Fears Grow Julian Assange Was Extradited On ‘Guantanamo Express’

Rumors are swirling that Julian Assange has been captured and sent on a rendition flight to Charlotte, North Carolina aboard a United States military plane known as the Guantanamo Bay Express.

Rumors are swirling that Julian Assange has been captured and sent on a rendition flight to Charlotte, North Carolina aboard a United States military plane known as the Guantanamo Bay Express.

WikiLeaks announced that Julian Assange’s internet access had been cut by “a state actor” late Sunday night, prompting fears for his safety. A small crowd of supporters gathered outside the embassy in London in order to protect him by providing witness to any foul play.

People were on edge already because of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s presence in the UK at the time, and because of some cryptic tweets WikiLeaks sent out earlier in the day, rumored to be keys to a ‘dead man switch’ activated by Assange’s death or detention.

Among the crowd of supporters, a Periscope livestream was set up to broadcast from outside the embassy. The livestream was viewed by thousands of supporters around the world concerned for Assange’s safety in light of longstanding threats on his life and a recent statement by John Kerry threatening Ecuador with “grave consequences” if the WikiLeaks founder isn’t silenced soon.

But the Periscope live feed was suddenly cut without warning, and rumors began to spread that an “unnamed crew” entered the embassy during the outage.

As concerns for Assange’s safety continued to grow, a Redditor claimed that a U.S. Gulfstream jet, claimed to be N379P, had taken off from a military base outside London shortly after the outage in the Ecuadorian embassy.

When another Redditor pointed out N379P was the notorious rendition plane nicknamed the Guantanamo Bay Express, fears for Assange’s safety reached fever pitch.

Using FlightRadar the plane was tracked by Redditors as it made its way across the Atlantic towards the United States. There was speculation the plane was heading straight for Guantanamo Bay, however after an eight hour journey the military jet began descending towards Smithfield airbase, near Charlotte, North Carolina.

A screenshot from FlightRadar showing the journey of the plane with possible landing spots.
A screenshot from FlightRadar showing the in-flight journey of the mystery plane with possible landing spots highlighted.

Relief that the plane landed in the United States rather than Guantanamo Bay quickly faded when Assange supporters searched Google and discovered that Smithfield airbase is a notorious CIA rendition airport, a black site known to locals as “Smithfield’s dirty secret.

N379P. The aircraft has been reported in several press sources as a U.S. Department of Defense prisoner transport, also known as "Guantánamo Bay Express"
N379P. The aircraft has been reported in several press sources as a U.S. Department of Defense prisoner transport, also known as the “Guantánamo Bay Express.”

A Redditor claiming to be a Charlotte resident suggested he could head to the airbase to see if he could catch sight of Assange and confirm he had been captured and taken to the United States. It is feared the WikiLeaks founder could be tried and executed for espionage.

But the brave Charlotte resident was immediately warned off such a course of action by other Redditors.

“Don’t screw with it. I know it’s tempting but only mess with it if you know what you are getting into here. I know it sounds dramatic but do not mess with it unless you are prepared for the worst case scenario, which is death,” Poke_Gal said.

“say no more. part of me wants/wanted to go over there to video anything i could…but i doubt i’d be able to see anything substantial anyways. Looking back on this in a few days/months/years i hope i’m not wrong or wish i would have gone,” fitfrank replied.

Though the WikiLeaks Twitter account has continued leaking emails since these events, Assange hasn’t verified that he is safe and well – at least as safe and well as someone can be living in what the UN declared to be illegal arbitrary detention inside an embassy.

The extraordinary lengths the US government have gone to in attempting to silence Julian Assange means that they are afraid of the people knowing the truth. If our government is doing things in our name – in secret – then we have a right to know. We fund our government with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars, and in return we expect our government to to act in the best interests of our country.

This is the most basic social contract. It is the glue that holds nations together. When a government goes against these principles and tries to cover up corrupt behavior, they need to be exposed and held to account. Whistleblowers such as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are true heroes, willing to risk their blood for our freedom.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • https://plus.google.com/u/2/104819672474098148728 Evil Nick

    Like this would even stop wiki leaks. It would make them even bigger

    • Joe

      Hopefully, Julian’s monumental work will continue even if he is ‘marginalized’. His work, to date, has been a breath of fresh air in this unreal world of deception…

  • katherine cassell harvey

    Why does people not realize just how corrupt clinton and obama really are. They kill people who are on to there corruptness. Why woyld anyone but corrupt cruds want them any where near the white house. Poor julian was just releasing the truth.

  • dianecee

    Something fun is going to happen to the bottom feeders otherwise known as our civil servants. A dog only has so much fight.

  • RuggedIndividual

    Hillary Clinton may be the most powerful mobster ever.

    • the one

      Bigger than Al Capone… At least he had ankles. 😉

      • RuggedIndividual

        If she becomes president I would not bank on free speech against her going unpunished.

        • the one

          I am not afraid. She can try and shut us up, but the cat is out of the bag so to speak and it will be hard for them to keep it quiet short of martial law. I wanna see her try and pull that one off without a putsch by the military…

          • Anon A. Moose

            Throughout history, Evil men have never had problems finding Henchmen to do their work for them.!

        • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

          it won’t, COUNT on it…

  • Joe

    My greatest fear is that TPTB have used Trump from the very beginning as a straw-man candidate; thus making ‘Liar Hillary’ appear presentable. The trash being put out on Trump dealing with alleged sex crimes may very well sink his campaign whether true or not. It is curious that the Trump camp has not mentioned Jeffery Epstein, Orgy Island and the Lolita Express in connection with Bill Clinton. There are so many troubling facets to this election cycle that one’s head swims because of the implications. We live in extremely troubling times…

    • the one

      Welcome to this brave new world Joe,

      We now live in the age of deception where everything we are taught from cradle to grave is a lie. Our masters are unseen, but their influence is there just there under the surface. We are controlled by these lies and the perpetuation of it enslaves all mankind. It is a slavery of the mind and would seem for most people to be quite inescapable. If you try and bring it to their attention, they will reply with disbelief and you will be mocked. Any questioning of the official narrative is met by the mocking term “conspiracy theorist” or “nut-job”. All evidence presented is scorned and belittled as “nonsense” and made up or thoroughly debunked by so called experts in the field of lies. This web of lies has become reality for the masses of human sheep that are farmed like livestock for the Power Elite’s amusement and profit. The “breads and circuses” of the old empire are now fully refined to a high art.
      Imagine that an iron boot will now smash down upon the face of humanity forever? We were warned that this would happen. Now we will reap what has been sewn…

      • Joe

        Very well put. It may very well be that we live in a virtual (computer program) world where the only ‘real’ reality is the impotent figure behind the curtain pulling all the ‘levers’.

    • apeman2502

      The Council on Foreign Relations and freemasons were not to be trusted.

      • Joe

        …not to mention dozens of other organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, and most troubling of all “UN Agenda 21 and 2030″…

        • Eileen Kuch

          And, worst of all Joe, the Rothschild Khazar Mafia (RKM), who’s at the top of the evil pyramid.

          • Joe

            Yes indeed, advocates of the New World Order; and so many others who are still embedded in the woodwork…

    • Major Solutioil.com

      Pretty easy to reason through, actually. Why didn’t all these women come out of the woodwork before Trump ran for President? Wasn’t he already a celebrity and wealthy business man (target)? They could have gotten Trump when it “happened” with fresh witnesses to corroborate their stories and sued the orange off of him already. Why are all the women coming against Trump supporters and donors to Hillary Clinton? Why have friends and relatives as well as witnesses claimed that these women are lying?

      • Joe

        Good question! These are all allegations that should be decided in a court of law, as Donald’s wife so aptly said, and not bandied around in a presidential debate or the MSM simply because of the salacious content. On the other hand, Bill Clinton’s abusive behavior toward women, interns and elsewhere are established facts. (In an interview, Donald’s wife was asked if Bill Clinton’s behavior was fair game and she answered “Why not? The DNC flooded the MSM with pictures and accusations about her, saying she was an ‘escort girl’ back when she was a model.”)

      • Stephen Kendall

        There is a price to be paid for lying. You would have to find out from Hillary or the DNC how high that price has gone. It was probably around 100,000 dollars for the two liars against Clarence Thomas (Supreme Court Justice when he was nominated years ago). However, there might be some devotees to the party who would do it for free nowadays.

    • Mollie Norris

      You’re right, unfortunately; they’ve created a Hegelian dialectic that’s allowed both candidates to monopolize the media and effectively excluded third-party White Hat candidates. Recent Trump character assassination topics are BS; valid issues would implicate Clinton. Clinton’s use of pedophilia libel against Trump effectively distances Clinton from real pedophilia charges against Bill, as well as Hillary’s coverups and attacks on his victims.

      Trump, Clinton, Jewish Mafia, CIA Sex Rings

      Neocon, CFR Member and Former CIA Director, James Woolsey, Joins the Trump Campaign

  • Michael Clayton

    I would unplug Hillary from life support to charge my cell phone!

    • slick willy clinton

      I would just unplug it

  • apeman2502

    Let Julian Assange go. There is no law against reporting crimes when the justice system is broken.

    • Joe

      We must not be fooled: there is a world war going on against journalism. Julian is at the apex of this war…

  • Haggar Jones

    If they have taken him, they have sealed their own fate. He will become a martyr. RIP NWO

  • UnpluggedBeta

    If the United States gets away with this, color me impressed. It seems like Russia is the only safe destination; how ironic.

  • Stephen Kendall

    The power of this first world order society is awesome and dangerous to mess with. I hope that Assange’s dead man switch works and has many back ups to insure so. Let Hillary fry and this powerful world society be pushed back from their plans. Hold on to your 2nd Amendment rights or everyone will be scared into submission (nothing to put down a corrupt government with). If our establishment leaders continue to push us along to our economic collapse and our government takes over of our rights and nation, then it would be best to find one of the last societies to have enough common sense to repel this coming evil. The Philippines is one such society. These people are very smart and God fearing. It might be possible to live in peace within a society that has brave men like Rodrigo Duterte as their leaders. If Trump is elected, this society would be wonderful as well. The enemy of the world and most decent caring people isn’t ISIS, but the one world government coming and ushered along throughout the world.

  • Mollie Norris

    Awesome research and reporting! Thank you.

  • doug_w

    If this is true, he’ll be viciously tortured. Pray for him.

  • woodsman

    I fear something bad has happened ! Stay the course we thank you !!!

  • Steve Bacher
  • http://akupressllc.com/ Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

    TRUTH isn’t always pretty and has more enemies than all LIES combined …

    Where the hell are you Julian ????

  • Conroe Bitteroot

    Xxxx——————————– xxxX
    I’m NOT Trying to TROLL here, But Have any of you Seen the LAST Assange interview with John Pilger on Nov 5 2016??? He called TRUMP SUPPORTERS White Trash and DEPLORABLES! It’s on RT America’s YouTube channel… Call the Secrets of US Elections… This video has Been IGNORED by most of the “Alt Right” because it Shows that They have Been TROLLED AGAIN by Assange… It has looked like to me that all this guy has done is Play Games and TROLL to stay Relevant for Months…