Kanye West Says Illuminati Behind Paris Robbery

Kanye West claims the Illuminati are responsible for Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery and believes there is a plot to destroy him as an "icon" and end his career.

Kanye West claims the Illuminati are responsible for Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery and believes there is a high-level plot to destroy him as an “icon” and end his career.

Speaking after his homecoming concert in Chicago on the weekend, an unusually nervous Kanye said that the Illuminati – an alleged group of global masterminds embedded deep within politics, entertainment and other industries – “don’t like my aesthetic” and “want to ruin me, like they did Mike.”

The 39-year-old, who canceled gigs in Detroit and Philadelphia following the family crisis, was unusually quiet on stage during the show and did not mention the recent robbery to fans in the crowd.

If your dreams keep you up at night and your ideas keep you up at night then your vision will come alive,” Kanye said.

But the rapper opened up about Kim Kardashian’s robbery backstage, and while evidence of an inside job continues mounting against the pair, Kanye insists it is all a high-level plot to destroy him.

Desperate Kanye’s claims are becoming more extraordinary. Are the cracks beginning to show?

He was saying it was the Illuminati that did it, and we were all like no Kanye, no, don’t go there, just don’t, and he was all like yeah it was, it was them,” a backstage source said.

Describing himself as “the last icon left alive,” to a backstage entourage that included Frank Ocean, Kanye also compared himself to Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Nikola Tesla and Michael Jackson, and complained the Illuminati want to “strangle” his creative potential.

Kanye spoke to MTV about the occult cabal in 2010, and since then he has become obsessed with the Illuminati. Despite rumors he is a member of the elite group, and associating with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Rihanna, he has claimed himself an enemy of the elite ruling circle.

Is Kanye telling the truth, or is he one of them?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
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    • Frank C

      Actually he thinks, (knows) that his fans have little real intelligence and probably will believe his crap. That probably WAS his best shot.

      Of course we know that a piddling $10M is nothing to the illuminati,

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    I read the other day that he’s 53 million dollars in debt. He must be out their gambling with Micheal Jordan and Charles Barkley? Sorry Kayne, your not in their league, and obviously never will be. You compared yourself to some incredible people, I think your more like one of the 3 stooges, how you could have all the benefits you have and fritter them away Is truly mind-boggling. You are a major loooooser!

  • Dan Jones

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  • shister

    hes not so off the cuff. Ever think he knows what’s going on in the underground world and is speaking out against it? Anyone who is unique and opposed to NWO is deemed crazy, etc by the press then public. George Soros.. Or do you just believe Jay, Bey and mainstream CNN like the rest of the blind? You think its normal to have those symbols in their (Jay Z, Bea, Justin B, skank Cyrus) videos, tattoos, etc? Kanye may be going crazy, but maybe he is being set up which is causing his craziness. Who knows really? Just like the scientology freaks.

  • chag54

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