.A. offices like this, making decision like this all over America, in Oklahoma, a man who tied up and raped a 13 year old Texas girl at a church camp was given probation, why because me was legally blind, ( hint ) he was a cook for the camp, more important, he tied the girls wrist, but some how legally blind. Even after pleading guilty, probation and wearing a ankle device was the end result.

          • loretta66

            I agree Richard!! They pick and choose which laws and make them up as they go

          • Rboo

            I don’t think lib or Conservative has anything to do with it, although I agree with you that California is screwed up liberal state. The judge is just a f*cked up idiot and needss to be punished.

          • Tim

            No, actually DICK, we have a little thing here called the majority rules when it comes to voting.

          • GeaVox

            TrumPutin is the biggest paedophile there is, and YOU are defending him…
            YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!

          • Lora Wain

            Who put him on the bench, if not the good citizens? Just goes to prove, that people ha e no clue who the are voting for.

          • john

            Bill Clinton

          • SpankMe

            Clinton: Neither a pedophile nor a rapist. You: jealous

          • Earl

            They why did he visit pedophile Island in the Caribbean?

          • Gail

            Then start impeachment proceedings against him. The citizens of California have a moral obligation to remove him from ever ptotecting pedophiles again.

          • Tim

            Hey Gail, I’ve got a thought, since its YOUR IDEA for “impeachment” how about you startin the ball rolling eh?! As if!

          • Rboo

            Only someone living in that horrid State can do it, brainiac!

          • RandyLeanear

            I think her idea is a very good one. She will be fighting against a libtard shi!-hole and their pedophiles…Why don’t YOU do something to hep her, that is, unless YOU are one yourself….smart-ass!

          • GeaVox

            Wake up! Conservathieves are the paedophiles!

          • David Johnson

            Excuse me but it’s the liberals who are the pedophiles, obviously a liberal judge. The whole damn state is liberal controlled.

          • GeaVox

            Exactly what paedophile trying to divert attention would say

          • Cody Doser

            Shows how much you know about CA….

          • SpankMe

            In your wetdreams. Why did you elect a pedophile rapist as president? Why has the GOP fought for rapists’ parental rights? Because the GOP is the party of rapists and pedophiles. And the GOP is the party of racists fascists and homophobes too. You all should go to mars. Hurry, the shuttle is leaving.

          • Earl

            You must be a fudge packer making remarks like that; Gays should never be allowed to marry; it’s ridiculous!

          • Earl

            Wrong; politicians are Pedophiles; what about Bill And Hillary’s vacation to Pedophile Island; do you really think they just went there for a tan?

          • SpankMe

            What’s with the “lib-tard” remark? Can you really be this stupid? The GOP is the party of rapists and pedophiles, you Republicans even gave us one as a president, and have pushed for rapists to have parental rights to the children resulting from rape in several states. It isn’t liberals who have given us rape culture, it’s the deplorables. Dawg, you are stupid.

          • Earl

            Yea right say this guy who gets off on being spanked!

          • Gail

            I am not a Californian.

          • Yuovette

            Dont talk dummy just dont

          • Mr. C

            I am not sure you can prove the vast majority of judges in Calif. are good and sensible. I can prove my position by saying, “Where are they!” You don’t hear a peep from them. I wonder why?

          • Rboo

            California is a screwed up state! The actors that live in California are screwed up, the Liberals that live there, the Governor. There are some good people in California, but they are out-numbered by the screwballs!

          • Paul

            He rep for ALL OF calif. you fool just like that fruit cake polosi ..calif is full of pedophiles, murders, rapists, drug dealers, criminal illegals and Sic SOB’s !!!

          • mloso40

            Paul- As is the Republican Party & White House.

          • Oscar Pearson

            Moonbeam is getting ready to release 10,000 sexual predators and you see this has nothing to do with CA? Are you nuts or just brainwashed by the liberal nuts.

          • ben welgoed

            Beeta, Extrapolating much these days ? ? ?

          • Tim

            “this is what they do”??? You don’t believe in voting then or what? Obviously you don’t live in California, and we’re not all pedophiles here either! Rather rude comment I think.

          • Paul

            calif is full of pedophiles, murders, rapists, drug dealers, criminal illegals and Sic SOB’s !!!

          • mloso40

            Paul- So is the Republican Party & White House.

          • Dawn Doran

            Robert De Niro should know…Ask him..

          • Cody Doser

            CA has some of the strictest sex abuse laws in America. Get your facts straight.

        • jagragg

          IMPEACH HIM!!

        • Gail

          No, impeachment proceedings can be brought against nim, then removal.

          • Tim

            Alritee then, well let us know how that works out for ya!

          • Gail

            Tim, only Californians can start recall or impeachment proceedings in their own state.

          • Tim

            I see, so you just enjoy commenting on whats happening in OTHER states? Maybe you could work on improving problems in YOUR state, whichever one that is! And we were supposed to KNOW you weren’t from California how? Typical, one who comments on situations they aren’t involved in and then expects OTHERS to do as they say.

        • Mr. C

          That is not the best we can do, we can do much better although this judge wouldn’t appreciate my solution.

        • Paul
      • Kelly Arredondo
      • Tim

        Unfortunately the judge didn’t break a law, so he won’t be going to jail.

    • Aracelis Sanchez

      Took the words right out my mouth and you are 1,000,000% correct!!!

    • ShelleysLeg

      I hope the pervert has a Jeffrey Dahmer prison end to him. The sooner the bettet

    • John M. Perkins

      Not what he should have cut.

      • Sandy Snyder

        John you are on the right track

    • Grandy Minis

      My first thought!

    • Kaye Johnson

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Anthony Anselmo


      • bluzelovr

        The voters elected him, next election vote him OUT!

        • Sheila A. Donovan

          Sadly, most people aren’t aware of the backgrounds of judges. They vote blindly.

          • jagragg

            IMPEACH HIM FROM OFFICE! Just like Jerry Brown was during his first shot as governor. Make it a HIGH PRIORITY campaign issue at the very least.

          • Penguinlady

            Except that Jerry Brown wasn’t impeached, then or ever.

          • bluzelovr

            I would tend to agree with you on that, but then “we” end up getting what we deserve don’t we? People need to educate themselves first before voting, otherwise don’t vote at all! I read any and all information I can get my hands on regarding candidates and propositions, pro and con, and I can’t understand why anybody who takes the time to vote would do anything less.

        • jagragg


      • susanjmaki

        Does that mean the kid gets a free pass too. She should keep track of this man…and his children!

        • EllenTwo

          His children do not deserve to be punished for what he does. Having a Father that thinks like this is probably punishment enough. What has he been doing in His private life?

      • Donald W Hanson

        Asked???? No he should be drug out and perp walked to jail and his judgeship should go to someone with common sense end of story!!!!!!

    • http://www.etsnell.com Et Snell

      Depending on when his term is up he can be recalled. As long as he is neither 6 months before or 6 months after he is sworn in he can be recalled. I would be glad to help for nothing but it will take a lot of signatures and the simple plain truth is most people won’t help gather signatures. Anyone who wants to try and take the recall on email me at etsnell@yahoo.com or call me 760 605 6014
      ET Snell

      • 2010K

        How does that work if you are not a citizen of that jurisdiction?

    • neil allen

      he’s Catholic

      • Maggie Zayas

        No this sick bastard is a Republican look at your president he’s just as bad

        • Terrie

          That’s an assnine comment.

          • Sammie12

            Not really

        • jagragg

          Democratic troll are we?

        • jagragg
        • Greg Harland-White

          It is a byproduct of the undrained capitol Hill swamp and pizza gate

        • neil allen

          No, the pedo is undoubtedly practicing Catholic pedophilia, and the judge went to Notre Dame to learn to set him free for Catho-god.

          • Maggie Zayas

            Let me tell you there’s pedophiles an all religion but one thing I could tell you the fucking Republican Party is really screwed up

          • neil allen

            The Catholic child rape church is BY FAR the worst pedophile religion, hiding and protecting 271 known child raping pedophile priests in Boston alone.

