Katie Hopkins: Euthanasia Vans Could Deal With Old People In The UK

Sun columnist says it is ‘ridiculous’ to live in a country ‘where we can put dogs to sleep but not people’, as she admits she regrets calling migrants ‘cockroaches’


Media personality Katie Hopkins claims the UK has “far too many old people” and says she would be “super keen on euthanasia vans” to tackle the problem.

The controversial star who launches her own panel show ‘If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World’ next month said that it is “ridiculous” to live in a country “where we can put dogs to sleep but not people”.

In an interview for the Radio Times  she said if she were in charge one of the first things she would introduce would be “euthanasia vans” which would visit people’s homes and put the elderly to sleep.

RT reports: she argued although medical science allowed people to live longer, that didn’t necessarily mean it was the right path to choose.

“We just have far too many old people,” she said. “It’s ridiculous to be living in a country where we can put dogs to sleep but not people.”

“We need to accept that just because medical advances mean we can live longer, it’s not necessarily the right thing to do.”

Her solution to the problem? “Easy. Euthanasia vans – just like ice-cream vans – that would come to your home.”

“It would all be perfectly charming. They might even have a nice little tune they’d play. I mean this genuinely. I’m super-keen on euthanasia vans,” she said.

Hopkins also ruminated on the state of education, saying children were unnecessarily pampered and advocating harsher segregation of abilities.

“They split you into A and B streams, which was great because you knew you were with the bright ones and all the thick kids were in the B group,” she said of her own school days.

“It was fine and super-efficient – I still think so. If you’re slow, go sit with the slow kids. None of this endless negotiation, discussion, ‘golden time’ nonsense you get in state schools these days.”

The columnist recently sparked anger when she referred to North African migrants as “cockroaches” and “feral humans” in a column suggesting authorities use “gunships” rather than “rescue boats” to tackle the problem.

“Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t care,” she wrote.

Her remarks led to condemnation by UN high commissioner for human rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, who compared the column to a piece of pro-genocide propaganda.

In an interview with the Press Association, however, Hopkins said there had been “some things” in her column which “in hindsight you’d probably look to pull out of there.”

The Sun columnist also had a few harsh words for overweight people in Britain: “You’re fat because you eat too much and don’t do exercise,” she said

“End of. My dream job would be to sit in the doctor’s surgery, ticking them off. ‘Get a grip, you fat b*****d. Stop eating and get out there and walk.’ ”

  • Emmeaki

    What a fucking cunt!

    • Bill Honnen

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • http://pislamonauseacentral.tumblr.com/ ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя

      I wonder where the cunt is going to be when she’s up in age? Moving to Bahamas in just the nick of time?

      • minute-man

        she already looks “up in age” -now what ?

  • CosmicWizard

    This, is what a modern Nazi looks like ladies and gentleman. Calling for euthanizing vans, increased segregation and shes an overtly racist talking head for corporate media.

    • http://pislamonauseacentral.tumblr.com/ ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя

      What UK needs is rather a loony detector van it seems.

    • http://luxomni.blogspot.com/ Luxomni

      Progressive Eugenicist.

  • Gina

    She’s an old cunt herself, not too many years from hitting the execution age herself – according to her plan.

    • http://pislamonauseacentral.tumblr.com/ ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя

      But she’s the “elite”. They always have an excuse to why they should be excluded from their own schemes.

  • MaryRC

    She needs to go first!

  • Chaplin

    I find most people from the UK quite charming and I enjoy meeting them, but this bitch? Please keep her on that side of the pond. The US has enough idiots as it is!

  • Mos Def

    And what age is correct? 65? 70? Then in 10 years, 55? 60? At what point do you stop? Problem is, you do not stop. Once you begin the slaughter of the less fortunate you will continue to slaughter for that sake of death. Ever seen Soylent Green? She is stating exactly what that movie promised.

    • http://pislamonauseacentral.tumblr.com/ ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя

      Three years after Soylent Green another dystopia was relesead. In Logan’s Run people was only allowed to become 30 years old. That is probably the preferred age for the serfs to kick the bucket according to the “elite”. But if they necessarily must have these kind of vans, they can start with David Rockefeller.

  • Danielle

    After what my family just dealt with in regard to my mother’s care where the hospital she was in basically tried to euthanize her…I’d say that all who think this way should be euthanized. They have no empathy in regard to the lives of others. There is nothing wrong with the elderly or anyone else with chronic illnesses. We all have a life to live and no one should be able to play “God” just because they think they are being sympathetic.

