Justin Timberlake: ‘Mandatory Vaccination Schedules Are Un-American’

Justin Timberlake says mandatory vaccination schedules are "unAmerican" and "communist", and we should have the right to choose.

The whole concept of mandatory vaccination schedules is un-American,” according to Justin Timberlake, who says “Why risk damaging your precious child for the sake of the herd?

Take care of your own child. That is your duty. That is your God given right,” said Justin Timberlake, while readying himself for his long-awaited Super Bowl Halftime show appearance. “If everyone took care of their own children, we wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of the herd, or making anything mandatory, or any of that communist stuff.

I’d also like to know,” continued the Cry Me A River hitmaker, “why a child who has been ‘immunized’ is not actually immune to the disease… Why are these kids are always catching the very disease they are supposedly immune to?… and they spread these diseases too…”

And yet sanctimonious parents of immunized kids, they get on their soap box and say my unvaccinated child is a threat to their child? Get a grip already. Isn’t your child supposed to be immune?”

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel sparked controversy in 2015 when they refused to vaccinate their son, Silas, citing health concerns.

Timberlake is far from the only celebrity in the music business who believes mandatory vaccinations are unsafe. Superstar DJ Calvin Harris recently dropped a series of truth bombs on Twitter, defying Big Pharma by sharing real information about health and vaccine safety with his millions of followers.

Justin Timberlake’s new album Man of the Woods is set to be released on Feb. 2. Two days later, JT will take the stage at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota for halftime of Super Bowl LII.

Check out his new music video Supplies, featuring Pharrell Williams, below.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Steve S

    Even those who sold out to lucifer know that vaccines are bad medicine. Just say no to vaccines…and lucifer.

    • Dave

      I can not believe that justin timberlake really says, he is against vaccins. wow, it is like a dream 😉
      I am also pro, take self-responsibility of your & your families life, not that others to this work.
      of course a foreign can help etc., but not if it is not wished. it is simple, educate kids propper, in a school of life, not a school for working 40 + years (40h /week), mostly unproductive & onesighted stuff. parents are important but this days,
      young parents are uneducated in how to live life, that is a problem. fun vs. take responsiblity. both is a part of life but yeah…

      • Sallie

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  • Nikola

    I’ve always loved JT and now I love him even more. 100% accurate on all points made. I also am not willing to take the risk with vaccines, something that should be my right. For those parents of the vaccinated kids out there, if your beloved vaccines actually do work, it shouldn’t mater if I vaccinate my kids. But yet you continue to try to control the decision I make for my own kids. Mind your own business.

    • courtney legault

      Totally agree!

  • Black Swan

    Is it an FTM Female To Male Transgendered Transsexual?

  • courtney legault

    This is amazing, if more people speak out there actually might be a change for the better! Keep our country free to make decisions for family’s safety!

    • Ncrdbl1

      You can choose to not vaccinate. You just have to give up certain rights as far as interacting with other kids.

      Most of you are too young to remember the time before these vaccination where almost every year a school would have a kid who comes down sick and never return to school. Then you hear that they had died.

      How many spent time in class with the kid who has to use crutches 24/7 because their body was riddled due to polio.

      If you have never lived through things such as this you have no concept of how life was before the advent of vaccination and what we could return to if we discontinue such vaccinations.

      You listen to tin foil hat wearing kooks on kook sites and buy into everything they say WITHOUT actually doing the research yourself. Most do not know the significant between methyl-mercury and ethyl-mercury. You just see mercury and start panicking. The half live of ethyl mercury is less than a week. Meaning in less than a week ALL of ethyl mercury is out of your system. There is no build up and no effect on the body’s cells.

      • courtney legault

        All I can say is i hope you do alot more research, I sure have including talking to doctors, mothers who have lost their children due to vaccines, and so much more, I’d love info on research that has been done to inject children with multiple vaccines at once, that one size fits all when it comes to a vaccine schedule, that it’s safe for people to be around recently vaccined children who can spread those diseases like mmr for example, (100g vaccianted areas have outbreaks) and my healthy child cant somehow miraculously spread diseases he’s never been exposed too lol hope you research more ☺

      • Ivet Flexon

        What do you suggest a Scarlet Letter? Segregation is already happening in California thanks to SB277 , are you okay with it? Sounds like it!

  • http://jameslyonsweiler.com/ lifebiomedguru

    Close. When corporations and government partner to their mutual benefit at the cost of the people, it’s neo-fascism. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2015/12/3/1456339/-The-Pharma-Bulls-are-Loose-and-it-s-the-End-of-American-Democracy

  • sabelmouse

    while i agree on mandates can you imagine people saying un german, or un french ectr?

  • Brian

    Another made up anti-vaccination story… exposing the gullible who believe such nonsense.

  • nrbrk

    The question really is:

    “Who’s More Likely To Be Part of The Pro-Vaccine Movement?”

    ANSWER: Greedy, sociopathic doctors; paid trolls; anyone who works for the criminal pharmaceutical industry; basically, anyone with a money motive and no conscience. And ignorant parents who refuse to research vaccines.


    “Fraud and data manipulation is all we have to get vaccines approved and into the marketplace. We can’t support vaccine safety and efficacy with real science.”


    Vaccines are the ‘magic beans’ of modern medicine as there’s no real science proving their safety or efficacy—only pseudo-science, correlation and statistical manipulation.

    Most parents go into their doctor’s offices “believing” that—not knowing if—vaccines work. The doctors too, with their inferior training regarding vaccines can only “believe” that what they were taught was the truth.

    American Academy of Pediatrics declares “no science” is needed to prove vaccines are safe, because they “BELIEVE”!

    After publicly declaring that all vaccines are safe and not linked to autism, the American Academy of Pediatrics refused to provide a single shred of scientific evidence to support their claims.

    Even more laughably, the AAP said that there’ no need to provide any evidence at all, since the safety of vaccines is assumed to be true. Thus, who needs science when there’s such a widespread feeling of belief?


  • Ncrdbl1

    The more he talks the more i wish i woudl have taken his mom aside in high school and told not her to breed.Do not know how the family created such a liberal nut case. Rest of family is level headed and has common sense. Must have hit his head while playing in his family’s HVAC warehouse.

  • Ncrdbl1

    The TRUTH on vaccine as presented by the World Health Organization.


    • Gergő Aczél

      Its your free choice to trust the WHO mate. You can believe.

  • Gergő Aczél

    In my country, in ex-communist Hungary in Middel Europe… even the adverse events are NOT properly reported..

    Check out the hungarian vaccination schedule! (hét = week, hónap = month, év = year. only the HPV vaccice is recommended, the others are absolutely mandatory even if your child is sick, even if they are sensitive to some of the components of the vaccine, even if they already suffer from vaccine side effect.)


  • Ivet Flexon

    Vaccine need toxic ingredients to provoke the immune system, without it the vaccine wouldn’t work. The entire theory of vaccination is to make you a little sick. The whole thing is outdated and harmful!