        • Gary Wayne Wilson

          bahahaha this Maggie chick is a troll who speaks about crap she knows nothing about because she is a democrat and that’s what they do…..on what level does the party denomination of this judge have ANYTHING to do whether its right or wrong to not only reduce the p[rison sentence of a pedo but say that a 3 year old little girl walked up and said put it in my butt, and again what the hell does this have to do with trump? He didn’t appoint this man to office I don’t think, and if your going to throw blame at presidents my not chunk Hillary Clinton in there she is well know for her defending a rapist? not only that when Bill was accused she blamed the VICTIM…I mean come on if your going to blame Presidents then at least blame the one that actually defends rapists and blames victims

          • Maggie Zayas

            Listen asshole you tell me what little kid wants to be Raped You must be a sick asshole to think that and this fucking judge to is a sick fuck

      • Terrie

        Really? Where does it say that? Are Catholics the ones that rape babies?

        • Greg Price

          no .only priests and higher church officials do that, or have you not heard?

          • Greg Harland-White

            I had. Heard about that probably be. On. The old coegie

          • Just a person

            School teachers actually have a higher incidence of child molestation.

        • neil allen

          Catholics hide 100% of their pedophile priests, like the 271 pedo priests they hid in Boston alone, who raped thousands of children, to please Catholic god.

        • neil allen

          Of course they are. Catholic church is the largest organized child rape crime syndicate in US history, BY FAR, hiding 271 pedo priest in Boston alone

      • Just a person

        And you are an asss.

        • neil allen

          So you’re in the Catholic pedophile religion?

          • Just a person

            Your clairvoyance is faulty, neilly. I have no religion nor belief, I am A-g-n-o-s-t-I-c. Can you say agnostic, I knew you could.
            Unlike ignorant people, especially those that regularly decry making group judgments ,I do not make them.
            I appreciate Christianity for making pedophilia unacceptable by society.

          • neil allen

            Ha! Christianity didn’t make pedophilia unacceptable. Wow, what a lie that is.

            Pedophilia was ALWAYS unacceptable among non-Catholics.

            The Catholic Childrape church hid 271 known pedophile priests in Boston alone, and 11,022 nationwide. The Catholic church hid 100% of Catholic pedophile priests until they were caught.

            The Boston Globe newspaper ripped the truth out of the pedophile protecting Catholic church. THAT is why the Catholic church doesn’t accept pedophilia as much anymore.

          • Just a person

            So perhaps you could explain what exactly those “apprentices” were in Rome ,Greece, and other past civilizations.

          • neil allen

            I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I’m guessing you don’t either, but you’re just distracting from your Catholic Pedophile Church.

          • Just a person

            Okay, so you are no student of history.
            I should have realized from your wanting to replay the Cary Nation demon rum only focusing on guns this time.
            Obviously you are no fan of dictionaries either.

          • Just a person

            Still awaiting yor enlightenment.

    • Tamara Gilyard

      Basically!!!! How do you empathize with the well knowing predator and not the innocent three year old victim.

      • Gary Wayne Wilson

        my thing is what 3 year old walks up to anyone and says hey stick in my butt… and the judge believes this? its ludicrous

    • Vanis M. Manning

      thank you my thoughts exactly


      That was my very first thought.

    • Hotsgt

      and I’ll bet he’s a “Good Christian” and a Republican, or a “Christpublican”.

    • pennpa

      Nailed it. Look at that mug.

    • Christopher Headrick

      I was just thinking that. He has empathy which stems from personal.experience

    • Isabelle Cheridant

      i agree

    • Eve Baker

      My thoughts too. If this story is real. It sounds way too disturbing to be real.

    • Linda Brown

      That was my thoughts also, someone needs to check his past!!!

    • Sol Rom

      agree witn you 1000% cus NO child can make that kind of decision on his or her own,,

  • Me

    Why are “we” continuing to allow mentally incompetent individuals to wear black robes and make hideous decisions that destroy already devastated innocent HUMANBEINGS LIVES!!!!!

    • Betty4440

      The BIBLE tells us to be leery of men in black robes.

  • Duke LaCrosse

    Hi I am a pedo judge
    I was put in place by higher pedos to block justice for the people and protect pedos
    I don’t work for Californians unless they are pedophiles
    There are many of me throughout the nation who have infiltrated the court systems
    Try and get rid of me

    • Nick Gene Christopoulos

      guarentee he is a democrat

      • Anarcho-Pirate

        with a republican president himself an abuser, I would not bet on this in your place


          Your made because he hasn’t grabbed your pussy.

          • thejudy64

            He’s an ugly fat petvert who in their right mind would want him too ?!

        • Mary Darnell Ramey

          You are a libTURD idiot!!!

          • thejudy64

            That’s all that Trump supporters do is name call and don’t ever google or look up facts ! You never have any facts !?

        • Mike Stone Sr

          Not one proven offense while Billie has dozens of accusers of all sorts of rape , youre a dimocrat, do you get horny over a child or a rape !

          • Saturned

            So, if Bill Clinton is guilty of something this means Trump is innocent? Yeah, no.

          • thejudy64

            That’s because Tepublican politicians are so much better at lying and have crooked expensive lawyers !

      • Inspiridos

        Statistics demonstrate that most convicted pedophiles self-identify as Republicans.


          When your puffing on a little boys noodle are you identifying as a democrat, republican, or a penquin?

          • kerston

            It was a little girl.

          • Mike Stone Sr

            Death should be the sentence !

          • TERRY HOLLIDAY

            It was a child.

        • joshuaalayon .

          That’s because the judges who do the convicting are Democrats and let their Democrat buddies slide while framing Republicans.

        • thejudy64

          Yep statistics don’t lie !

          • SoulessRedHed

            And polls don’t lie either do they?

        • Nick Gene Christopoulos

          you mean like bill clinton, antony weiner.. or roman polanski…

      • CJakes ™

        You would be wrong, he’s a Republican Xtian.

      • soupgoblin

        I guarantee he is a right wing Christian… Right wing Christians are in the news constantly for raping children.


        • TruthbeTold

          Actually it’s been teachers lately!!

        • thejudy64

          Yep, they seem to be the worst !

      • thejudy64

        It’s a fact that rich Republicans are the main ones committing these crimes against underaged children. Look up Trumps friend Larry Bernstein who has his own private jet that Trymp has been on when he has young girls from foreign countries on it !

      • Nick Gene Christopoulos

        i was wrong this loser is a republican, and deserves to be recalled, its not his first time doing this crap…

    • Duke LaCrosse

      I didn’t imply a party affiliation one way or another
      They are on both sides of the aisle
      They all need to be behind bars regardless

      • Teknikid

        Love the avatar. Huge Rush fan.

      • Kimberly Morris

        I’m frankly sick of people who have to make travesties like this political. To use them to bash one party or the other or to bash the President. It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. Sick people come in all sizes, shapes, colors, religions or none at all, political affiliations, straight, gay,bi, transgender, male or female. STOP the damned childish hate and save your ire for the criminals and the ones that let them get away with it or let them off easy.

        • Mike Stone Sr

          You are wrong if you dont realize the “perversion that obammi” sought to mainstream is definitely “party driven”, dimocrats are actively trying to legalize or at least lessen the stigma of being sexually aroused by a small child, that means you are nuts !

          • Saturned

            WHAT are you talking about?

          • Judy Christine Thomas

            Are you insane or just a liar?

          • Anthony Jones

            No Judge Moore’s, no Rob Porter’s, nobody like Trump who raped the 15 year old girl in Obama white house history. It’s you disgusting people. Your priests, your Christians, your congressmen. All of you.

          • bluzelovr

            That’s a tad harsh. Obviously the guy has “issues”, lets not lower ourselves to his level.

          • ed T

            Man you are so full of shit! Who was in office in 2012, that’s right home boy, Obumbler!

            Approximately 30% of sexual assault cases are reported to authorities.
            9.3% of cases of maltreatment of children in 2012 were classified as sexual abuse.
            62,939 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in 2012.
            According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Criminal Victimization Survey, in 2012, there were 346,830 reported rapes or sexual assaults of persons 12 years or older.
            In 2010, 12% of rapes and sexual assaults involved a weapon.
            In 2010, 25% of the female victims of rape/sexual assault were victimized by strangers.