  • Gloria Deos

    The devil is a mastermind deceiver. If he can’t kill you in your mom’s womb, he will try to kill you through natural circumstances in life (car accidents, sicknesses etc). If he still fails at that he wants you so hopeless that you kill yourself through suicide. If that fails too, then he invented euthanasia so others can kill you or you can agree with him in your hopelessness. Don’t you just hate the devil?

    The devil’s mission has always been the same: to kill, to steal and to destroy BUT Jesus came to give us life and life more abundant (Bible’s word says).
    Don’t buy into the devil’s lies. He is a liar and a deceiver, the father of lies.
    (Allah is the greatest deceiver. He is Satan under the name of Allah, by its true character is that of destroyer, deception and lies)

    • ps528

      Not sure Jesus would have said that about Allah but I
      bet Katie Hopkins has vertical slits for eyes just like Russel Brand. EVIL.


    • mrswinniepinnie

      If you think the Roman Christian writings are ‘the Bible’ you need to educate yourself. Satan can only do G-d’s will. See Book of Job and story of Balaam. Jezeus is dead and isn’t coming back because, mistranslations aside he did not fulfil one single genuine messianic prophecy. Scripture says, ‘I G-d create good and evil’ and ‘there is no saviour beside Me’.

    • Arn Lewis

      Have you ever actually read the Bible? It doesn’t seem that you have

    • MySelf

      There is no ‘J’ in Aramaic or Hebrew, so Jesus is not the name of the Messiah (Isa son of Mary). He was sent to the Jews, not the whole world (His words not mine). Not once did he say ‘worship me’ or ‘I am your lord’. Sorry.

      All Glory is for Allah, (He is free) from the things they ascribe unto Him. 37-159

      Your problem is, the prophets would visit The house built by Abraham in Makkah (Kabbah) before Islam. There were Jews in that area, for according to their books, they knew of the coming of the last prophet. You probaly didn’t know that.


      As for this women, she is a devil (shaiateen) there are devils of the humans and the jinn.

  • igotplans2

    Wow, and I thought our Ann Coulter in the US was bad. This chick makes Ann look like Mary Poppins. She needs someone to shoot HER. It would be a mercy killing. She’s obviously miserable.

    • Stubbylegs

      I firmly believe that both Ann Coulter and Katie Hopkins are left-wing moles- everything they say is a discredit to conservatism. They are so bad at being conservative pundits that it all has to be on purpose.

      • igotplans2

        Moles or narcissists. Or just shrewd opportunists.

  • Mike Curran

    I think we have far too many Katie Hopkins !
    I think we should have Snipers hunting down all of the Katie Hopkins in the world and put a 50 cal bullet into the back of each ones head . Obviously the world would be a much better place .
    I already feel better just having said it .

  • Judd Narragansett

    I forget. How old is Queen Elizabeth? Katie would obviously have one of her vans pull up in front of Buckingham Palace. I think Katie should be taken to the gallows for this suggestion of treason.

    • Emma Beverage

      Actually it is a call to murder thousands and should be taken seriously and prosecuted for suggesting that it is okay to create Harm. Free Will and Create NO Harm! Blessed Be.

      • flidhais

        @emmabeverage:disqus Yes! you’re right. Making light of what we know to be destructive is sort of like, or exactly like, an attempt to desensitize people to accept truly horrible things of all kinds. Never forget how the Nazis dehumanized the Jews first then exterminated them. Numerous tactics used that we should never forget and watch for. It can creep in unnoticed at first and then it’s too late. For everyone.

  • 2mrixl1

    Geez! I thought we defeated Nazism in WWII.

    • flidhais

      I think we hired the Nazi scientists after the war and have been working on improving their tactics ever since. Unfortunately.

  • Colin Bennun
  • James

    how about getting rid of a few arrogant and ugly (both inside and out) female columnists? the air would be so much fresher 🙂

  • Janet G

    I do not like judging anyone, but this woman is insane. She already looks like she was euthanized. She has the personality of Satan! She must be related to that other monster, Margaret Sanger!

  • Steve Fluke

    Ok, her first.

  • H

    Is she happy to jump on that van when she reaches ‘the age’?

  • DaveG

    I suppose it’s not legal to hunt Ms Hopkins. Too bad. Some of us retired military people have time on our hands and would enjoy the sport…

  • smc

    This old witch can go first. Devil possessed lunatick.

  • Call Me Mom

    This is satire right?

  • Juliette Michelle

    The REAL question, is how does she feel about dealing w/the Muslim problem in the UK??

  • Tena Wheeler-Stallings

    somebody needs to load that stupid bitch up in that van 1st!