          • lynn

            Seriously, how is that a president’s fault? Who makes the laws? Congress makes the bills for a president to sign or veto. I don’t think he received any bills about how to deal with child rape victims (pediphiles come from all walks of life). Notice that only 25% of females rape victims are attacked by strangers. What does that tell you? What the hell are parents doing to protect their kids (boys and girls)? The fault is at the local level (parents too trusting or even part of the evil, not training children to defend themselves against assault or word twisters(from the old testament ) who use bible passages to shame a victim into not speaking out speaking out against their assailant who is usually a person everyone trusts and respects (because he/she set the stage to get what he wants.) Keep in mind that 75% of child rape is by someone they know that their parents entrusted them to or the family itself.

          • EllenTwo

            Anthony Jones….. You have proof of that accusation? You were there? It seems to me that there is a lot of mud being thrown and very little accountability for those who are throwing it. Try pulling your head out of that propaganda machine for a few weeks and doing some basic research on what the other side has been up to. Just why would they be so desperate to throw all that mud, anyway? What are they running from?

          • bluzelovr

            WTF are you babbling about? You have issues, get help.

          • Michelle Rodriguez

            Lovely….just making things up to demonize Democrats. But you get your news from Fox “new”….so not really surprised at your ignorance.

          • EllenTwo

            If you are getting your news from the other channels on T.V. you are not well informed. Try reading the Wall Street Journal. You might get some real facts from that.

          • Sammie12

            Get back in the basket

        • Sean Griffiths

          There’s only hate for the pedos. The fact that there are more on one side just shows the personality of that party.

        • Sean Griffiths

          Dems are known to be more lenient on crime than Republican and more compassionate (This ones up for debate).

      • Mike Stone Sr

        I dont imply , but I do condemn the dimocrat party as a party that is actively trying to legitimize “sex with children”, the deranged bastards call this ‘progressive” !

        • Saturned

          Where do you get your information as to this party platform? And do you know that our current President who is a Republican has been accused of beating and raping a 13-year-old? There are witnesses who corroborate her story.

          • SoulessRedHed

            Why didn’t she take him to Court of it was true?

          • thejudy64

            She was going to but Trumps lawyers threatened her and paid her off ! Google it.

          • SoulessRedHed

            Get out of here. So she accepted $ instead of having to prove it in Court?Bullsh*t!

          • Saturned


          • SoulessRedHed

            Truth hurts to those that don’t want to hear it.

          • Saturned

            🙁 Truth hurts those who don’t like to read.

          • SoulessRedHed

            Your probably Jewish and protecting the tribe.

          • Saturned

            You’ve probably never read a book.

          • Saturned

            She did file a lawsuit but dropped it because she was getting death threats.

          • SoulessRedHed

            Well she could have gotten protection Gloria Allred.

        • thejudy64

          Trump and all of his cabinet have been charged with rape, sex with minors, cheating on they’re wives ! You have a lot of room to talk about Obama and Democrats.

          • SoulessRedHed

            Well he hasn’t ordered 65,000$ worth of pizza and hot dogs from Chicago. #Pizzagate

          • Saturned

            Hilarious. You are a Pizzagater. Of course you are. You know there is no basement in Comet PIzza, right?

          • SoulessRedHed

            If I was in a Grand Jury and seen that evidence I would vote for an indictment.

          • Saturned

            Of course you would. What evidence?

          • SoulessRedHed

            My point exactly.The Jew run media called it fake news so I guess it’s fake since they said it.

          • Saturned

            There’s no basement in Comet Pizza. But way to go getting your news from 4 Chan!

          • SoulessRedHed


          • SoulessRedHed

            I just looked at his Instagram timeline.

          • Ken Ernest

            there is access to a abandoned trolley tunnel from the 1970’s

          • Saturned

            So, you’ve been there? And, no.

          • rosebud

            Do you really think Pedesta just accidentally mentioned pizza and hotdogs in unusual phrasing thousands of times because he was hungry? Go check out the facts

          • Saturned

            Like the fact that his name is Podesta, not Pedesta?

            But yeah, anyone who uses the words pizza and hot dogs while writing email to plan catering is obviously a pervert. You’ve got me there.

          • Jodi

            Basement? It was across the street from the pizza place through an underground tunnel that Pizzagate took

          • bluzelovr

            I know really huh? Trumps been married three times now, cheated on all of them, and if Melania had her way, she’d be gone now too. Probably made her sign a legal document stating she wasn’t allowed to divorce him while he’s potus is my guess, but she hates him alright, no doubt about that!

          • Terrie

            You got a link for that, since none of them were charged with anything that you’re alleging. They may have been accused of it but it was all proven false. (BTW, proper grammar is cheating on THEIR wives – which is also BS).

        • Judy Christine Thomas

          So crazy and a liar. The GOP has been the party of child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking for years. In just the past year, I have lost count of GOP politicians, pastors, and campaign workers that have been arrested, and charged and in some cases already convicted of sex with children. For Christ’s sake, a child molester ran for the Senate in Alabama.

          • Donna Boutin

            No no you’re thinking of BJ Billy Boy and the liberal democRATS..

          • janet

            Judy Christine Thomas, I think your very confused, better check your facts again, it’s NOT the Gop, it’s almost all Dems, check it out if you dare!

          • scarlet_begonias

            lol like OK senator Shortey who was found in a hotel room with a 17 year old boy, drugs and a box of condoms? Or the KY district judge who was also a TeaBagger arrested and convicted of child sex trafficking? Or Dennis Hastert who was convicted and sentenced for diddling kids? (ironically enough he was a spearhead in the impeachment of Clinton who had CONSENSUAL SEX with an adult) You repukes have NO moral high ground here.. so stop thinking you do.

          • Donald W Hanson

            There should be no consensual sex either by minors or adults in our White House in the manor that was done by the President of the US. The respect for that office was shredded in my eyes forever because of the way Clinton disrespected the office he was elected to.

          • scarlet_begonias

            lol.. Meanwhile YOUR president disrespects the office every day by how he treats other humans. Again. You have no moral high ground here..

          • Judy Christine Thomas

            Don’t know what you are smoking but the majority of child molesters that have been showing up in the news are all GOP. The first that comes to mind is Roy Moore. Plus those campaign chairs indicted for child sex trafficking, molestation, and abuse. We won’t even go into the other crimes.

          • jice

            I think maybe Mike Stone, Sr. might be a Russian bot.

        • Saturned
        • CJakes

          Like Roy moore?

        • bluzelovr

          That’s a lie, which makes you a liar. I’d quit now if I were you.

        • Sammie12

          You really need to peer out from under that rock occasionally

      • SoulessRedHed

        I think the Judges are all Freemasons and going by the Jewish Talmud which states it’s ok to take a 3 yr. old.

        • Saturned

          So, you’ve never read the Talmud?

          • SoulessRedHed

            I’ve never read it but I’ve watched videos on it.

          • Saturned

            So, of course you know what you’re talking about!

          • SoulessRedHed

            Do you? I know it’s a sick and racist book but they sure do like to accuse everybody of being anti Semitic.They are what they accuse.

          • Saturned

            I know your claim is false 🙁

          • SoulessRedHed

            Prove it.

          • Saturned

            I don’t have to prove that your lie is false. You must prove it is true. Duh.

        • Wanda Tumlin

          The Talmud is the first 5 books of the Old Testament. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. I have read them many times and you are a bald faced liar. Nowhere in the Bible does it say it’s okay to commit pedophilia. I will add that Freemasons are not Jewish.

          • SoulessRedHed

            Here http://www.talmudblasphemy.com or look up church eclipse – evil Talmud.

          • SoulessRedHed

            Research Judaism is Freemasonry and look at the images.

          • Nick Gene Christopoulos

            he is thinking of the koran…

          • Spider bite

            OMG. The ignorance is frightening. The first five books of the Holy Bible are known as the torah to the ‘jews’ most of whom give more weight to the talmuck which does indeed OK the raping of 3yr olds after ‘marriage’ provided they are allowed 5 days to heal before being raped again. On the up side, 3yr olds ‘married’ in this fashion may never be divorced. Now that’s a harsh punishment if ever I heard one. Imagine being sentenced to lifetime with a ‘jewess’.

            It’s also perfectly fine for ‘jews’ to rape boys up the age of 11 because their rules only forbid men ‘laying’ with ‘men’ so boys are just dandy.

            And people think the mooslems are sick.

      • yucaipa

        This guy is not any different from judges of times past, where custody of kids were taken from loving moms and given to pedophile dads. It’s been going on for a long time.

        • Vinnie

          Well there’s a bullshit thought process. Do you have ANY information to back up that statement? How many cases?? Or was it more along the lines of Dad won custody after mom claimed he was abusing the kids just so she could keep custody and use the kids as a bank roll? You’re fucking sick in the head.

      • Thomas Cleaver

        Oh, he’s a Republican. The county is still run by the scum, as it has the past 80 years.

    • bluzelovr

      We can, they are elected by the voters, next election, vote him OUT!

    • Nina O’Leary
    • Greg Harland-White

      True as fact of the case now being mentioned in your local district’s court of rorts

  • Rex Davis
  • Smell The Coffee

    The judge should offer up his female relatives to the criminal–starting with the youngest of his grandchildren and nieces if he has any.

  • Cherry Walker

    “The appeals court’s take was different.

    “Put simply, a sex offense against a small child is a grave offense because of the vulnerable nature of the victim and the risk of psychological harm to the child, regardless of any associated physical injury,” the court said. “Therefore Jane Doe’s limited physical injuries and the absence of a violent physical attack are not significant to our assessment of the serious nature of Rojano’s offense.”

    The court said Kelly “ignored important, undisputed evidence about the entire scope of Rojano’s actions.“

    Kelly’s decision prompted condemnation from public officials and a grassroots recall effort fueled by victims’ advocates. The movement fizzled after organizers failed to gather enough signatures to put a recall measure on the June 2016 ballot.

    Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas appealed the ruling. Kelly, in a response to the recall effort, has said he acted within his judicial independence.

    Orange County Deputy District Attorney Matt Lockhart, who argued the case before the appeals court last month in San Diego, said he was pleased with Tuesday‘s ruling.

    “Rojano-Nieto will now be re-sentenced appropriately to the indeterminate sentence he deserves for such a serious and violent crime,” the prosecutor said.”

  • Douglas Smith

    Disgusting if he had to tape her mouth, how was the child wanting or asking for it, it was in his mind to rape a child any child and this poor child happened to walk into the space were he was and he raped a child , he is disturbed and should be kept away from children for a long time, and castrated, the judge is being to lenient and is part of the problem with these pedofiles reoffending

  • Inspiridos

    This Judge needs to be removed from the Bench immediately and placed under psychiatric care. His bizarre empathy with this pedophile demonstrates that he himself is a danger to children and on the Bench nearly anyone else, aside from fellow pedophiles that he would judge.

  • CJakes ™

    This is old and a recall is already under way. His term is over in 2018.

  • strider

    Somebody better take a detailed look at the history of this judge. My money says he himself is a child molester!


    TYPICAL LIBERAL … brain dead!

  • Arthur Greenlee

    what are we running here THIS JUDGE SHOULD BE DISROBED

    • Teknikid

      Let’s change that to impeached. I’d rather he keep his clothes on.

  • bmarshall1

    The back and forth below on whether this moron is a democrat or a republican is a stupid side show. Anyone engaging in the debate on party affiliation is completely missing the point. Does it matter to the child who was sodomized whether the 20 year old perpetrator or the immoral judge self identifies as republican or democrat?

  • Kitty Koch

    Sounds like this judge is a card carrying member of Pedos are Us or NAMBLA, either way… closet offender here.

  • kerston

    This story is ancient and the illegal ruling was overturned. This is such a crappy site.

  • Sandy Miller

    IF this is true and I question the reliability of this site.. But IF it’s true then that judge needs to be “RIPPED” off that bench and thrown into a cage for life. Political affiliation or no political affiliation has no bearings on this. He is a danger to society and more of a danger to children.

    • CJakes ™

      It is true. I live in California.

  • monitorstl

    I hope this asshole was adopted and is not really Irish! An God forbid he’s Catholic!

  • Domingo VI Recitas Burayag

    Maybe he’s (judge) pedophile…

  • Billy S DuBose

    If Californians will fire all of the California Judges and replace them with Alabama Judges…..things will straighten out fast!

  • yucaipa

    They need to fire that judge, because a 3 year old does not ask to be raped. That is a ridiculous assumption.

  • Laurence X. Odhner

    There should be an immediate recall of this so called “judge”. Most judges are nothing more than failed lawyers in robes, who act like petty demi-gods.

  • Timmy Wagner

    Judge should be sodomized for the rest of his life

  • Judith Gross Tatum Greenlee


  • rosebud

    you can’t make this stuff up. He didn’t mean to hurt her? Are you serious? Obviously this judge is a pedo himself – he HAS to be. There must be something the prosecutors can do.

  • Vinnie
  • Scott Collom

    I guess the judge believes that if Bill Clinton can go to Lolita island and get away with the same thing,why punish a one time offender.( NOT) This guy has to be a pedophile himself.He has got to be a Democrat

  • Lisa Kimura

    Hang the judge

  • Glen Saunders

    Let’s see if this judge can do the rest of the sentence for the scumbag. They think alike.

  • Frances Sagadin Cole

    someone needs to take him out behind the barn and kill him

  • bob mosemak

    Has anyone sent this to the news? The people of Orange County need to recall his ass then hang him with the freak.

  • Haditupta

    O.M.G. what a turkey shoot-None makes any sense. Parsing heinous acts and somehow…deciding one is different from another!? Or is lesser than another? And WTF 3 year old in this world that we inhabit, ASKS
    ……….!!!!!! smh

  • bluzelovr

    WHAT is this judges name?!!! Why are you trying to protect this POS? We voters elect judges and we damn well have the right to know what they’re doing there, since WE pay their salaries and elect them!!!

  • captdot

    Why get folks all in a tizzy now? Judge M. Marc Kelly sparked national outcry in April 2015 when he shaved 15 years from a mandatory minimum sentence for Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto, convicted in December 2014 of sodomizing a three-year-old relative.

    This was OVERTURNED on 1 Feb 2018!

  • susanjmaki

    Time that citizens enforce our laws if the government won’t! If he’s getting out soon, his neighbors should greet him.

  • Emily

    I was raped by my father beginning at at least 3. I can tell you, even at 13, I still wasn’t asking for it. Because NO rape victim does. And ESPECIALLY not a child. Even more so a toddler. This is disgusting and a complete miscarriage of justice. I can promise, while the memories of the actual act might be fuzzy or not remembered, the trauma and mistrust carries on forever. I still, due to PTSD, can’t do things like sit on beanbags (my room had one and my dad had me sit on his lap while he “read me a story”).

  • Thomas Cleaver

    Orangatang Couty – Republican wonderworld. This moron has to be a goddamned Republican.

  • http://www.facebook.com/100000871324619 Tina J. Stein

    Are you kidding me? This judge sees nothing wrong with that GROWN MAN did to a 3 year old? She probably had to have surgery. He put his hand over her mouth so no one could hear her scream. He knew exactly what he was doing. A normal grown man will not get aroused from a 3 year old little girl. Only a pediphile does. It does matter if he went looking for her, he took her and raped her and then sent her out the door and scarred that poor baby for life, and he is only doing 10 years? Not even funny. Tax payers and the victims family will be paying for him to have a warm bed, warm showers, cable TV, free books, education, free medical, and if he gets raped he will get free surgery from us tax payers, does that sound fair people? I don’t think so. He need a bullet in his and I will even pay for it. This is going to send a message that anyone, male or female can say, she was asking for it, she wanted me too.

  • Sandra Baker-Bayford

    Maybe the Judge would like to serve the 15 years in place of the paedophile. A man who makes such decisions has no right to sit on the bench.