  • Barbwire Bob

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  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    Well, let’s see now, here in USA. Planned Parenthood is sell aborted baby body parts, and call it ’tissue’, for profit, In the UK, this limey b**ch, want to drive around in a van, like the ice cream truck, and start ‘soylent green’ the old people. Welcome to the liberal elitist 21st century. And objects in your mouth Barry, may feel larger then they appear.

    • Arn Lewis

      what does this have to do with liberals? Stupidity will get you nowhere.

    • Arn Lewis

      Look it up, she is a conservative columnist, not a liberal, much like the conservatives here in the U.S. that want to end care for the elderly, cut medicare and social security etc. it’s pretty much the same thing, she wants to kill them, the conservatives here just don’t want to care for them, just let them die on their own

  • Mary Zale

    She looks like a man, and is that a 5 oclock shadow? Whats up with her hair? Must be a cheap wig. Damn shes an ugly old dog. Wheres animal control when you need them.

  • mrswinniepinnie

    What I’d like to know is, did the Green Party pay her to launch the ‘debate’?

  • Nathalie

    This ugly ass bitch should be in the b catagory ugly dumb ass bitches standing in the B line..your mom and dad are really proud of you i guess.. Ow no there ashamed of there ugly ass daughter. You better be the first to get in that van and thousands of happy people will watch you die.. Keep ur silly ugly mouth shut you dumb ass whore.. Go get a rope and hang yourself.. And please share some pictures so we all can be happy when you die!

  • susan taylor

    I’ve cancelled my TV licence, will no longer watch the poisonous drip drip drip propaganda from right wing psychopaths & paedophile protectors. More people should just stop watching & free their minds from hypnotic alpha wave resonating from the tv which puts your mind in a receptive state for any kind of brainwashing.(This is scientific fact & can be looked up)

    • ThePatGirl

      Right wing? Death panels, vans, abortion clinics, whatever you want to call them come from the facist, socialist, liberal LEFT. Get your platform right, idiot.

  • Emma Beverage

    Here is how we peacefully take back our country from the 1%. Petition to prevent voter fraud and peacefully allow the people to take back our country:

  • Karl Dyke

    The euthanasia van could be used for her as the problem is not too many old people but too many like her

  • Lisa

    Disgusting what people will say when they have a show coming out,,

  • Meridian Gestalt

    Obviously her grandmother never gave her birthday money………..

  • pebbleintx

    Someone should send the van to her and put her to sleep forever.

  • Ellen Sandbeck

    Well. It’s good to know that the U.S. is not the only country that produces moronic, bland, photogenic, publicity-hogging female Nazis.

  • Shiva Steve Ordog

    I hope you guys keep her in the UK. We have enough nazis here in the US already.

  • jf

    George Bernard Shaw, the playwright, had said something similar back in 1953. The one world government that is coming wants the worlds population to be about 500 million; a young, viable “slave” workforce. If you are to old, broken, damaged, or unhealthy (obese, get sick to often etc..) or otherwise unfit for service to the greater good….. you will be exterminated as a burden to society…. Satan is pulling all the stops to rule the world… Christ will return soon, be ready, be prepared.

  • jim

    Lets try her mother and father and her grand parents first and see how she likes that.

  • http://www.windinherhair.com Merida Raines

    That bitch will get old someday too!

    • Raf

      She already looks 70 !

  • Cwayne-barb Sherry

    I’m sorry, something is not quite right with her head proportions. Do you think she has some mental issues.

  • chevron1144

    So when is she going to volunteer to step into the euthanasia van?

  • Bullrhider

    I think Britain has too many blondes! We should begin euthanizing them, starting with her…

  • Andromeda Cross

    She says with a bouquet of wrinkles. Her crow’s neck doesn’t quite succeed in covering her mouth. It’s a good thing that the toilet plunger is jammed up her bum without tilt to keep her head on straight.

  • Elaine Riddick

    this is sad when the elderly and children are being sarafice for selfish reasons!

  • Randy

    If you’re going to euthanize… start with the “liberal” socialists, please. Everyone will be better off for it.


    What kinda person would …oh never mind. ..I’m ordering the first euthanasia van to her house… maybe the tune they play could be Ding dong the witch is dead…

  • ATexasGirl10

    Maybe those vans should start with her, She doesn’t look like a spring chicken.

  • fjpor

    All right now. What could be wrong with this idea – wonder if she’s ever seen the movie Soylent Green. What a seriously heartless, selfish bitch.

  • David William Reid

    People today are just plain nuts cases! She ranks right up there with people who say to kill all white people or kill all the Jews. These types of people we should’ve never shut down the nutwards for them. Its where they belong.