  • paulmsmith

    This judge is unfit to serve if this story is accurate. He must be removed from the bench immediately.

  • Richard J Semales

    Bull crap! Deceipt! Fraud! Lies!

  • Mike

    You all do realize the 20 year old STILL got 10 years right?

    The judge point is valid. From the JUDGING stand point he was fair.

    So, do you all think because a 3 year old aroused a 20 year old that means he is sick and should be locked up? Go ahead and contradict yourself when you all probably think people are born homosexual.

  • Jeff Putterman

    This judge needs to go to jail, where he can “ask” to be raped all day long.

  • Bob Jones Jr.

    WHERE, is Charles Bronson???? 🙁

  • Mara Krystal Tisoto

    That’s fine, as long as they both got their dicks cut off first. Fair is fair.

  • zakcat

    yeah, those three year old seductresses are dangerous! The judge is a sicko too

  • Ron Lindsey

    Time to relieve that judge!

  • Nita Hogg

    The child’s parents need to “rehabilitate” this predator with six feet of rope and a concrete slab before he rapes another baby….Too bad he is still breathing. History shows they will do it again, given the chance…

  • Betty Kerr

    I hope everyone in that town does not relect that Judge

  • william

    W T F is wrong with this judge? I don’t give a damn what this predator was thinking…I care about what he did!!!!!!!! This judge should have his Seat taken from him at a minimum!

  • leo0405

    The judge should be disbarred. He is a disgrace to the legal system.

  • Beeta


  • Mark Kuykendall

    “No violence or callous disregard for the victim’s well-being” Are you f–king kidding me?

  • Davey Dunn

    Hang judge

  • Celina


  • yahaira

    Liberals are nuts. Very soon pedophiles will have legal rights to marry children and whomever reacts agaisnt it will be jailed .

  • BobbieJo BJ

    So apparently you can be a pedophile and a judge in California. Legalizing pedophilia is basically what’s being done. Disgusting.

  • Cheryl Ann Elliott-Fletcher


  • Marnee

    THIS IS INSANE! Only in CA.. Where do they find the sick judges? I guess at nearest garbage dump.
    The IDIOT so called judge should be removed from the bench immediately. .

  • Niall

    This judge is obviously having some sort of issue going on. Either, he’s also a pedo, or he’s being threatened. He must be doing this under duress. Maybe someone is threatening his life or his families life, I dunno it just doesn’t make sense. I say that pedophilism is an evil, disgusting, horrific act and these criminals need to be put down. These kinds of criminals are actually rabid humans. They are filled with demonic beings, only pure evil wants to defile innocence.

  • prissy

    This takes the cake! Judge needs to go. Disgusting!

  • Becky Lopez

    If he did not consciously intend to harm the child or have callous disregard for her well-being, then he would not have locked the garage door.

  • Dan L. Kelly

    Your Honor, (and I use the term loosely) you’re a disgrace to the name, Kelly!

  • Blue Eyed Infidel

    Castration prior to the electric chair.

  • Stephanie Snyder

    This POS judge needs to be disbarred, immediately. Filth such as he is explains why the world is in the shape it is. Sub human males are ruling the world to its detriment. There is no explaining away his justification to this POS rapist. I hope that someone sodomizes the judge, good and hard, so he isn’t so forgiving of this heinous act.

  • Randy H Touiri

    What about DEATH PENALTY for raped charge??

  • idahomtber920

    Say goodbye to your career buddy. Hope it was worth it.

  • lilbit
  • MelHap

    He doesn’t deserve ANY mercy…


    Trump’s logic

    • Susan P

      NO WAY! This smells to high heaven of LIBERAL DEMOCRAT appointed judges. The country fairly reeks of them.
      Decisions like this only come from liberal scum.

  • Susan P

    As to the punishment this 20 year old rapist should have received, I cannot comment as I would be accused of fiendish intentions. But, considering the judge’s decision to cut the sentence by 15 years, I would also sentence the judge to the same punishment I would the rapist.

  • markpkessinger

    This happened in 2015. Why is it being reported as current news?

  • Cpt_Justice

    Wow not just the perpetrator but the judge need a Texas solution, here!

  • cml3g

    im soo f*****g sick of seeing these crooked judges letting these people off who admits to and is guilty of doing things that they should see seripus time off for. WTF MAN…Im sure he’ll get his butt kicked to shits when he gets inside but who hired these judges.

  • Rae Spencer

    This judge needs to be removed from the bench, and have a mental evaluation ASAP.

  • Rosalie Dwyer-Huebener

    He covered the child’s’ mouth. That is serious criminal behavior with intent, even if it is in California. . Bad judge decision.

  • Nathan Tompkins

    So, you wrote about an incident that happened three years ago. Way to keep on top of things.

  • Anruth Dailaigh

    I was raped as a three-year-old in California. That was in 1960. I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t even know what the hell was happening except that I hurt so badly I thought I was going to die and I screamed and screamed and screamed. He KNEW he was hurting me and didn’t stop.
    This judge needs to be impeached and removed from the bench IMMEDIATELY.

  • Nathan Tompkins

    The incident happened three years ago. This asshole judge faced a recall effort, and it failed. The rapist has since been sentenced 25 to life.

  • Donnarose Russian
  • Dana

    Maybe the judge is a pedophile also that’s why he simphatize with him the abuser

  • ME

    WTF? Judge must be a sicko himself! SMH

  • Bob Russell

    This is a clear case where a judge needs to have a cheery bomb firecracker lit and shoved into his rectum. Might clear his mind and help him see right from wrong. he is more despicable than the rapist!!!!!

  • jagragg

    That “judge” should be taken out and hanged from the nearest tree. He has committed TREASON to his own oath of office, but also to the citizens of his “jurisdiction.”

  • Shirley Marshall-Seeman

    That judge is one sick S.O.B.

  • Greg Price

    californicator judge…post his address on here and visit him at 3 am and tell him what you think of him…Rojano?? Hmmmm

  • Blingwad

    only in california, sell cali to mexico, use that money for the Wall and get rid of that liberal shit hole.

  • Calvin Griffin

    If that was the judge child or someone close to his family the decision would have been different these people in power and position makes the stupidest decision over people’s lives how can a 3 yr old know anything about sex

  • Jay White

    So if anyone actually read what happened. Not only did the rapist rape her, but her deliberately covered her mouth to keep her from screaming as her mother look for her. The judge is claiming that because he didn’t seek her out it’s not his fault basically. ( VICTIM SHAMING MUCH). This sick bastard didn’t have to seek her out, he took the opportunity when it presented itself to him. He know what he was doing there’s no excuse. I personally don’t give 2 fucks if he (the rapist) was raped before that doesn’t change that he falsely held that child against her will knowing her mother was calling out her and raped her and continued to rape as he herd her mother screaming for her missing child. This judge is clearly a pedophile too and has found a loop hole to get these fucks out of jail.

  • EllenTwo

    ???? Not callous disregard for the 3 year old child’s wellbeing? He obviously knew he was harming her as he covered her mouth so she couldn’t cry out, and he got up to lock the garage, which had Not been locked before, since the child had been able to wander into it. He most certainly did show callous disregard, and even malicious intent. ???? There are some serious things wrong with this judge.

  • EllenTwo

    God isn’t going to take him out. God is waiting for We The People to care enough to do the right thing.

    • lynn

      Ellen I agree with you here though I think that Ms.Fine’s comment was addressed to Judy for calling the political fantasy weavings of Mike a lie or insane.

  • Picard00
  • Nils Ekberg

    This happened in 2015. Why are you reporting this as new news?

  • Rasheeda Pennybaker

    O my Lord my whole heart hurts! I am sick to my stomach how do a 3 year old ask for it makes no sense! So because this perve said the 3 year old asked for it you believe him!? Doesn’t even make sense. Who gets arouse by a 3 year old coming into a room!? So your telling me if you walked into a room and someone gets arouse it’s not their fault it’s your fault? Sheeeeesh i have a teenage daughter who is nicely built now I am worry! If this 3 year old is blamed there is no hope for my 15 year old!

  • Rasheeda Pennybaker

    When stuff like this happens it makes me wish they was in another country! There’s countries where if something like this happens it’s a capital punishment and you are sentence to life or death but if the family catches you first they have every right to kill you!

  • Pamela Valemont

    If this is a true report, the judge must be a pedophile himself.

  • lynn

    She can judge just you are judging her. Opinions are just that and everyone is entitled to them . She isn’t evil for calling him on his twisting reality to suit his political agenda in my opinion. What he said sounds like the super stretched fabrication of a borderline personality or a liar for his politics. Pediphiles cross every religion,political party, and family make up. I’ve had to meet a girl whose father impregnated her at age 10 and again at 11.(2 children by him) He used their fundamentalist religion to keep her from telling (The story of the daughters getting pregnant and how it was their fault in particular) He was heavily defended by his church of fake christians (not all christians are bad) even after the DNA results were in and he went to prison. He was a republican. Does this mean all republicans are pedos-no. Pediphiles are in all walks of life waiting for their chance to take advantage of your child. Be careful who you trust with people. A Cleburne baptist church had an elder who assaulted 21 boys over time and the entire congregation stood by him even parents of children victimized by him because they couldn’t accept the truth about him even with hard evidence. Imagine how those boys felt. (This was in the 80’s.) Does this mean all baptist are bad people. no (But that group was in my book- an example of religion gone terribly wrong when people can’t see reality because it is too much so they blame the victims.)

  • Trisha Idleno Morey

    One judge was just found guilty of being part if a pedophile sex slave trader. Investigate this s.o.b. I guarentee you he is just as guilty. People like him should be shot. They are worse than the people they convict.

  • 1blueadept2

    star chamber

  • ben welgoed

    Setting this predator free early, this judge is endangering more kids’ lives, and for that reason MUST see jail time himself. He is an enabler of this guy’s future predatory scavenger hunts.

  • Tumbleweed

    Expell this judge from the court! He has a serious lack of common sense!

  • Cj

    This what our country has come to with a President that has set a tune that these things are ok . Now we are all starting to see what kind of people we are dealing with. It’s ok now days to hate and not have morals. People get abused and violated and it’s ok . We allow 45 and get away with and his rich friends. Everything is good with the world. This is what the people that voted for him wanted so this is what we get.

  • Erin Amelia Fletcher

    As the survivor of childhood sexual assault via pedophiles at the age of 6….always sent back by authorities….fir same fucked up outlook…that judge and that disgusting man should be publicly de’manned’ then thrown into prison with a court order that they spend life in prison, harshest conditions & used at least once a day by every member including faculty!

  • Tyechia Cowan

    I hope somebody sodomizes this judge child so he can say the pervert didnt mean to. What kind of sick shit the judge is on?? The FACT that he covered the child mouth and locked the garage clearly says that he knew wtf he was doing. How tf can a 3 yr old know ANYTHING when it comes to wanting sex…GTFOH with thiss perverted shit

  • Humpy

    Wtf?, I sense another pedophile, or huge payoff, or both?

  • Patricia Sondergeld

    Another moronic judge in the liberal state of California!! Sickening how they won’t protect the children!! The innocents!!

  • AmazedHuman

    Utterly disgusting. I’d keep an eye on that judge. Sounds like he’s a pedophile himself. And ALL pedophiles should be castrated and tossed to the sharks.

  • larry6409

    Bend him over and put a hot poker up his ass and watch him squirm till his brain is fried and his ass is baked

  • DW

    Crime Against Children going unchecked on a daily basis, and is being exposed all over this Country. This is a frightening trend that a man was convicted and not punished to the fullest extent. Throw this judge out!! Investigate the entire court, the history of convictions of related cases, and re-open if necessary for sentences that were not appropriate to the heinousness of the crimes. We can put our foot down as citizens, we just have to get out of complacency and that deadly habit of blind trust. Our children will continue to suffer and be brutalized if we don’t.

  • http://truenewsuk.blogspot.com/ sarntcrip


  • Meri Justus

    HOW the fuck does a 3 year old asked to be raped? I hope they put this judge behind bars also, and when he is raped by the inmates, I hope they say he asked to be raped.

  • AlbertaGirl2013

    The FIRST thing that should happen is he be removed from the bench. 2nd, a trial reset for the original pedophile. 3rd, a full investigation into the judge and all the ppl in his life and find the little ones he has abused. SICK BSTRD

  • Maya


  • Libertarius2012

    Before any Trumpeteers start whining about “dang ol Librawls”, you should really understand that this little stunt here transcends politics. “Librawls” have nothing to do with this and if you twisted conservatives have ANY values at all, you will join in and help ban this trash from the bench and law altogether.

  • Boo

    Hang the rapist AND the judge! A THREE YEAR OLD ASKED to be RAPED and SODOMIZED????? Is this MFing judge a MUSLIM???

  • carron

    This is a satire and fake news site,so your research people!

  • June

    Fire his fanny, now! He is an idiot and he just gave rapists an out. Rape is rape and of a child is a heinous crime. I hope they get him in prison, they don’t like rapists of children. But you might know it was a retarded California Judge! I pray the child gets over it. she is very young. I was raped by someone in authority and you never forget!

  • Frank Pike


  • naturopath student

    Americans should be ashamed that they allow this! This judge should be vilified and run out of town never to be able to sit on the bench again! And those who appointed him should be removed also! STAND UP AMERICA, TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!

  • Vaughn Preston Thomas Mitchem

    Are you people really arguing over political affiliations? This guys a fuckin retard. I don’t care if he fucks donkeys or elephants. You should be embarrassed that you have been brainwashed so much that when you see something like this you immediately start talking about whether he’s a Republican or Democrat. Damn you people are sad.

  • Shouldvewenttohawaii

    I know I’m probably wasting my time with this one, but in case it helps even one person who might not’ve known… This site is worse than a site which publishes only fake news. What this site does, as it has done with the story above, is take something already pretty outrageous on its own, but true, and then add certain fictitious elements to it to make it even more outrageous. In this case, neither the judge nor the defendant ever made any mention of the three year old initiating the act of sodomy or asking to be raped. That said, there is a very real reason the judge decided to impose a lesser sentence, but you wouldn’t know if you only read from this site. Centering this very real story around this very unreal piece of information serves to make separating fact from fiction incredibly difficult. It’s kinda like how terrorists wear plain clothes and hide themselves among civilian populations. It’s pretty cowardly and I feel bad for the lost souls which get duped by this kind of heinous thing.

  • http://www.itzallwayzconnected.com/ BRENDA ebonitia NERO

    WHITE WOMEN BEWARE – Pedophiles, social pariahs, rapists, thieves, wife beaters, murderers, and other social misfits are being slapped on the wrist and returned to your self-segregated communities. Centuries of support for white male supremacy is coming home…..

  • Lisa Hawks

    get the “judge” off the bench…no 3 year old child says hey I want you to f*ck me in the ass

  • Malinda Sherwyn

    After 25 years watching these cases and advocating for children I have actually heard judges say the most frightening and illogical things to protect sexual abusers of children. One judge in LASuperior Court said, “I decide what the evidence is!”, when looking at and denying photographic evidence of a 9 year old girl complaining that her father was molesting her with genital warts from her pubis to her rectum. I heard another judge in the dependency court…where DCFS and their corrupt crew operate say, “I don’t want to hear another word about a sore pee pee!”…That statement was a response to a 5 year old boy’s words to describe his molestation. We have come to the conclusion that too many judges enjoy the testimony of desperate parents trying to protect their children from sexual abuse in a Family Law or Dependency Court context…IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! Protectors of children or the elderly held as wards of the state have NO voice in these so called courts. We think some of these judges are themselves pedophiles.

  • Ron

    One more judge who has no business on the bench. Probably is a pediophil himself.

  • Daniel Amspaugh

    Do your research people before you hang someone on the cross. Come on now.

  • G. Scott

    I wonder if this is the same judge who ruled that Trump had to leave DACA in place, or if he’s just a judge with the same mindset? You know, if these children are asking to be raped, we’ve got to have a good supply of illegal aliens to make sure there are enough rapists to go around. After all, we are told the illegals are just here to do the things Americans won’t do.