  • awake

    Vincent Price in drag.

  • Raf

    She thinks ‘free speech’ is what she barks from her mouth – No – its simply an ugly, pompous, ignorant, rude, arrogant, selfish, vile and disgusting reality of what SHE herself is ! Her recent stint on big brother was all an act of ‘ oh , i don’t want to be liked, i’m used to being hated , pls hate me ‘ etc…- yeah whatever ! people fell for her bull – that’s why she was a runner up … But really she proved she is an obnoxious bitch with no regard for fellow humans feelings or causing them hurt , be they little children, adults, working class, lower class, non celebrities, celebrities etc….her acid tongue and mind does the rounds everyday feeding her evil little self with her own ugly opinions and thoughts at the vulnerability of other peoples lives – she is just an insecure, narrow minded, little bitch who needs to bark things out to gain attention – because if she didn’t , who’d care ?

  • FlCracker2

    One great thing about getting old, we can deal with the idiots like this one without fear of severe repercussions. WTH can they do, give you a death sentence? Sorry bitch, most of your elders have lived long enough not to fear it.

  • J. Starr

    For a 40 yr old who looks 60, this heifer is still a NUT-case! HER brain has already been euthanized!

  • Heavy Handed Rouge

    Well.. that’s evil..

  • Marilyn Wengert

    Maybe this “lady” ought to be taken away in a van, who does she think she is!?!?!

  • Helen

    This cracked me up. I wish I’d thought of her way to make heaps of money.(not really) Everything she says is absolutely ludicrous and she gets exactly the reaction she wants. Haha 🙂

  • julie john

    She’s doing this for attention. If she believed it, by the looks of her wrinkles, she should be the first one to order the van.

  • Gary Clarke

    Perhaps she has discovered a way of not becoming an OAP

  • Ted E Bare

    I imagine if the UK’s gun laws weren’t so tight somebody would have put one in this bitch’s head already

  • Kurn

    Hmmmm- Must be the British Ann Coulter.

  • Rosalie Dann

    Sounds to me like that woman is terminally stupid – or crazy.

  • Jeff Raven

    start with yourself honey.

  • Ekant Dilwalla

    Let’s have a vote folks. I vote that Katie Hopkin’s be sent on a one way ticket into space. Who will vote with me? Katie is far more dangerous that a million old folk!!!!

  • Ekant Dilwalla

    She should lead by example. She should wait until that age and then offer herself up to be euthanized. Problem solved. Until then, we just wait.

  • Ekant Dilwalla

    This is the first I have heard her name, she looks old and wrinkled herself. She can’t have too long a wait before she can start leading by offering herself up to be euthanized. Then, the rest of us can forget she ever existed.

  • flora

    People like this selfish evil woman would be wiser to keep their mouth shut. Her nick name is Hitler 2, killing the minority, the fragile lives. Exodus 21:17 “He who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death.” —- That’s what she deserves…. death! God takes is so serious when we dishonor the older people who looked after us and trained us. She is probably a GOLD DIGGER, wanting the life insurance and the houses of the old people. EVIL DEVIL serving woman.
    Leviticus 19:32 ‘You shall rise up before the grayheaded and honor the aged, and you shall revere your God; I am the LORD.
    Leviticus 19:3 ‘Every one of you shall reverence his mother and his father, and you shall keep My sabbaths; I am the LORD your God.

  • Joseph Patrick Scott

    She sounds like she could be Hitler’s daughter!

  • 100marymich

    Did this nut job Hopkins not think about the fact that many might believe that Euthanasia Vans could be needed to eradicate the world of all out Mental Amoeba’s like her? By the way … isn’t dear Katie looking a little long in the tooth?

  • Mr. Evans

    The Euthanasia Vans Could Deal With Soulless, Mentally-Diseased, Deranged, Demented, Psychotic, 4th Reich-Wing-Nut-Job-Fascist-Nazi Non-People In The UK like Troll Katie Hopkins. ;~`o
    She’s First. ;~0

    • Mr. Evans

      She ( Evil It ) is First !!!

  • Harry

    Not all Germans were Nazis. Indeed, there were good Germans who heroically died trying to stop Hitler. But, before the German Nazis started killing Jews, they began to first gas German disabled people, for whom they considered to be “useless eaters”. Katie Hopkins is a modern day Nazi. If she gets her way and then the U.K. starts to have euthanasia killing vans, I would sure love to see the look on her face when she gets old and it is then her time to be murdered like this!

  • AlyThom

    If it wasn’t for the old people alive today, you’d be speaking German and living in a colony of Germany’s.