  • solejahway

    It must be a prerequisite to be, “understanding,” and sympathetic towards pedophilic crimes before attempting the Bar.

  • http://kaplanwatch.blogspot.com/ Lee M. Kaplan

    The judge no doubt has pedophilia urges himself, so sympathizes with the perp. He must be removed from the bench.

  • Janet Clare

    “He was playing video games and she wandered into the garage.
    “He inexplicably became sexually aroused but did not appear to consciously intend to harm (the victim) when he sexually assaulted her.”

  • Sage49

    The judge is mentally deranged and should be removed from the bench immediately. Sick, sick, sick!

  • Donna Coulon

    Judge if you read I g this, resign you freaking idiot!!!! You must be a pedophile ad well. SICK!!!!

  • Allrise3

    This disgusting savage should be removed from the bench and be put in the general population of prison inmates. He is the scum of the earth!

  • Heather

    The decision was overturned. Guy got 25 to life and the Judge was moved to family court. The Judge should be voted out but they could not even get enough signatures to recall the idiot.

  • moderationpreferred

    The judge needs to be behind bars himself. Maybe it is time for him to be someones b(i)tch and find out what it is really like to be raped.

  • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    Get this blow hard off of the bench and then take him for a long, long, long, run on the beach with some active duty seals until he drops dead of a heart attack.

  • James Henry

    You’ve been played by the KGB. Story is False.


  • Tonya Smith Tzianakakis

    Medical fact: if a man becomes aroused by the sight of a child then he is (in fact) an pedophile. Liberalism at it’s peak right here. The idea that this child was not maliciously harmed in any way is ludicrous. Truly, truly a sad day for this family and the state of CA

  • loretta66

    This judge sounds like he’s paving the way for SHARIAH law. SICK BASTARDS!!

  • Ivor Markman

    Unbelievable that this man could have been appointed as a judge! Shocking!

  • Ramón Rodrigó

    This makes sense of the rumor that all judges of British Accredited Registry Law are most likely Masonic Witches. They are in on this and do not and will not convict any member of a lodge unless it benefits the lodge. This is why cops get away with murder and CEO’s get away with embezzlement and presidents get away with Treason. Time to either stand up or shut up. Voting for another freemason does no good.

  • Christian Christian

    Part of this is fake. There was no claim about the child asking for it in the original story.

  • Sean Sullivan

    Might need to check into the judge’s background as he most likely is a predatory pedophile himself. POS!

  • Sean Perry

    Idiots. You have got to be fucking kidding me with all of this “Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative” bullshit. Stupidity does not discriminate. Mental instability does not hold a party-specific affiliation. A 3 year old girl was raped, the man who raped her was given a reduced sentence and all of you fanatically political, desensitized, robotic assholes want to show up here, antagonize, poke, prod and snipe at each other as if belonging to a specific party either precludes or designates an individual’s ability to rationally decipher moral code. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. It doesn’t matter whether the fucking judge is a Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Independent or anything else for that matter; stupidity and insensitivity are far too common threads among every political party, as you assholes have made evident by your multiple, petty displays of politically motivated, self-serving nonsense. I swear, the collective mental acumen of you die-hard, political-party loyalists can only be adequately appromixated to that of a hound that has been kicked repeatedly by its master yet still seems to be surprised at how much its ass hurts every time it gets too close to the boot. All political parties are hosts to multiple layers of abject stupidity and false representation. This little girl has now been violated twice; once by a severely damaged, sexually depraved family member and again by a judge who somehow failed to recognize that raping a child, under any circumstance, is an act of perversion that demands full accountability and unequivocally deserves the maximum penance allowed under the scope of the law. How about this… All of you pious, narrow-focused, political party loyalists, spend some time researching the political affiliation of the rapist. The results should give you another opportunity to berate each other as you callously debate the merits or detriments of your particular party while casually ignoring the fact that twisted pedophiles and disproportionately merciful judges are in no way exclusive to any particular political party. Idiots.

  • Teffeni Brodie

    The decision was reversed. The creep is getting 25 to life.

  • Teffeni Brodie

    This happened in 2014

  • Pat Harding

    Kelly’s decision was thankfully reversed by the CA Court of Appeals, citing that the reduced sentence was too lenient.

  • Mary Brown-Bowen

    What adult in their right mind even contemplate that a three-year-old child ask to be sodomized this judge needs to be taken out and sodomized himself that way he knows what it feels like this is disgusting and the mother f***** that did it deserves to die alone with the judge who lighten two sentence because once your child pedifile you won’t ever stop

  • Mr. C

    If he covered the mouth of the child so that she couldn’t respond to her mothers calls, that is holding someone against their will and kidnapping. It also supports the fact that he knew what he was doing was wrong and had evil intent. Enough of these liberal judges, they need to be removed from the courts.

  • Rosario King

    I know this sounds really bad and I have no clue about this case. It’s seems to me that the 20 year old may be artistic and the judge realized that at some point and the DA probably railroaded this grown man with a kids mindset and the judge realizing if the public caugh wind that kid was mentally challenged then if he imposed 25 to life the bar association would have his ass and the DA so sounds like to me the DA fucked up and the judge is protecting his ass I could be 100% wrong but that’s what it sounds like fr

  • GinnyLee

    Bullsh*t! Fake news, and disgusting.

  • Brenda Bate

    This is outrageous. Period I don’t care about anything other than a sick pedo raped a THREE year old. !!!! Then the so called Judge makes a reprehensible call on the sentence.
    Make so much noise over this that he has to be thrown off the bench.

  • Tommie Kapulani Suganuma

    Wonder if he would feel the same if were one of his granddaughters…how sad is this so called judge…we call the peodophile sick…how bout we call the judge and even sicker being…not a human being just a being…one without a conscious moral fiber in his bones. Lock the judge up….throw away the key and let him think about what he did!!!

  • Rboo

    1. It’s California, what do you expect! 2. Rojano’s will be taken care of in prison, he’ll get to see what it feels like, what he did to that baby! How the hell do you get sexually aroused by a 3 yr old? I guess when he becomes someone’s b*tch in prison he’ll stop being aroused by 3 yr olds! 3. Someone seriously needs to teach that judge that 3yr olds are not capable of sexually arousal, but judges can be hurt just as badly!

  • Fact post

    This happened back in 2015. Still the judge needs to be corrected. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/07/kevin-rojano-child-rapist-sentence-reduced_n_7019762.html

  • Dean

    I bet the judge is a DemoKKKrat.

  • Joda Collns

    Pedophiles always show empathy and tolerance for other pedophiles. Nothing new.

  • Phylsingleton Phylsingleton

    fine let him out in ten years but castrate the sob pos. The same needs to be done to the judge. No 3 year old asks to be raped. Sounds like the judge is a pedophile himself

  • NATALIE Sheehan

    This judge is an ass like Killary when she defended a rapist of a young girl and said the girl wanted it. Two aholes.

  • Missy Starcher

    WTF was this judge thinking. Get his ass off the bench before he let’s a child rapist go totally free

  • Shawn Means

    I wonder if the judge would have the same reaction if it was his 3 year old daughter?

  • CoyoteTruth

    That judge is sick, very sick. Get him off the bench he’s a pedophile.

  • http://purpleheartsmissionpossible.org/ Missions Possible
  • Yuovette

    K…listen closely! This Kelly JUDGE is practically screaming that he thinks that there are EXCEPTABLE TIMES A CHILD CAN BE TOUCHED A RAPED!! THIS IS a WARNING SIGN. This judge is a PEDOPHILE HIMSELF!!!!

    • GeaVox

      Hmmmm methinks the lady protests too loudly… another one trying to divert attention, s/he who screams loudest has the most to hide?

  • Robert Bruce

    cause lawyers,by lawyers, with lawyers, what the fuck did you expect?

  • fort9erdon

    Someday the people in California will wake up and face the fact that they have mishandled the ballot box, so badly, this is now the price you have to pay. AND, I fear the lefty liberals are so so well entrenched in the state, it is too late to do anything about it. Vote democrat, and THIS IS THE $HIT YOU GET!

  • tagmancarliesam

    Remove this POS ‘judges’ testicles, in public, with a dull knife and without anesthetic. Our nation is full of sickos, but Kalifornia leads the pack …

  • BobT

    Perhaps all of you should do some research. This took place in 2015, not recently. A recall was initiated but failed to receive the number of signatures required for the recall to proceed. He was appointed to the bench in 2000 by Gov. Gray Davis. There is no mention of political affiliation, yet so many of you simpletons wish to bring politics into this. How pathetically myopic and childish of you. I’ll await the simpleton backlash for posting the truth.

  • Christopher McCarthy

    This is disgusting. The judge should also be imprisoned too. No excuse for raping a 3 yr old. The paedophile should havechiscbuts chopped off

  • Randy McDaniels


  • Mike Wilson

    This is BS, never happened! Why do people keep posting this crap, and sharing when they can search the authenticity in less time! https://www.snopes.com/sentenced-reduced-3-year-old-asked/

  • Aztex

    Outcry rises for judge who reduced pedophile’s sentence as it’s revealed the victim’s parents may have influenced his decision. Three Orange County supervisors have asked Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly to resign. Judge Kelly handed Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto a ten-year sentence for sodomizing a three-year-old girl. Mandatory sentence Rojano-Nieto should have received was 25-years to life Court documents show parents of victim showed sympathy toward Rojano-Nieto, who they were related to, in a letter read in court
    Orange County Judge M. Marc Kelly: Recall effort
    Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly erred in interpreting the law when he sentenced a child molester to 10 years in prison in April, or if he exceeded his authority by knowingly imposing a sentence not allowed by law, California’s justice system is able to rectify the problem, at the level of either the 4th District Court of Appeal or the state Supreme Court. If he had a history of consistently imposing sentences that diverged wildly from the norm, he could be challenged at reelection time and replaced with another judge.

  • Anne Callaghan

    So if this judge ‘wanders into a bar’ and there is a lone bar tender who finds himself sexually aroused by the judge the bat tender has the right to lock the bar and sodomise the judge? This guys lost the plot and needs to be stood down and some investigation into his activities both on-line and in RL need to be thoroughly done.

  • GeaVox

    Just let us, the mothers, have him for a couple of days.. we’ll return him.. promise… what’s left of him, anyway… he’ll be alive, but he’ll wish otherwise, no doubt! V^^^V

  • Paul

    NO doubt that he like the majority of people in Calif are sic SOB’s and should be put down like a sic dog

  • Juliet Jeske

    They should search the judge’s hard drive, I’d bet they’d find kiddie porn. This is just disgusting.


    That’s a liberal judge for you.

  • texas4535

    Orange County is viewed as the most Republican County in America. It is often mockingly referred to as “behind the Orange wall”, a comparison to “behind the Berlin wall”. These are the people who elected him. Remember it was Reagan’s 11th Commandment, “never speak ill of another Republican”. I mean, hell, she was a 3 year old relative…..she was “asking for it”.

  • Juniper

    This is not true.

    Where did the fake news originate? Your News Wire published the fabricated headline
    “Judge Cuts Pedophile’s Prison Term Claiming 3-Yr-Old ‘Asked’ to Be
    Raped.” Although Your News Wire does maintain factual elements from the
    original story, the fake news site included the following fabricated
    statement in the middle of their article that created the clickbait

    truth of the matter is that Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto of Santa Ana,
    Calif., was convicted of one felony count of sexual intercourse or
    sodomy of a child 10 years or younger, and one felony count of lewd acts
    upon a child under the age of 14. ABC7 reported that he assaulted a 3-year-old girl that he is related to after he “became sexually aroused by the toddler.”
    more at

  • Mimi Rich

    This world has gone insane – this judge is a monster.

  • bmitchell

    Remember his name and when it’s time to vote vote that bastard out! He is on sick monster. Prisoners in jail would take care of him. Send him to jail for not upholding the law that he was put in office for and letting a pedophile get an early release bc of over crowding

  • Joseph Nizzari Sr.

    Judge needs to be removed and the reduced sentence needs to be appealed. Oh wait! Kommiefornia. 9th Circuit. Nevermind.

  • None


    Fake, thank God. Hopefully he’s getting his full sentence! Gross.

  • clarissacole
  • clarissacole

    The appeals court overruled the judge already. This ruling happened in 2015 originally. Overturned unanimously by the court of appeals in 2017.

  • John Durham

    Well its California so who here surprised?

  • Judy Bell

    What is it with California law makers??? They are all crazy, wacked out on weed!!!

  • Old Timer

    In Florida, that is a capital crime. Even if the pervert “didn’t mean to do it”.

  • vlad316

    I hope someone in prison where he is hears him “ask” to be shanked and castrated. Your 13% State income tax at work California, but hey keep electing Liberals, and this will continue.

  • Sharon Wilson

    I hope that the next person this guy rapes is a member or that judges family!

  • Rboo

    It was a comment made to someone for making a stupid comment to me and it had nothing to do with this article in the first place. He made a political comment to try and take the focus off the true story and didn’t like my reply and made an ugly reply to me, so I fired back. Now he has another brainless idiot doing the same thing, when the story is about a poor baby, they want to talk about politics!

  • Jamie Monahan

    This story is bullshit.

  • Hooty Hootowl

    Pedophiles protect each other it would seem.

  • pluto

    That judge must be a pedophile. No rational human being would draw the conclusion that this POS judge concluded.

  • Jim

    You people should fact check things. This never happened fucking dumb ass people

  • BRush

    time to tail this judge to see what his behavior is .

  • Sharon ODonnell

    A ten year old may get off of sodomy charges that way, but. IF A three year old relative ,wandering in front of a 20 year old and getting raped is not Predatory opportunist Violent behavior –Nothing is anymore..
    .Sick Foul California …
    The whole Nation Prays you surgically remove this Perverted self serving Democrat threat to Our Republi.c
    .Disbarring And Rremoving these dregs of society.
    look at other cases.
    Californication has lawless unfit Judges.

  • Arlene Webster


  • Oscar Pearson

    Make sure he is sent to a prison where a lot of fathers of girls are. Castrate before he goes. Judge needs to be removed for violating his oath of office.

  • Judy Young

    Your FIRED. IF you agree send a handwritten letter to local state and ffederal leadership. Is this to hard for you to do for such a cause? Handwritten mail means thousands of votes and bags of mail means action from leaders! Judy young

  • Laura

    Someone needs to sodomize the judge with a two liter bottle.

  • MikeParent

    There are no gray areas regarding pedophelia. The judge should face review or whatever they do in Orange County.

  • PaminIndy

    THIS JUDGE IS OBVIOUSLY A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID!! He raped a 3 years old child, AND U IDIOTICALLY THINK HE MEANT HER NO HARM?????? I hope he doesn’t rape your child or wife, when you let him out.

  • PaminIndy


  • Ralph DeLorso

    WHAT a OUTRAGE Disgusting POS This Judge and this 20 Year Old WE Need To Take Him Hood his ass Take Him to a Cave Of a Bear Smear Honey all over his Ass Even the Asshole Watch Yogi Go to Town Literally Ripping This MF a NEW ASSHOLE MF FILTH POS

  • William

    I would make it my sacred duty to get this idiot judge disbarred.

  • Matt Whitcomb

    Is this a sick Joke, this is sickening i cannot even imagine what the judge was thinking.

  • Skeptical Patty

    1 Bullet

  • Barbara Barker Mace

    What the hell did I just read? How in the holy god did this judge come to this conclusion? He should have been put under the jail. The judge needs to be unbenched he is a danger to children. She asked for it my ass, what did she do go in the garage and say hey uncle you want some of this? SMDH

  • Earl

    So if a 3 year old says “Just shoot me” and you as an adult do it; then it’s ok right?

  • Earl

    So if you get a woody looking at a dressed 3 year old girl then that is perfectly normal; your not a pedophile or anything right? This judge must be a Pedophile!

  • Mo Hammed

    Soap box…. ballot box…..

    What’s that next one?